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May 22, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

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May 22, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI Alvarado. I'm on the other states in the nation. Continues that very slow deliberate reopening process? We have a governor. Jared Polis expected to release guidelines for restaurant Reopenings when it comes to dine in service on Monday may twenty fifth. But there's one thing that is consistent about anything related to Business openings when it comes to the ramifications the repercussions of covid nineteen. There's one thing that we know to be absolutely take it to the bank accurate. It's that it's not going to look the same way. It did. Eight Oh eight. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Now Jesse Paul in the Colorado Sun Did a nice summary of what restaurant owners may expect And of course we as consumers getting back into restaurants for dining services in advance of governor. Jared Police Putting those guidelines out and it is a tough dilemma for restaurant owners. We have the opportunity to talk with. For example low Lauren Bogaerts who is challenging by the way Scott Tipton for that third congressional seat owner of shooter's grill in a rifle basically had her license suspended because well she made the consummate sin of trying to do everything right. Probably adopting many of the guidelines for dining in or dine out as the case may be because many restaurants may opt to provide service on Patios or Lauren. Lober did of course as more businesses reopened. It's going to be difficult to do this. But she was actually setting up tables in parking spaces and really had the support of local law enforcement. Have up to at one point and said you know. You really can't put tables in parking spaces in front of your establishment because we need the parking spaces and she very sweetly turned to law enforcement. Not trying to be aggressive or contentious but said why do we need the parking spaces. Nothing is open at this point in time but restaurants like so many other businesses and really so many of us in our day to day routine getting pretty inventive and very creative. All right so that's on that particular part of the equation as yes Her license was suspended because she had the audacity to reopen also. Had the to talk with a tiffany helping Who IS Co Owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger now? They have remained closed throughout the shut. Down Order did not offer Take away carry out. But she is rather concerned about reopening even with the guidelines and face In place concerned about not only The safety of our employees but indeed the safety of her guests and I say to both even though they are on opposing sides of the spectrum. It's your business. You run it how you see that but what might dine in in the new normal of covid nineteen. What my dined in at restaurants look like well. It was Tuesday that Colorado released those draft guidelines for restaurants that want to reopen to in person dining as soon as in the coming weeks bottom line. Restaurant-goers should not expect dining to be normal and it will likely be difficult for many of those small businesses to recoup their losses. Now among the rules again. These are going to be ironed out in greater detail by the Governor on May twenty fifth among the rules for restaurants wishing to reopen for in-person dining are requirements that they keep tables at least eight feet apart whether they are indoors or outdoors and that servers wear masks and gloves other items included in these initial guidelines include menus must be single use. Only restaurants have proper restaurants. CanNot offer communal seating or bar seating self service stations and buffets or not allowed? Restaurants must have Florida cows to direct customers. Bathrooms have to be cleaned every thirty minutes. There must be at least six feet of spacing. Between in-service stalls urinals hand sanitizer must be available for patron and employees use. Service must wash their hands at least every thirty minutes menu offerings should modified to create more kitchen space customers should and again. This is under those initial guidelines of for reopening restaurants to In restaurant dining customers should be asked to wear masks. When they're not eating or drinking that would make it rather difficult when customers should be asked to register with the restaurant in case an outbreak actually occurs. Now there was some talk of perhaps Instituting temperature check before you go into a restaurant but well that remains to be seen restaurants under the draft guidelines are also directed to notify public health officials if there is an outbreak among their staff or patrons of covid Nineteen Colorado's food service industry has been as we've talked about To a great extent one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic scores have lost their jobs because of the virus and some restaurants have closed their doors for good because of the financial impact in fact he had the Colorado Restaurant Association saying that a full twenty percent of those restaurants. May well never reopen few restaurants where already chafing at the proposed guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday. William Oliver's Public House has locations in Lafayette and Fort Collins said the eight foot spacing role would limit seating to about nine point five percent of capacity and this hearkens back to our conversation. We had with tiffany. Elton Co owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger because again as she mentioned the profit margins are very very narrow. They're they're very very small in the restaurant business. So if governor comes out and says well. You can reopen at ten percent. You can reopen a twenty thirty percent. Is it really worth it for restaurants to indeed reopen given the fact that well once again those profit margins are just pretty slim? Colorado Restaurant Association set in a post on its website these guidelines still a work in progress however they give us a glimpse of what reopening may look like. Governor? Jared police for. His part has encouraged local governments to loosen regulations to allow restaurants to serve customers in their parking lots on sidewalks and even on streets. Now wait a minute. Where possible so that they can have more capacity. That's exactly what Lauren bogert of. Shooter's Grill in rifle was doing all. That's right I forget. There were political ramifications there because she had the audacity to challenge Scott Tipton in that third congressional district. Meanwhile back to pull us. That's really the only way with the spacing we're going to have a thriving restaurant environment for the coming months. Governor hopes to solicit feedback before he releases those guidelines Memorial Day. Which is when he said. He'll decide whether restaurants statewide can reopen for in person dining. Are you comfortable with in-person? Dining in a restaurant are champing at the bit to go back to your favorite restaurant. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen. Tang K F K. A text line at three one nine nine six all right eight seventeen thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts. Home health care serving northern Colorado since two thousand one. We're patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight four zero nine or hearts h h dot com all sports story in northern. Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with you. Keep IT ON K. K. For the latest cove in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K of K DOT com. Well it's not Louie. Louie Louie Lou. I know it is Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. You can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI. A At noon and he is the newest addition to our Wednesday night. Kpfk block party as well. So Kevin you door. I'm doing well. Are you doing doing well? It is Friday and the sun is shining the birds singing the Theresa Green. The Sky is blue. I-it'S NIRVANA Guy Guy. Being Green of the trees theme blue. This is true this is now. I hear that it's the wine right. That's your governor. Mike Dewine yes I hear. He is easing restrictions in Ohio. We are were slowly opening stuff up. But it's they're taking their time and they're they're not They're not I think what people have to realize is there's a difference between easing restrictions and lifting everything free for all and that's the problem that we're seeing as beaches reopen and people going out to parks and unfortunately it's kind of like you know we talk about the new normal endlessly while they're going back to the old normal because well we've all been cooped up for so long that we forget that no we still need to practice that same social distancing. Yes yeah I mean. There's there's there's there's there's a there's a way to be cautious about it and and things can ease up because if you just completely open everything up you can. We're back where we were at the beginning. But you know we want to be smart about this. And and so they. They have like any state has their like plans. And I've looked at him like you know opens this thing. I think this is the weekend allowing patio dining and in the restaurants instead. I don't think you can go inside the rest. I guess you can in some restrictions. I think maybe this weekend You can go in there. But you have to have the social distancing the servers where masks and everything and then you gotta eat your food through your mask which I it's fiber when you get the mask involved as well explaining there was an you've got gotta love the ingenuity and the creativity that we have seen by so many small business owners throughout this pandemic but there was a story about this woman. And I don't know what she was. I don't know she was a seamstress or she I I. I'm not really sure what she did. Maybe she ran a tailoring business. But you know down in New Orleans. Well they do like to par. Tay came out with this line of mass. That have a little hole in in them so that you can sip your drink. Your lovely adult beverage and people going. Hey hold on wait a minute. We're scratching our heads over this. Doesn't that kind of undermined the entire purpose of mass? But it turns out Kevin that this is not the first time that somebody's come up with this because it was during the Spanish flu epidemic. One thousand nine eighteen that they actually had mass with holes in them so gentlemen could smoke their cigars. I think like a little flap flat. You'RE GONNA lift up to get a straw. There's a huge difference between that and just leaving your face open expose but I guess the thing that maybe I haven't heard people get upset at the fact that then people will be drinking wine out of a strike. Isn't that considered ghost of definitely definitely? It's kind of like drinking out of out of a Red Solo Cup. Not that I would ever well. That's just standard. Depending on what age you are. I guess this is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right we got some New Releases on video on demand and I want to start with the love birds because the love birds take me right back to the birds and tippy Hendra and all those ski birds and it was actually on this past week and I had seen it for a while so it was fun watching it again but you know what. I'm confused here. Because my recollection of the birds when I was a little girl just standard freak out mode just watching that and looking out my window at night expecting this you know this murder of crows to fly through my bedroom window wasn't it filmed in black and white. No not always color thought it was in black and white it was it was color it was psycho that was shot in black and white and the reason shop cycle and black and white is he wanted to use her. She served as blood and I think they had a budgetary issue as well and it looked great in black and white but I think before that a lot of stuff from the fifties you know like to catch a thief and rear window and Vertigo. All that was in color he and done like black and white stuff since like the forties but Yeah no no that was that was a technicolor. Movie and didn't have a soundtrack or didn't have a score is what I found so interesting about the birds. There's doesn't have any music to it and it's funny because you know you you cut music's kind of the glue that holds the film together right. And it's in retrospect. I don't remember it. Not Having a soundtrack I was just so caught up in the entire story at the gas pump. Well like the movie no country for old men. The COEN brothers film from about fifteen years ago. That movie does not. It has a very minimal scoring like two or three parts and I I actually once nominated for best score and somebody thought it was in San Diego. No the choice to not have a score as important as having a score you know. I think the fact that they don't have it the have to use the ambient sound and make the movie work. That way is just as challenging. If not more than putting musical I definitely agree all right. Not that we're keeping score but let's talk a little bit about the love birds on Netflix. The lover had nothing to do with birth. Verster bobbled tag this. This was originally going to come out in April but the virus and everything in the shutdowns had of moving out of the frame instead of pushing it up into later timeframe. Since it's a smaller movie they put it onto Netflix's they sold us as athletes for distribute distribution. So it's out there now. You can go home. You can watch it. It's an hour and a half new movie tonight. If you like your significant other WanNa watch something. It's the story of a couple played by Camille Johnny and Isa Ray and donder verge of breaking up but they go out on for dinner and on the way they get caught up in this big crime spree and they're trying to prove their innocence and track down. The people are really involved. And it's a comedy they're both known for comedy for the most part and you remember that movie about ten years ago called date night with Steve and I do yeah. It's very similar in setup tone to that movie only it's tailored more for these two comedians and it's it's a funny enough movie. I mean it's not great Has SOME JOKES. Don't quite make it But there are some funny moments to it. I'm not quite convinced that CA- on Johnny is a leading man. He's more of a supporting guy in what I've seen them in is array kinda holds them up more than I think She should be for her co-star but overall it's fine. It's fine my wife and I watched it and we had a good time. So as you've alluded to in the past and I love this characterization of one movie you were talking about. It's in a promo running something to the effect of it so bad. It's good some of my favorites. I have to admit I'm with you on that one. All right. Let's see we've got Streaming this week Trip degrees and I said if only wouldn't that be wonderful to go visit and this is a a series of films there. Were been three other films on this stars. The COMEDIANS and British COMEDIANS ROB writing and Steve Coogan and they basically play exaggerated versions of themselves doing a travelogue and going to touring the countryside going to historic sites and eating dinner and and these wonderful restaurants and wonderful food and it's just them trying to one up each other on their Their comedy and joking around with each other dinner in their conversations and getting on each other's nerves because of course they let's just say the enhance their more annoying. Poe Aspects of their personality worse than each other. Yeah Okay. That's the best part you know. It's not really a plot driven movie but more it. It's it's it's it's a spotlight on these two guys who are very comfortable with each other and very funny at times and and This is the third one. They've they did originally to the trip. Which was the series in Britain? And then they did a trip to Italy and then a trip to Spain and now they're trip to Greece And it's beautiful to watch. I mean it's just gorgeous landscapes and historic sites and it's fantastic and and then they're eating. Food is not like restaurant. They're just eating great food and having inane conversation over which which. I love these movies. I think both of them are very funny. Guys let's dance. That sounds like standard vacation fair. Isn't that what we do? You know we go on vacation. We'd see beautiful landscapes we go out to dinner. Eat Good Food. And have inane conversation. Yes it depends on who you're with. It might be more entertaining to see this or have the conversation yourself. No I think you and I can have a very good evening conversation. I think we could we do it every time. I'm in Greeley. We'll go out. We'll record a conversation at a at a at a restaurant. Yeah we could do the trip to Greeley there you go. Hey listen go this morning. I just wanted to circle back to the beginning of our conversation. Because we're talking about the very slow very orchestrated. Very cautious returned to normal. When are we going to see a return to normal in Hollywood? Whatever normal will masquerade? As I think it's going to take longer than people are expecting. I is the one movie to watch tenant. Which is the Christopher Nolan movie? It comes out in July seventeenth. That's it's releasing the thing is they just dropped the trailer last night and the release dates not mentioned in the trailer which is causing some speculation that maybe one or brothers might push that. I think what what what's happening is warner brothers looking at some reopenings and they're looking consulting public health people and they want to know whether there's going to be any you know even if you're going to open a theater safely doing at a twenty five percent capacity it's not gonNA work for two hundred million dollar movie you know and also you don't have New York. La Or San Francisco in that mix and that's like twenty five percent of your North American box office so it just makes sense that they're gonNA push this one I. My guess is sometime in the next week or two they're going to announce that they're gonNA push this one at least until Christmas which means moon on we'll follow and maybe things will get back to opening up for theaters in August when they figure out how to do this. Because there's a lot of challenges in theaters just from a social distancing standpoint put a plexiglass between seats. I mean I mean you want to have this the you'd have to do it at a smaller capacity so you'd have to block up so many seats or blockbuster rose The the problem is is that you're in an enclosed room for like two hours so the air can circulate and remove any potential pathogens around and then the other big thing I've heard is the the the the the entrances and exits to a theater. Are All you funnel through those. The large white gapes like at an amusement park where they can get those markings down on the floor was seen like an all the grocery stores and everything where you have to stand six apart. Maybe that's attack. They could take. That's possible but then again if you have a movie theater and how do you get people out without the thing they're looking at? I think and there's a lot that they have to do and especially like the big multiplexes have to open because you can only open a two hundred million dollar movie once you. That didn't work. We're going to do it again a couple months. It's kind of blended done. Kevin guys at the movies. Fat Guys. Movies Dot Com always appreciate our deep intellectual conversations as we query the enduring questions of mankind. Yeah right have yourself a great memorial day weekend and continue to be safe and we'll catch up again next week all right you too eight fifty thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. More information on win sports will resume as well as our full review of I Tanya. The next show thirteen ten. Kfi Long Time. Yeah I loved that movie. I know I'll be glued to the whole show today from noon to eight fifty three now. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen. She was such a thirteen ten. Kfi AID COM. Why why why mornings okay. All live local. Fueled by create Western. Petroleum joined this morning by Matt make ends at Channel Two. I should say the long-suffering that Megan's channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. That I apologize for interrupting your Saturday. Saying once that thing that he'll on I twenty five you know the one that can shift weather patterns. Hey No problem. I've been stuck inside for ten weeks. I gotTa talk to somebody there. You go a long time ago. Share your isolation I don. I was trying to explain weather patterns to someone that Well it was my brother. Actually Ohio that said. Hey what's what the meteorologists there that they can't get the weather right and I'm like it's not that easy you don't understand do not be taking gratuitous meteorologist because we got a lot of topographical things going on here to include the thing the thing he Cheyenne Ridge which we came up with and and I so appreciate I mean you fired back at me. Nerd alert nailed. It need to pay a visit. Becky becky go see this guy. She'll would with them and can do you know yeah. That's right that's right. Don't you just job bone and over Weatherman because you just don't get it. We mock what we don't understand right true and you're you you were asking about the Cheyenne Ridge which is kind of a store meter And that was the case this week. I mean well county had the three land spouts those same thunderstorms as they were rolling off. The Cheyenne Ridge say closer to car and stuff but really very week until they hit a a feature that was pretty much president all day long around really and out toward accurate outward. Birlik that feature was there and until that Cheyenne rich kind of lined hit. They were doing nothing but that little feature they popped up so good there you go. Yeah because Those lands fouts are actually waterspouts overland. Right there the tornadoes technically they go into the database tornadoes if they can cause damage which we saw some some roof damage. There's really more wind damage than Lance about damage But they're different than tornadoes than that they. It's kind of a circulation that starts at the ground and extends up into the storm as this develops whereas a classic Tornado would have come from rotating thunderstorm and extended down to the ground and much much stronger so they are a tornado. Technically but We'll stick with the term land about Okay Tornado. Light as the case may be. How does how does Memorial Day? Weekend Book If you're trying to get to a service or something Monday boarding. I'm not sure what is going to be allowed by the Danes but Maybe you're just GONNA go pay respects to the cemetery or something Jacket weather and perhaps an umbrella to a depending on when you go tomorrow is GonNa be your outdoor day. We'll hit about eighty with sunshine. Rolling in late will be thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. On and off chances for rain especially late Sunday quite a bit of water will fall for some folks. And it's going to be chilly highs only in the sixties for both days and Anybody that lives in the foothills. Maybe you're west of Greeley or something in the foothills. Watch out for those temperatures Sunday night and Monday morning. He man to protect your plan. Any may see some snowflakes of all things. Oh my goodness got love. Colorado weather rights do the latest hold. Got Let's hope that's the case last surge all right meteorologist channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt. Maki- thanks so much for putting up with my Wonky nerdiness appreciate it. You Bet you have a great weekend. You as well eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. TO UNC bears target game coverage on thirteen ten K. F. K. Memory of the courageous servicemen and women. We salute and remember your courage. A your honor and uncommon valor as you made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation. This Memorial Day. Thank you. Don't forget Noko now at four and Cape K. Classic at sick while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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May 24th: News Roundup HR 1

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May 24th: News Roundup HR 1

"At seven thirty four keith. Wenbin and now presidential wealth in loveland keith. Market starting their last week trading for the month makes sense it is last week of the month. And its second verse. Same as the first for crypto currencies. Yeah sure is Coming so what are we coming. Off of last week The dow down a half percent but on track to post a gain for the month of may the s and p five hundred down three tenths of one percent on track to post a loss for the month of may and the nasdaq up. Three tenths of one percent and At that level Down three percent for the month of may and this morning Markets are higher not not huge but higher. The dow industrial average is up one half of one percent about one sixty five at thirty four thousand three seventy two the snp up twenty eight at four thousand one eighty three and the nasdaq up about a third of a percent hundred points at thirteen thousand five seventy as a whole analysts say investors were buying the dip Last week stocks Benefit from the recovery leading the way examples include a gap carnival united airlines as as we begin traveling again news on the economy tomorrow will include consumer confidence and new home sales ten year treasury this morning unchanged at one point. Six one that's helping to give the tex stocks A little bit of strength this morning and west. Texas intermediate crude oil sixty four sixty a barrel so go into the crypt second verse. Same versus you said last As you said basically repeating what they did last weekend a week ago Over the weekend. Sunday bitcoin drop below thirty. Two thousand again and this morning. It's up about eight percent at thirty eight thousand. Four hundred doj coin dropped twenty four cents on sunday. It's back up to thirty three cents this morning. It's technically a replay of what happened a week ago last week. Both the us and china call for tighter regulation and tax compliance on crypto currencies. That is going to become a reality. We don't know details yet but it is going to come a reality As both countries. Crackdown on on two things And unregulated market and the potential for tax revenue. Well you know it begs. The question was the elon. Must take into twitter once again. I mean i've heard of diamonds on the soles of your shoes but diamond hands. What the heck did that mean. Nobody knows nobody knows. And that goes to the unregulated market that a large investor who holds the security Has that kind of influence over the market. And that's a tougher one to address then the tax issues the tax you are going to at least in the us probably shake out to where prophets are profits are taxed. Well they say. I mean i. It's standard operating procedure and it seems to me president biden while he's gotta pay for all of these infrastructure and family jobs programs somehow and that's why he is Basically commandeering the r. s. and basically escalating them To the point where Well they can take a closer look at those who might be paying playing fast and loose with their taxes particularly when it comes to cryptos. Yes everything that is one point of view. There's no doubt about it and we're going to see that More and more and more. We're gonna see that intensify Over the next several months in the political discussion. Well it'll be interesting to see because it's really the long arm of government gets even lunka right. So what does it ever get shorter. It's like gas prices. Once they go up they don't come down hard. That are well tell you. What if you are thinking about your retirement years. Maybe in rather esoteric terms not really With any degree of specificity. You might wanna think again about that because no matter where you are in your career track. Well take it from one who knows those retirement. Years are coming and becoming quick. In fact there catch up with you before you know it. That means unita plan. You need a plan in place. A solid workable plan one. That will work for you to help you. Achieve all of those bucket lists dreams come on. You've got that bucket list. We all day. That's why you need to get in touch with keith. Wineman presidential wealth at his loveland office. And how do we get a hold of you. Nine seven zero seven seven six. Seventy five hundred. What gail jeff said. Let's start with just answering their questions. No charge no obligation no sales pitch. Just get answers to those questions. Nine seven zero seven seven six. Seventy five hundred. Look forward to your call keith. Wineman presidential well to in loveland. Thanks so much. Seven forty now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi what's happening in your own backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Or local talk coming up next with north dakota now northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. They're back some good news as well. We approach whatever the post pandemic. A new normal will be this as lonesome buck in downtown. Greeley is set to reopen on thursday. Seven forty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi k. A thirteen ten kfi a dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the the auto collision specialists studios. Yeah they waited. they wondered. We all did right as to well. What the prospects were for reopening for lonesome buck brewing company in downtown greeley wondering. When are they gonna fire up that smoker again. Jake's simmons ceo co owner of the brewery confirmed with tamra markered with the really tripped at the brewery will indeed be reopening beginning eleven a. m. this thursday kind of perfect timing when you agree giving us yet. Another place to celebrate memorial day weekend with some of our favorite bruce keys and some of our favorite Menu choices does your op. The lonesome buck menu. Which by the way has expanded now over. The past couple of weeks back story is very interesting here. Because as you're well aware so many in the brewery and restaurant business man they really went through it as a result of covid nineteen what with the quarantines in the shutdowns and the lockdowns reopenings. And then oops now. I know Limits well yeah. You know the drill. They know the drill really really well so they had to perfect. The art of the pivot do whatever they could just to get through the worst of the pandemic but according to fitzsimmons more stuff on the menu than ever before. And they'll be starting those dinner events those ever popular dinner events as well so over the past few weeks you had fitzsimmons and his parents. Jack and cindy fitzsimmons well. They're rolling up their sleeves and putting in a lot of work. A lot of elbow grease into gearing up to reopen the burry now due to covid nineteen of course fitzsimmons said. They shut down all three of their restaurants and is questions. Surrounding the byron's began to outnumber the answers which i think arguably particularly where and when it comes to the genesis of this virus no it's fascinating and i'm just gonna kinda to take a little stroll down the garden path here but it's a relevant conversation to have. I don't know if you saw that piece. In the wall street journal or not again questioning the origins s. Oh many long have. Oh but they've been accused of being the worst of the big footers the worst of the conspiracy theories as they questioned as to whether this virus that actually broke out in wuhan way back in i believe it was november of twenty nine thousand nine. Think of all of the heartbreak and all of the suffering. That could have been prevented if china had actually been honest about the outbreak of this novel. Coronavirus from the gecko. We're still not getting the truth. Out of china which comes as no surprise because well. That's kind of their stock in trade now isn't it. It's kind of their modus operandi but When you look at the wall street journal. I mean this is ready. Much bombshell as intelligence is coming out now. On a number of staffers that worked at this Wuhan institute of raji. They became sick enough in november. Twenty nineteen days sought hospital care. And what did the chinese to nothing not thing. They said go ahead to their people because well they want to get him out of the country too and they said go ahead and travel around the world. And what do we have now. Millions around the globe dead over six hundred thousand people in the united states alone dead due to complications of covid nineteen and still china is playing fast and loose with the facts there refusing to release those all important reports when it comes to digging down into the variety and into the into the biology into the beginnings of this horrific virus. But for those who dared question it. Oh no no no no. We had to go along with the prevailing wisdom right now. What happened was as the story goes. You had a bat living in a cave somewhere in the mountains of china at flew a couple of hundred miles but it infected a few other animals along the way only to land in. Somebody's soup at a wet market in wuhan really. Do you think we were born yesterday. Well this is certainly gonna come up this morning when we talked to Author grace and slow ver grayson. Slow sliver is a recent graduate of the university of colorado in boulder. he is Currently working living in the washington. Dc area but what is absolutely fascinating is that he spent a week as he refers to himself as a student tourist in xinjiang in the summer of twenty nineteen and he describes in absolutely stunning detail. What that experience was like because since two thousand seventeen. The chinese communist party has been committing genocide in its far western xinjiang. Wieger autonomous region traditionally known as east turkestan. Anda like president biden. Tends to do as he has with the origins of this covid nineteen pandemic. They just did to underpays report and did origins even come up. No isn't it time to hold china's feet to the fire on this along with their long tradition of humanitarian abuses. Well grayson slower actually might provide a no not might will provide some stunning inside on that When he joins us right around eight thirty five his new book middle country and american student visits china prison state again grayson sliver at eight thirty five closing in on seven fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi k. the power trip weekdays at eleven on thirteen ten kfi k. That's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi king and rant. Meanwhile back to some good news. This lonesome bach in downtown. Greeley is set to reopen thursday. And you know Kudos and a big shoutout to cohn co-owners tiffany hamilton and jake fitzsimmons for Putting in all the hard work and doing what they needed to do you know They laid their entire staff off from all three Lonesome buck stop burger locations including themselves urging their workers. Yeah you need to apply for unemployment benefits immediately. But they're back on track in downtown greeley this as a lonesome. Buck will reopen on thursday. Something to look forward to their as is our conversation with dr deirdre. Pilch superintendent greeley evans school districts. Six when she weighs in this morning on a multitude of topics at eight. Oh five thirteen. Ten kfi greeley. It's eight o'clock.

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May 21, Hr 1  Coronavirus, mental health, and a tornado.

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May 21, Hr 1 Coronavirus, mental health, and a tornado.

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI or conversely that it's a doom and gloom when it comes to cope at nineteen that Armageddon is right around the corner six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten of dot com mornings. Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right does something to think about this morning. And I'd be interested in your thoughts as we get deeper into this nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six. Here's the quote. During Times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a Revolutionary Act. Courtesy of none other than one George Orwell. All right now. I'm not accusing. Let's not get it all twisted here. I am not accusing public. Health officials or the government of purposefully lying to us but when they traffic in speculation or the science does your Voodoo science as the case may be when it comes to covid nineteen. Well if it's not the truth you tell me indeed what it is you've got Florida Texas Colorado. All being held up Georgia among them all being held up as exemplary examples of how to very carefully judiciously safely reopen their economies balancing public health. And yes the devastating economic and psychological impact stripping so many of us of our jobs our livelihoods killing small businesses. One and five restaurants in Colorado twenty percent of those small restaurants will likely never reopen well stripping us of not only that but indeed our hope for the future. What impact does that have on? Our collective psyches has the result of all these cove. Nineteen related shutdowns again understanding. It's called a not novel Corona virus for a distinct reason. There's so much we don't know well. Then why are they filling the vacuum with things that are inaccurate that are incorrect that are just fearmongering causing more anxiety and stress than we already have? And what does the mainstream media have against the economy? Oh the science is clear. Intones Anderson Cooper and reopening. The Nation's economy is is reckless. It's irresponsible says the self anointed expert of all things covid nineteen. Well if you have been even remotely paying attention as this pandemic blossomed and spread. You are well aware of the fact that the science is anything but clear and this virus as dangerous contagious and deadly as it. Is there any question that it has now been weaponized for political gain? Oh pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Bima back to the science readily conceding that once again the corona virus covid nineteen is called novel for reason. There's still so much we don't know about these this nasty variant invisible enemy. You Remember I. Oh they said to wear a face mask. Don't wear facemask whatever you do now. We've got cities counties communities states across the nation mandating base mass in public places. I'll leave that up to your discretion. Of course unless it's mandated but you remember. It was just a couple of days ago. We shared a piece from Mark Siegel. Who's Mark Siegel? Well he is a clinical professor of medicine and medical director of Dr Radio at New York University langone health. He's also a medical correspondent for Fox News. But I don't think that dings is credibility and you might disagree. But he wrote an opinion piece asking that very question will face facemask protect you bottom line. Here's the takeaway. Maybe a little. But washing your hands and social distancing are far more effective and it's just not his opinion in April. There was a study published in the annals of internal medicine revealing that the force of sick patients coughs propelled droplets through both surgical masks. As well as KLOPP mass. Dr Siegel is actually working in. Hospitals treating cove at one thousand nine patients and he said when he worked on a corona virus warranty felt much safer because he wore a plastic face shield which blocks those viral particles from even reaching the mass. But once again in they're anxious to fill the time we've got the mainstream lame stream media pining on things that they don't even begin to understand. But here's the latest. Do you remember the concern over surfaces? Oh if you touch surfaces or objects that Whoa you were just so vulnerable to getting covid. Nineteen those guidelines that were coming out of the CDC. Guess what they very quietly reversed that position. Yep The Centers for Disease Control and prevention what. They've always warned us that it may be well possible to become infected with corona virus by touching contaminated surfaces are objects now the CDC's telling us it doesn't spread that easily nor does it spread easily from animal to human contact or vice versa. Sure dogs and cats can get it. Cats are more prone to getting cove at one thousand nine then our dogs. But they're dead carriers. They don't transmit the disease but how many articles. How many times have we been whipsawed with all this conflicting wrong information about this novel? Corona virus. Cdc Of course saying covid nineteen is a new disease yes it is and we are still learning about how it spreads. Yes we are then. Why do you put this information out there? Based on one teeny tiny little scientific sample a very small study that at the end of the day really has the credibility at all and then you wonder why the American people are losing faith in our government institutions such John White chief medical officer for the health care website web. Md He says that the CDC'S SLIGHT UPDATE. This is a slight update. Now they're folding. They're basically changing the narrative and once again. How many times has that happened at? How many times will continue to happen. Are we getting the truth or are we getting nothing more than spin for political gain? Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten attacks at three one nine nine six now this is not to minimize the mortality rate. It's devastating particularly for our senior community. Got An interesting piece on why Seniors are so vulnerable to covid nineteen. But where's the truth in all this? And what is the endgame no? I haven't broken out my tin foil hat not going conspiracy theory but for Heaven's sakes you even had governor. Jared Polis taking the Fox News last Sunday. San Hang on. Wait a minute. We need to change the way that we count. Covert nineteen deaths in the state because well. Here's a time when words do indeed matter okay. Apparently the state was counting anyone with covid nineteen as dying from covid nineteen. No there is a tremendous distinction. Here a difference between dying of complications of covid nineteen as opposed to dying from something else. Oh the postmortem. They've found out. You had covert nineteen. Let me ask you this okay. Let's say somebody jumps off a bridge a horrible thing to be sure and take him to the hospital and they do the testing. Oh well this person had covid nineteen well is the cause of death because of covid nineteen know. The causes of death was jumping off a bridge so once again the way this is all being skewed to generate to maximun maximize the fear and anxiety. We feel well. It's absolutely shameless. Your thoughts this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five thirty thirteen ten dropped me a stat. Three one nine nine six six eighteen now thirteen ten. Kfi K a time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight forty nine or caring hearts h h dot com the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. This is Kevin. Kara fact is at the movies. And you're listening to mornings with Gail on thirteen ten all right the CDC doing an about face with their warnings about how corona virus spreads particularly when it comes to surfaces and objects working confirmed peace out of USA Today Jessica Florez Centers for Disease Control and prevention while. They've always warned that it might be possible to become infected with corona virus by touching contaminated surfaces or objects. I mean how many of us have gone to the grocery store we come home. We have a decontamination unit. Set up in the garage. I actually know people that have done this and fine. I mean whatever your comfort level is whatever you have to do not to just make it through the night. But in order to survive all of the uncertainty surrounding covid nineteen as it is just totally up ended our lives. That's fine but I have some neighbors and I think the world of them and that's what they do. They take the groceries out of the car. They bring them in have a table. Setup they disinfect everything and then they bring it into the house okay fine but now you've got the CDC basically saying whoops hold on. Wait a minute. It just doesn't spread that easily in that men nor by animal to human contact or vice versa recently updated guidelines say covid nineteen is a new disease. We're still learning about how it spreads. Well then why taps into speculation and conjecture why not. Just wait until you have the facts at hand before you're putting information out there only a couple of months later to say oops no we got that wrong. It may be possible. Continues the CDC for covid nineteen to spread and other ways but those are not thought to be the main ways. The virus spreads Dr John White Chief Medical Officer for the healthcare website web. Md well he said the slight gotTa love that slight update now. It is a complete and total reversal. Well it brings clarity and helps to reduce fears. Okay but fine once again. We have been told so much so many times. That is so inaccurate. Where does the credibility factor go with what we're being told? Many people were concerned that by simply touching an object. They may get coronavirus. That's simply not the case. Even when a virus may stay on a surface it doesn't mean it's actually infectious went on to say I think this new guideline helps people understand more about what does and doesn't increase risk doesn't mean we stop washing hands and disinfecting surfaces but it does allow us to be practical and realistic as we try to return to a sense of normalcy. Then why keep throwing a stick in the normalcy spokes? That's my question. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six sometimes. Isn't it better to say nothing at all rather than saying something just to fill the time and again? I'm not saying that's necessarily what they were doing. Of course Mainstream media aside because they've got a lot of time to fill and they're also looking for click bait. Look speaking of Click Bait. Here's the newest one. Okay you're gonNA like this one. Even the slightest breeze can spread corona virus eighteen feet all well so much for that six feet social distancing right so does that mean based on this phony Baloney that we have to be eighteen feet apart. Nobody knows so. If you don't know why don't you? Just wait until you get the verifiable science before you start flapping your gardens. That's all asking main way to prevent infection. Cdc says is by practicing social distancing. Staying at least six feet away from others washing your hands of you know. The drill was soap and water and cleaning and disinfecting -ly disinfecting frequently touched areas. Now a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the corona virus can live on some surfaces for up to three days and up to three hours in the air. Okay but is it infectious? Apparently not it can live up to four hours on CUP ON COPPER. Up to twenty four hours on cardboard two to three days on plastic and stainless steel according to this one. Study one lonely study. Cdc However said that catching the coronavirus from boxes for example delivered by Amazon or on your takeout food bag is highly unlikely. Why because of the poor survivability of these corona viruses on surfaces I well back to all the rancor and all the anxiety and all the Perot clutching that we're seeing in the mainstream media this as a states across the country slowly. Begin to reopen. You've got doctors raising the alarm about the health effects of continued coronavirus. Shutdown saying it could turn into a mass casualty incident of the details coming up in just a few six thirty now thirteen ten hey F K to. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. While the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Well those jobless claims numbers and another two four million of US filed for unemployment last week. Those initial jobless claims bring the total to well over thirty eight million Americans out of work. What impact is this having on our collective psyche? Six six thirty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K A thirteen ten KFI A dot com well. Doctors have raised the alarm about the health effects of continued coronavirus shutdowns in a letter to president trump. In fact more than six hundred doctors called Tuesday for an end to the quote national shutdown aimed at slowing the spread of the corona virus calling the widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and kids home from school a mass casualty incident with exponentially growing health consequences of this as we were following the plight of that new New Jersey Gem. I believe it was in Belmar. New Jersey Attila's Jim that reopened well apparently three sites strikes and you are shut down as health. Officials did indeed close down that gym in New Jersey and his Brian. Kilmeade said this morning on Fox. I'm so sure that New Jersey is so much safer now because Attila. Jim has been shuttered a gym. That was taking extraordinary Steps in order to protect the health the wellbeing the safety of its members. Whatever happened to choice and in life you make choices and sometimes you take risks. Life is a risk and it's time to reopen the country in a very very methodical Safeway. Six thirty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Kfi a dot com or jail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum. Okay back to this letter from more than six hundred doctors warning about the impact the psychological the mental health impact on all of us as a result of the slow reopening. The continued shutdowns in some places across the country. The letter actually outlines a variety of repercussions the doctors have observed resulting from the corona virus shutdowns including patients missing routine checkups. That could very well detect things like heart problems or cancer. You how people with heart problems you have people with cancer that are saying no. I'm not going anywhere near the doctor's office because I'm afraid if I do well I might catch covid. Nineteen you're seeing. Increases in substance and alcohol abuse across the board increases in understandably so financial instability could lead to poverty and financial uncertainty which is closely linked to poor health. Letter went on to say we are totally alarmed at what appears to be the lack of consideration for the future health of our patients. The downstream has of facts are being massively underestimated and under reported. I many times have. We had this conversation about how what told this is taking on your mental health. Which is why I welcome in so many experts from across the country but indeed from our own backyard experts from north range behavioral health. Saying that. Even if you don't want to pony up and own up to the fact that this is taking its toll on all of us. The fact is you need to find ways for self care but for healthy self care this. Any number of experts in the field are saying they're seeing increased suicides around the nation suicides of desperation particularly for those who are seeing no hope in terms of reopening their small businesses. They've been stripped of their ability to generate an income not only for their families but indeed for their employees families as well and this isn't setting aside the public health crisis of the coronavirus. But it's not an either or scenario we can act responsibly. And once again it's up to all of us to take those responsible steps so that we can get back to some semblance of normal whatever. The new normal is going to look like but it begs the question. Why are we still being fed this endless litany of fear and anxiety and oh the dunning statements coming from the mainstream media well mainstream media by and large liberal largely shielded from the economic pain of Corona Virus lockdowns? They have absolutely no idea what it's like to approach any situation regardless of what the topic might be without politics in mind. It's kind of like the liar. The can't believe anything else. There naturally accusing anyone who dares to speak ill and I suppose I fall into that ilk of the infinite lockdowns and saying or asking the question could they in fact be politically motivated for example for this piece out of the Washington examiner by Eddie scary. Aptly named it never occurs to the New York Times columnists that people might oppose the often too absurd restrictions on normal businesses for any number of reasons outside of their politics such as their own financial situation or indeed our personal liberties liberties that wants taken maybe hard to reclaim New York Times writer. Michelle Goldberg Just a wrote This past Monday that quote Donald Trump and his allies have polarize the response to the coronavirus turning defiance of public health directors into a mark of right wing identity. Really it's always antilock down protesters versus public health. It's a ZIP. There's no alternative way of thinking about a situation that includes a massive country of three hundred and thirty million people the world's largest economy and virus that though admittedly highly contagious results in only mild symptoms for eighty to eighty five percent of the people who are infected and which is affecting one specific region of the nation. Far More than others. Yeah there is a nation outside of New York and again not minimizing the death toll but once again we need to put this into context and into perspective. It's not a one size. Fits all equation now under these conditions? It's absolutely ridiculous to think. There's only two options or that any dissent against an indefinite economic. Shutdown is grounded in politics. Now driver point home. Goldberg cited Washington Post Poll. That found that three quarters of the public agrees with the statement that the US should keep trying to slow the spread of the virus even even if that means keeping many businesses closed. The other quarter believed that the country should open up the businesses that get the economy going again. Even if that means more people would get the virus in other words. This poll got the results. It got by employing that same logical fallacy. That Goldberg herself indulges in. It's the one known as the false dilemma about this. How about another option? That wasn't included in the survey. Everyone should do their part in slowing the spread of the virus. By taking proper health precaut- shes highest standards while returning to work in as safe a manner as possible where adults let us be adults. Any reasonable person can look at where we are right now and come to the conclusion that it's probably better in the long run that we allow people in many parts of the US to start working and start spending again. I'll be it with greater efforts at hygiene with face mask with handwashing. If you're sick stay home once again you all know what to do. We all know what to do. So let's do it. This conclusion is becoming an increasingly necessary. One federal government simply lacks the resources to be a reliable or sufficient source of long-term income for the millions of people out of work. Any normal non-political obsessive can acknowledge that or at least any normal person can admit that the option of moving closer to normal work activity is not necessarily an opposition to public health. Even if it's not under ideal conditions government was given two months to slow the spread to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. We've seen that happen and it's a big success but it's one that has come at a devastating cost to the livelihoods of countless Americans. So wouldn't you agree? It's both a delusion. And conceit to hold that all objections to everlasting lockdown measures stem from right wing identity. Just ask them nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me text at three one nine nine. Six six forty eight now thirteen ten. Kf Thirteen Ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage if you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. dot com to download the podcast. Today back to jail. Bit Weather. Excitement near evening is that land spout Tornado Caused damage to several outbuildings near Eden. I just last night. According to the Weld County sheriff's office and a piece by Denver. Seven six fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum now. The Land Spout. Tornado was spotted near eaten sometime near seven thirty PM. Did you happen to see that? I'd love to hear from you if you did nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six now. It was shortly after eight o'clock last night. The Weld County Sheriff's Office said in a facebook post the land spout tornado a damage some outbuildings near county road forty seven and highway three ninety-two. Joe Moylan spokesperson with the Weld County. Sheriff's Office said there were no reported injuries and no homes were damaged at that time. So what the heck is a land spout tore NATO well? It is a non Super Cell Tornado. That's what by definition a land spout is a tornado With a narrow ropy like condensation funnel that forms while a thunderstorm cloud is still growing and there is no road rotating updraft. The spinning motion originates near the ground. damage from these types of tornadoes tends to be a two or less but thankfully as you had this land sport Lands Tornado near eaten just last night again damaging some outbuildings near county road forty seven and highway ninety two. There were no reported injuries and no homes were damaged at the time of this reporting plus again on six fifty six down thirteen ten. Kfi May thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com looking forward to our conversations morning With the University of Northern Colorado President. Dr Andy Feinstein. Lots of things to cover lots of things to discuss this as he did record a message to graduates as well twenty twenty graduations across the board very different this year. We'll ask him about that and well. There are also in the thick of it when it comes to corona virus response and planning for the upcoming fall semester. Now you've had some universities across the country. Some schools president trump behind the push to reopen schools across the country wherever wherever possible wherever feasible again. It's not a one size. Fits all equation. It's not homogeneous because you have to consider what the corona virus spread is in communities and the death rates and whether you're seeing a spike because you don't want to overload the hospitals but it does beg the question as to whether there is a possibility that the University of Northern Colorado could indeed reopen posed those questions and the fact that Colorado schools and universities could see major budget cuts amid the coronavirus. Downturn will pose all those questions to Dr Andy Feinstein when he joins us this morning at seven. Oh five six fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K ZEON. Six fifty nine now. Thirteen ten K of K a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com mornings so gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. No shortage of things to get to This morning this as Working Peace Biz. West Prairie Mountain Media by Christopher would Greeley's population actually surpasses boulders which has declined. Boulders has a for the third consecutive year. And then Come off our conversations with low. Lauren bogert for example of shooter's Grill in in rifle talk yesterday with tiffany. Helton Co owner of lonesome. Bach and stuff burger begs the question. What will Colorado restaurants a look like when they reopened? Well it'll be as was so many other things. The new normal might be difficult for businesses to recoup their losses. We'll get into that in just a few but stay with US University of Northern Colorado President. Dr Andy Feinstein ways in in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi A. Greeley it's seven o'clock BASS TO UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 08, 2020  Lager Beer HR 1

Brew Talk 1310 KFKA

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April 08, 2020 Lager Beer HR 1

"It's been a long week. Grab a beer and sit back. Here's Tanner Chad in the brew. Doctor Himself Dr Michael. Moser welcome in on this Wednesday. This is Brew Talk Radio. I am swint Dr Michael Mosier Joining me here in Studio six feet apart of course and Colin Felix Call. It doesn't have anything to worry about this big piece of glass right there. That's keeping him away from everybody else. We are of course following all the social distancing orders but we also are gonNA talk beer tonight. We're going to have some great beer looking at the array of beer that we've got on the table right now very excited about this and I know there's GonNa be some great information that we're gonNA pass along as well again. I did this last week. I encourage it again this week. If anything's changed with any breweries out there he went to call in and let our listeners. Know what's going on? Feel free to nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten or You can text into the Cave Creek text line. Three one nine nine six three one nine nine six new texter. All you have to do is text. Kf K. Two three one nine nine six and I promise I won't let doc keeps any annoying tax or anything like that just get you subscribed and then we'll get ready to roll also DACA. It's been another week another week in quarantine. I think it's April now. It is April now. We were talking about it. I'm losing track of the days. You got somebody that lost track of the month. That's right it's a it's it's starting to become later and later and later when I wake up I need to give back to work and earlier and earlier when you crack. That first beer is that was no. It's it's been it's been weird change and I know we've talked about it and it's been hashed over a thousand times but seriously how. How are you doing with all this and it was good Just really enjoying the time getting to know family more. That's the way it works is when you're at home you end up spending more time with family and it's sort of like an extended vacation. Unfortunately the house is all kind of like locked up and stuff. You kinda don't really have any other place to go. Is a little backyard out there that you can get out. We've done the the firepit and we've grilled a few times and hot tub and all that kind of stuff could deal. Well Yeah you and your beautiful wife Christie of course and how you guys ready to kill each other yet or we've got a really good job I go to work in during the day and kind of hold myself up in In my office and she goes to work outside and loves to take care of the flower beds and stuff like that so we don't really see each other much during the day sort of like a normal workday there. You go find a way to balance. Yeah it's a great way to do things. Yeah of course We'll be talking with Chad Young Chad is out again. I know he's running around like crazy with the tavern. Say Michael Square and Oh he's got dinner Rolling Right now so if you WANNA go out and take take out or or gets delivered the taverns open from five to eight tonight for dinner. I grabbed my launch there today after I picked up the beer from on the rocks liquor so trying to do my part support supporting those local businesses and I know a lot of them need it now. More than ever We were supposed to talk with Dan. The owner of Mighty River brewing. We of course talked with him. Last week. Had A great conversation but Unfortunately some stuff came up. He's got electricity. Come up something along those lines How life gets in the way. So we'll be talking with Dan next week Catching up with him and want to really get into the how did you? How did you start into this because those are always my favorite questions to ask people? How did you fall in love with beer? It's always the same thing for me. I really enjoy hearing the backstory behind. Berry and backstory behind beer etcetera. It makes it worth going to to get a taste right. And it's I mean it's a big leap going from a home brewer to say and this is going to be my profession. I mean all the cards gotta go in the middle of the table so I love talking to these the owners about what was it. That finally said you know what I can. I can make a living out of this I can. I can do this so I always love talking to owners about that. We'll talk with Dan Next week of course do WANNA throw out there. Mighty river is the official Official Brewery of power play sports. Another great sponsor here on Kfi. Another great partner In a lot of things that we do so Kind of funny. How all those connections starting to work out but both Really Really Unique. Really great places to To hang out when things are back to normal which they will be. They will be pretty positive week in terms of news right. I mean it's been I feel much more relaxed than I did. A couple of weeks ago Even though some of the numbers aren't looking so great to hear that everybody seems to think things are moving in the right direction. That's a great Great set of news and makes me feel a little bit more relaxed. Yeah it's it's been weird. It's been like a feels like you know we talk about. The flat nearly occurred. But like personally and stuff. It feels like Take a deep breath from the actual virus and talk about now. How are we going to recover economically socially and all that start to start to put those? It seems like we shifted gears a little bit of okay we got. We got the main priority. Taking care of people are going to be okay with this. Let's shift gears. And let's make sure that these businesses survive and start thriving soon as this gets released and me is a scientist. I'm just constantly thinking when they start talking about the different drugs and Ryan how they're treating and it's just my brain starts going. Ooh I wonder what's going happen in the next two years. They come up with new drugs and new methods of treating. And it's exciting all around. I can't even re- I don't know what those words into that. Maybe that's that's our word of the day from that. Whatever that is but you know I read that these different drugs. That are a lot of them. Are really encouraging. But they've got to go through the necessary steps before they're mass produced before they're put out there Put out there for people to use. Well yeah there's a Quite a few stories where the Where the federal government stepped in and said wait a second. We have to do this testing on this particular drug and we're not going to release it and it turned out. They were right for doing that because the testing along the way rewrite the drug would have been horrible. There's quite a few drugs that have entered the market in other countries. That ended up being disastrous. And so there is a there is a reason for the process unfortunately in this particular case we really don't want that process to take any longer than it has exactly. It's it's kind of hurry. Don't rush right. That's that's kind of terminology that that I've been using for Noko now from nine to ten I. I get to talk with a bunch of different people around northern Colorado follows news stories pretty closely and Today was the first time that China lifted all lockdowns on Wu in Wuhan so the original place of the birthplace of this virus According to the Chinese people government that all lockdowns are done now. Saw All restrictions are back so that's encouraging to that the the center of all of this is starting to turn around to so it seems like there's encouraging news and that just makes the beer taste a little diner doesn't it and what better to go with this time of the year when you have such beautiful weather outside. Yes we'RE GONNA BE TALKING. Loggers and loggers or the way to go. Yeah we've got some. We've got some good ones here. we've got. We did like I said I mentioned I. I saw chat earlier today. So we switched beers. That we're GONNA be trying during beer thirty. I know he's got it set up there so we're ready to roll on that You've got a lot of good information. We just. We wanted to go a little bit more broad. We didn't want to go super specific with everything going on. We're just talking loggers just talking beer right well spring. Is that timeframe where you know? Some people may still be feeling that winter. Chill and every blizzard seventy-five blizzard. Which is you know kind of hinting that. Maybe there's a certain kind of lager that you want for that or maybe you just want to get out there and you just need something refreshing because you're working in the sun and you're breaking sweat. That's a different kind of beer. That's needed for that so to to have such a wide variety and just say loggers is not a bad choice. Especially yeah this time of the year for sure. You know we did. A Irish. Irish was higher speed Irish last week. It seems like last week was a month ago. Those Irish peers last week. You know those the Horse and dragon the fire on that real. Oh goodness you know. And so. This weekend sat outside Social Distance and and had a couple of Beers And I had the Summer Blonde Ale from From Horse and dragon and look the fact of the matter is data. Don't do a bad beer over at horse and dragon. I don't think so. I mean it was fantastic and that NASA AGAIN. I go back to those kind of bummed. That's what that the beer dinner pairing partner with the tavern that they got hopefully postponed should ask Chad. That's right not I mean. They just have some fantastic beers. But you did some brewing last week. Cry Did well not this last weekend but the weekend. Four I brewed ten gallons of coffee porter and It's in the secondary right now. By the end of the week. It will be transferred over to my colleagues and then I'll start carbonated it Initial tastes are That I think it's kind of out of this world but that's just me and I'm patting myself on the backward but I will say I've known you for a little over a year now and you don't do that very excited about. I'm pretty excited about it. I separated in two different fermenters. And one of the fermenters did the normal thing that mines do and has a very normal mosier taste to the other one is Is just a spot on exactly what I was hoping it would be an so. I'm just waiting for that one to to carve up and then we'll be good to go. That might be the most dock. Mosier thing ever to do is to brew Coffee Porter. When summer is right around the corner Unfortunately Porter's my ninety let's report and it's a robust porter at that is a good beers a good beer no matter what right. We've already talked him out that before. Is that no matter what the good beer is Well with so much time on my hands. It's kind of Nice. I thinking this weekend is another day. I've got a enough grain to do two more batches so we'll just have to see perfect. You've been keeping that fridge stocked with with some Beers. I'm trying to you're trying to renting. Somebody keeps going to know. Your wife doesn't drink. I can't figure out who that maybe my dog or something like that. Well I I you know I heard it. So the show airing right before us now. They were kind of talking about movies that they had rediscovered and stuff like that. And and I like to that first of all I want to get your gripe out there that the couple to really good movies from the eighties that I remember the heavy metal which was an amazing movie especially if you like music and The secondly was Adventures Buck Rebounds. I I don't know either. Those cul of unity and they'll call him either so but they did talk about some great movies from the eighties. Yeah well I love them checking in on stuff like that movies. That have been because I know. A lot of people are binge watching a lot of different stuff. So that's kind of what I'm wondering is like it. People Getting Guilty Pleasure Beers in their fridge are they. You know what what beers rediscovering and falling back in love with and the only problem with that if it's a guilty pleasure and it sitting in the fridge. How long does it let it has a finite shelf-life right right? One time that you were a minor I'm going to save that for a bad day. He stub your toe randomly. This Day Sucks. I need a bigger they purposely running your tone for sure all right six eighteen the time here on Brew Talk Radio. We're GONNA take a break when we come back on the other side. We're going to talk a little bit. More loggers will preview a couple of news stories. We're GONNA get into Shawn Johnson during the program a little bit later as well. Don't go anywhere else in Abreu Talk Radio on thirteen ten KFI K. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thanks for spending part of your Wednesday evening with us here on brute talk. I'm Tanner Schwinn. Dr Michael Mosier here in studio with me as well as Caliph Felix during the production. Work back behind that bulletproof glass. We started that conversation. But you know talking about the the movies that That that The nurture was talking about before us and that can lead to okay. Well what are you drinking right now? And it was kind of funny. We've we've both had a couple of guilty pleasure beers and one of ours. We Which I can't say guilty pleasure because I had never had before my roommate actually just brought it back and I was like He. He's a budweiser he's about right. And he brought back the I. I asked him for Horse Dragon that for the beers that I've just been talking about if I'm in a on a craze right now with them And he goes well. I think I might get an IP too. And he pulled that he knew he had one rudy ranger in his whole life and he liked it and so he doesn't know that there's different series or anything like that. He just thought he goes. I saw had like mango on it or something. So I didn't figure it kicked my butt to bed. I'm paraphrasing for SEC PURPOSES. And he brought it back and it was fantastic and that was one that you actually had right. And I can't remember the name. Is I think a spaceship. Ipa maybe starship by a Voodoo Ranger. Seven percent yeah. Wpa and his fantastic Actually from New Belgium. The thing that really turned me onto new Belgium was just ranger and then they went to Voodoo ranger and I kind of miss the ranger every once in a while I find bottle of it or a can of it's sitting over here or something like that but I'm really liking that That beauty ranger one. Yeah it's starship radar shits new Belgium to know my age. I'm twenty one. I was GONNA pull it up there blocking me from seeing it but it isn't it. Isn't it kind of Star Wars related? No it's not it's not really it's kind of looks like a robot on the it is it's it's their Their skeleton that they have on there and then yeah it's a robot you've gotta memorize all looks great. It's a really good I WanNa say this before. We talk to Chad On let's see Saturday. It was very nice out. And and so when liquor store I went to his place got launch and he does the cans I ended up getting a six pack or eight of them and take them back and I knew My roommate again. I because since we're quarantined where you sit there and we were gonNA. We literally started the playstation played a not. We didn't play it. We just simulated a baseball game between the Atlanta braves his favorite team in the Colorado rockies and we sat there and we ate and we we wash a video game simulation and we were cheering. And and I will tell you that the one in the ninth inning on a walk off and I was very upset long story short here other than I've been very bordering quarantine is I got. I went to the liquor store and got a bunch of white clause. Actually so I wanted to get that out there before. Chad gets on here so But got a couple of get some sensors and and that was. That was actually pretty refreshing. Because I'd been those dragons not same day but those horse and dragons A little heavier when it was warm outside. And everything like that and then right to those white clause and it was kind of. I hadn't had one six seven months. You know the a lot of the Lager styles are kind of mimicry of that. They're not as heavy. They don't right and Some lager style beers can also kind of mimic white claw? Turn me off but if I can't There are a lot of craft and there are a lot of craft. Seltzer is out. There are quite good. Yeah and there are and my favorite ones was still way back in July of last year. I believe it was July of last year. Almost a year ago The heart distillery inside a high hops brought some and they were great their Their flavoring and it was very very good. You were on a trip. I believe at the time was you were you You skipped the Seltzer show which I know Chad was a little upset about but so yeah there are some great celtics out there as well we were talking to Talk Budweiser releasing a Nitro. And I haven't tried it so if if it is what I think it is. It's probably a darker lager golden lager rather than a light lager and That that might actually be worth trying. I know what it's about. And that's what I I had a buddy It was actually Farley of the NERD. Show text me and said had you have. You tried this and I was like no me about it Excuse me and he said it's not from people he's talked to. That have tried it. It's not too bad so we may need dip into the tax Chad just takes said. I heard that he's always listening. Apparently goodness so yeah. So it's an interesting. I mean we've talked about it before. There's there's not a bad beer right over. There are Bir so let me take that back. I had a but right just because it's not craft beer doesn't mean it's bad be correct that is very very CR- The nitro side of this makes it interesting and the nitro makes it quite interesting. The if it's got the widget kind of thing in the can that is a great way to have a nitro beer without having to go to a bar to get. I mean if you think about it every cannon bottle that you probably use and drink a beer from at home doesn't have that little nitrogen widget so you can't really have a porter that's nitrogen down. You have to have the widget thing in it. Yeah and that was actually one of the first ones when we started learning when I started this journey on craft beer or whatever when got into those Darker Beers. Nitro kind of ease. That and that was really. I liked that. So this beer could honestly be a gateway to you know if they like Nitro Budweiser if they're going through a sea nitro with the people who haven't tried crappier than hey. I had something like that so it could be a gateway thing for it very well could be and I'm fact. I think a lot of the nitro really kind of eases. People's perception of what a stout is to people that really love the craft. Beer scene might be thinking. Oh I'll have a nitro stout but I'm not going to just have a stout. Yeah and that might also be the same for people in the non craft beer scene that are trying to break that are trying to break in or trying to explore some subtly different flavors. Yeah it's kind of funny so we talked about this a lot of really. I started my craft beer journey when we started this show back in late. January of last year and I had anything so all last year. Was you remember the face of the faces that I would even come a long way right? And what's been funny? Is that the people that I brought with me right. I mean the people around like my my roommate would have never bought an IP. A If I hadn't introduced because he always looks for he's when I I'm talking about so so his name's Tarsem. Let's just throw that out there. He really good new but he's sitting there waiting for me every Wednesday night for old puppy just waiting for the treat their whatever I'm going to be bringing in so whatever we have leftover he's I can I try I like that. I'm like you know until you try. And so That's the same kind of that. I remember US telling you right during a few of those shows how the student has become the teacher. That's right that's right. Yeah we're hearing talk. Got Any updates on any breweries around the area. Please feel free to call in nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten. Even if you went out to a brewery and got some Got a beer. Let me know how that went I you know I- Mica Co Patrick. One of our other producers. A host of the dinner chose well. He went down to breaks and he goes. I got a beer for you and I was like perfect. I mean people are still going and supporting these local breweries. GotTa keep that Keep buying them from the liquor stores to raise huge right now to a lot of people. Don't think about that but I mean the difference between. Hey let's get local beer at the liquor store other than just picking up a case of whatever and I know I said I was guilty of the white claws but That just a a six pack and go along with and then it's helping out the liquor store to right. Yeah and and I mean obviously local liquor stores and on the rocks liquor. I went through their drive through today to pick up our beer. Thirty beer and They've got right on the polls there so I we era on the Lakers right off of highway. Thirty four just Just south of highway thirty four and forty seventh avenue right across from Buffalo Wild Wings. And as you go through the drive thru. They've got a little piece of cardboard this. Please call an advanced for call in there. They will get your whatever fear that you want ready for you so when you come up it's boom there in the line. I mean they had people just flowing so they're doing a great job and I. I know a lot of stores have been doing that as well. Yeah the idea of having drive through to pick things up makes it so convenient. You don't have to go and Where do I have to go in the store or do I have to wait in line? You don't have to do any of that. You can just drive through and it's ready for you. That's the way to go. Yeah we appreciate Tony and and John Dave and the whole staff over there on the rocks for their continued sponsorship. Going on over a year with Bru- talk as well and a great sponsor on the whole show as well. Well we'll get to. We'll get to news on the other side. I think Sean may have had something. Come up so I think you and I'll bust into the couple of these news stories when we come back listening. Abreu Talk Radio. Right here on thirteen ten. Kfi sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. K OF K back into Bruce Toxics. Thirty six time on this Wednesday evening. Tenors Went Dr Mosier and Colin Felix. Doing the production work back behind that glass and again we'll talk with Chadian coming up in the second hour when we get beer thirty. He'll pop in and he'll do we'll we'll get him a segment before to talk about some of the Ma- beer dinner parents which is going to be. I mean it's GonNa be tough to do and when you're talking about how wide of a range of loggers were doing. Oh it is But there's a certain class to the style that means there's a certain type of beer that goes well with that so I think you'll be able to see there's some certain types of foods that you'll want to stay away from and Sunday. You'll want to try and he's an expert. He'll he'll lied to us a little bit if he has to insure as well. So Shawn Johnson tonight so call. Do we have the do we have. The news is music. I'm going to try my best here. I'm going to try. I think he's gotTa okay. Ladies and gentlemen here is Tanner Schwinn. My thank you tanner tonight. First story that we're going to get through Dr Mosier and Shawn Johnson will be doing a webinar through. Aspca for their New Textbook. That's right We have a new textbook that just got published on the Bring Science Laboratory through the American Society of brewing chemists and later this month During last week of the month we're going to do a Webinar on. What are the key things you need to know? If you WANNA set up a brewery in your or if you WANNA set up a laboratory in your berry all right so what? What was the kind of inspired this? I mean obviously besides your besides our love for beer. Yeah the The main reason that we were thinking about this is that. There's an awful lot of breweries out there that are opening and there's a starting to become a lot that are closing and the number of barrel. Production per burry per microbrewery is starting to decline a little bit. That's kind of a sign that the market is getting a little saturated which means that In order to make your mark you need to make sure you're making good quality beer that's consistent and what better way to do that than to make sure that you have a quality assurance program in your brewery which is basically needing a laboratory and So we thought it would be really great to write a manual on how to set up a laboratory how to run the analyses and basically show you. If you don't know anything about a lab right or anything about science you know walk you from ground up and get. You started doing some things in the laboratory. The book also would work quite well with one of the classes that were teaching on campus. So it's got a kind of a dual purpose and now this is your second textbook. This is my third textbooks. Our textbook that you've authored. Now what are the The First Textbook I ever wrote was a book for General Chemistry for College level. General Chemistry That was a eleven hundred pages of a love hate relationship over a period of about five years. I think I ended up getting paid about a quarter an hour for the by the time it was all done. The second book was A book on Brewing Science. Just a introduction a little bit of history a little bit of the science and trying to bring people up to speed and What is involved in brewing. Good Beer we're can people find this text book if this book is easily found by going to the googles and just type in a SBC the brewing science laboratory and it'll take you right to the ASPCA website where you can purchase a copy. You may have said this already does. Aspca by the American Society of Brewing Chemists. Okay I didn't know that was yeah. There's so many clubs with so many people smarter than me that they don't even get invitations. Anything like this intricate. It was started a few years ago. by some people that really wanted to bring the standardization of of analysis that are done within a berry in to sort of like a a group setting where everybody could start doing the same analyses. There's a An a European version of the club that existed for quite some time the European burying convention. And so this is the American version of that of that kind of a club. It's interesting how how big is it. Do you know you know to be honest. You put me on the spot that I would say maybe I know that almost every Burri and the US Knows somebody that's in that organization or an actually uses the analyses that are in that organization all the way from Ab Inbev Budweiser Bush Miller coors all the way down to The the small mom and pop place down the street. We'll congratulations to you guys for for holding this. Webinar date and where can on the data hasn't really been settled? I think it's going to be the last Thursday of the month but we're not quite sure on that yet. We'll know here pretty soon. All right all right Okay we've got a couple more stories here Couple of pretty depressing ones. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you that Sean put together here. Do you want to go with the really sad news or the not so sad news? I think not so sad news a good one to try the Colorado virtual beer festival support industry workers impacted by the Corona Virus This is from the Colorado in Dot Com saw. This is here this up on our facebook page. As well. Colorado's newest beer festival is coming to your living room in an effort to support local breweries while under the State Wide Stayed Home Order. Colorado's first ever and hopefully last virtual beer festival will be held this weekend. People can virtually attend Virtually tend to shelter in place beer fest from noon to six PM. Saturday attendees are asked to buy a five dollar ticket for the festival. Then if they're twenty one years or older Support local breweries wineries and distilleries by ordering for pickup or delivery So again this is noon to six PM Saturday April Eleventh Where your kitchen living room patio etc and on social media cost five dollar ticket with all proceeds going to car at a brewers guild Buy A ticket. Then participate Saturday by drinking local beer and posting photos and videos on social media with the Hashtag Hashtag S. I p. beer fest which is stay a shelter in place as IP stands for shelter in place order local beer using the hand off APP and one dollar per purchase will also be donated They're gonNA teachers for sale for twenty five dollars. Become an event sponsor for one hundred bucks. there's more information at SAP. Beer fest dot com or you can email Sam at unfiltered craft dot Com Sam unfiltered craft dot com. So I didn't think I'd ever see the day that we'd have virtual beer festival but here we are. Yeah and the guilt. Guilds across the country do great work and the Colorado Beer gilders an example of good work in action so I really recommend supporting the work that they do. I mean what are some of the things that the guild gets a different breweries together from across the different states helps advocate for those breweries specifically within that state and really helps organize them for collective voice so like the brewers association is a collective voice for everybody in the country The guilds our collective voices for the different states that you happen to be in no case. That makes sense yeah. I saw this story and I thought that was pretty interesting. The fact that They came together. I mean it's it's five dollars. Take all those proceeds go onto it so And then I mean heck do keep doing what we're doing out there drinking drinking those local beers and and again. This is the thing that I've heard from a lot of people is that you know if you can spend the money it's great. Go and go and support these businesses financially but a lot of it is just keeping spirits up. It's it's it's sad like if you watch the news and you can giving it easy to get sucked in. It's easy to get sad. These business owners. These breweries these restaurant owners. They're dealing with this day in day out every second trying to figure out ways to just keep their door open so a little message saying hey hang in there. Love what you do is. It's huge and can go a long way. Oh I agree I agree one hundred percent and this is a great way to really show that love on one day when everybody goes out and grabs some some local brews and you know I wonder if you can get like a sample from everybody in town and then have your real brief. You're GonNa miss the beer festival going. Yeah but but you know that would be crazy. How would you start a beer tour here in? Let's just let's just say Greeley okay. We're GONNA do it. I would say that if you're coming from let's say you're coming south on five so you gotta hit a widely routes right for south. Oh you're coming from the north coming from the north headed south so eighty-five so you get hit early recruits well. Well works Greener downtown yet. So you gotta go down. You got hit lonesome. Buck Lonesome Bach. Take so you're gonNA take a ride on on is eight. I think it's eighth street. Yeah and then take another right right and go back around. Then you're gonNA hit bricks and don't forget to park the car and walk over and grabs some tower fifteen terific tariff fifty sixty six right there from recos distracted breweries greener than green earth brewing. And then now say head on a little bit south four thirty four and head over to crabtree and then then just go. Straight north and up onto tenth and then out to broken plow broken plow is that is that the best way to go about that and I hope I didn't Miss Anybody. I don't think we missed anybody now. That's how many is that. So why the Roots Weld Works Green? Earth lonesome buck bricks crabtree and broke out. And then you're on your right. Yeah and then. You're on your way to lovely. Let's try the Fort Collins. Who are there? That's why people get paid to do that but so again. That's a virtual beer festival coming up this Saturday April eleventh from noon until six. Pm In five dollars ticket again the The website to go and support this. Sip BEER FEST DOT COM SL BEER FEST DOT COM. All right six forty seven the time. We're GONNA have another beer and then we're going to get into this next story which A little bit sad. But Hey it's the fact of the matter and let's figure out ways how we can change the the narrative of this will be back with more. It's Talkradio right here on thirteen ten. Kfi catcher tastes started right with up-to-date news weather and sports mornings with GAIL. Six Am to nine. Am Weekdays Thirteen Ten K. F. K? Back Into Peru. Talk talk about our retirement beer tours. I was actually surprised. We can name them all. I know that's kind of. That's that's good right. The Windsor ones are just high hops. Mighty River falls under mighty river are under winter. Mighty River does fall under mighty river this Mash Lab Windsor. So there's one more There's a number in their name. I'll have to look that one up. Oh goodness you have done. You guys have done work with them. I know I know and I don't mean to three hundred of us here. I 'cause it was one that no maybe it was mash like him. I think you Mash Mash labs. I think I may just be thinking amash. Let let's and then the bounty look up the boundaries over there. Where Windsor Wear Windsor? We're Johnstown is where loveland is all that kind of stuff kind of Mesh together. So I it's hard to say where those are the three. Yeah I think they're thinking of in sovereigns maybe with someone seventy four five t five chief. Yeah that maybe. That's what I'm thinking of that. Very well could be three. I'm seeing is high hops mighty river and Mash Lab. Oh we got we nailed it all right four calling for calm doling any way. How many breweries game to just have with your friends though. Just can you name all the berries on such and so st? Here's a better question. How many of those seven Greeley Breweries have you been to? Oh well for me every all of Oh yes of course. I think that the only one that I haven't been to is green earth. Oh I haven't been guess what we're going to go right was soon as this opens up. We'll see Scott Wright Scott. Yeah we'RE GONNA go check out. It's been all three in Windsor. Yeah Four Collins. I've still got some work to yeah. I'm in the same boat Fort Collins. There's an awful lot of various air McLellan's over there. Oh there's a few other you got a little bit extra work to do like forty breweries in Fort Collins. Cullen Keeney look that up. No not even close. He's shaking his head at me like no. You're way off everything I'm seeing. Says it has around twenty okay so it seems like forty does seem like forty it does for sure but I mean twenty. That's still cinder egg in to a new. Even try it try it. Oh I don't know if we can do this. We can do this. We do this okay. So quirk phone works. All right can you keep track of this I will attempt to quirks guilty goat. Horse and Dragon Dragon. Mclellan's McLellan's Odell read New Belgium K seven. There's one way on the there's envy envy Bruin. I know that may not be in Fort Collins here putting me on skis it in Fort Collins. Farm JESSOP formed Then we go Max line. We're halfway through. I'm getting like not say it's ten. Oh goodness her we do. That's the I mean we're we need to go over and just have like a road trip and go around and trial right. I think so too. Are there any ones big ones that we miss his eleven? There's another one that's way out west up against the up against the foothills if it's a small brewery Snow no it's no big snow banks there yes no. I don't think well that's NOT OUT WEST RIGHT BANK. It's banking for it is just north. Okay snowbanks in in Fort Collins for the life of me remember. I talked to the man over there too. All right. We're at twelve okay. Well pretty respectable but what a good game to have right now. How many what did what is there any big ones that we left out there calling obviously left out budweiser. Oh yes. Because even though it's north of town yeah okay see the boundaries right yeah boundaries. Um and then the other couple that I saw was kind of restaurant he so you get your Cooper Smith's And then there's rally King Oh yes rallying forgot about okay. That's not too bad though. I think we did pretty. I would give us a C. I bet we're probably worth a D. On average I was a little rough. Those were that's actually pretty good. That's actually pretty. We need to put together a trivia quiz on. Can you name you know all of the Brewery? And what a good segue for your next story to. How do we WANNA do that right now? I don't think we've got enough time in this segment. The next one will well. Let's just get to the headline. Let's get this out of the way with all those Burris There's an article coming out of bound DOT com. The brewers Association Survey Forty six percent of craft breweries. Say They may be forced to close within three months. And that's and that's the bad news that I was talking about So I mean we'll dive into this more when we come back here. We've just got about a minute. Left here in the segment but That's tough talking about fifty nearly fifty percent of craft brewery saying that now the I mean there's there's ways that this can be combated but Right right now. That's pretty grim news. I take it as a call to arms and that's a that's a basically we need to get out there and save all of these berries before any of that even comes true and go out there and order as much as you can wouldn't don't overdo it. No well it can give cards. It can be any that's right. Yes merchandise zero whatever. Yeah let's let's keep them afloat so that when we get out of this we can go back and enjoy good beer with them too because at forty six percent. We could name all those and I don't want to be able to name all the breweries in northern Colorado. We don't even started loveland. We haven't so. I don't WanNa do that. Because if we if we cut down to fifty percent we can name all those. I don't want that because I still want there to be beer. Beer out there that. I tried exactly and we haven't even gone outside of those three cities. No she can Kendall any. I got that one right all right. Let's take a break. We'll start our number two. We come back. We're GONNA die more into that that article that is Let's talk more about and see if that's right because there's so many numbers out there. You're listening to talk radio right here. Thirteen ten KFI. Don't go anywhere.

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