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"lola consolo" Discussed on Whimsically Volatile

"Light red is supposed to red and yellow or supposed to inspire creativity. Oh, Blue's most relax. You inviolate. So some depends on the mood I'm going for what kind of music I'm working on. But the colors a lot says night to be getting some of that stuff for in here. There's a whole new plan in place might even get those strip lights for the coroner's. Do you know where you might have seen those at Jake shears? I. I'll tell you another story because like randomly so you know, Jake shears, one of his best friends is Kelly Ripa. Yes. That's right. And Kelly has this amazing daughter who's like sixteen or seventeen in Lola? That's right. Yeah. Who looks like a car? Dashing prettier and sure she's just like, and she's so funny. Yeah, and so cool. And you like Amy wino-? That's right track socially, Jason. I did a few songs. They're probably to those with him. Okay. Those are great, but they did better candy. We did three and I hadn't heard from her in the year and a half or something. And then randomly, she's sent me up like two weeks ago saying that she's doing her college applications. Okay. And wanted to, yeah, she's going to finish the songs up. So shut out to Lola Consolo. Nice who she really can saying, man, I hope so. Yeah. Also other things going on with Jason, his doing Jason, aka Jake shears. Yeah, his his is record seems to be doing really well, and he's yeah to last and he's going be playing l. a. and November shaking the dice steel in the rice. Yeah, that was the name of your book wasn't. It was shaving the rice. I'll listen for the mice. Very, forgive me. I'm sorry. It's just something rhyme. Vase shaving the rice than fucking the mice. Minds the birthday thing. My problem with the birthday, remembering that my birthdays Valentine's Day. So it's very hard for anyone knows. Do you forget is actually Valentine's Day, therefore, yet other people's birthdays families. Particular, it's difficult, but now thanks to Google. Try to keep it online. Oh, yeah, I got. I stopped remembering when people's birthdays where when I got on a off Facebook right. Yeah, I don't like, you know, I really don't like it either, but I still fuck with it because I have a secret form. Of freelance commercial composers. Yeah, see, very go. And I started three years ago and now we have two hundred something members, and it's really active form, and it's a bunch of these like nerdy guys and gals, and we go into and talk about our real shit and it's it's really cathartic and great kind of like almost like serves like a union, water cooler, four of really specific group of people. Okay. And I, I was going to say, if you ever would come back to the book faces, think of the people you wish you could really talk to. You can make a secret group that's just you and other people that have been on fucking Rupe halls and have an invite only. And you can talk about some real as shit. Yeah, but we have there is that, but we also have our, we have phone numbers us. Okay. So the, you know, what's that are like you could do you could make on this just people that do podcasts, right? Like talk about like a quick moment and sure that that to me is the new valley. View of that technology is not the old. Let me you know, stock this person from high school and post in other fucking cat photo, but it's more like, you know, this like deeper now that we all connected to each other quickly. How can we make these compartmentalize these useful groups for shared interests and knowledge that it's really cool. Yeah, go had physios all over Cambodia. Another question. Do you ever go to Toronto, divvy suggestions forming some going to weeks? Oh. Oh, really going for tiff. Oh, cool. To do stop -gratulations. Talk about the film. A little should talk about time Laura Dern film, which is why. Wow. JT little Jay. Justin, low Jay.

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