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"lisa dis" Discussed on Talk Python To Me

"To solve when ira with napalm qaysar napalm is an acronym right what's his dan for eichhornia sexually eight has any an interesting story it must reverse engineer like i first came up with acronym and then i tried to find some meaningfully because i mean before he was all these emails statement that was mentioned that even though these you've been there bat ripe i was riding some scam was super peace like i mean this is just gop establishment in sade so i mean i won't just two two two lead this on fire so they they may came out of that the minnows start to just now it's tight the make some meaning so so yes i came up with this on network automation i'm pergama really the obstruction lay with multivendor support but yeah the name was actually reverse than any other it's critical i mean you have the the of the important waters you've got the the and the a the p and then you gotta get creative for about the alem right but yeah i wanted something with which fire busek let her go leftist i shook yet might faint national written like are we got to burn this down this is like messed up right yeah i've heard it you're coup creator this library was it is her name elsa i might be remember it miss at lisa dissing scott lisa li said the straight yes you guys who started this together yes all and i stepped morgan on days when i was out at split by and then it was just talking with her author conference i she was like oh that super cool i actually helped excitingly there same brought him so then i just went back to my mind i okay yeah being balkan with people on it turns out that there is some interest on on collaborating on on the largest opensource stayed on as started working with.

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