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"logan sara lee" Discussed on The Masked Man Show

"Credible uh dallas harper uh the next it's in annexed he town i think he's like six nine he's he'll be ok adrian i never always can never pronounces guy's name adrian a jout age or that he's a from beirut diesel like the old squeeze like could a grappler east nxt than sarah leave the other winner she's gone other she is she is married to or at least as a child with what's his name hell would say oh no rain row no not raymond road that sarah logan so logan sara lee has with the wesley blake wesley blake their rely we need stack guy greg here giving us stay leslie blade wesley's leif former attacked team champion air nxt champ tech team champion uh and he stole around i think they're putting him in a new like a bike military redneck faction in the next all right now but what had along yeah that sounds like a good idea i think it'll be fine it's a militia the next one less another another guy who is no longer out is easy from that episode of ray of uh of tough enough so if you if you take out the toughen at the people they had to sign because of tough enough this is a really great list the next is dead dan mathur who stole around it was only up is coming up um who us as they near oh adrian reese ember moon day illness class uh amanda sack amano mandy rose is in this class one of my favorites man exempts omani now we know ms raise our is it he's in this is in this glass and enrich swan weirdly as the last one who's coming gone in that period of time but i mean those are some great numbers and yeah it seems to me that just to go back to our original topic uh we need to spend more time appreciating what dusty roads did in florida to create this system here that has produced a incredible talents that has made wwe is roster better than it's ever been moved you can say what you want about the creative and the production and kevin dunne and all that stuff but at the end of the day they are so many talented amazing wrestlers in wwe because of annexed here both.

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