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"logan paul sack effron" Discussed on X96

"Am currently looking for a job the been here about two weeks. and yeah but if you think you guys on the internet good so your wife is the bread winner right now. she has been our whole relationship. good for you keep that up. all right Josh to have a great time in Illinois was the. I think that. it is a. you do it now we all have we all have. let's go to Derek Derek who would be a great neighbor to have wrong answer only. I would say the the definitive leader of Adolf Hitler yeah I may be noisy over there they would yes and the smoke from the books yeah earning the books and all and it's you know well if you don't watch preacher you should but the what well be a good neighbor actually use you shouldn't watch no no one shows the range yes it is but as was the comic book but know what Taylor plays Hitler on preacher and he is just he is a great Satan was killed and so they had to have someone run help well. kills. another episode now he and he and Jesus are sitting around a conference table drinking Starbucks all the time and trying to decide how bad how they're going to divide up the end of the world it's just like any business yeah yeah the bill they say have spread sheets. no no no no you. if all right all right thanks Derek nice finder let's see. text O. J. Simpson. yeah I hear he hosts killer events a bagpiper hello yeah all that would be bad then Australian vegan. okay. ex mother in law. teacher Emily says the little river band. that's a long answer you don't well that's because rather should rather live next follow. so Gary Busey. the light things on fire on your lawn Pennywise the clown specifically he he Gilbert Godfrey I think I'd live next door to Gilbert Godfrey add to acting you know a live next Andrew dice clay no Ted Bundy. the characters in Trainspotting. all right for us to use their toilet if they would yeah. let's see Logan Paul sack Effron let's roll was their care for on and his fraternity of delta side beta. okay am I missing a reference there yeah. all right thank you very much well then let's go to traffic. we had to brief. I'm guessing this is due to the storms there's a bunch of debris on cotton wood if a little cottonwood canyon the westbound lane is blocked traffic is being alternating to the east family around the debris but they are trying to clear it. our self that I fifteen at center street in Linden the right shoulder affected their. and nothing's coming via message but if you see something your sharing texted two three three nine eight six..

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