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"lone mountain parkway" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Results of the Georgia Senate. Run off You can whistle on 92 3, FMR APP. You're smart speaker or at Katie Jr dot com. The Light Rail is getting an infusion of federal funding in 2021 of $529.8 million Grant for the South Central Light rail extension announced by the Federal Transit Administration today in the centers in the area, including not only downtown Phoenix. But of course, Arizona State University of Phoenix is sky high. For international airport. That's the Federal Transit Administration is K. Jane Williams. Another 108 million will come from the Federal Highway Administration. The extensions Total estimated cost is a little over $1.3 billion. Katya are traffic traffic alert Way have a freeway closure in the West Valley. Let's get the details live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Here's Monica Read. We still have the closer Jeff in the 303 south bound between Lake Pleasant Parkway and Lone Mountain Parkway for law enforcement investigation, Not a lot of options in that area for alternates, but you could use westbound Happy Valley instead to reach 2303 on 91st Avenue in Lake Pleasant Parkway. There's a crash there when it Thomas East of the 51. Also some work. That's gotta ramp. Shut down, West Bound. I 10 at third Street. That's H O V ramp. That ramp is closed for maintenance work till 2 30 this afternoon. This support sponsored by Allstate. If you're driving last he could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate Color local.

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