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"lindros kordell stewart koby" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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"lindros kordell stewart koby" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"And I remember Eric Lindros was on the cover, and then we're one from each each of the major board. Right. I'm not looking at the screen right here. Because I remember Lindros and a-rod. Yep. Kobe was the NBA. Kobe was NBA the NFL nineteen ninety eight was it Peyton Manning was he next you couldn't be more far off here. I mean, more del Stewart all my word. Well, I I went to that next party March of nineteen and I wrote for it to what did you do? What did you wrote a column called Bristol? Oh, six. Oh one. Oh, okay. Was and I just would just write about places that I went and things that I did. You know, I I've saved some of these copies of of the magazine, including one I wrote about being in the World Trade Center the month before nine eleven had a picture of my my niece who is a little girl at the time looking down from the world trade centers. So I wrote about everything clearly. If you had to create a next now. Okay. One of each sport. Who would it be? We have to use hockey. Of course, you're saying I can already hear orders. Here are our director mango who is the biggest hockey honk that we have in the in the rich Eisen show university is not happy right now. He's not happy right now. The guy for the sabres, you could go what mcdavid Kennewick? David shore, mango who would you pick virus may go for you? Tell me your our hockey expert. I mean, you have to go sign, right? Yeah. NBA two would have designed oncein. The Austin Matthews is the choice for hockey for hockey. Okay. Zion. Zion would be next Patrick Mahomes. I think NFL player I was it not. I mean, you could go saquon a basis. How do you not go? The the the kid who in his first full year being a starter two years removed from Texas Tech throws fifty touchdowns, including one with his left arm. One one of these these no looking he's absolutely the next for baseball said you said before the show, Mike, you're like, it's gotta be kinda Amari. I like, yeah. I mean, allergies. You know, you put people on the cover to be provocative, right? Although there was really nothing Cordell was the next slagging. That's all my work. Hey, he was four years or move for from from hail. Mary. Ing Michigan on that cover. Think baseball. Go Ronald a kunia, maybe than a young up and got to be. It's still gotta be trout. Don't you think he's in his eighth year? So what he's still got next Nashville young. Now, isn't it? You don't think? So you don't think he's got next as are in their mid toy twenty would be more than TRE and judge. There you go. Face of next. No, it would be Mookie Betts. Maybe you bet Stu another one of these guys are twenty six right now right now, it would be Bellinger. Oh, yeah. Holy crap. What an April he's having great fantasy pick. But it's interesting if anybody wants to call eight four four two four rich would be your next mount Rushmore right now twenty one years ago Lindros Kordell Stewart Koby in a rod. How's it not jeeter? What in

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