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"lissa bell" Discussed on Stuff You Missed in History Class

"This is a very affluent family constant center family were part of the protestant ascendancy and this is a term that was coined in the eighteenth century to describe the domination of majority catholic ireland by a protestant and mostly english minority it was also used to describe the members of the protestant aristocracy that were part of this domination as well so even though this term came into use and eighteenth century the practices involved with it went back much farther they were largely associated with oliver cromwell's conquest of ireland and with the period following the glorious revolution in sixteen eighty eight the protestant ascendancy turned former irish catholic landowners independent farmers working for protestant landlords many of whom were english and generations later these landlords were not viewed as properly irish and we're instead described as anglo irish constant says father had at least a thousand fam families as tenants although some of his tenants managed huge acreage is that they subdivided and then leased to other tenants so he had these direct tenants and then sort of an indirect pool of tenants that some of his tenants were managing a lot of this property was adjoining lissa bell but some of it was in manchester to be clear this entire system of protestant landowners managing landed previously been owned by irish catholics directly was exploitive and unjust and it contributed to a lot of problems in irish history but as landlords went henry gorgu had a reputation for being fair and reasonable many protestant landlords were basically absentee landlords but the gorebooth family was in residence at listed l for at least part of every year henry gorebooth also charged lower rents than the market value and he ran the whole enterprise in a very organized thoroughly documented way with orderly uptodate bookkeeping.

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