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"lisa sake" Discussed on No Jumper

"That's why you feeling doug when he say that translates were outfielder savings like i wanna be in bucket and i came from some shit like you saying bank it so i'm down there in bank you. We go into the clubs. I'm living in the projects with peewee and We're doing our thing and everybody starts seeing. I start flying like my little homes down there. They start seeing the movement and they just start gaining gaining gaining. So that's how. Npa really got our snap. We'd like the big homeys of atlanta one hour from la but like me and p we really started that whole blue movement. Everybody was blood. Like that's why everybody wants to be like little lane. Like i went down near around. Hurricane katrina talk but it wasn't any kind of conflict because you've got thug out here the blood and then you you guys are crips out there. That's a little bro. That's why every time you see dougie on slauson nor he doing some shit like y'all say really. He told a bird like man he didn't ever want to switch no way when i told him like. Man i'm going to introduce you to powerful bloods bro you up say yoga with this movement. Just doing what you're doing. You don't wanna buy say you happen. And all that he wasn't ever thinking about it though. I say like that. Y'all says so. I start showing him the game with with we was going on on the west coast right you know. I took him a friend of nip in like oh nine and told them to work witty and it was like iffy. Doug was slime. He's real he was real like you have said he was here. Ravi shit do it. You know this it. So and i mean when the was coming out like his style was so different so unique and i could understand it. Probably a lot of people would have heard and thought it was doing. He's gonna be like little lane. I'm like incense when he going crazy. You gotta listen to them and nobody like we were like the fires believers the thug kind of motivate. You to start wrapping. Act the happy really nino getting high when molly came out with molly came out as when i became a rapper is again high via the study listened to them. Like fucking. and that's where where my style come from. You know. I really like eating from la with he. Sound like from down there right. I start wrapping up here. He goes in. I knew like. I always played around when we was younger and like was playing. You know what. I'm saying like freestyle and get off at this started like vaclav. This was says so. I was doing shit like that. But i just i rapping when molly came out. They gave him to go new see. That's one thing i was thinking about. You and i was going back to other shows. I was like broke people. Don't talk about doing this. Many drugs as briggs was talking. I i. I like on the source row. You gotta say my little homie gave me boogie down. Free are s. hubby. Gave me that name. When i came on like bro you to source you know you really come to you for everything like you know what i'm saying like you really where you where they get this franck right. I've insipid lisa's sakes. I'll say six. I was buying pints for light. One twenty activists have said the old people just like. What is that man. Let me get that twenty. Good all the house. Sedna prices outselling the twenty dollar lines indoors. Shit like that. You've heard me way back there even in atlanta. They're going to tell you. I was telling him like man. That's high tech that's read. That actor is getting aids like manners. Act right that's elaine. Though did you feel like it was normal to be doing that. Many drugs at that time in la or who even influence you to think that you are really taking it to an extreme especially. I seen you in an interview telling stories scare on it. Yeah but i little favorite rapper. I want to be like waiting since i was a kid. Like my mom..

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