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"linus salad" Discussed on Behind the Bets

"Okay. So let's go to conference odds because there's all also future, right? We know about the college football championship futures, but there are other futures Schwarz's board of them as well. Let's talk about value in various conferences, star with Michigan state who you also like at forty two one to win at all, but you think there's value of them capturing the big ten big thing with Michigan state last year, you know, they're coming off a four win season. There weren't there. They are the least experience team in the country. Last year. There's one hundred twenty nine teams. They were number one hundred twenty nine on the experienced chart, and they still manage ever pretty good year. Now they probably did it with a little bit of smoking mirrors. They probably weren't as good as at three. But this year there are much more veteran team that defensive line last year which walk on in there and zero experience play pretty well. Now they've got practically everybody back the entire defensive. Got nine starters back ten. Starters back on offense, including Brian, the worke LJ Scott finally got, I think, two thousand yard season this year. And if you watch a Michigan state games in the second half, you had to come away impressed with every seeming core ofensive Linus salad. Then you look at Michigan state schedule this year. You know, they play one team on the road this year, then had a winning record that's Penn State. They do have to play him in Happy Valley, Penn State's off a bye. It's gonna be a tough test. Clearly. They're gonna be underdog there. They're also underdog against Ohio State, but the last time I'll state came to east Lansing. There was a one point game seventeen sixteen, and so they're capable of getting that now with the coaching thing, you wonder what kind of shape Ohio State will be at the end of the year. So here's a team where if they have one loss at the end of the year, chances are they're gonna make the big ten championship game, and the odds are still pretty heavy at ten to one. And the thing I went back and looked at Doug was the how many times teams graded six to one or more actually wanna conference. As you think? Well, it's just the big boys. It's basically happened twice a year every year for like the last three years. So there's always a lot of teams that are way off the radar that end up winning the conference. And I think Michigan state is one of five legitimate contenders and you know, they're priced lot higher at ten to one odds. And the other guys are being six to one one, the big, twelve TCU an interesting as well. Gary. Patterson always says a very competitive team there, either right there or game or too short. It seems like Oklahoma minus one twenty, Texas plus two fifty West Virginia, five to one and TCU six to one at west gate to win the big twelve while you're like, TCU. Well, I think a lot of folks when they analyze the team in the off season, they like the easiest way to do it. And the way most folks do is you look at the quarterback running back and receivers because that's the best way to digest team. And if you look at TCU got a new quarterback this year, you look at their offensive line. They basically have just two starters returning up front. So the young there and you wonder a little bit about TCU, but I read them the best defense in the big twelve and to meet defense always give you a chance to win championships. So they're under rated Naveh respect. They got been Bana goo at defensive end watch this guy. This year could be the big, ten big twelve defensive player of the year. That linebacking corps was young last year now has experienced a secondary solid throughout nother underrated group. Special teams. I read in the number three special teams in the country. So this team capable of winning with defense and special teams spot. Their new quarterback is.

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