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"liverpool city champions league" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Fan Yep Before we get your Pay For this one. Well I'm when you play professionally. You flee the same team and so she shorts piece of time because the couple but he's pleading to cut last week. It's very unusual that one team once twice right unusual it really. Oh Yes oh and the show little between these two sites the I think ranges are gonna come on Air Baradei's just this radio tells you you watch going. We'll see what happens in five. No lose up so he can sell granges. Yeah right that's it and in and just a reminder tomorrow will be. We'll be looking back at that much. Plus discussing the big gains in the primary link. Steve Nichols off Robeson with me in the studio. What a treat? What went into extra-time Steve Niccolo glasses exile? Would you ever go to bed. I stick mine in the side of his now. Spent two right. I'm late Rawson. I'll take the asleep and then the whole Shebang appreciate it. What would be more impressive for Liverpool and invincible for Munich season? Four Premiere League Champions Take Dublin Camping domain yet. That's more the difficulties rule undefeated the whole season is. I'll tell you though. One team has an against them. I don't feel Hungry Years Playa. Surely you'd want to another trophy them being invincible. I'm surprised you even a discussion l.. Show now you prefer to the whole so you would lose the next round. He'd lose them thank. You don't have to lose. You could lose. You can lose the foul. Oh great see lose in the final four hold on a second right Liverpool City Champions League before Yes yes right right ever GonNa hold her. Many other teams in the interest of the game began of done as a fan I would. I would much prefer for to win win title than go in Vince. I think it's hard to go through all season on defeating. Talk to win a cup competition for yourself so you prefer that as a player you know I could sit here and I'll give you that the when important. No are you roll all right now. Listen if somebody wants to see your season buy your bread. Ball has to be the most important the Lee believe yes but invincible. You don't get extra points extra special thing you will be spoken about next year's put nobody else you'll you'll get you'll get a little lying near the you say that you again. If you ward won five titles Liverpool on a European Cup you trade that European in for an invincible sees. Yeah we did. We did them for you. No no I understand history of the game. It's only one right fishing. Look how I wonder how also fans field why would they traded invincible run for the winning events up Mount Phenomenon. I think they would go. No you know what we retain China's name but maybe I'm wrong. Let us know at Hispanic Z.. Really hate the frequency of the festive pictures or is it just something that manage. Just give me something an exclusive cover the box a bet on June. I don't think HDFS it's something you've always done. You've always been involved in. That happens every Moore's levels so I I don't remember I don't remember plan right. So as Feuerbach's which Combo prefer Kafue Maldini say some lines about four alarmed hasn't thirteen Collini Alvis fifteen lifting or Alexandrov. We can put killing off to try again. He's out of the problem. The problem to try and Wilson is the stock. But that's the biggest problem when you think of the careers and their longevity of Copter Maldini to see this gopher Rowlinson Alley on the Kasimov. You Need Food Mall Dini do along the way. The games played by Toby over with John. Do Without Maldini Manila surfing the region with no Aleksandra Donald. Thank you. I will have totally go with through and Malvinas again today to dismiss in live rashes finish. Tonight's thanks describe the SCRUFFY EST go. You've ever smelled Russia. I can't remember ever fallen over in. That could petting something going. I actually went to school. The hot object against Newcastle. And the fuss want right from my Yondo. Mainly misstep well because I just missed a misjudged. The ball obviously expecting to bowl just to come off the grabbed a little okay and so ended up actually in Britain and we'd be stopped by bully but again ruled good look to be Who Watch yourself much now? You don't have a couple of bud sit back. Put on Youtube. Steve Nichols greatest moments now. What's more difficult playing snowing raining police north? But I can't see you can see through. Did you like bringing the rain. The Difference Between Plan and the rain and just straight down as completely different blowing sideways shade with his way of life swollen. Yeah you know on a sigh of the around around four fairly under the floodlights is going down. And it's where the both the bowl fire them fantastic. Yeah it comes straight down. The wind along with chicken wins or boneless wings. Bonus I come to with the nonsense I will not. I would eat chicken. Golden Fried Chicken Wings. I could not see all this nonsense sitting down. You can get up to your stuffing at the hawk. Okay so you got focus. I've ever been boneless aboard on a million ball as leads us into our laws. Stevia was outbreak of mad cow disease. What would you eat Steven Mintz browbeat? What were the top gear? Chicken Hashtag Chick-fil-a I start ticking. I'm guessing chicken boneless chicken then. Good stuff brings me to another extra time. Just remind I'll be back tomorrow. Shirt Robson will be joining me in studio asking me invincible against the European Cup on us a good show. It'll be interesting. You do good idea yes..

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