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"ling wail" Discussed on WCBS Newsradio 880

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"ling wail" Discussed on WCBS Newsradio 880

"Of sunshine for today. The high will reach forty three this afternoon. It will be clear tonight. The low thirty two in midtown most suburbs dipping down into the twenty s sunshine mixing, but some clouds tomorrow, the high forty one it turns cloudy tomorrow night, some rain arrives late tomorrow night in continues on into Friday. It could be some freezing rain at the onset. Well, north and west of the city tomorrow night temperatures rising through the forty s tomorrow night then much milder on Friday with a high of fifty eight. Right now, we've had a cloudy sky in downtown. It's clearing over New Jersey, and it should clear over us to it's thirty four degrees in central park. Thirty four in Long Island city Thursday thirty in scarsdale and thirty four in new Hyde Park. WCBS news time seven forty a big storm pounding Indonesia, heavy rain and high waves it prompted Indonesia's meteorology geophysics climatology agency to tell people to stay at least five hundred meters about sixteen hundred feet away from the shoreline up to as many as three thousand feet from the shoreline. Scientists fear another eruption two of the Anak Krakatoa. Volcano will cause another soon. Nami at least four hundred twenty nine people were killed by this anomaly there earlier this week CBS news correspondent Barry Petersen reports on rescue efforts shelters house both the homeless and some areas not even hit but still traumatized this woman. I'm just afraid. She said there are Christians in this mostly Muslim country. Gathered not to celebrate the joy of Christmas day as the usually do, but to pray sometimes to cry for victims, what has become a land of tears. Japan's resume commercial whaling. It's leaving the International Whaling Commission to hunt whales the IWC imposed a commercial moratorium in the nineteen eighties due to a joined Ling wail population. And the Jillian government is angry about Japan, leaving the IWC they say, they're extremely disappointed Greenpeace Japan accused Japan of.

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