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"Named show then isaiah ish cheese this may michelle than isaiah cheese any seventeen now i know that if you're last name is cheese your life is going to be hard it's not going to be an easy at that's a legacy right there what if you're middle m's or les names with this well i mean if he married somebody and they shared names which happens now young men take on sometimes their wives names and if he found somebody who's name was like barbara with is and he could be show them isaiah cheese where is at theo decided to do that like got the mayor of the former mayor of los angeles had a compound name sharing his wife's name oh and and tony yeah go so that's the one she is accused in pizza delivery threat theft a york team who was last name ironically ironically is chase is one of two suspects accused in the recent robbery of a pizza delivery manic gun point and penn counts at now again i watch to know i do not read stories they have bad endings without letting you know i am all about the spoiler alert so just so you know the guy was you know they they weren't very nice but they didn't hurt at show then isaiah cheese seventeen and logan matthew alexander eighteen of little span up rob the man as he delivered pizzas to them on january twenty fourth according to a report she's has been charged as an adult in the case so he's he's a grown up cheese he's a fully age and they're ryan he's not a young cheese he's an old stinky cheese for doing that when the deliberate when the pizza delivery man arrived to the scene she's not down the man's car window according.

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