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"london ery" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

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We want way watch jeopardy so I can feel stupid. Although Beth got the The last question. Whatever wasn't none of that None of the contestants got it. Forget the question. But the answer was London there London, London Ery and dairy. Was someone I forget what the question was. The city has two names. They all said Belfast Oh, London. That's dairy. In London, London Mary, I think that's it, but anyways, so what's the show about the girl that place chest? New girl. No. Queens, Queens, Queens, Gammon. Oh, she said chess. It is suggest chassis. A queen's gambit. Yes, that's a very good. Yeah, Showing up was a chess move Queen's gambit. It's about piston orphan girl, she learns how to play chess from the from the janitor. And she becomes like a world class chess champion. Yeah, Good story. It's kind of a limited series. I think, Yeah. 78 episodes or some like that. So, uh, Jim joins us on the program. Hey, Jim. Hey, How are you doing? Swell. I'm very, uh Hey, Hey, brother, How are you? Hey, I have, uh, actually, thank you know that better studio 40 years ago. Okay. I need to Twice. Better revision on the original Don't know three. And, uh, That's my doctor gave me a videotape The watch, So I've got to tell me that take one. Yeah, well, So is it a VCR? That's all I have. Uh, wait a minute, Jim. Um, so you had originally done in 03. I'm gonna warn out you ward out in 15 years or 17 years. Yeah, pretty active on it. I didn't slow down at all. The only thing Dr Ritter told me. Do not do it. Jump off the back of my pickup truck £50.20 pounds and don't get stuck in the mud. Wished around and don't work week. Worst likes playing off. So, um So the new one wait a minute. That was a good joke. That's a joke. It's like you know why your foot caught. Don't wear slacks when I'm playing golf or don't wear shorts, One of spikes, spikes Spy, I think you said nowhere shorts when I'm playing golf. I thought I was talking about his wound in his name. Spike Skins, you know. What I did with second surgery. I was used to around searching. You know what time I'm gonna keep the spare parts for the old parts. So When I was to recover. He brought all the extra pieces back in a Ziploc bag gave it to me. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Surprise! Did you take him home for the dog that you on? So Jim is the is The new Me as good as the old Me. Oh, yeah. You know, you don't feel a difference. You don't feel a difference at all. How did you know I am? It's uh way always saying that she'd pay attention to you is like the heart and soul of the exercises that's really important. The other thing that my original doctor told me, Don't be a hero or try to be a big shot, not take your pain meds because you're in pain. Your body's under stress, and you don't feel right. All right. Take them just like they don't worry about it. Gotcha, Huh? You all right? Jim? Thanks for thanks for the advice. Yeah, you'll be fine. You wonder what could be a long time ago. I'm still in denial. That stuff. That's a that's a river in Cairo. Michael joins us on the program. Hey, Michael. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, what's up? So, uh, yeah, I hear this right? You're you're calling. You're telling a guy he played on the girl's football team, and you're afraid to get a new surgery. Is that correct themselves Afraid I said, I'm exploring it. Michael, and I'm trying to Michael. I'm trying to be frugal, and I'm trying to find a coupon. Trying to be critical. That's beautiful. Okay, So you had a fella call a little while ago about fruit flies that his pitches and I texted a friend of mine. Your guy needs to just go to his local bartender. Bartenders know up in Causton. It's a soap and water and one other ingredient, Taylor. I doubt it, but in a lot of cases We'll have this. You'll see it sitting on the bar because the surprise air all attracted to the liquid, But I can't. I can't remember what the concoction is. But the bartender was assault will know it so Honey, Where were you? I was trying to find a recipe for four choirs are role pretty or you could just go and buy a fruit fly trap and that comes with a liquid. That simulates a sleazy fruit fly bar. And they are they will just flock to it. And so it's amazing how many of them will land in there, Michael. Thanks for the thanks for the call. We appreciate it up. Next. We have Judy joining us on the program. Hi, Judy. Hi, gentlemen. How are you? I'm not like him to you because there are not enough drugs for me to have knee surgery, So I'm in your corner, but I was trying to get on. Well, Randy was still on because I need to test memories. Everybody talks about the blizzard of 78 ft. Made that.

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