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"lindsay lohan miranda kerr" Discussed on Eating For Free

"He was a billion dollar whale quote, unquote according to the new book, billion dollar whale who fooled Wall Street Hollywood and the world. Wall Street Journal, reporter's, Tom Wright and Bradley. Hope authors just say, no. So I don't know. I said that I was one-sentence having a really hard time getting information out today. So there is a man who name whose name is Joe low. He's from Malaysia. He's a graduate of Warton university and was best known for his love of partying with movie actors. Specifically, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda, Kerr, people like that. If you Titian he's dropped over the last couple like the last couple years in decade thousand hundreds of thousands on the regular ever year. If not in the millions to impress starlets like Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan Miranda Kerr as well as parlance as in casino in nightclub operators where people like him are referred to as Wales. He likes socializes with all the like there's like the top ten, the Las Vegas socialites Gamba deal young money like he's known as well. I mean girl those people in Vegas was people who like think about that. Those people that actually buy in five hundred k. for like a one poker game. Like what even is that culture layaway now just thinking about him. So he was followed around by. The Justice department, and then these people that wrote this book because they start to notice that his purchases. We're getting more extravagant and he's like access to big celebrities kept growing. And so it kind of started when he bought a thirty five million dollar private jet equity and music labels. EMI masterpieces by boss Kiat Monet and Van Gogh and two hundred fifty million dollars super yacht. A penthouse in New York's Time Warner center and the Beverly Hills hotel. Vince ROY Amitav rent about the fifty million Lindahl yacht. Yeah. Yeah. About them. He basically was making these like increasingly insane purchases. And then somebody's lying Justice department. Notice that as he spent more and more that celebrities that surrounded him grew in, like stature, and so it eventually came out that it was this like elaborate scheme set up by a foreign trust. That's main goal was to buy access into Hollywood. No, it's so smart. Am I gonna they had. He's from family millions in, I'm paraphrasing. But what they do is they had move here and start all these like insane projects and like the one girl that we talked about where she's like, I'm working on this project need funding for it. And then she then she gets to the other objects and it's always this money, and then you meet the money people that Guinness gold, but like to keep the money moving, why not use a large company to fund a private persons life when it's actually quote unquote, look an experiment or business ventures. So socio also, evil was a noticed when he helped Leonardo DiCaprio fund the wolf of Wall Street through a subsidiary bed, granite pictures. Ironic with the kind of money Lois throwing around. He was well past living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the moment everything begin to fall apart. He was in talks to do big deals, like buying a stake in Tom Ford. Like the entire fashion empire known as Tom Ford. He was literally like they were sitting down at the table with this man. I mean, that's good..

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