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#393 - BIG changes coming to iPhone

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#393 - BIG changes coming to iPhone

"Hello. I'm a MAC MAC is issued a citation cancel or allow allow, and I'm a PC. You're returning Maxine mutation cancel or allow allow what gives MAC is asking question, cancel or allow allow, he's part of vista my new operating system. He sees a lot of security problems. So he asked me to authorize permits. Anything I did you're appointing vistas flaws cancellor left allow I could turn them off. But then he wouldn't give me any warnings at all and that with defeat the purpose. You're coming to a sad realization cancel or allow allow. Outcome sation you're gonna hear all week long. I'm your host airlines. Join me today, his temperature is a hundred and ten in his spirit will likely depart for the show end, candy is here. I know. My sickbed just to be on this show over with us. He's the managing editor cult amac, and this week and he'll be giving the Leander katie's funeral. Real nice words, lined up, as well as a couple of really hot gifts where we know how much Leandra wom skiffs family, it's going to be very touched. I think he's saying he might even bring him back from the dead, he'll be so pleased. The array of gifts. I've got planned Russian gravestones, you know, like with the TV built in Ben could just play those gifts for. The great idea, actually. Well Leander has typhoid fever. So we're hoping that he doesn't die during the but I was telling him just think of the ratings incredible. You've been sick for like a week and a half now Leander. Yes. So you try your best to not cough and hack yourself. Unconscious status during the you mentioned the word. I know I just don't don't say it. Yeah. And I really, you know, if you need to go any, any moment, just, just let us know you don't need to be here for this. I for the record, I did tell Leander. He doesn't need to be here for this like, I'm at work. I might as well just be on the show. What a year from me. I know. This is gonna work out great another recap. Another recap of the of the Stiller Artois, it around your mouth and swallow, you'll be. Okay. We got tons of great stuff to talk about this week. Well, a few a few fun things talked about what a slow news week. It is. But surprisingly, we have awful show of stuff to talk about. We are going to cover the beta updates with Linda Kenya, assuming that he's able to speak. So go ahead and suck on that recall of as much as you can before trying to talk me under our listeners. Making eating sounds on the show Twitter. And we're gonna be talking about the rumors for iphone in twenty twenty. There are some significant, I would say significant changes coming our way to the iphone ten our ten tennis and the max is going even more max, and you'll definitely want to stick around and hear just how big and let's see here we're going to be talking about some of TV OS is upcoming features which are pretty cool and. Here's a weird one. We decided that said, why are we talking about this? I don't know. But maybe it'll be fun. Apparently using your iphone too much can make you grow a horn out of back. That is the title of the story. And no, this is not a joke. This is dead serious. Doctors are concerned that people are growing horns from using their iphones, too much. And there's even an x Ray to prove it. So we will wrap up the show with that with four we dive into the first story here. Let me give a very big hardy. Thank you to linked in for supporting this episode. Hiring isn't as simple as putting an ad in the paper or posting to a job board. When you're juggling hiring and everything else to grow your business. It's important that you reach the right candidates at the right time. More than six hundred fifty million members visit Lincoln everyday to make connections. Learn and grow as professionals. And discover new job opportunities in fact Lincoln members at fifteen new skills to their profiles and apply to thirty five job hosts every two seconds. That's how Lincoln makes sure your job post gets in front of people with the right hard skills, and soft skills to meet your requirements, things like collaboration work ethic. Adaptability Lincoln, does the legwork. Match you to the most qualified candidates so you can focus on hiring the right person who will transform your business to get fifty dollars off your first job post, go to linked in dot com for its ash cast. That's linked dot com forward slash Cassie at fifty dollars off your first job, post terms and conditions apply. Lincoln dot com forward slash cult. Cast later, you got the bays installed and everything, right everything. Oh boy, looking forward to hearing Utah. That's why just some up, how things are going with the betas everything working. I mean you're here. That's a great sign. Yeah, yeah. Pretty much pretty much working. It's it's been a big Clint she, but not catastrophic running on my main my main phone, coolest couldn't resist. I was like this is stupid. But then immediately I installed it because let's he's tempting. And I have it on a, my MAC book nulla my, my main, I MAC, but my MAC book and watch it seems. I'm my pot. A home did the whole shebang. Yeah. The whole lot all the all the all the gadgets. And on the whole, you know, like some people have said it's unusable, but I found it pretty much as well. There's a few glitches on it like HTML on the ipod doesn't render really very well with some of the app, sort of bit. Crashy. But says some a little bit absolute would quite well. Nicole, the apple absolute okay. You know, Twitter Facebook safaris we can find. I don't like the new Safai there's a whole bunch of really cool stuff in that especially the fact that it's like a desktop, you know, browse and L you mean safari on ipad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That works really. Well, and I like the new home screen I like over little touches the volume controls, everybody cool. It now shows up, what next to the, the, the, the volume buttons, you know. So it's pretty easy to see what affects it's having. Yeah. Generally overall it seems to be pretty good. What about MAC? OS installed paid as well. I'd say, you know, like I said, I don't use like I said, on previous shows the lot kind of like a spare computer, you know, so, but it seems to be okay. You know, that's install it. The reason I did it because I wanted to run the beta actually I only really wanted to win the bait on my Pat answer on that first bite he actually had to have Catalina run. Hang on some machine, not install stolen. So I was like, okay, I'll just Elston is still Catalin on, on my MAC book, just so that I can still the beta on my ipod. And then once I instill the ipad, I use if a couple of days, I was like seems pretty good. Let's put onto. And yes, so it went from them. Are you broadcasting from Catalina right now? No, I didn't excuse me. I didn't put it on my, my rhythm. I'm okay. I was going to say because things are actually working pretty, well, that's shocking because every year inevitably you, install the betas. And then we spend forty five minutes before the show can't. Then we realize eventually, oh, we enter installed Tobago. I found in the past that they actually they kind of got more unstable before they got more stable. You know, like the first couple of bills were were. Okay. And then later builds became really crashy and re buggy, and then they cleared up. I mean that was, but I haven't I haven't I, I'm looking to sell the bait on my may machine that I mean, I've learned that mistake, right after making it like three four five times in a row four, five years. Enough's enough yet you can't on your back. If you're MAC, if you're actually trying to get any work done, it's impossible to really bad idea. But, you know for your iphone. You can have it crash every once in a while. And the worst case scenario is what you accidents hang up on somebody. But it does break a lot of stuff your apps at least my apps often gets so broken that I just decided, I'm going to wait a little while and let let the, the more risk party people go ahead and figure out all the issues and let apple fixed those before I go ahead. And they've been put an explicit warning, you know saying that if you if you. Only put this on devices that a devoted to testing. If you want to live on the edge wait to the public beta comes on the promise it for next month, July sometime as it do you guys know if there's a date yet. I don't know if there's a date but I think it's coming in the next week or two. Okay. I'm definitely gonna install that. Once it comes out on my. Yeah. You and everyone else. I mean, I know there's people seem to be absolutely, you know, jazzed about it really. So I see it. Are there any other features that you want to highlight before we move on? Let's anything that you noticed that you thought. Wow. This is actually pretty cool. I should have made a list of all the stuff that the lights. It's like it's like like a little small tweaks. You know what I've been doing? One thing I couldn't figure out is almost every single out now, plus up a notification. That says, you know this has been using your location in the background and also for bluetooth as well. You know, like this has been using blue season. I got one this morning for on, you know, Amazon has been using bluetooth, and I'm like bluetooth was on the heck is going on. And if I is open, my, so a lot of that kind of stuff. But if a little bit confusing, especially the location because it says, you know, allow when you're using the app always allow whenever low and some, some of them are it's a little bit, not clear. What, what shows should make especially the stuff uses location, you know, straw, or would you ride with GPS, which is slightly upset? I use in, I think. I think I want to say that you want to use it all the time, which is said. The right choice. Not just when you're using the app. Yeah. But if anyone knows anybody please, let me know I asked Celli to look into it because I everytime, they one of these things pops up. I'm like, you know, I have to sit down with a Catholic what choice I'm gonna make. Because it literally every single app that I've been using it's been, there's been some kind of an ally. So almost every single, let's meet some kind of notification about bluetooth, a location now that is just actually just talking about this last show about how it's supposed to surface and make it more obvious when apps are tracking your location, and you wanna certain degree of that because you want to know what's going on. But you also don't want it to be like, windows, vista, where it pops up that warning, every time you try to do anything. In fact, apple made a commercial just about that. You know, it's like windows Vista's trying to access the internet for. Feces constantly like confirmed things during the conversation with back. You know what to be that level of annoying to constantly be bugging, you, but you also want to know if something has access your location and maybe doesn't need to be accessing it. So it sounds like it's happening a little too frequently right now. Is that right? Well, yeah, but I think like I said, it's just because you know it's a new lesson. Somehow open up on happened. Ask me what settings I one which I appreciate us actually really pretty good. You know, sort of I think, you know, feature for this it I don't think it pumps them every time you use it, it's just the first time. I feel like I feel like Leander is just talking with his diaphragm acts totally totally up flexed so he can control it because he's, he's just about burst out into a fit of cotton. Oh my God, you triggered him again Lewis, I keep getting weird delays on your side to do you have anything. I see your fine now. But do you have anything going in the background like backups or anything, nothing different? But like I said, every every bit of tech, I have has just been acting weird for the last week or so, I don't know. Maybe you have high levels of electrostatic magnetism happening, and you're looking at maybe they're installing five. I was gonna say, maybe they ruled that out. If your skin starts burning, you'll know it's teaming more than usual. I mean more than just in your genitalia area. That's something different. Okay. Let's talk about I've owed, iphone twenty twenty I can't believe we're talking about. I phoned twenty twenty already because, you know. A year. Pretty far head notes. Funny is Ethan just hop in the big video game convention, and they do the exact same thing. They were all talking about games and hardware, that was coming out in twenty twenty and I'm sitting there on my calculator thinking are they talking about holiday twenty nineteen leading into twenty twenty or are they actually talking about twenty twenty which I think they're actually talking about twenty twenty all these different game, designers and publishers are looking for out. And now here we are talking about I phone twenty twenty but here we go. This is going to be some exciting stuff. So we thought we would at least talk about it, because it comes from Ming cheek. Well, who often get stuff, right? So the rumor goes like this Mingji quo sent a note to investors claiming that apple put out, three different iphone models. In two thousand twenty the twenty twenty iphone ten arc women will be upgraded to a six point one inch. Oh, LED display. So same size screen, but oh LED, but will not get five gee, that's probably going to be the one, I go with. And I'll tell you why just a sec. The twenty twenty. I phoned tennis max successor will be upgraded from its six point five inch display to a larger six point seven mega maks. In fact, I think that changed the name to that. That's. Massive different. I think it's pretty obvious visual difference, actually, especially when it's in the mock-ups barely perceptible. Yeah. But when you're holding a millimeter or two that that's going to be significantly larger. Six point seven inch mega Amax ya'll and then the twenty twenty here's, here's an interesting development. The twenty twenty iphone ten s successor will have a smaller screen five point four five inch screen instead of the five point eight inch currently in use, so curious, I wonder if Apple's doing this, because people who love big screens one haven't even larger screen, but people who don't like big screens one have a smaller screen, and the iphone ten is clearly just too large, for people who want to have a smaller phone. There's a lot of people out there who want to have a smaller phone. So it makes sense that maybe apple would say, okay, let's make the big phone even bigger for people that want it, and then everybody else can have a smaller size screen. Oh, I forgot to mention the iphone tennis tennis max successor as will both have five G, and then the ten are, as I mentioned this successor to the ten hour will not have five G which I'm happy about. Because you guys put on your tin foil. Jeez, I'm, I'm nervous about that. I know I was gonna say was. Have you been? Nervous about five G. You know what? I'm not. I'm not alone. Alex Jones nervous about five G. He said, it's gonna make the frogs gay is gonna make the frogs by it's going to make the frogs try who else is nervous about five Jeep, Joe Rogan Joe Rogan was saying that he's nervous about five G. And let me tell you why. Now, look, I already see people out the role in there is like you got to be kidding me. You're nervous out five G. I think there are some legitimate reasons to be concerned. Here's why let me let me just start with an example Lewis. Would you would you live within one hundred feet of a cell phone tower? If you're buying a house. You think so like one of those like four hundred foot cell phone towers. Would you live next to one voluntarily probably one right around here what you would know if there was there like a half mile Paul? But, but, but hypothetically, if I were going to sell you a house next to a, a cell phone tower, one that was not next to a cell phone tower, which one would you choose the obvious answer? Well, would I be able to check my Email? Faster too. If your cell phone tower I'm looking right now at burner hill, and I can see a giant tower looks like a freaking battleship top I how far away is it? I don't know probably quarter-mile maybe. Yeah. Okay. So next door to it. Well, I don't know. Somebody's going to have to. Yes. Somebody's going to have to, but those houses generally cost a lot less because people know that there's something weird going on that tower. Do you wanna live next to a giant radiating tower? Like literally nobody does pass way through the human body. So. Yeah. And they get cancer on the way. But, but let me tell you why five G makes me nervous. So five G is going to be using much shorter wavelengths. It's they commonly referred to as m w multi millimeter waves, and these shorter wavelength higher frequency and they aren't as powerful long range. So their, their frequency dissipates or their single dissipates over range, and they don't go through materials as well. So in order to compensate for this, and I just learned this, researching this these cell phone towers are going to be miniaturized, and they're going to be placed in smaller formats all over the place. So on light posts. All throughout your neighborhood. I've read that they're going to have them every hundred two hundred feet now. So instead of having one large radiating source up on a hill that covers that covers a large area. Now you're gonna have lots of smaller mini towers everywhere. So you can't escape it. The radiation is going to be all over the place and you may think okay. Well, who cares right? Radiation doesn't harm us. Does it? I don't know. I don't know. Think about it this way the same m w technology multi millimeter. Wave technology is the same frequency used in the defense department's active denial system, weaponry. These are basically these are basically radar dishes. They pointed large crowds and they turn on the w and it makes people's skin feels like phillix burning off, it's a weapon that they used to control crowds. So in large enough doses this definitely does something to your body. That's, that's for sure. The defense department knows that I want to read you this study as well in Germany. Researchers studied one hundred hundred or a thousand residents who lived in close proximity to, to cell phone towers for about ten years, according to the study during the last five years of the observations. Researchers discovered neighbors living within four hundred meters, twelve hundred feet of the cell phone, towers were diagnosed with cancer to rate that was three times, higher than those who live much farther away, which is anyone surprised to hear that. Have you closed cell phone tower causes cancer people? It's the same phys I had about microwaves, you know, like roasting at Goldens. Thought clearly didn't work for you. Yeah. You know when you say info world's d. I think it was a very reputable medical research company been loads of studies about, you know, like am cellphones and radiation. And just keeps guess. Yes. But this is this is different. This, this technology, this M W technology is not like cell phone radiation of our current generation phones and even previous generation phones. This is ultra high frequency radiation, and it's going to be distributed in such a way that everyone is going to be inundated with a lot more of it because it's going to be everywhere whereas in our current situation Louis can look a pie on the hill. And he's like there's a cell phone tower quarter mile away. But now you have these little towers, everywhere, all over the place. You're inundated with radiation. And they're not totally sure that hasn't been enough study. There hasn't been enough research and some researchers are imploring these companies that are building these towers to research this more before they. Inundating people in plant life animals, with this new type of radiation, because they're not totally sure how it's going to impact, people, I just told you that the same technology is used in crowd control weaponry, that didn't even faze you kid, then I'll putting weapons on, on, on quite a telephone weapons. I mean, it'll be like I'm sure it's like to do the level of intensity, they might excuse. You'll be able to just flip them clear the streets. That's a good. That's a good point. Actually, if we're ever attacked. They can use this as some type of defense mechanism all I'm saying, is it makes me a little nervous. Does it not bother? You guys at all guys probably used air pods. Do you have WI fi in your house and yeah, I do. Who knows bluetooth? Those are those are low. Those are low signal radio devices. Well, now it's different technology twenty years from now. Maybe they'll be going like, oh my God. Keep believe people used to do this. I, I don't know. I mean the. I think as some point, you just have to say, well, they, you know, they test this stuff and they think it's safe. What the promise from what I can tell. They're not really testing. It they're just gonna go ahead. To be testing it. They can't just fixed. Yeah. That's why they used to have advertisements telling pregnant mothers that smoking was healthy for them. They used to have a cigarette filters made out of us best as I know. That's my point is. When companies were trying to sell a product. They're not exactly forthright in their research to prove that the product doesn't work or that it's going to harm you in some significant way. So it wouldn't it wouldn't be shocking to anyone to, to learn in twenty years. Oh, they actually tried to suppress research that showed that this technology harm people in gave babies three is, which actually might be a benefit in some cases, they could see. So how you look at it. But it does make me a little bit nervous. And you know that I hear other researchers talking about how we don't know what's going to happen. And it's not well researched, yet and the, there's studies linking certain kinds of radiofrequency cell phone radiation to cancer. I got in deep. I got indeed to the internet. I probably got myself spooked. Well, yeah. I mean you can find something on the internet. That'll tell you anything. I mean nana's deadly. We've known that for. Bananas. Yeah. Stop eating bananas ages ago anyway. All I'm saying is I don't know if I want these little towers inside my house. I might go for the ten ours. It's the first that I had heard well first off the ten hour, doesn't make a damn bit of difference. It doesn't matter what phone you buy the still going to be in the air. Right. Why? Why would that would make speaking, it's going to be everywhere? No matter. Yeah. Well, you'll have another broadcast source inside your home with the phone, but yeah. According to the tower placement these little towers are going to be everywhere. You, you can't unless you want to move into the into the woods in the wilderness. Yeah, you're not going to be able to avoid this type of radiation. But does make me a little nervous? I'm just saying. I'm just saying I might go for the ten are successor. And then you guys. Hey. That make in in. You know, help with your nervousness, and your concern. Well, because you won't have a broadcast source inside your house. You won't have the phone broadcasting with the same technology, you'll be using you'll be using four G technology. Instead, so you'll still have the radiation outside your house. But as I mentioned earlier, this technology doesn't doesn't work well over long range and also is not good at passing through walls and in different materials. So you'll be less affected by it. If you don't have the phone inside your house. That's my life that doesn't even sound. I don't know. Sounds specious. I wish I was a scientist. I do too, because then you could tell me if my fears are justified, or it's not like it's not like I mean, the modem just picks up the stuff in the air, right? It doesn't. You mean the modem inside your house phone? The phone. Sign is like it's going to be parole casting broadcasting to broadcasting to your base station. It's basically an antenna. It's basically it's basically like having a modem more cell phone tower inside your house. It's creating reation. I really my guys laugh at this. I put my I put my phone on airplane mode at nights, because I charge it next to my bed, I turn off wifi, and I turn off LT. And I don't have any signal going through the nights. What about crime calling from me of tinfoil? Hat, though. Doesn't it? In fact, you get used to it pretty fast. Now, I find it comforted. Probably have a whole tin foil, you know, sued. Right. I have a full. Yeah. Exactly. So we don't count. I'm Ben sheets. Well, my bedsheets are filled with lead. Asleep in, so I'm one hundred feet underground. I know it sounds crazy but, but this kind of stuff, always sounds crazy until we realize, hey, actually, this was a real problem if you would've said, if I would have been making these same arguments about cigarettes in the fifties, people would laugh at you. They'd say you're crazy, right? Good for you. So that's all. I'm saying is stuff. Sounds crazy until we realize that it's actually truthful, and then you say, oh, what's becomes truthful? Everyone's like, oh horse everybody knows in decades. Right to look for cell phones have been around for like a couple of decades now. Right. And that hasn't been any incidences late brain cancer, or against it comes up all the time. You know. You know. But as I've been any, like conclusive studies that it's been this is a new type. This is a new type of signal. I'm not describing this well, but, but a new type of frequency. So other frequencies are, are lower, and more long, range and, and aren't aren't known to actually be hurtful to humans whereas higher frequencies. It is known that they can cause damage to humans, I mean, I just told you about that weapon system if you have it in high enough concentrations, you know, it can burn your skin. Well, what happens if it's in low concentrations, you might say, yeah, it's a no concentration. So we don't care. But, but let me put it this way. If I peed in your dinner just a little bit. Just a tiny bit it. Okay. Good analogy. Exactly. Louis. Okay. All right. Let's let's move on, because I really didn't expect us to talk about that. I don't think any one of predicted that. Yeah. Well, I thought maybe I wouldn't be I wouldn't be alone on that. But apparently I'm the only one concern deep platforms, Mr. conspiracy I might get platform for revealing the truth. That'd be funny, Tim Cook's, like we gotta get him off the internet, y'all. He's gonna go. He's going out. Okay. Let's talk about. Us thirteen using the iphone to perfectly sink wireless audio to apple TV an Esa tariff problem Louis. But an important one. Yeah. You know, it's true nothing ruined a good movie when you're watching it, and, you know, the, the mouth is moving and the voices and the dialogue is out of sync. But and apparently, that happens is I, I have a hard wired speaker for my TV, but if you use wireless speakers it's going to be a problem. But thanks Iowa's thirteen and TV OS thirteen next versions, it's going to work hand in hand and they're going to make it. So you no longer have to suffer this horrible horrible that says Astor while you're watching video on your apple TV. When they roll out this fall these, these. New operating systems that you're going to be able to use your ipad or your iphone to fix badly. Synchronized audio it works by using your IRA device to listen to tones played through your speakers. The feature calculates the time it takes for the audio to be heard after apple TV plays, it, then adjust your settings accordingly. I'm very curious about this. I'm a little bit skeptical because some of these. Like when I have experienced that it is. And even in the article that we wrote it, it's like it's a little bit inconsistent, right? The work fine for a while. And then it started. This happens only when I use like a bluetooth speaker. So I don't know because it's never like completely the same though the lag it seems like it might be hard to. I mean, unless it's constantly adjusting it. Maybe that's what it is. I mean, certainly apple smarter than me on this. But maybe leave your phone on a just yes. It's their costly adjusting. Yeah. Me a little. You know, only your dog in here your dogs and be driven mad by this. Anyway, I it sounds like a if nothing else a good idea and a good way to get rid of something that annoys people who use, like I don't know if you use a home pot or something, maybe at this problem if he's a home pie connected to your TV I kind of wonder, actually are they going to be adding is, this is this evidence that shows that apple is going to be adding apple TV support to the home pots you can easily stream movies and stuff to the home pies. That would be super mega. Max cool to have your home pods be able to use for music, and for and for movies and TV already. Can't can't you? It's not easy though you have to you have to connect you to go in and connect to your apple TV to your home pods. It's just not a simple process into gift a pair it quickly. I mean, I I've never done it, because I got my own a sound system, or whatever. But I would that be hard. Well, it's the same reason that it's hard. If you wanna use your air pods for your apple doing. Every day. I know but you have to go in there and constantly connect them. You have to go into the settings. Connect them. And then when you stop using it disconnects, gotta say, it's a huge hassle. That is one thing that every day when I go to work out, I say, this is something apple should fix. And maybe I can somebody tell me, why does this so so you pick up the apple TV remote and you say, hey. Connect their pods. Right. And it and it pulls up the setting screen, which is awesome. But it just pulls it up to like the top of it. It doesn't I don't understand why it doesn't just do it or at the very least take me to the very setting screen the blue to saying, stream where I could just with one tap, or, you know, scroll and select which air pods I want and connected. I to this day I don't understand why that doesn't work. Maybe there's some protection built into the TV OS or something. But that's my point. Is it should work? Exactly how it does on the ipad or the iphone where you tap that little radar button. And it brings up your valuable sources. And then you can just send your audio directly to that source. Although I mean, if you use if you only use the air pods with TV it seems like it at least half the time, just picks it up, when you pull them out of the case and start to TV. But yeah, if you use them with something else, it's always looking for last vice used. Right. So, yeah. And if multiple people are using your television traits. Even more of a hassle rights. That's why maybe that's why doesn't just automatically connect. But do you use Siri to do that? No, I'm actually never tried to use Siri. I never even thought too little. Yeah. That's a hot tip rate there hot? Look at that I'm going to give that a try. Although, honestly, I don't really have a lot of instances to use my pots with my apple TV. It's nice sometimes. But most of the time I just use my TV speakers but I'm going to give that a shot and see how it goes. Okay. Oh before we continue on with this other game changing, apple TV feature game changing, let me give a quick thanks to squarespace for supporting this episode. Do you still not have a website? It's two thousand nineteen you have a business. Maybe you're trying to promote your skill sets your Taga offer you our video offer. You need to pre promoting yourself online. You're still not doing that. No wonder. No one's hiring you. Well, let me tell you, it's so super simple to get set up with a squarespace website. I have to I manage them entirely by myself, but I also brought in the very powerful, the very magnetic, Chia listener, Christiane, shadowed, Chris who helps me with the show notes over on the cast website because. With a squarespace website. You can update everything yourself, super easily manage, it all yourself. But you can also bring contributor. So if you're working together on something, and you want to bring in someone to write copy, your move stuff around, you can do that. It's very easy. You can add your social media, their image galleries are one of the easiest image galleries I've ever interacted with. They're so easy to build an update and they're beautiful, and you could be up and running with a website in no time at all. If you want, if you want to just choose one of the templates poof, you'll be up on the web, or you can dive in, and what I did and just use their drag and drop system. That's easy to use and build out your website. Make it look exactly how you want, you could change fonts and colors and, and everything. And yet, it's so approachable and easy to do, and then your website will look uniquely yours. And it will be easy to update contain which is the most important part. Right. Because you don't want to have to wait on somebody else to keep your website updated. Ev. It's difficult to do. You're not going to do it so square snakes squarespace, makes it easy. You can get started with your own website at squarespacEcom fourth slash coke. Cast sign up for the two week trial build websites. See how you like it. And if you like what you have at the end of your trial, period, you can use code cows at checkout. You'll get ten percent off your first order. And if you order a year of service, you get an additional discounts, and free domain name at squarespace dot com and the Cote us at checkout is cast squarespacEcom for slash Cole cast. Okay, here's another game changing, feature TV OS, apple TV is finally gaining picture in picture support. So I don't know if you've ever tried this on your ipad, I use this all the time. In fact, I was wondering why my ipad battery was dying so fast? I thought maybe there's something wrong with my ipad, and then I realized no, it's because I used to just watch a video, well Dr disrespect at night, or. Read it before going to bed, and now, I do, both because I have him in picture in picture mode, and then I'm also reading the internet at the same time. I've become I've become Marty MC flies son in back to the future, three when he on that giant screen, and he's watching like thirteen things at one time. That's what I do before I go to bed so you can on your apple TV you can be watching a video, and then you can minimize it to one of the corners of the screen, and then you can continue doing whatever you're doing on your ipad browsing. I dunno browsing stuff on your plex server or net flicks, this is handy because how many times have you been getting ready to eat your dinner? Right. You're trying to watch something. And instead of picking something and, and then eating your dinner, while you watch something you sit there eating your dinner, but you're also scrolling through net flicks for the entire duration of the dinner trying to figure out what you should watch together. And I'm saying this is what happens every single time. So now, instead of just being indecisive for your entire dinner, you just pick some. Thing minimize it to one of the corners, and then you can still mindlessly browse net flicks or whatever you want why you have something going so you don't feel like such a huge dinner because you've just sat there. Height, what I wanna one so just end up browsing hours. I think that's probably the most popular content on on. Netflix is the browse page. You're not going and just browsing, the thumbnails of all the different stuff. The automatic, you know, trailers that drives me crazy. Oh, you got me. I'm actually one of the only people on earth that doesn't have enough looks account anymore. I just use plex now and also Amazon Amazon's video library is good enough where because I have prime I just use that so I almost I almost I don't watch. I never watched enough. Netflix actually justify it. And Finally, I just got rid of it on a whim to see if I would miss it, and I didn't notice for months that it was gone. So to answer your question I have. That's right. If anyone knows how to do that. Let me think is a way to do that, though. That's one of those that's one of those features they built in to, to get you. If you wanted to see it, but, you know. Yeah. Well, if anyone listening to this show knows how to do that. Please ping Leander send send send a message to his to his widow. All right. Let's here. Let's go ahead and wrap up with this weird stores, eight do you want to take the Ayrshire? Okay, believe this phone overuse is making millennials grow spikes on their skulls. What a great headline you guys should have gone with horns. Yeah. Horns yet t to the doctor. Oh, good one. So doctors have noted a change in the shape of many millennials skulls, and I don't know how many, many is, but some spikes, growing just above the neck and researchers think the phenomenon is caused by too much. Cellphone use in this isn't caused by, like, you know, five G. Just wait till five. Kale horn. So this is this is legit. This is actually the human body adapting to the bent over posture that that phone users, typically adopt Technic has real consequences business. It's like evolution in fast motion. Scientists are examining this they say it's, it's grow the growing prevalence of this thing called, I don't know how to pronounce it in, in the Safi sites in into sophists anyway. They're, they're basically their growths, where tendons or ligaments attached to the skull. And apparently, they, you know this kind of thing. Typically Gump becomes more common with age, but not the specific thing at the base of your skull, and they're, they're calling this enlarged external a sip, it'll protrude or EEO p for short. They say these are more likely show up at eighteen to thirty year olds then in people decades older, and they've, they've looking at x rays, and these researchers say forty-one percent of patients age eighteen to thirty had these little skull horns at the basic. If you look at the story on the site, there's a extra you can see it. It's kinda creepy. End could you can feel it. I you know what I don't know. Probably look at the X Ray. It looks pretty sure I've got at least two of those on the back of my head. My neck is killing me all the time. I, I have no problem believing that this is true. You know, and it bad posture all these things add up over time. You know you've been looking at your phone now for ten years. Right. I don't know. Bad news. That'd be just thank your out of desk, all day. You're hunched over your phone all day. It's gotta have repercussions on your spine and your neck and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. I it is. I mean this definitely feel if it was then right? Yeah. Yeah. Although I'm not really sure from the x aware exactly you're supposed to feel feel. That rule of fat in that. That is what so the role of fat though. It little looks like isn't it? But it I mean I don't know who maybe that's why they've only discovered these on eighteen to thirty year. Olds is because they still have skinny necks, whereas in the older people they just literally can't see the horn growing there. It is a freaky, looking thing, isn't it? Yeah. It looks totally bizarre. I will tell you, though, that you missed a golden opportunity for a headline to rights proof iphone makes millennials more horn. Boom top story of the week, he would have gotten tens of thousands of clicks on that Tang. Yeah, we have a switch about using a puzzle having sex. I saw that. I haven't read it yet Linda. Another hot like an awkward thing to do. What did they say? Like something like are you wearing headphones? Some, some crazy percentage was only seventeen percent or twenty one or even maybe forty one I can't remember what it was. Yeah. They did this whole staple. Yeah. Well, yeah. Percents. They wore this is a thousand ten people surveyed seventeen percents that they were pots during sex. That is hard to believe if only because you're wearing air pods and it's hard for me to believe that someone would have sex with you. If you're wearing those airports, because they're the lease attractive thing you could possibly be be wearing, you know what I'm saying Lewis. Yeah. Well, the my favorite thing is this guy on Twitter replied to the survey. He says, as if we need more places to lose our ear buds. All right. Well, we're not gonna top dot let's go to wrap it up. There later you still there. He made it. God, I really was actually worried about you. So we need to some chicken broth, and go to bed. Okay. Well that's all the cult cast we have for you guys this week. But if you want to come talk to us about any of the stories that we mentioned today's show, or just chicken on Leander, and make sure he's still with us. I'm at air that, okay. Louis Louis walls. This is Beth thirty plus out companies and you're going to hear all week long episodes, cast come out every Thursday night. What everyone for today, and we'll see you guys. While being Lewis. Good. I'm gonna live just a split you. We'll get some very beautiful tweets. We'll print them out that will them on your cast. Touchy very touchy. Hello. What enters their new could I? He's. Truly terrible. This is just for a fact. No. You can go Leandro is clearly and beta. It's more like it's being deprecated, right? End of life. Yeah. I did actually. With the folly tomorrow, but I always feel you know, I don't know it's kind of pathetic to go for cold. I think. Right. That's what I told. Lewis would you've been sick for over a week. You're coughing your lungs up just go and get some codeine man. At least you'll stop coughing for a day. Yeah. That was what I was really tempted to get that industrial strength. Lead. Could I mix it with some grape? Juice pile highly. Snoop Dogg is what are you mix it with? I don't remember. I. You know, hip hop boozing you're not. Kids will know. Fruity drink to mix these drugs with because I listened to recordings. Right. So, yeah. Wasn't that? What what's his name little? What's his face? He had to live as his private jet, like three times because he date on the. Carpal drank control purple. You gotta get yourself purple drink put the code in there. Then you can just stare at the wall and drool few days until you feel better. Yeah. Well, that's what I'm doing anyway. It's been really good miserable. Like I was so deathly sick last week, like at least a fever has broken. But last week, one had a fever, you know, I was just like I was out for full days home, I- goodness, just really in Besley ill. Move from the couch, the bed, you know. And just no one was around either, so Tracy was out of town. And those, you just may like an the bed was this is gross, but it was soaked in sweat, and sweat. It was really appalling. Everybody hanging the hang up to try. Catch it. I know. Yeah, you're probably going to catch it. That sounds bad should I continue a what? Well, if you. If you want to you can. But I kind of feel like you should go back to bed. Well, I'm just I'm here in the office in oh you are. Yeah. I mean like I said, if you died while we were courting the ratings. I would feel terrible but. Could you a great eulogy at the end of the show for the bonus? The second right? You're going to break, what are your ribs? I should stop it. Jeeze. Do you feel like you wanna continue well control for bit? Okay. Yeah. If you, if you wanna stay by all means, I just don't feel like you have to. And if you feel like you can't talk and you're just going to be hacking. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. If you have to go then just be like, yeah. I'm done. Okay. Particularly if you feel your astral spirit leaving your meat. See myself out up in the corner of the room. Have you ever seen Dr? Seeing the doctor strange movie with Benedict Cumberbatch. I haven't seen the whole thing out of buddy thing there's a lot of sequences where he leaves his own body. Okay. I'll watch out for that. Let you know if you can look down at sea us pod. I used to get that as a kid, though, didn't use like used to get into these this is s I must of comes from this when I was a kid I used to be sitting in a chain. I used to have almost like this weird sensation like flipping on the seating, and I look down on myself. And I can switch in and out really. Yeah. And then and then did you wake up and realize that you're not remain conscious the whole time? I know I know exactly what was going to go weird. It was very weird sensation. It was very pleasant. Very relaxing. You have the, you have the gift of the mystic arts. Maybe, maybe, I'm after you could be doctor strange. I mean. I had a dream, one time that I was walking through the hall when I was a kid, and then I walked into the bathroom, and my mom was shower the bathroom, and then I woke up and I was in the bathroom, and she was showering, how weird is that? Say that again. Maybe not that entertaining or weird. I guess no dream. I was sleep that I had walked through the hall, my parents house and gone to the bathroom, and my mom was in the bathroom showering. When I woke up, I was in the bathroom, and she was showering. Sleep book. I mean maybe I I it was so long ago I barely remember. I remember it being really odd because my eyes were closed the whole time, but I knew it was going on. And then when I woke up, yeah. What I had dreamed seemed like it actually happened. The experience. No, no. I don't think so. And does is it was a moment of kind of mom that would walk all the heck, no? We'll have for that. How come she was, you know, you're in the bathroom. Oh, she was sharing. Well, I walked in. Oh, yeah. The only mom that I know that walked around a lot naked as Alexey Heath's. Mom, in fact, she's in my right now. Wait for.

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