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Hour 2: Surviving Being Swallowed By A Whale

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Hour 2: Surviving Being Swallowed By A Whale

"This is the dan le batard show with to spot casts I wanted to talk to us to god's about everything that's happening around those paul brothers and how they have gamed the system on fame and really. They're changing things with a generation or representative of a generation. You heard greg cody talk about this. The other day that kids today wannabe youtubers and bloggers youtubers and bloggers instead of whatever doctors astronauts teachers whenever kids used to want to be because the path to fame is so much easier. and so floyd mayweather. Did you see the numbers on this fight. Because this game is changing. It is not enough anymore to just be boxing. There is a there now. Competitors coming for boxing and it doesn't care whether you want to shake your fist at clouds as an old person youtubers versus tiktokers is something that kids are watching kids. Get to make everything popular and these. Paul brothers are popular. Even though they're problematic. And floyd made with floyd mayweather stays winning big original streaming service. Who learned before anybody. The greatest businessman i believe in the history of athletics. The best of youtube versus the best of tiktok. I don't know what the numbers were were they. I'm assuming they were stuff. It's not just that it's trailer. We're going to talk to jim lamp shade some point because they're giving you more. I don't know where that. Dj calendar thing happened that that youtuber versus tiktok thing right where he comes out in the music never came on it was super cringe-worthy imagine dj callard acapella. Do i need even say anything else. No it was another. I liked that it was. It was truly terrible. But i wanna play for you. Some sound mayweather nosy. Stealing your money. He does not mind telling you he's stealing your money. You've been watching him. This is one of the greatest winters across sports any generation that we've ever seen we because he never gets hit in that sport. Somehow his fights aren't terribly interesting but he gets you into the circus ten every time and he keeps more of a percentage than anybody gets to keep never loses. Andy tells you right here. He tells you right. He set up more. More fights against paul's if you want if if jake beats spent woodleigh and more more thirty five million dollar pay days which is what he got. Thirty five million dollars logan paul owen to got five million dollars. Five million dollars. Floyd mayweather tells you that theme and then throws it in your face afterward. He's saying it's not about the money. Well you can't eat legacy patches on my trunk. That's thirty man alone. So who's related. Smart and as puerto box. If you don't if you guys don't wanna see me do know exhibitions. Don't come. don't watch when it comes to legalize bank robin. I'm the best. I don't care. Right good stewards. I don't care if you're right. Best stories at the end of the day. I always had a last damn. I'll write this story about fluid look at the house. I'll go to look house. He going to all the guys that y'all said it was extraordinary. The canals in a pack house. I made him look ordinary. And then when i say a chance for me to heist a quick heist at the end of the day. I'm the smart one awfully. Don't look like it used to look my bank account looking better and better. Each and every day thirty five million for an exhibition against an owen to not really a boxer doing it with a smile on his face just thirty five million for an exhibition. How is that possible in his forties undefeated through. That's what is it. What is put. Put it on the poll. Please give them. What is floyd better at boxing or stealing your money. He is famous. He's doing it legally by the as he pointed out okay. He says he's doing it illegal in boxing he's doing plenty other. That is viewed illegally. I in his past and he is not on a team he represents nothing more than the mayweather brand which is to be a loud mouth that is anxious and you pay to watch him get beat up and you never win. He always does and at the end of it. You look up. And he has your money and he always wins. The most undefeated of undefeated people across sports. Because it's like there ain't gonna be brain issues with floyd either. He doesn't get hit up there. He comes through a violent sport somehow untouched. It is he seems to be getting sharper forties exhibitions against the guy who cannot hurt him and he knows it. Thirty five million dollars and so what's happening with young people because boxing you know how much i love. Boxing stugatz in terms of courage. I don't think athletes you know george. Saint pierre told you in his words that they all have some form of fear and your strip down to nothing. But your courage your vulnerability you're in trunks and at any point. Someone can embarrass you and you go from charming wonderful story of. Hey hamas vidal to innings lash. The internet is laughing at you. And that's what we pay to see. And that is the risk that many of us wouldn't be capable of summoning the idea the symbolism in that sport of the way that you earn your living is by fighting other desperate people for money. It's just core competition and there's no one to help you the trainer shouting from the like nobody helping. You are in there with your courage. Let's see what happened. He comes through that sport untouched. I told you one of the most amazing things i've seen in my lifetime has him in the middle of boxing match. And he here's the announcers ringside talking about the upcoming super bowl. Search giving them football commentary while he's in the corner it's not. He's not in the corner sitting during break. He's fighting and he's just hearing a he's hearing. What the announcers are saying tries to get into a sports radio conversation with them while fighting. That's amazing he was giving football heartaches. While he was mocked wasn't he wasn't satisfied with merely being excellent excellent and never getting hit in a sport where you get hit but on top of that. Give me i know i know. He's uneducated and i know fifty cent make fun of him for not being able to read. And i don't know if he's going to blow through that money. I've told you before. I've seen him and his entourage at a hotel paying whatever it is in ten thousand twenty thousand dollars out of a knapsack to get a bungalow a bungalow bed. They throw away a ton of money. He doesn't need fifty cars. If you're going to go broke. If there's the possibility of floyd mayweather going broke and and playing to an athletic and boxing cliche. He lives his life in the manner. That might make that possible. But i don't think it's possible if you can at forty come out of retirement for an exhibition. Three thousand five hundred thirty five million dollars because you're picking the perfect opponent. I think as long as you can continue to make thirty five million dollars doing that so you're never gonna run out of money. He's made over. I think he's made over a billion and he has four hundred and fifty million dollars be not educated in traditional. Look i object. In general stu gods to win people call athletes stupid because to sculpt that singular skill that they do take a level of intelligence that often requires the detriments and other areas. It's impossible to be like a not impossible. It's very hard to be a renaissance man and beat other guys for money with other people for money when you're competing but is it possible for some people to dismiss floyd with being dumb uneducated or illiterate and also at the same time being the best businessman you've ever seen in sport at just simply making money because he doesn't have to share it to god's think he got streaming twenty years before everybody else figured out on demand twenty years with not having to share it with teammates twenty years of owning his own brand picking the perfect fight and doing so with the way that boxing. Does it rummaging around in that cesspool of racist stuff so that you can have mexicans fighting black people and you're just sort of profiting off of trafficking in that but you don't have to have or go through a traditional educational experience to be good business to be street smart to know how to generate money. You don't have to. Dan you see it on wall street. All things audience thinks that floyd mayweather is a good businessman. Do you think the audience even given everything you know about him which he makes a ton of money but he's not educated. He does a lot of things with his mouth. That are that are like says a lot of things that are anxious has done a bunch of stuff. That is anxious. I don't think that people look at someone. Like floyd mayweather willing to extend him the intelligence of being great business. I think some. Do i think most probably just view him as a great fighter maybe the greatest fighter they've ever seen and that's why they're you know they're drawn to him and drawn to his fights. I think there are some people probably say. Wow he's done all that with any traditional education like that's pretty. This is this. How boxing is going to evolve with young people with trailer. Because it's not. What's the place i was headed is. It's viewed largely as a dying sport. The heavyweights just recently got good in the realm of horse racing. And just a different time. But it's going to be popular with young people. Throw some digit caliban. There's throw some trailer in their throw. Some paul's in there are some tiktok tubers like is this the way that this is going to evolve where sold young words. You'd instagram can't be good for bossing it's not good for boxing right leg these people with no real experience kind of making a joke of it and making more than all the boxers are making. I mean no. It's not good for boxing. But that's boxing's fault right. I'm not sure it's not good for boxing. As old as i sound if you're getting it to young people what difference does it make you get it to young people. Your wanna talk. Billy you said kinda mcgregor against florida's the greatest fight you've ever seen like you've got sucked into that. I don't care about boxy. I've got to appeal to the ignorant. Why don't dumb it down. But you're not showing the real sport. You're showing kind of like a circus and a sideshow when you have youtubers fighting to just see lamar. Odom was fought was fighting What's nick carter's brother. Aaron carter this weekend in knock dot never seen good for by. Never seen boxer. Lamar odom needs money and got a bunch of money. Lamar odom was wearing his basketball shorts under his ass. Now do i sound like an old person. I'd never seen boxer. I come on. I see that all over south. Pj everywhere in south beach. I see. I've never seen a boxer wearing boxer trunks under his ass. Put it on the poll. Please guiraud have you ever seen a boxer wearing the boxing trunks under his at. I think it is good. It's not good for the art of the sport. It's not good for the purest of the sport but they're not keeping it alive. It's got to be kept alive by young people. If you've got a dumb it down the laura into the tent. No that's not boxing. But were you watching the undercard. Because some of you did with floyd and paul you just watch guys you would have never watched under otherwise. 'cause you were just there for the fame for the spectacle just used to me that the fight itself the last fight of the night was the spectacle and the boxing night was unlike anything sports. The big the big night for a championship fight. Yeah and i think the streaming era will help. Boxing grow because now fights are being moved a little bit less off of pay per view which is eighty dollars per to a streaming service. Set his most twenty dollars a month right so accessibility to boxing his grown. I guess the only way that this nonsense helps the actual proper sort of boxing is if all of a sudden people become fans of the sport with this as an access point and they go and check out top rancor like whatever the other major promotions are but that's the only way that this helps but do you see that happening because i don't it is happening right now. you have. People are going from these fights and now they're tr- Checking out more traditional boxing matches like boxing. Because you see under cards and all of a sudden you're interested like this is the way to get it to the uninitiated. It's the same conversation we have with baseball right. All of america's best athletes are not playing baseball anymore. They're playing different sports as same thing with boxing. Everybody who would be inclined to to be in. Boxing is now fighting the ufc fighting mma. So not. you're seeing all these great strikers. Who are going to that. Instead of going to boxing fight on saturday night obviously. Ufc two sixty three and it was a huge boxing match to secure stevenson. Like nobody cares. That's like saying that mtv rock and jock softball was good for baseball. You know like that's what this is for boxing. This is a real boxing. You whether those trailer fights you tell me whether it's around in everybody's smoking marijuana and it's a spectacle and it's just fame people you just famous people. This is the thing that i wanted to lead you guys to conversational. Because i saw somebody. Gosh i wish. I could give credit to them. I don't know off the top of my head. But i the reason that i started talking about this is because somebody was calling out. Espn sportscenter with the idea. On their social media they had seventeen mentions of the paul mayweather fight and none of simone biles being excellent at what she did. And so it's sort of substance in sports versus candy. Which is it is it interest. That's going to make us cover it or is it covering it. That's going to create the interest but simone biles is undisputedly as excellent. Anyone who's ever done that won a championship home. Who cares she does things. No one's ever done in that sport and she doesn't get as many mentioned seventeen of an owen to paul brother. Who's just famous. And you're just trolling for the clicks of young people. Because one's going to get you the clicks one of them's not one's going to get you the interaction so which is it. Is it the stupidity of the people being led by the famous that triggers. How it is that. They're covered or is it the way that they're covered that triggers the interest. Why can't it be people. Just want to be entertained. Young people just want to be entertained and boxing's not doing it. But tiktok versus youtube with floyd mayweather in paul brother. That will do it. That will get young people to watch got my daughter. Different things floyd mayweather. That is not this was there was a different set of fights this weekend. Youtubers fighting tiktok. We do sound old in this round. I don't mind so much sounding old. No i'm gonna sound disappointed and sad like the part. That's most disheartening. About that. floyd mayweather sound that we played earlier. Is that it's true right. Like i was getting mad like i felt rage inside of me because everything that he said was one hundred percent accurate. I'm like yeah. I'm helpless to stop him having a very nice house. I'm helpless to stop this nonsense becoming more popular. The staff by the way Instagram account called shot clock. Said that logan paul losing deployment with got seventeen posts of the sportscenter. Instagram and simone biles gut zero posts off the espn instagram. Like doing though after winning after after So her her seventh us gymnastics title. And it's just like an and this getting old this story. The thing that simone biles does is incredible. She's so good she's by far. I actually i. I can't say there's any authority i was about say. She's the best gymnast ever. I mean she very well could be but does the extraordinary and doesn't get the amount of attention. She has her own gymnastics move. Now who own gymnastics moves. She is the greatest of all time. Yeah but no. One really cares about gymnastics. It's chris hold on a second chris's right until the olympics one really cares. You're not watching the qualifying events. You just Stu gods people are watching it. The media coverage of these sports is a snake eating its tail. You're not watching it because you don't know it's on you don't care about it until after it happens and she wins the seventh championship. And we don't talk about it the rest of the year because it's not being covered. It's it's like. I said it's cyclical. It's a circle. It's a snake eating its tail. You know that this paul mayweather fight is on because you hear about it constantly and everyone's talking about it so you tune in you watch. It is the same problem that women's sports get in any other sport that you look at and these olympic sports. I think are a great test case for that. 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It's not that it wasn't a worthy tangent but he's been enraged and since then i've wanted to get back to this rage because it's a fancy rage and i simply can't imagine an enraged chris wittingham regardless the thing that does it and lebron did this to a whole lot of people after he lost in the mavericks. You remember this. He sat in a press conference and was asked. Did it bother him. That fans enjoyed his suffering and he's like nah at the end of the day. I'm going to go back to my house. And my life is going to be filled with great wealth and they're going to go back to the same house in the same misery. That's the worst of the decision by the way he gets out over the decision. That's way well. He said it's his worst public. You say is worth a moment. You say that because it hurts because it hurts and it's because it creates the rage of it's true and you guys say that that's his worst public moment. Listen to floyd again. Doubled down on a press conference. That's just basically him taking thirty five million dollars laughing at you and telling all of you to go bleep yourself. He say not all about own. Well your kids can't eat legacy patches on my trunk. That's thirty man alone. So who's really the smartest and sport a box. If you don't if you guys don't wanna see me do know exhibitions. Don't come. don't watch when it comes to legalize bank robin. I'm the best. I don't care if you're right good stores. I don't care if you're best stories at the end of the day. I will always had a month damn. I'll write this story about louis. Look at the house. I'll go and look at in all the guy that was extraordinary. The canals in pack. Ya'll's i made him look ordinary. And then when. I see a chance for me to do a heist a quick heist at the end of the day. I'm the smart off. Lloyd on look like it used to look my baby looking better and better each and every day. The part about that is. This is my hurts. This is my favorite part about that. I can look at that and say. Wow floyd you were being maxima masol and not one syllable of what you said is wrong. It's so hard to pull off that tight rope. I'm like man. I am enraged by. You are so you you are so right myself. You can't dispute shouting at the computer screen. Thanks i'm just one. I'm not watching. But i can't make everyone else not watch damage to accept me. Fifty forty nine ninety nine less rich because he took it from you because he got you again. This time i honest to god. I wanna change my opinion. Jessica is right when she says that there has to be an animal kingdom smarter then and this is the proof. We were arguing the other side of this. Show me the million. Shrimp that has made netflix. Show me the giant. They could get suckered by floyd mayweather across two decades for its food or something. Because i'd hate to watch the squid. I'll tell you that right now. How is this possible. Are you saying the squid would never purchase the fight saying is why all the animal kingdoms are smarter than us. They did not spend anything. That's valuable to them. Watching floyd mayweather over forty in an exhibition against an against the worst of two brothers. Who aren't boxers. Wait a second. Dan mike tyson fata shark in one. That's what does that tell you baby. We should be ashamed of ourselves like as a country to country that we allowed floyd behalf. I mean he's told come on. He's been telling us for years. It's he announces. he's at your front door. Hey i'm gonna walk into your house. I'm gonna take all your things i'm gonna do it for twenty years. I'm gonna go in laughing. I'm gonna leave laughing. What are you going to do about it. You're going to sit there and watch it and watch him paid to do it. I'm not going to get hit. I'm gonna dance around the ring. I'm going to do very little hitting myself. And when i do connect it's not going to be very hard and ask and you'll never see me loose fifty dollars and the thing is is like the other genius in it. I mean obviously so much of boxing is cutting wrestling promos but that wrestling promo will probably make me wanna buy his next fight on the off chance that someone does actually connect does hit him in the face and i finally get to see that. Shut up and we're still covering it right like we just spent forty minutes on more than simone biles yes. We're covering more and floyd of all the boxers who you know. There are many with problematic. Pasts floyd probably as the one of the worse right. What is simone biles done to deserve. Like no coverage being the best in the world what she does just because we claim all letter let let her have a big mouth let her have a big mouth or some attitude or not behave in ways that feel like i might let her be a polarizing gymnasts polarizing jazz smackdown. That's how you will get mentioned with the paul's. I can't believe it's taken us this long to get to this story. I'm surprised none of you mentioned it to me. We'll get the funniest thing from the sports weekend here in a second but there were some words put together and a headline stugatz this weekend. That made me laugh. Because i did not think that i would see them all together in a place and i was filled with great remorse that i did see them all together in the same place. Nbc had to halt production of ultimate slip and slide. Now i say ultimate slip and slide. We're all in on the idea of show me some televised ultimate slip and slide but then the words that came after that are explosive. diarrhea outbreak. Still in you can't have that jumble of words together just that that i mean what is what is the sickness that i can give you for ultimate slip and slide more deeply visually unpleasant in the phrase explosive diarrhea outbreaks. Just all of it. It's not just diarrhea. It's not just the explosive diarrhea. It is uncontrollable spreading rash of ultima. Piece looked out one person on the ultimate explosive. Diarrhea is mad enough. But reading these words together much slip and slide. Okay ultimate okay diarrhea. Less okay explosive. Less okay okay. Outbreak you've gone too far explosive makes it though right yeah explosive one person with explosive diarrhea not the same. It's just little kano's of just burst all over the place of explosive. I think they're still shooting the shell. It's not explosive. diarrhea they halt just. You're playing jane. Diarrhea plain. Jane jean diarrhea. Just you're running your plain jane ordinary. I have some quotes here. The outbreak of awful explosive diarrhea left people quote collapsing onset. Being forced to run into porta-pottys. Oh my god we. We've we've had another phrase introduced into this. That makes us a million times. Can you imagine having explosive diarrhea in a porta. Potty apparently they all got giardiniera which is a bacterial infection from food. And i have a family member who had jara once and They claim they have not been the same. Since so i feel for all these people and their infliction of dr narrow. Roy why are you covering your mouth from the way that you just laughed in the other room. I heard it even though we've got soundproof. Class tony With the michael be a mighty impression was like john nara and joy to neuropathy beutner outbreak of explosive diarrhea. Par porta potty. It's a lot of bad things. It just sort of on its own purses right. Her square foot was there anywhere in america. Less pleasant than ultimate slip and slide wherever it is that they were filming man. This footage needs to get out. There's somewhere chris we need. We need to do some reporting on the scene i. I'm very disappointed today. Because jessica was in pursuit of somebody in boston who had been swallowed by a whale and i wanted to talk to that person because i believe that that is a great fear. Many people higher when what happened. Who's dickel billy. Who's he no no the person claiming to get swallowed by that. I mean wales. Tell if you know what i mean. That is a lie. That person did not get swallowed by a whale. You believe that that happens darkness. He was completely covered full darkness because his is is you full darkness. Are you saying he shouldn't come on the show and defend himself. I think like a good opportunity for him to prove what do you. What do you think you'd do if you're getting swallowed by way. If you see that full darkness you yourself. i'm like you just gotta start punching and kicking and flailing in every direction. What is more unpleasant. Put it on the poll. Please guillermo at lebatardshow being swallowed by awale or running with explosive diarrhea toward those porta potties. You do imagine that. The whale's mouth to be so big that you are trying to punch your way out that you could stand on its tong. You can walk side to side. Punch him in the t- theater wanna make the whale throw up. You're thinking to yourself in a quick moment. How do i make this whale. Throw up so i just start flailing everywhere. It's crazy punching lungs. Whenever i i'm just grabbing stuff more. I'll punch anything nor baghdad. That thing in the back of the mouth. Yes yes feedback that thing because if something touches that i think you vomit automatically. I'll just start biting stuff. I never know man desperate times. Then i love the idea of chris cody punching a lung. That is seven hundred times larger than keeps coming back to jail. Throw up now. What is this thing that you're speaking of. Believe what what is it called. Are you talking about like the tonsils. No no no not even a like a human. You're going out called the you've you've yola exactly once thought that was the tonsil growing up ios. Look at that thing. i thought that was. Don't don't don't need you over here on c. jesse's speed bag her. I love the idea of chris having presence of mind inside the house points. Total points you hear expert in the dark panic. All you guys are being horsham chris. I'm totally with them. It seems like you can get comfy on the tongue. You're gonna spend a couple of minutes in that. Now you're last just going to enjoy the darkness and lay down no panicking. I'm trying to survive. I have kids the child care more. Remind me to ask. Ron mcgill tomorrow's on the list. How how this would go for us and you put your way out of this guy probably did. We're sitting here. Put it on the poll. Puncher way out of a whale. Gm says it didn't happen and and we can ask this guy pressing questions because his son has gotten too many interview requests. Because now everyone's after everyone wants to talk to this guy because we all have the fear somewhere. Do we not like. I could just be swimming around and all of a sudden. I don't have court anymore. The whale does and that's it. i'm no longer the top of the food chain. What the hell just happened. I'm afraid of that. Sometimes when i'm in a kayak never mind just me out there. Like just a kayak comes what's to stop away from getting overeager. The stugatz of wales about a bunch of plankton doesn't know i'm here. Bang my my my. My tiny little boat is going is bracing. It's not happen more often. Just the ocean. You never had home court. How does this not happen. More often. where breaching whales just pick up a boat. They know that we'll just start flailing in their office. That's an excellent point by roy though it is their home court dan. I'm saying i don't have home court anymore if i were on land. That'd be okay against away. I'm saying. I've lost corn now and it's difficult circumstances to win on the road. Which part of this. And you're not gonna get the beach. Well actually whales beach. They can explode and kill people nearby so i don't know if you could beat away on land. Damn people have died. Getting hit by wael exploded carcass out of there but just swift kick a butter knife. But i think has on courts. I mean. that's what we're trying to tell you. Well now now now did put it on the poll than gamma. Do you fear on land. Wait a minute though. Wales just explode if they dry land yeah. Apparently they're full of methane gas once they wash up in the methane builds up. So if you stand next to a beach well it's actually super dangerous. You should like evacuate because they might just blow up at any point and at one point in the seventy s. I believe somewhere. I think it was in the united states. People actually put dynamite in the whale to blow it up and there was of course. Yeah like there wailed debris everywhere guts. Everything debris four hundred bone slump falling from the sky. Yes it's horrifying support for this. Podcast comes from invent together. According to studies less than thirteen percent of all inventors who hold a us patent are women black and hispanic college graduates patent at half the rate of their white counterparts. But we can fix that by increasing participation in innovation and patenting by the presented groups. It would quadruple. The number of american inventors and increase annual gdp by almost one trillion dollars. Invent together is a coalition of organizations companies. Universities and concerned citizens committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent because the diverse. The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful our nation will become. What can you do to help. Divers inventors patent unleash economic opportunity. Find out together dot org learn more and take action today. Let's do funniest thing from the sports. We get people those. What in the sport menu laugh hard as this weekend segment. we'll go. What made you laugh this weekend. Billy what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend. Drake running around on a high school basketball court arguing with highschool referees. Lebron james's suns basketball game. Excellent excellent choice. Jessica what are you. What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend. The poor trainer at the dog show who tripped and fell and almost crushed. The dog was that was a that dog was flying to. That dog is a hundred percent going to win that obstacle course thing and his trainer just completely falls over and ruins dogs progress. Did you guys see that. Barry bonds has a dog in the westminster dog show. Barry bonds his sister but he was being interviewed about it. It was an odd juxtaposition to see a smiling. Barry bonds talking miniature schnauzers. I imagine that tunnel that the dogs run through his terrifying for the dog. Dog looked a little juice doesn't work it doesn't work all the gods that's why i said it. He's always several steps ahead with his terrible joe's wounds from the sports weekend. E lamar odom That was just ask. What about you. Video of dan emerging facing a fifteen year old softball pitcher dan so much better than i would have followed it that that second pitch did. Look a little tricky. A lot of you guys have been making fun of me because you're like this was a fifteen year old girl that i believe that was claire. Su'a i believe she became an olympic softball pitcher. So and yes. It was embarrassing. I stumbled down all the way down the third base line. Because i had not prepared for a changeup i did. Did i wish i i thought it was gonna time that fastball. I failed fancy man. What about you columbia at the copa medic. Our singing the national anthem got to the second verse and everyone forgot the lyrics. Tony what do you have. Do you have funniest thing from the sports week. And he does not gods what about you. Jr smith who was with drake and lebron. James at brownies. Game looking a stoned as you could look in the stands at high school basketball game every day thing now i wanted to go withdrew holiday giving the quote when kevin durant and pj tucker went back and forth. I don't think anyone wants to attack. Talk talk crazy. I just loved that. There's no verb. But based on that video of me stumbling down the third baseline and failing to hit off of a fifteen year old girl juju on social media was asking people to come up with a baseball name for me to give me a baseball name and here are some of your nominees. If i were a baseball player fudge rodriguez. It's good feeling pudge was also good but fudge makes it worse. Yes who've hoagie barra off. Don mattingly fat donny. Baseball barry bonds bonds swollen ryan fed mcgriff no fat-list ash crime. Dog entree dawson. Jose cone kessel. That's that is great actually. Was mr club sandwich. Dan chocolate chipper jones roy slobs lazy yossi pig again just lazy. Read those ones if you thought. They were fat rap. That's good. that's good wait a minute. Nineteen ninety-three marlins fourth starter insane with rage poured starter of the marlins. You turned him against me and you call me fat rap. I think you're giving them too much credit. I think it was a long reliever. How dare you pat. Rapp was never long reliever was starting third starter swollen ryan which is the best from among those. Let's go ahead and put that on the poll. Please at lebatardshow. All of the nominees gear. You've got fudge rodriguez barra don fattening. -ly berry bonds bonds. Oh i forgot about cookie. Bats a more like pets like like in like in the cookie crisp commercial kooky bets swollen ryan fed. Mcgraff entree dawson entree and jose on case and fat rat. And yes put that on there as well. Thank you again. So you got. You're always there for me. I see him away from me as if he's sort of a shame but the glee on his face before he delivered. No you're not sorry. I just make sure it was included. Still apologized for these things. You're in no way sorry. We could have also chosen. Who why did you decide to fly across the sky in an airplane and pay for the sky writing. That wrote joe. Rogan is literally five foot. Three why did somebody do that this weekend. What was the reason for this. I know there's a twitter account. Joe rogan is literally five foot three. That's a great deal of skyrocketing like that's not. I don't know how much that costs length or time. But that's it wasn't a banner it was like drawn out. in this guy it was skyrocketing. Yes yes by the time you're done with the set. The first part has gone away right. It's wonderful very cleaned. I was not aware until that point. The joe rogan was five foot three. Were you clearly skyrocketing his work then money well-spent put it on the poll at lebatardshow. Guillermo did you know that. Joe rogan was literally five. Three you a lot of people are paying for skyrocketing. He stays like. I feel like he got it. On the cheap you think skyrocketing skyrocketing businesses hurting. You feel like there was one last guy like just waiting for that. Nobody calls anymore. To write in. The sky is still one of the things that we can make fun of in. Twenty twenty one. 'cause like does that change your opinion of joe rogan no like clearly. He's been very well framed throughout his career on. Fear factor on ufc. Because even in the ring you'd think in the ring it would look obviously so i mean clearly. He's been well framed throughout his career. But like does that. Can we still make fun of heightened twenty twenty even accurate. Yes says fat wrap. You can make fun of certain things still in twenty twenty one. He has claimed that he's five. Eight on twitter so we got to figure out what the truth is okay. Because i don't know the truth but five inches that would make him a lot smaller than students. The shortest person on this show should decide if we can still make fun of short people. We're told show to-.

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