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"linden glenn" Discussed on The First Degree

"We have a fair and Jackson which is the Mississippi State Fair and my Momma always went. She love we. Lee is a family tradition. as far back as I can remember that we would always go on the first Wednesday of the opening united failure of the fair and walk around. I mean I'm not talking one person. I'm talking about literally our whole family. Immediate family would go okay so the group who was there on that day included crystal her mother Linda Linda Sister Kathy Carol and Kathy's husband and son Linda price was thirty four years old and she was beautiful slim and had long red hair. The group arrived to the fair between six thirty and seven thirty and they went to the beer tent and sat at a table and started drinking joined the band that was playing sounds like my perfect night and of course my momma went she had went into I access beverage stand where they serve alcoholic beverages and Tie Music and he tame up to her and from there is where it all started so cathy. Lynda's sister gets up to go dance with her husband and Linda is alone at the table. Fourteen year old crystal just went off to go play with some kids and a guy walks by the table and he he just walks right up to Linda grabs Linda's hair and says that's the prettiest red hair I ever saw and win when Lynda Sister Kathy gets back from dancing and return to the table. There's good looking thirty. Something Guy with blue is sitting there with Linda and Linda introduces her to him and says his name is Glenn. Glenn gets up and walks away and Linda ask cathy sort of over and over again eighty real good looking she was smitten immediately and Linda in Glen. They were together the rest of the night and they actually started dancing. Even as the rest of the group returned home in move really fast I guess got a week before I met him and obviously obviously they were already talking about moving in together. dated eventually move in together. They got an apartment bark with apartments. I was living with my grandmother. I live with my grandmother willow about six years already. Maybe five years so so I did not live with my mother. My mother had been living with us. my mother had a troubled past so she was trying to get back to where she needs to be and wow another caffeine over you know my answer sweeper off her feet and then let her down. You know I wasn't very fond of anybody should go home because of the circumstances we had billion with relationships of hers her you. We'll see how this goes. I mean we're not start. Start talking to him. Wow you know maybe he used different. Maybe you know uh Chinese the situation for her and love her the way she deserves to be so Linda was a divorced mother of two children. Brin and Linda's Mom Carol said that quote Linda's eyes lit up when she talked about him like she'd never talked about anybody in her life and you know even Linda's mom could see Glenn's Appeal Hill and she said quote you don't say a man is beautiful but he is beautiful and charm. That isn't the word he hugged me and told me you're the prettiest mother and grandmother I've ever I scene and he just made me feel so good. She my mom has long red hair her here. I never remember her ever cutting her hair. Her hair was so long pretty shade of Ridge. You would see I mean. She decides gorgeous red hair. She was real vibrant and finally she very rarely unless she had a reason was in a bad mood She was always chipper traffic. I mean shouldn't make you laugh on. Shall we say something funny to say or does she. Look at you the way and she was always happy for the most part I remember breakfast is almost every morning and her specialty was listed on News House of refuge. She's loved to crew member. We she was always outside gardening she would always have to me out there with her to teach me how to do stuff so. I'm sure you're wondering what is the deal with. This mysterious blonde donned rugged sort of Western vibe stranger because as I've read and seen he likes to our cowboy boots. He likes big buckles like you have to picture him. At this Mississippi State Fair Fair decked to the nines like a Western mystery marble man Marlboro man so Linden Glenn met on October ninth that night at the fair and then four days later on October twelfth. Linda called her mother and Astra to meet her at the Sun and sand motel in downtown Jackson once her mom arrived. Linda introduced her to Glen and Dan before introducing them. She said quote. You'll just love him to death. He's precious. I found the love of my life so sweet. Glenn came down and shook her hand and he introduced himself golf and from that point forward the two were absolutely inseparable so Glenn was thirty three years old and he was from Ohio and he was actually in Jackson working on a construction crew building a new olive garden restaurant area interesting so Glennon kind of lived all over the the place he just come from California. He was living in Los Angeles. He was charming anyhow this interesting sort of a law about him especially to Linda who's kind of like a smaller town Gal and he was described as having this incredible charisma was caring and he really doted over Linda and showered her with gifts compliments complements sweeping her off her feet mayor. He has a non care blonde. Am I mean. He was nice looking for her. he was a nice she was sweet. He I just smooth hoffer. He knew what to say and he was never rude or had a bad now or anything he was always very turn is and what she had knowledge in common and he had done bought my momma car. So what do you guys think about that. I mean there's a word for that. There's a term term for that. There's a term and it's happened to me and I know what's happening Jacqueline. It's a love bomb. He's loved bombing. He meets her. He wants to move in. He gets hyper hyper commitment immediately buying somebody a car within the first month of knowing them that's not. I think just commitment in the first couple couple weeks is not like why. What did they do to earn it? What nobody can respects.

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