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"liz veldman" Discussed on WRKO AM680

"To me is that there's so much more to explore, but also what you think you saw in season, one may not be what you think you saw specifically in the end of the of the season. So here's what I want to tell you this might be you wife said to me when that ended I don't want to give it away for everybody. But I have to say some version here, my wife said to me, I bet it was the sun that did that. And I was like, how can that be? We just saw Christina Applegate, do it. I don't want to give away what season two's going. But that was that was the discussion that we had in our house. The moment we finished the season. Well, that's good to know because, you know what I'm always interested in doing. The storyteller is subverting expectations. You know, my experience of life is that just when you think one thing is going to happen. It's always something else. You know, it is life itself is still with somebody, we're turns, and twists. And so pretty much from moment, one from the, the pilot episode in season, one of that to me, that's the kind of story I was looking to tell which is like something that you think you know what you think you know it's going to happen, but you probably don't. So I'll just say, though, I really appreciate your wife. Theory, you know, she may think that, but you'll have to watch find out all rest assured. We will now what kind of timeframe are we talking about here? Yes, they said yesterday that you guys can do season two. But how long is this going to take? We're looking at, like twenty twenty twenty twenty one when, when do we think we can get this done? Well, that's a great question. You know, I I start tomorrow. So I will I will, you know, do it as quickly as I can. But I think we are airing out around the same time, that's he's out, but in twenty twenty so hopefully may twenty twenty do do Christina or Linda call you and say, hey, we're good to go. Here's what might be fun, do they throw any ideas that you do? They get any say in this. I this is a collaboration for sure. And, you know, it's, it's only Michael as the show runner to make sure that everybody feels comfortable with what we're doing. You know, they're both really incredibly trusting in terms of the creative process, and they had no input into season, one, because I had written it pretty much, you know before they were cast. So with season two I feel like they're kind of excited. And, and you know, when the love to joke pitch at me like she loves to, you know, come up with ideas, but she knows that a millionaire, we would never do, and so mostly, it's just for fun. But, you know, I, I will definitely involve them more in, in the creative processes time around just next the next time she joked, pitches, you, deadpan, her and say, I love that. Just say what she does. I, I will try that. Liz Feldman congratulations on season. One success. It's a fantastic show. If you guys haven't seen a dead to me is the name of it. It's on Netflix. It is absolutely worth your time. They look Liz, there's so much good TV out in good series stuff out right now. That I mean, man, if you're not good enough, it's like the restaurant business. If you're not good enough, you're going to go by, but guess what you're not going by by because you are good enough. That's the compliment that I can give you. Thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure talking to you. I really appreciate you know, your support and until you're listening to, to watch. You know, it's all about word of mouth and growing audience, and, you know, just sort of sharing this story around and seeing how it connects with people. So I really appreciate our conversation today and no pressure at all. But don't disappoint us in season. Two. Okay. All right. Get to work. Get to the computer. Get the laptop get typing. That's Liz Veldman. I enjoyed that. I love that series. That shows really good lightning..

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