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"london darby crystal palace" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

"Like I know that they've raised money and they've got Champions League money coming in but it's really hard to you know, make seven high price incomings without any major outgoings. And so we knew at some point they're going to come we're closing by the way down the end of the transfer window. This is our last pod before the transfer window closes. So we'll know what happens by this time next week, but they're going to have to page. Sales and some loan moves as well for players, like zappacosta bakayoko that are still in this team that you want to get off. So you can kind of lesson your financial burden a lot of those moves reportedly real close to being done but we haven't seen anything confirmed by either the club don't believe anything until you see the player holding the jersey and even then still be still be worried. Basically, when shut the scores for Liverpool, then you could not. Oh, that's basically how you can approach it. Let us turn our attention to oh Chris. I love these in early morning on the East Coast. It's a bad time. We get one of these Crystal Palace now historically, I've always feared this fixture but recently Chelsea have gotten the better of Crystal Palace last year there post restart match up was a nervy one encouraging must save the day with a sliding tackle that I think will be an indelible image from this London Darby Crystal Palace had started the year quite good Za has emerged. Test Crystal Palace probably like their chances, especially seeing how Chelsea performed against West Brom get right game all sorts of questions about the fitness of players will be czs will we see pool is sick. I think you continue to be cautious with those players, especially with polar said giving his injury history bottom line, even though Crystal Palace have been good this year. You gotta get three, but we said Thursday or West Brom seems as though the rest of the primarily get has also improved along with Chelsea..

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