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"lincoln sara" Discussed on THE HAPPY WORKAHOLIC PODCAST


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"lincoln sara" Discussed on THE HAPPY WORKAHOLIC PODCAST

"Back to brand new episodes of the happy workaholic. Podcast today is such an exciting show. Because guess what Leverage Arlington the masterclass for beginners and beyond has officially launched and. I'm here to give you the four one one on exactly what it is and Wia created it so as you know or maybe I don't know I've been linked in coach for almost three years. I actually look to see when I launched leverage linked on my profile earlier and it was two years and six months. How crazy is that? And I've been using linked in four twelve years like over a decade which is so insane to me so I actually updated. My linked in profile will created my first Lincoln profile twelve years ago when I was working in the private aviation industry and honestly. I used it as my Rolodex. I was getting handed so many business cards left and right that I needed a place to store them. And I wanted to keep jet owners and pilots and Flight Crow and just charter companies. Everybody involved in that world on my radar always so Lincoln was like my digital Rolodex and then I got the opportunity to start publishing posts so now I actually looked at those numbers as well and I'm at three hundred and thirty one post which is so crazy. I think I got the opportunity to do that. I know I was in Vegas. I feel like it was twenty fourteen. Twenty fifteen maybe so still years ago which is insane so I just want to clarify one super important thing like upfront before I get into today's show as that linked in is not to update your resume upload it and just sit on there and hope you get a job. It's so different. They are actually over six hundred million Lincoln users in over two hundred countries and they stopped getting bigger and bigger. If you've noticed there's so many big influencers that have shifted their business and marketing and sales and all the things over unlinked in as well like Gary Chalk obviously everything he touches J- just insane he turns it into gold. There's Arianna Huffington. That's publishing post over there. There is Rachel Hollis and I think over my even doing a couple of things which is every big influencers in the digital space right. Now is on Lincoln Sara. Blakely who I love. Everybody is utilizing Lincoln. And it's because it's the best an absolute in my opinion place to network. I mean you can be a stay home. Mom you can be a corporate exact. You can be an on my coach like myself. You can be a network marketer like there's just so many Lincoln is for anybody that's breathing. Okay if you want to know who and what. It's for just opened an account today. That's all you need to know or reset your password. Because you haven't been on in ten years I'm telling you it is a for everyone when I launched my leverage Ellington program two years and six months ago which is so greasy. What that entailed was me. Updating your profile and making gorgeous and making it standouts than when people click on you they see who you are what they do and you share your story. It's not just verbatim your resume. Yes you can pull parts from that. But you can. Also incorporate media am. I can't Talk Incorporate Media Upload Specific skills and get endorsed and have recommendations highlighted there and show where he went to school and your previous jobs and experience all that stuff but there's so much more involved to stand out. I updated clients Lincoln about a year and a half ago. He's had two jobs his entire career a governor and a CEO of a very well known company that profile took me so long because of what was tailed with those two jobs and I had an updated. I had to search for the media upload everything because he was looking for opportunities and so that was my job and not honestly took the longest even though there was two positions. It's his entire career at like over twenty year span and you need to search for the media search where you're getting your search for articles that you're in if that if none of that is making sense to you or you're not involved in that. Do you have a blog? Do posted on instagram. Do you have a podcast? All of these things can be uploaded and showcased who you are. I literally tell the story and my bio from my Website by my personal bio right. There so you can see like my journey into how I got to wear them today. You know and Business Lincoln and podcasting and so it's just insane how much it's exploded over the last three years and I invite you to go visit Leverage Lincoln Dot Com and you can see the sales page there but I wanNA share with you today. What leverage linked in the masterclass is all about and why it created it so other than the fact that you know everybody uses it to find a job and you know maybe recruit somebody or you need to be recruited. You're using it to promote your podcast or for sales and marketing or pitching and clubbing. Or you need to know how to do that or to repurpose all of your content sharing important message upload videos connected find other people. How do you do that? I teach all of this so the one thing that was missing was community. The one thing that's missing is how am I able to help more people at one time. How can I get them all connected? This is exactly how with the master class so starting in March march fourth eleventh and eighteenth. You were going to be invited to a probably like sixty ninety minute. I'M GONNA try to keep it around an hour masterclass where everybody's going to be on a zoom video call you all get connected unlinked. And you're all on my Lincoln group you can all create and engage in Collab- and do whatever you want but just know that you have a supportive community diming into Lincoln. Okay on these calls. I'm going over every single thing. Your profile sales marketing pitching and clubbing literally. Everything I just said. And the best part is you're getting Q. In eight sessions on every call and then the very last call strictly. Qna The thing is you need to come prepared. My biggest pet peeve is when my time is wasted and our time is valuable time as money right and so as yours so come prepared come with a notebook. Come ready to learn comedy to me. All these new amazing people with a notebook a pen and a highlighter. Because you know how I feel about my highlighter situation and I always post this in. It's always on my stories and everybody knows like my calendar situation my highlighter and I'm literally the most organized person on the planet. I'm so proud to say that. And I've incorporated all of my organizational tools into my business. Which is how we can streamline a lot of things so I wanNA share all of that with you. I want to coach you on the platform. I want to show you how you can do things I want you to take notes and you can actually refer back to this video because I'm going to email it to you. Once the courses done or probably the next day rather after the class I'm still finalizing some of these details for me. Like on the operational side. But I already have the outlines down so on Monday before the first class. Which is the second Monday March? Second you're going to get an email that will show you the class outline and then the following Monday for the Wednesday class and then the following Monday for the eighteenth class so each Monday previous. Because I want to allow time for. Qna you know. There's so many classes that we can invest in so many programs. But there's no queue and I want to be able to answer all of your questions. I want you to be comfortable in this community and this group video call. I want you to you know. Network and engage really know who's in the group and meet them. I was just involved in a coaching program and we have a facebook group. And it's just so amazing because we're all keeping in touch and it's just like amazing and I I mean I couldn't say anything else it's like I'm obsessed with it and so in the Lincoln Group. We're going to have a lot of days where you can promote what you're selling a lot of groups linked and you're not allowed to do that. I'm allowing it because I want you to share what you have going on. You never know somebody else's story and you never know what else somebody else is going through unless they share it. I'm a huge fan of sharing your story. This is why I have a podcast. This is why I have guests on. I want to create a community of other like-minded people whether it's personally or professionally and utilize Lincoln get on the platform. And I don't want you to be nervous. Don't want you to be scared. I want you to you know. Advance your personal and professional life by using Lincoln and I'm going to share with you every single thing you could possibly need to know right now and three masterclasses so the prices one ninety seven..

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