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"lindsey sear" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"They they did a terrible job so Florida's going to be really tough there Kerr because we think about all right. So New York is flattening. The curve the the rest of the country every region in this is SORTA at Dr Anthony. Fauci has been saying every region is going to have sort of its own curve so New York it seems like the curve is Bending California Credit Gavin newsom and Mayor Garcetti in the leaders in California California's done a really really good job. Because per capita this is a big state and relatively speaking. This could have been New York and it's not so but a hotspot now. Texas is a hot spot. Now some of the places that are just on the rise. There curve isn't going to flatten for while so regionally I think it's GonNa be really complicated and and I think things will open up at a different pace in each region or each state of the country. So I mean it's complicated as hell. Then maybe you go back to the plan. We were talking about the beginning of the week where everybody goes to Arizona. All notice done a really good job. Arizona is has only three thousand cases reported. So and and you know Com- compared to Florida which is out of control now. So maybe all you go all to Arizona. I think that ultimately all of these sports are going to need to go to a centralized biosphere the bubble plan. I think let's go which is totally fine because in College. Football is going to be very very tricky. I've got no idea what's going to happen with that. Nfl could very well be in a bubble plan. You know there are some states where there are big stadiums. Where it's it's not as where the cases are lighter like Oklahoma and Kansas and Nebraska were were. There are many many fewer cases where you could set up Sorta central locations in College Football Stadiums. There I mean there's going to be a way to do it but it's going to be weird and all of these plans are fantastic. But I don't think I don't think anybody really knows what it's GonNa look like. I'm sure there are contingency cases with MLB an NFL an NBA NHL MLS. I know those contingency plans are out there. But I think it's all based on one. We can actually start and if we've got to stay at home. All the way to May Fifteenth in California. We've got what we've got as many teams if not more than a of all those sports than any state in the country we know may fifteenth is the date that we may be allowed to come out of our houses still practice social distancing but actually come out of the House I mean this is this is going to take some time and I. My my fear is that and thought she was talking about. This is that we pull out that we we stop all this stuff too soon and we wind up with another flareup lake. They've been saying the Spanish flu in nineteen eighteen. The first part of the Spanish flu was terrible but it was the second wave. That was the really bad ones so I think people are going to be exceptionally careful. Even once we get through this first one so I think I think if we could start something to either I I would be thrilled. I would be thrilled if we can start something July one. Yeah I'm not giving up on June yet doping I. I'd let let let's see I think a month from now. We may have more clear answers and I know I know. They're meeting everyday about when they can get back and how they can do it. Yeah so I think they're going to be ready to execute a plan. The minute they get the ended the stay-at-homes no question that that's when they can move all right. Are we smarter than a second grader? Big Question sometimes. I wonder Brian Cabinets. He's going to join us And he is Just bored out of his mind and then the Big Star in the fair yeah. There's Andy in Yeah Brian. But the real star of the family the one who that Second Jenner second generation star is Ethan Thompson was a good. Nba Player. Klay Thompson is potentially a hall of Famer. Ethan is the Klay Thompson of that here. You go and we will play the Lakers stance purdy hoedown on your phone. Hey down on your own. He will join US coming up. We'll find out if we are smarter than a second grader. Mason Ireland Seventeen. Espn yeah as Brian. Kennedy just asked us. How's your pandemic going interesting? Question Mason. Ireland Brian Kennedy Ski sear Lindsey Sear funches here. The gang's all here. Brian how are you? I'm good really. Don't keep them busy block going on many places to go things to do. Yeah very exciting. I I saw. Did you see all the big horse? Updates that we're doing on. Espn now to get. They have a whole section on On Dot Com. That people can go to for their horse updates for the for the big horse tournament that starts on Sunday. Oh the Horse Tournament. Yeah that's what I thought you meant like ONI sources no. Espn is your official home for all of your Horse News. So what's the what's the latest? Well it's just a lot of odds you know who's going to win. I did notice that like the both the women that are competing have a longer odds to win which I thought was kind of sex. There's a lot going on with force guys. Ed probably too much to get in one segment..

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