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"lisbeth searcy" Discussed on Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast

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"lisbeth searcy" Discussed on Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast

"But that it like, but then he just left, but I was like worried for a second. I was like Oz. He. Yes. I think it's a very chaste movie like she hugs. Her husband comes home and just like this little hug link touches him. So like, that's not gonna happen. Yeah. But I thought the same thing this year big snatch. He doesn't care about her yellow teeth. Oh. All right, bud. Searcy? Oh, this is the guy who plays Mike Fink Davy Crockett, right you. Yes. He's annoying, man. Put it lightly protecting all the women and children, but has his daughter do everything and he just wants to eat food. That's it. He is annoying doesn't shut up again. He makes his daughter do everything Lisbon. Yeah. He annoyed me 'cause he kind of acted like big, man. I campus here productive. Everybody is like, no, really like, you're useless. Nobody wanted you out there helping them with women doing right? Yeah. Then he didn't do anything. He just like eighth or food and left and left his daughter for like above. Yeah. Always leaving behind. I would freak out. If I was that child. To like, this is she doesn't although harvest that corn back for you in a year. I guess. Probably with everybody kind of expects him to be like this. Gig type dude like Erlich point one for the moms just like trying to quite. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Lisbeth Searcy the poor child. Who's gonna had a crush on Travis to do bad because Travis is probably little too young to even notice those things and he's already a little Inc. St. and he's going through stuff. She just wants to show. She cares. Kinda gets shutdown. She just wanted to give him a puppy. Right. But like why would she want to give him a puppy or any has Eller said true? Yeah. Me already got a dog in harlot. But like technically wasn't old yeller Arles dog in the beginning. He stolen. Yeah. He the older kids. Get everything dog. You would know you are the older kid. It's not true, the younger kids everything. Only child. Mhm? That's my situation..

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