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Solari's Stumbling Madrid


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Solari's Stumbling Madrid

"I welcome into the last edition of ESPN FCA. I'm Dan Thomas joined by crepe early and shack. What we also welcome. Sid low to the show in Sint, despite what they told me that they don't care about mariner Bernie's opinion. Happy new year to you. It's not too late to say it. I didn't realize there was a couple of point. And if it's the first time you spoken to me since the new year. It makes sense doesn't it? Happy new year to you too. Thank you very much. How lovely or can we go on with the show here? Okay. I mean seriously. Well, Lovin here affirmation I've seen you. Vein a happy new year so far for Real Madrid. Of course, playing very our yesterday and models go world champions manage to to draw away against via reality, leaving them seven points off bossa top of the table. That was so much familiar regarding this performance from Madrid said they didn't really have a stranglehold on the game. Cathala? Of course, getting the brace of eerie. I'll just not good enough yet again. No, nothing. That's fair. Nothing. It's fair even beyond just this season in mind all the time that they've means the world club club Cup once coming off the back of its they've always had this all slow start after it for the new year. But it's more as you say about the way this fit seem the way they performed throughout the season and off the game Tiba will toss said that he felt that Brad had the opportunity to own the game that they should have put it out of sight. They should've made it impossible for Dow suppose one level at least you could say, well, yeah, maybe you're right because they broke away a couple of times and had a couple of very good chances particularly that Lucas baskets opportunity in the second half. But actually the pattern of the second half. And the sensation of the second half was Riera outside increasingly applying the pressure. I'm basically, I wouldn't go quite dominating. But being the better side and Rama didn't impress again. And they continue to team don't entirely impress. That said even with this drool. They're only seven points off the table. And of course, we saw what happened last year. This is. And I think it's one of the things we sometimes forget this degree of continuity going back and entire season. This is a team that finished seventeen points behind bars line last year. But of course, we'll that gets the garden because I turn up in the in the Champions League. And there's nothing to say that won't happen this year. Well, there are one or two things as I won't happen this year, but we thought that last season as well the points cop is you say is seven say it is difficult to make any of argument, though, given what we've seen that they gone anyway catch passer. Now, I think you're right. If you make the argument from the perspective of around Madrid because we're all Madrid. Haven't impressed the season even when they've been picking up victories because actually the run of results on this is miles better than it was under particular. He's already picked up more points potato did. He's he's in a position where where he's been beaten twice potato was beaten six times in as many games. But that's looking it from the point of view because despite those improvements and results they don't impress. I suppose the one way we say, well, then maybe an opportunity is that niveau boss Lennon, nor Atletico Madrid. A nor even Sylvia impressed so much as to believe that this early stage that look they're going to put some distance between them around you. They're not gonna give the chance to catch them. I think will have the opportunity to catch up the question Maki's revenue. Larry will take that. I don't Gary. On. Who's not going to ram Madryn? Well, let's have lost five minutes. Veggies still thinking you love and happy new year star said the other thing is is like a c- off the buck of another dodgy result bail is taken an absolute Shylock. And again, I mean, surely go and all those going to have to carry the count as well. Yeah. I mean, it's interesting you say some, and this is I think the twin third injury of is rounder career. I think it's the thirteenth time. He's being forced off during a game because of injury. And I think I think you'll right to focus in terms of shocking because what's happened with this is that every time biogas engine. I'm quite impatient. With this. I think he's quite unfair. Every time he gets injured. He gets attacked as if he somehow chosen to be injured as if he somehow deliberately pulling out now is true. There are people who believe the Gareth bile doesn't always play through the pain in a way that others. Do the may be Gareth. Bell doesn't have that slightly cliche fighting spirit thing that applies. Have by anything you right to focus purely and bail, isn't isn't fair that said in true, he's not the only person who causes having the finger pointed. I'm a lot has been said in particular about mall sellers performances this year been doubts as well about who the third strike should be the moment is Lucas and Benza mar and Gareth bio, but it's been all talk about whether it's kosher being there and a huge by about what his role in this team should be about well, Marcus sensors role in this team should be. So while I think some of the folks on Bally's unfair. I also think it's worth pointing out that it's not only him having people people pointing the finger. It's a lot of injuries. It's almost a year three hundred twenty three days. I think is in total since join ram. As much as I agree. It's unfair. You also have to remember that guy Bill position between between him and his agendas representation positioned himself as as the air parenthood Cristiano Renaldo coming back going years bags or seen he'd prefer to play through the middle know that he has opportunity to to wear that that Rinaldo shoot as it were to see the team playing this poorly. Of course, he's good to be focused. But let's remember a time to see Real Madrid crawl rather ridiculously will bling Renaldo as well. So to see them on Bill this. Not really all that surprise nine thousand nine percent players. Maybe even more don't want to be. The one who throw the through a wobbly and not bald. But mo- most players will try and play some we'll play a little bit more through the pain. Sometimes you can't you can't do a muscular energy. But the one thing that keeps popping up as Rinaldo felling of Renaldo this two guys played in Spain Rinaldo Massey over the last decade. So that nobody on the planet can fill the boots off and probably never will again. Maybe the player will pop up on the season and get somewhere close to fifty goals. But nobody I mean, nobody I don't care FM, Bobby ORR. Neymar enemy. None of them will go a decade with starts. These two have have. It's just incredible. But having. Just give pause Bill posh. Nobody wants to be in these to every time a switch my phone on seen again today. Former Real Madrid player smashes Bill seems to be a theme where it hasn't helped himself to coincide with the Champions League. Final. Don't hell. No. What was it Coleman's coming out and saying start next season? I'm going to be looking to move elsewhere. You know, if you say normal is it after winning the Champions League Folino to own about you to all of a sudden because you've been come off the patriots go else to goes, you actually contribute type of the Champions League final. There was a man's Dylan judge who actually funds him too much child. So maybe it was just a frustration. There criticize players passion. Passionate. It's thinking about yourself for the toll. A player thanking about I'm suing credible. You all the biggest apologised for Gareth bale? Always Gareth apostles. Everything reason I don't quite understand or you don't understand the law guys fantastic player. But he's playing anyone anyone is based I understand that. So we decided to be criticized he gets more than anybody else. The expect him to get fifty goals Roni and Missy of receiving no, but he's not playing will as con, but you run through that Real Madrid team and most of them are in the same boat. Some of them are probably walls, but they don't get it. Like he's getting lispier Frank here. He's been getting Real Madrid. Whether he played will from the minute the door because price tag, and that's just because when things go and will there was a guy called Renaldo usually throw his arms up in the air in the ban the bow and make over. There's also a guy who renowned who's go fifty goals a season. Well, can do then you're talking Bill will look enough at himself. Come on. Let's talk about who could be joining Gareth bio at Madrid said of speculation, of course, lay about Eddin hazard making the move from Stanford bridge to the burn of our especially realistic making the move from Dortmund. What is the latest wasn't Madrid press say? Well, this is this is this is basically has ingredients to happen happen. Very very easily. Indeed and has autism made no secret of his designed flat. Rummaging in fairness to it. And has I think is pretty worth pointing this out. He's always been very cautious about how he says. He's always tried to be very respectful of Chelsea in the way that says this. He's always said that he won't full some move that he will listen to Chelsea the wants Chelsea to to build a great team. And that maybe that would be sufficient to convince him to to stay. But that recurring theme has recurred is coming up again. And again again, go through allergy. Now, we're in a contractual situation with him in which we're getting very very near the end of the extent even Sarria saying, look, we need to sort this out. And so they sell Bisi means, let's get clarity. Let's agree that it's going to happen manage it in the best way from Ramage's point of view. Of course, this is this is very very good news because you get an extraordinarily good player, and you get in without having to pay huge Charles for and for ram adrit. That's genuinely important look that transfer dealings. Allows four five years. They are not spending one hundred million euros on players any more. That's just not the way they're going about things. And so here at last is the opportunity is a by the kinda who might be one hundred million euro player, but not have to spend in transit, admittedly calls the wages will still be huge. No brainer in around sauce today. I don't know if it was said, but sauce today going back to that point that busload, I don't know how long it's been few years, but bustling spent some four hundred million plus more than Real Madrid and transfer Fisher, you wouldn't necessarily think if you just look at the players are Real Madrid. You asked to cash in the br- nickel articles, Ashley basa in the ones that have been way more active and the transplant market. I don't see a downside here in the player, a husband respectful to Chelsea. But I think oaks of Chelsea's perspective. I don't think they'll be would be a great fight to try and stand in his way, it would be a disappointment. But I think they would understand. I completely understand from from HAMAs point of view, and what a great time for him to go because the issues that set and plays a haven. He's a great age of he has two grown Ronin is going to be the darling of the Real Madrid funds for the time being I think has agreed for Real Madrid Cinderella point soda good price for house that listen he has been mount more loyal to Chelsea than maybe should or most of the players in in his position would especially given the uncertainty around Chelsea whether they're going to win the league or finish outside you four quite Soudan. So you understand has odd looking at a club like Real Madrid that they can be competing. Feud opinion on us with some consistency mixture who'll of the sense of the players, well alita, of course, abide this week and just to remind you haven't miss an episode episode of the show, you can download our daily podcast, which is valuable on the website. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting dole living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls who has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, he has no brain, however when in a most nesting doll. Here's the Geico not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in a most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Switching attention now. To what we saw take place yesterday, obviously managed to city that too on victory over Liverpool. Sitters you're on from his Spanish perspective. I think those teams showed. Yes, they no question. They're the best to in the Premier League how much Real Madrid Barcelona fans, for example, sitting up and taking notice about how good these teams are. Well, I think the first thing to say is that they are taking notice and particularly now over the Christmas period because there's no Spanish football league and increase in the in the attention focused on the primarily there's a huge amount of attention anyway about now even more. So this is a guy in the I think if we look at the TV figures which haven't been released yet. But I think we'll probably see that. This game was watched by more spines even them round via the Dow partly because of which channels they own. And there is a sense now that these all too exception, these strong sides now, obviously munches to city impressed. Anyway, the focus on them because of the already very very high Liverpool were in the I think to to some extent we're being discovered as last year's Champions League come pain when on on this year. There's a very clear sense from within spine that. Wow, this team who made it's a to fund while she are far stronger than they were. And I think when Spanish football fans sponge for media looks at the Champions League. Now, they would traditionally site. Okay. Magician also plus might be one from England, plus maybe by Munich, plus maybe parasites Jamin, I think they're now looking at this and thinking, okay, there are at least two teams in England maybe even three who we have to look at and consider to be very very significant size. Indeed when it comes to get into the semi finals or the fond of the Champions League, how the landscape is changeable g think two or three years ago we have going on with the Premier League. Do they need a win to break? What's going on fake out league? Taking its toll on them in Europe. And yeah, here we are them. Conversation genuinely the managers say in lavar in the same conversation over the lane, George this findings teams in particular have done with regular aplomb recently. But yet. Be about five years ago. I will both. Both. I was saying the primarily on a problem because teams in Europe were painting in particular, Bud Light because of the performances in their heart. They start showing I always felt the woods when all these people in England. Look spin countries period of domination United and Liverpool pops up and Chelsea popped up with this apprising when bio Munich doing it for bet with and to Milan doing it for a new challenge. Well, they are then this domination and bossa. Unreal. Quite Lucas strong as the where but still strong, and now all of a sudden the English teams of astronaut squads for sure, but whether they've got enough experience and less mistakes last year over the line until the do I think people will still ask a few questions yours free that these things are cyclical that it they do come around eventually, and especially given the money involved in the Premier League you do fee that makes a difference particularly over over the longer to. I also feel that you just seeing no just to good teams. But two of the best managers in European football, which may be English clubs couldn't boost for five years ago. And that for me is making a huge difference English clubs dominating you open the lighter. Rafeh Benitez was involved in Liverpool. Marina was was Marino. But I just probably kind of went away from that a little bit. I know you see in the money making a difference. But. In particular. Do the men in charge are the ones who have these teams playing in a way that I think will will bring European success or bring them very close to your success with us yesterday. It wasn't what did you make the overall? You know, I I it was a fantastic. I disagree with Craig Wishart on yesterday show. I know I thought better the two teams. I for me. I thought city meet some mistakes and individual mystiques simple poces simple controls that I just didn't expect from them. And I just wanted to the occasion particularly early on was kinda getting to some of these players. And then it became an emotionally fear particularly wants to grow scores. But I live unlucky particularly with minded chance. But head to head as much as a no city one. I thought Liverpool look would send it was close. I mean. Yeah. Either way. Club change these sell after fifty seven minutes. He brought you went back to the full two three one in brought for Binion. He did that in my opinion because they want quite end the game as much as he wanted. That's the one thing I would say him, and it was very cool as well team show while equally size, and I still think to them complete yesterday. Just take a look at how the book as right now, we're gone, sits champions. They remember only only in the competition. Manage to city will favorite's still seventy-two Liverpool. Look a good bet don't they surely now at eight until one although Liverpool, of course, and got buying in the next round. The third round of the FA Cup kicks off today. Trauma? Take on Chan me, come in the full ten English. But we'll they'd hold it. Go listen till the forty minute oriented school great goal oriented pressure that Rienzie bore back then this zone from going. Larry liquor movement on that goodness me a lot of changes to this first signing introduction financial you enter a hat trick. In the second half the first coming just three minutes of the break. Not really she didn't watch. Lorenzo recently to be honest with you. He's just gonna be the Cote Montagna. Maybe is great. Oh, yeah. Again, son involved. Already after running stopped box finish. Moments later. It's sauna gets on the scoresheet to make it four now. Well, we're gonna mess has goals. When he when does he go. Middle of the month two shy middle of the month. Fifteen. Within. Because now you're ENZA do from all of skip. Mr. asking me when is going. You're say we get the hat. Most. Harry would come off the bench. He's useless. He would get much needed go. So then quite giant killing TV. We're looking for no. I think over a Mandic surely were hoping for more of a competitive game. It was before in the end if finishes trauma nil taught them seven Phil for the lot because gnome McMillan scores length, right? Most of his career England. And he's been he's been only reason you feel for them because you know, otherwise, you just wouldn't care would you? That's very harsh. But true Spurs not gonna win the Premier League win the Champions League one. They make a real effort the fake out. Just one no me. Why don't they make a real effort? Xena saying, yeah, we prefer to win the premier legal the, of course, this thing. And they still believe John's still believe if if suppose win the FA Cup is successful sees. Taught four. Yeah. If we didn't run on the jump up -solutely. Absolutely. But the such a flute and say the moment the young guys coming in Lorraine tickets a game re change up the buck again. I don't know what's going to help end of the year of his mind. You know, what if you can get a trophy? At least it will put that debate. Winning not portrait. We'll be okay. I Bruce finish through. That's Moina for success thing. They have to win the Cup when you consider who we both expect with finished one and to the money they spend just how good they've looked f- Spurs, especially given how little transvac tippety is going on over the last couple of scenes finished it I said, quite an accomplishment if they finished fifth and win the FA Cup. Still good. But not as good he Easter. He got signed by now if all he did was win cups as opposed to getting them in the Champions League on a regular basis. That's where that's where the whole things gone. No isn't just become a frantic scramble for talk for. And that's the success for some clubs that are others like mature. Sorry, joe. You'll get away with this year. We talk for it won't go away with the next year because jobSthey deem the talk for as a successful season. They wanna be winning the league or competing in the Champions League. So lesson. Budgets to talk about. There's not shout mansion, you know, he hasn't got the biggest budget. They don't spend the most wages them by someone. But come on. You've got a good enough squad of players take at least pet shop for their faecal and potentially win. So I don't I don't see whether done say of trying to win favorites as a right known messes. Surly don't think you still have the way to see exactly what how much is a city approaches to this competition they ever take it. Seriously, put them favorites. We have to see exactly how far this goes in home kindly joys. Each of them, gentlemen. Of course have made. It's the Cup final. And we talked about the third round in particular with Craig, Shirley. I'm Paul naira knows won the FA Cup. But he couldn't remember. Good evening toaster and the crossing fake rounds, including pool story about how awesome go being by your city. So I e one more FA Cup matches to be played his some that stand out night against reading West Ham Birmingham. You Meanwhile, Chelsea forest black snow. Arsenal on Sunday city against all nines ends with Liverpool. Full moments United and everything goalkeeper is in the studio earlier only caught shack it's gave his top five goalkeepers at least extended sort of segments. Whether he's number one, pay brew, you out the war shine. Did he went with Manuel Neuer of all people? And as I said to him down. I couldn't agree. More just knows injury last year. He hasn't been much as thing at one point. He wasn't I'm on anymore. Check my exchange over on the website is even in your top five these things, you know. Camila thirty seconds to fill to the end of the show. So was thinking of another question well typing, I gave more than just the no while he's nothing, but talk five we ever to see would you like to input into this a Atto? No good. Excellent. If want to enjoy the third round. AFL until next time the fine. Welcome into extra-time sits only got five minutes for Malton. I'm leaning sign common days studio, Real Madrid rea- full say do boss really need Robbie shouldn't they go all out for the young and delay. Instead. In theory. The those deals are not mutually exclusive. So in theory, they can go for obvio-. And then go for these two as well. Frankly, I suspect that that one and a half. And I suspect that Robert will be the only deal that they do. I think the way that they look at it is Ravi is paternity giving they'll get in for free. Although the early suggestions all is around about ten years year, which is a lot of money to be paying him. But from that point of view, this is this is one that they should do because it's not the right time. It's the right kind of player and at a price. That's looks good from that point of entry was one of the most boring that you've ever given manage. That sets only five minutes in nice. Tell you what you've given some tediously boring ones over the years not up there. Not say, it was just an informative interest. Exactly. Juggling who cares of nice? Now, given given given that we now talking about it and therefore making it more important than it really was good point out that she already here just off camera. That did that time. Not gonna invite him into way from this. Martin silo. Nice. Actually, thanks, actually just made you. But. As long as you don't wanna. You don't want to see mine Einstein. You want to hear him with voice that makes the floor. Vibrate and yoga club swoon. Ask a few questions. Awesome question considering a viable of it. It's internet top score. And his go return since he signed while he's still considered not consider sorry, a wo- cost strike at the same level as Kane. We had that discussion. But I think if we strike is about Young's, not necessarily because you're. I mean, what you Cain guero? Murata? We're going to strike at. He's just how these issues. He's doing well, finally if you had to be stranded island with one member of the panel presen- or off today who would it be also who would you least want to be stranded with? Mark. Donaldson. Stranded with why I could strangle him and I'd be bad for two years. He was just go finding. Even better come with a giant fear. Hans over to this news people's. Sade who would you like to be with? Well, I'm glad we're looking at it from purely functional view, I must have did think who who would be the least useful. And I suspect Stevie Nichols at the very. You get to this island, and you'd be on your own in St. will be said still cutting ESPN opponent. Opponent. What would robot? It'd be like those Robson be quite intense. Say we should right attack. It from the Angolan will push the winning box up there. Bill over there. And then they'll somehow blame Venga for the whole. I'm still allowed an awesome, right? That's it done since go to go say low tomorrow, and I can give happening tomorrow. Tim Parizek roll. We'll we'll say mountain happy new year. Rhode island. That's it said do this more often. She just quickly. Tell the lie. Stay away light tell the producer. You have to beat it. Turn up enough. I'm telling them all it's coming any minute now. Yes. I mean every week every week could different persons coming this week. And we've got hurry out because he's coming in to give a big address to the whole world. And we need to move on Clinton. We can get in the studio. Bing, Bong Bosh way, Bish passports, big. We all be. Right to do that all of us back tomorrow only. Yes. You tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Donau? We're doing the big studio tomorrow my Bill to belong and used to more minds longer to do this. Shave off. Doesn't say either of you. Let's be honest. It'd be also highlights tomorrow gray Gila. Go. Gross.

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