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"lisa hagen lisa" Discussed on WABE 90.1 FM

"That Sarah farris from Politico and from PBS NewsHour Lisa Desjardins thank you both for speaking with us Thanks for having us Mostly cloudy skies in Atlanta 55° our time is four 44 I'm Jim barris Thanks for listening Governor Brian Kemp is about to turn up the heat on efforts to make it legal for gun owners to carry firearms without a permit known as constitutional carry Can voice his support for the legislative shift during a campaign event today at a cod county gun store W AE's Lisa Hagan is with us for some context about the announcement Lisa explained for us what is constitutional carry Constitutional care is sort of the branded way of talking about getting rid of the requirements for a gun permit to carry concealed in the state So in Georgia we've long had very broad rights with a gun permit to you know you can take your gun into church bars all over the place really And that was all done through the permitting system What this does is essentially frame the constitution of the United States itself the Second Amendment as being a blanket gun permit for everyone So there's no longer any kind of requirements that the government know anything about who is carrying a gun in the state This would not absolve say someone from if they had a felony on their record for example that had not been expunged this would not give them free reign to carry a firearm Correct No absolutely not This is for people who are able to legally own guns only However there's really no way for law enforcement to check on that because you're not allowed to ask currently if someone has a gun permit And in this case there wouldn't be any need to ask for a permit ever This has been a bill some gun rights activists have been pushing for unsuccessfully for years now quite today Why are we hearing about this now I think it has a great deal to do with the elections And the challenge governor camp is facing from David perdue When Kemp originally ran for governor he signaled his support for constitutional carry fairly quietly And he's waited till now to actually run a big presser and make this large announcement So it should really signal a step further to the right than Georgia achieved even with the infamous gun everywhere bill signed in the law in 2014 Georgia would become the 22nd state as I understand to pass a constitutional carry style law Talk about how this is gaining momentum across the nation Yeah this has been a movement sweeping the country for the last decade or so And it is further to the right of the NRA and it was interesting we saw governor Kemp thank the NRA for their support on this But they've actually had very little to do with this wave of pushing constitutional carry and getting rid of the permitting requirements for guns in many many states What has been behind it is a particular set of gun rights activists who work very closely also with anti vax activists and anti abortion rights to name a few This is what I spent the last two years investigating Will this come through clean As some people might say or are we likely to see amendments and riders and this morph into something else It'll depend on what kind of pressure probably we hear from David perdue and this particular set of gun rights activists that I mentioned Whatever it does end up with though it's fairly likely to pass with the governor's support WA bee's Lisa Hagen Lisa thank you so much for breaking this down for us We appreciate it Thank you Jim And.

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