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"liverpool derby" Discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast

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"liverpool derby" Discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast

"Who's the elite teams in who is calm fluky. And now we're about a third of the way in the English Premier League season. So we're starting to see I just kind of hoped we'd see maybe in the maybe twenty two twenty three games in before. Those teams kind of kind of went kind of went ahead of everybody else. I mean, we are talking about thirty eight game season here. So thirteen out of thirty eight. It's still relatively close though. I mean, you can see team still got a long way to go. Yeah. Absolutely. Not even half way. No, not not even close, and you know, this weekend wolves in Cardiff will play each other. I think that's a massive game for wolves as they've dropped. Now. I think four games without winning maybe five they just lost a huntersville town, which seemed like an easy victory. So that game against Cardiff is very important for them. Manchester United play Southampton. And I think that it is a gain them Reno needs to win. He's. He's on his last legs. I feel as manager of Manchester United. So you think you'll point blames if they lose? Oh, yeah. And that's this. How he is. That's how you want us to do that crave. Babies tantrum on silence as their if they lose like starts bashing the ground. Manchester City poise AFC born with that game that could be a sneaky game because born with can score goals. I wonder if we're going to see five six seven goals scored in this game. Because. They there's some speed on this field. Born Muth they have some talented players Callum Wilson, Josh king speed speed speed goalscorers, Manchester City. I mean, we all know they have guys like Guerrero. Sterling Mars is even option Silva Silva. I mean this team is loaded, but I would say that this weekend. The match of the weekend. We have to Darby's actually, we have the north London Darby arsenal Tottenham, which is a massive game big rivalry. But we also have the Liverpool derby between Liverpool and Everton Dino that these two clubs Jeff Lee report Everton their stadiums are within like a half a mile of each other. They look at the state and one's red ones. Blue travel. We got to travel to travel to Everton. All right. Let's go everyone on the bus were there. Wait what? So the mercy side Darby is the Liverpool Everton exchange in the latest will be this weekend. I'm not sure which one is going to be more exciting about this. Spiderman mean, you're looking at he pointing at each other. That's basically what this two stadiums are Liverpool has a tough week this week. You know, they play PS g today and then on Sunday morning they or Sunday evening. If you're a Liverpool they play against their there. Cross town. I wouldn't even say crosstown because they're next to each other rivals. Yeah. You can't you can't even say cross town cross the street. I think that's perfectly announcing everyone's got a tough week because every ten is a good team. They are now in St. Everton's in six place. Reassure we sons looking good. He's scoring goals. It's going to be a big game. So not an easy week for them being. Let's take a break. We come back and talk a little MLS Major League Soccer. We're getting down to the nitty gritty and the job. I just see the full titles. I I don't even see like NBA NFL. I go National Football League or National Basketball Association Major League Soccer coming right up when we return hanging tight. We'll take a look at the other leagues as we as well. Okay. Cool, but mainly because of the playoffs got it. Well, see that..

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