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"liz rightless kendall" Discussed on Lights Camera Barstool

"So you haven't seen it. You can go ahead and watch it. This is a spoiler review. This is real life. This this actually happened. Start that Ephron lily Collins Kayla, scored alario not exactly say your name John Malkovich. Jeffrey Donovan are are. Good boys. Jim Parsons and Haley Joel Osborn make appearances in this movie. Fomer guests the pod in future gift, Jim Parsons. And future. Guests jeffey. Donovan. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Not getting the best reviews on both sides of the coin whether it is from audiences or critics is actually came out a while ago. I believe it Sundance film festivals campers roof Sundance fifty six percent for critics and rotten tomatoes with a five point seven out of ten fifty nine percent audience score. Yeah. I did not like this movie at all. I actually really disliked this movie. It's not at the level of being a giant piece of crap which takes me to say. But it's it's bad. It's in the bottom third of movies that I've seen this year would have been in the bottom. I've seen last year. I gave it a thirty five out of one hundred this movie. I thought it was very close to a disaster. Zack Ephron was very good at lily Collins go, but I thought Zac Efron is really good. And he someone who the right script. On his desk will pump out one of those roles that people like oh shit. I can act maybe he'll get I'm not saying Oscar nod, but I don't think he doesn't have roles. I've been on record saying that about the rock because I think he does so many fucking movies. Just like, it's it's volume thing. But if you get to conscripts, I think he could really turn out a good role. Scrip was not great here. Not a great play. But I thought he did a good job at what he had. We'll get more into a second Ken, Jack. What did you think you watched? I think on at the same time. I was watching it. Yeah. Gave it a forty one hundred. It's not very good definite. The worst movie ever I gate if it wasn't for lily Collins, performance, I think she stole the show by like a huge margin. If it wasn't for her performance. It would be like my bottom ten movies of the of the year. But she she killed it. I didn't particularly think Ephron is very good. None of the guest spots were particularly fantastic. Even my king Jeffey. Donovan only came in for five seconds. How do you how do you cast Jeffrey Donovan not give him a bit part? I know it's a Stoorikhel. But. Make that lawyer stay longer a lot of it. Like, you said you have to the screenwriting was just so terrible. Particularly in this is something apart a sequence would reached out to me John Malkovich. As the judge the Florida judge. He just kept delivering these really cheesy lines. And I'm sure that's I'm hoping that that's like an historical thing that judge actually did. And that's not like something they made up to service the script because they were fucking terrible. You get like one that stood out to me. I'm paraphrasing little here. He's like you can't be cold with me young, man. This is the sunshine state and you'll see that ice melts really quickly. And like he sounded like he was reading these off acute card. It was just it was terrible in at in find it particularly compelling at any point in. Maybe that's just because the point of view of the what's her name them. Whatever bundy's was renaming it lily Collins character. Liz rightless KENDALL. So that made just because it's from her point of view that like. Like, I just didn't really it wasn't really compelling. And I know we said when the originally announced this movie like I don't think that glorifying Serey color is good. But like there wasn't a good middle ground there. I don't think they reached a middle ground where it was telling an interesting story without while being respectful to people who got like just disgustingly murdered by psychopath and just not good not much take away from Liz clever. I guess him. I remember Carolyn boon for my knowledge of the Ted Bundy thing who the perfect Caroline Boone is in the maze runner..

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