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"loch heron" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Tickets. Stream these games and get up to date Highlights exclusively on Nwsl radio. Only on I Heart radio. We have a crash on the one on one in Newbury Park with this one is really tough for both directions of the one Oh one the crashes on the north side just before the conejo scales. That's where this wreck is blocking the left lane, and it's pushing the drive back all the way from Just about the 23. So what heads up there now on the South side, there's another problem Looks like it's a separate crash. And it is before the scales this one blocking lanes as well. Delays backing up all the way from the outlets in camera Rio Now we're going to check in with Michael Brian. He's got the latest in Seal Beach KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Very tough drive for the four or five Angel. Four or five South to end right at the split with the 22. So just a little past Seal Beach Boulevard. It is now just a far right lane that is blocked. But they're saying maybe a half hour another hour on this, So it's probably gonna be here a while It is now bumper to bumper into Long Beach, And at that point it is catching normal swelling that goes way back. Pretty much leaving yellow X, starting at the 15. And really, that only leads a little gap there for the West side slowing that starts on that south four or five just about Wilshire Boulevard heavy down towards Loch Heron on that stretch. Your downside of the four or five Looks like you're on the brakes here from just before the 10 out of Culver City. Pretty tough on the way. Oh, pretty much all the way up into San Fernando injured in an accident. Isn't superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien, K F I and the sky Okay. F eye in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez register for Ben MGM Using bonus code I heart and your first event will be risk free up to $1000. That means if you lose your first wager,.

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