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"lindsay lindsay colic" Discussed on Taste Of Taylor

"And we'll take a break up like after break-up you'll see something that reminds you of someone and then you're like Oh wait we're broken up. Fuck you one anyway because when you were like like meeting in the city in this was being said. Kyle was doing the voice over for narrating for it and he was like You know pagent Hannah thing that they're the power couple which they're not. How can a pisses me off and I was like? There's so much truth in that statement like it's not even funny you guys you guys are the power couple you really are also do in the house. People also didn't see secrets. Revealed is before we got our big fight with Kyle. When we were giggling during a speech episode one was. We were actually asking to get the master bedroom. 'cause we were like look where two girls we never have to do. All our hair stuff in the bathroom. We have a lot more clothes than the both of you and we want the master where we were downstairs last. All's Yeah I think that the two girls and he was like no and then the tension was like rising but anyway the cool part about that scene was that when I made eye contact with her because I was like coming from a different block and she was already sitting down we both just started laughing and then I was like get it together. Get it together. But it's like that laughter made me no like good okay. We're also I have to ask you because in the voice over the Kyle did by the way I quickly ask you just a quick aside. Kyle and Lindsey did a lot of the voice over narrating for that. What thoughts on that thoughts Yeah I don't know I noticed that did it. Where is it just me? I noticed it in the beginning Yeah I don't know maybe because they're like. Oh Jeez that's what not a thing but I kind of felt like not fair. I'm you know starting trouble per usual as the podcast host. I was like I'm feeling audio's where do but it's okay so But he also voiced over. I I love that. He did though. 'cause like sometimes. I mean I think he ad libs which is great because he's slips. Kyle is actually very funny when he's not when he's a little drunk and not blackout but night sober and his. He's actually he's good at like a hosting type role he is actually so he was. He insured the two of you guys saying that you guys are the power couple which pissed them off which is like ha ha. It's a joke but actually there's so much truth in that but he also said that a lot of people in the house weren't quite sure that you know if your friendship would survive which made me think so. Were there people in the House that hope that you impeach wouldn't make up he? I mean I didn't realize until later like hearing Carl and the cartel. This was the funniest thing to me when Carl goes to jewels and goes yeah. The girls are so cliquey. I'm like out Carl. Where are you getting that information from from Lindsay from Jules like what are you talking about this whole clicky thing? Was this Like made up concept that started being repeating toward the end of season. That was like super annoying. I will say this you and Amanda Page crew. That's a word that boys get to use right. We're a crew. Of course there's a negative connotation when there's girls that are in a crew it's called the click it's bullshit but the thing is is Lindsay was all about her. Click when you know Amanda was just dating Kyle Season? One too so that we're not nice to Amanda the first season like Lindsay Lindsay Colic. Some somebody clicky is ridiculous. Because she's Queen Clicky. She's just pissed that she's not in click or queen of the click so having is Lindsay. You're an adult like girls are getting along well and when Amanda was new. She wasn't getting along with you guys and you guys. She wasn't calling you guys at all at all and so call them. I just hate that narrative I hate it. So much can trigger bully. You know the second you say that you start to label people as something. I think they you an Hannah. I'm sorry you end page and Amanda are all the same age and get along super well but I will say you guys are a group of friends there but inside your group of Friends. There clearly has been trouble which we've watched all season long. You know what I mean so like. We'll having three friends is tough and I think what happened is Amanda was like very I think she might have seen like me and pages friendship on the show and people loved it and she's friends with us and she was like why can't I be a part of like that kind of thing and from the very beginning. I mean I would even argue. It wasn't Lindsey who was necessarily even causing that much tension. Amanda caused tension on herself by like latching onto page and then being passive aggressive to me so there was that tension in the group already. So when I walk out and it's Jules page and Amanda just lined up judging me. I'm like what the fuck is this. Okay so we can. We go back so there was. There was a scene so secrets revealed is episode. That we're recapping right now and so it's unseen never before seen footage from the show. Would you guys live a lot of your life? I mean those cameras are literally twenty four seven and so there's a lot of life that's being law stories that are not being told so it was a fascinating thing to watch. But there's a scene where you come in and we have to do a deep dive into this But so your ex boyfriend Armand at some point. In the summer you ended up running into him and his crew in the Hamptons. Because like don't forget guys. Yeah there should not show but like all of our other friends are also out in the Hamptons at different houses. There's just not reality camera. Crews following them around so when you guys go out to like Stanton Social Southampton Southampton Social That one's in the city Southampton social you guys are running into like actual other friends of yours and so I know that Armand your ex boyfriend Tattoo House with a bunch of our friends in the Hamptons so you ran and they would text us. Be Like when you're done come out and we'll see you there. I think is what sucks. I don't I don't I don't know how the audience is GonNa react partially 'cause you don't know when it happened in the season that will literally was going to say to you. When did that? I'm GonNa ask you the questions that the audience because like I probably fill in the blanks just from knowing you but I I will say especially for me like when I was like we went. Did that happen? I'm like Oh shit. No one's GONNA understand way was after it was the night of the dinner when Lou kind of announced that like he's not really seeing Elena but like he's just messed up back in time so there was this. There's a an iconic scene from this this season where Anna says if you're if you're single and Lou Kinda wiggles his hand back and forth likes. I'm so happy happy. And everyone's like excuse you. And that's when he drops the bone Jelena and you're telling me that you kissing your ex boyfriend. Armand happened after that dinner. No not that dinner I this was like this was. I think this was a dinner at a public house. It was when Carl was like really drunk and he was like John. Who's been played about his chair? Yeah and Luke had like a quick bite where he basically was like a manual. Honor are done but like I'm not ready to be with anyone like I'm not over my ex and I was sitting next and I was like understanding like I look Dick Matai I was like okay and I remember they that we were all like we should go out and I was like. I don't really want to go out. And then I heard my friends were out and I'm like I'M GONNA go. We got there and I went over and I I really WanNa see our mind because we hadn't. We actually ended amicably where I was like. Look this isn't going to. This isn't right and he was like I totally get to respect you for telling me that you wanna kiss someone else and yeah and we ended me. I was like I wanna Kiss Luke and he was like Don and I'm like okay like right. That's what we're doing. I didn't. I did not get physical with Luke for that reason because I have so much respect for Armand is a person and a really great person in my life. So if you're in a relationship right and it's starting to fizzle and to the point that you want to start kissing other people that is a sign that it may be. You shouldn't be in the relationship one hundred percent in reality. Tv will speed up your life because you're forced to make and reflect on things the decisions that you would never I get it. So so I- America thinks Hannah broke up with Armand for loop and I'm sure that there are other people in the house. I thought that too but I've been there before I remember in college. I was like I there. I met this guy. There was an interest I never acted on it because I was in a relationship but I was so fucking over the relationship. It took me like six months to get the ball up to break up with the stupid fucking pissed the bed constantly and when I believe what I finally broke up with the boyfriend finally it took forever. I was like Oh my God. I'm free I'm done in this guy that I kind of had an interest in I immediately went out with him but guess what he's an Isa said to me. Ha broke up with your boyfriend for me which I gave him power and I said I didn't break up with my boyfriend for you. I wanted to be single. I was over that for a while but now that I'm single. I do WanNa kiss you know what I mean so yeah. I literally have lived at like no. I think Luke helped me realize that our mon- wasn't right but also I wasn't about to. We talked about that in our dinner at in our data at slate where he was like he said like don't break up with her boyfriend for me and I was like honey. Don't worry about that yourself motherfucker. But when I'm single like closing in life in general when you close the door doors will open up so I wanted to have the options of if I look like someone else and Luke was the guy in my mind at the time but yes we get to Southampton Social and I lose the group and I find like this crew who I was really good friends with and Armand is there and we are hammered. Also with this midnight we just had a whole day of filming. I had Espresso Martinis that dinner. I remember. They tasted delicious and I over was over served and he was. He was hammered. The first time you see someone. After a break-up it's like emotion and I think I was like I was kind of like I care about you and he was kind of like I remember him just like I like think I love you like he was hammered but like the whole thing with our our relationship was I was like. You're not you don't really want like he was a very laid back cool guy and I'm like he doesn't really WanNa even like whatever he doesn't care. Susan I love you and then I started crying. And then he's like how do you feel and I was just like I And then next. We're at the bar and he kissed me when you play the kiss to me. I need to know each so we had this like this is what I remember in my in. My Brown out is that we were talking and it was like and you still kind of feelings for the person because I broke up broke up with him a little earlier than I would. If we weren't filming I just had to because I wasn't about to have him on camera and have break talked about this a lot that you were like. I'm kind of not into Armand but like you know I I'm not ready to have a be over and I'm like well you're about to filming and Brit like regular dating is one thing letting it go on for too long but when you're when when your partner that you're dating agrees to reality show they become part of the story. I not sign.

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