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"lincoln sanitaire" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Made for you. Story Leonard Bernstein. Remember did the score? I think both on Broadway, and for the movie nineteen fifty seven on Broadway in the nineteen sixty one in the film, and it was about San Juan hill. No, not to one the teddy Roosevelt charge. What used to be called San Juan hill where Lincoln center is now. Oh, really? Yeah. Lincoln Shanna, the they did urban renewal. They took all that area was filled with tenements Puerto Ricans Clark's rose to mexicO'. Urban renewal adage fine. We ended up with Lincoln sanitaire, but as well high at Madison Square Garden into great facilities provided fortune order to do this world catch all of you. And the hawk is starting to put additional coach on. Yes. Rubbers they're expecting snow, sleet, rain and sub zero freezing weather. I mean, it is January mid January. So we should expect this this is what happens, you know? We're cool. This is good for me because my wife Nancy will be out of the house. Rescuing the catch, you know. Bye bye shelf. You'll be out there with all the cats. Do you do by what does one courteously would do by himself? I wondered let's keep it. Let's keep it PG. Like, what are you doing? Your wife's not you. Just hang out. Do you read? I love to read. What did you read newspapers as you know, you've seen the office? Yes. I I I am the guy actually we're done with the show. I'm going to go take some video of your office that I was supposed to share with you. Because I need to I need a desk 'cause I've been like rolling around. Nobody can nobody wants to come into the office because it's filled the newspapers and this is mild compared to how bad I used to be. Mild. Yes. Holy moly. But anyway, hold on. Let's get back to the west side story figuring because I've got some news for you. Well, see you probably heard the Steven Spielberg is doing an west side story move. He's going to be doing a reboot of the movie. Really? Yes. But listen to this one guess who's going to be starring as Maria. You mean the Natalie wood carry yes, her name is Rachel Ziegler. She's from Clifton New Jersey. She's seventeen years old. She beat out more than thirty thousand actors actresses on from across the world, really Steven Spielberg picture, and they're going to start shooting this summer. She is going to be Maria and Ansel Elgort Elgort is gonna be Tony. Well, I wish you well because Natalie wood as successful as she was in the role Marie me lip sync to roll. Okay. Let me tell you. You can go on YouTube and see this girl. This girl has a voice, and this is what did it? She's a Colombian American Girl. Seventeen years old again on growing up in Clifton Rican. Now, she's not Puerto Rican. But that's okay. That's fine. But she actually I play. Maria back in the in two thousand seventeen at the performing arts school presentation of west side story Burgum pack, search shots. It's okay. She's Latina m-. It's this is okay. It's fine. Don't make an issue. Because poor Natalie wood got raped by Kirk Douglas. They gave him a lifetime achievement award. I think kids reaching academy. And then remember she's on a boat off the Catalina island with her husband, Robin Wagner at the time. Yes. And crazy active from Christopher Walken. Right. Christopher Walken, and she was killed. Well, you know, there's still questions as to whether or not she was killed because she was pushed her beaten up and not helped when she fell into the water. But I don't know I've met Robert Wagner couple times. He such a I think he's such a lovely, man. You buy a mortgage from? He wrote a book, and I was I was I used to work with his daughter. Katie wagner. But no, I think he's a really nice. I can't imagine this guy. Christopher Walken each queen's Astoria. Boy why stick with him to. He hasn't said that he didn't say anything about Robert Wagner segue out of west. But anyway, anyway, the presentation the president of the United States was down in New Orleans at the farmer's convention, and we all know farmers, depend on illegal aliens in the fields to pick their crops, in fact in some of the states some crops should not been brought to harvest because they haven't been enough illegal alien to pick them in Georgia, and especially in Alabama. Sometimes I think that our listeners might think this is a joke when you say this, but in all. It really is true. I mean living out in California, the strawberry farms the onion. I mean. It was all it was all. Immigrants three big stage for agricultural production or California, Texas and Florida. So it's not just vegetables and citrus fruits. It's all other kinds of agriculture. Yes. Yes. But some of the other states that are competitive in terms of agriculture will production, especially Georgia, Alabama Mississippi. They know there's no share cropping anymore like the Houston. So it's illegal aliens. And they haven't been able to get enough of them. So it was interesting because the president talked about how it is that when you come to the border, you can slip through the cracks and disappear and never be seen again in the shadows. Then you say come back in three years for your trial. Tell me what percentage of people come back. Would you say one hundred percent of your little off like how about two percent? And those people you almost don't want because they cannot be very smart. Two percent comeback. Those two percent are not going to make America. Great again. I kind of I have to I think that's kind of funny. I'll I will say he's wrong about that. The Justice department data his own Justice department. Data says sixty to seventy five percent of non detain migrants. Have attended their their court McCain show. Julia just that's his own merits. Just for the purpose of looking at the issue and not the president who obviously is stats his facts. So always Monsieur nicely just slightly and the Justice department. Very she goes for like sixty to seventy five percent. Yeah. But that's different from say fifty percent. Okay. Forty five percent. I met you mentioned polka polka dot half of them. All right. The press get here that one more time prime please because I agree with him wholeheartedly, and then you say come back in three years for your trial. Tell me what percentage of people come back. Would you say one hundred percent know your little off like how to percent and those people you almost don't want because they cannot be very smart. Two percent comeback. Those two percent are not going to make America great again. And a lot of them if they do come back to their country of origin. So imagine imagine if you've been here, let's say instead of the three years she said, it's more like a year, year and a half. Listen to what you're saying Curtis. Listen to what you're seeing already embedded your shelf here are you going to return to an immigration court to resolve as to whether you can stay legally or they're gonna ship. You back is illegal or do you just you figure you made it a year a year and a half in the shadows, don't worry about? That's why that's why that's where immigration system is. So F'ed up that exact give the point that you're making the point that the president just made is exactly why it's so screwed up because people who are trying to do the right thing. They've they've they are showing up to their hearings. They are doing what what we are expecting them to do are going to be. Insulted called stupid and and turned away for doing. What is the right thing? What they're encouraged to do. I think that's pretty sad where I do disagree with the president on this. I think those that don't show up or smarter. They are actually smarter because they're figuring the overrun two points where they're rolling the dice. They're figuring. Hey, my excuse for coming in which economic. So would you rather? Let's say let's say you come up against you meet somebody, and they said, I didn't I didn't show up to my my courting, please. I'm on. I'm on the loose here. Let's say this is this is cool. Exactly. What's your problem that we have is we we're having people who who have no conscience who have no understanding of our laws. This is common sense. I make my way to the border. Let's say I come across the most traffic area, which is not actually Tijuana. It's new wave Laredo. Until laredo. They catch me. They give me a ticket. They tell me I have to reappear within seven months to a year at an immigration court in Texas right there by the border in Laredo, your choice. Now at this point. It's on never show up again. And they did show up. I contact my many cousins when Allen Perth ham boy who have jobs in restaurants, all to our jersey. And I say, hey, you got accommodations. Yeah. I got pinched. It the border. I'm supposed to come back in like seven months to a year any way, I could get some work. Oh, yeah. What a work you're going to get paid under the table. You're an illegal. But hey, you know, we got a room you pay us. Right. He works his way up to Perth. What what's the likelihood that he's going to go back to Laredo to appear hearing might be deported? But who knows probably not likely, but I will tell you this. Let's hope that the people that are staying are the ones that are actually. I'm not going to be arrested because they're not criminals. I mean, this is it's just it's this vicious circle. It's why it's why. Emmigration system is so screwed up because you're actually saying don't follow the laws states. I mean, it's just insane. That sounds that smart. You know realistic? You guys is that not insane. It's nothing makes sense. That's why nobody can agree on anything. The Democrats can't agree. Republicans the independent. It's all it's just Dacia. Void of politics. This is just common sense. Ladies and gentlemen. If political would you show up for your court hearing in the immigration court, or would you try to sort of find your way into the darkness of a neighborhood in which a lot of illegals, and hopefully, they never catch and explain and explain your theory, your or your your reasoning why one eight hundred she was one way or the other eight four eight WABC that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine to to to give you a perfect example. Because you love the UK, right? I do flew in a gang keep moving near then flew into Gatwick years ago. Go second major at Heathrow was the major ones and they wanted to deport the guardian angels because he didn't like the concept house of Commons show, this one actually communists house of common member Bernie grant rescued us. We were being detained. Wind ready for deportations, we will with air retrea inch. We would Somalians we will with dad. We all in there in a big dormitory. And we assume we're going to be shipped back. But you see they will being detained. They weren't being told. Okay, go into the east end the London go up. Birmingham, and comeback and six months to a year, and then will adjudicate happens right away. What you did in that circumstance? I'm sure and some other circumstances in the UK may be a little I'm just speaking on my own personal circumstances. You think you're treated that way because you are from the United States. Yes. Well, there is no doubt. And it was really they just didn't want the guardian angel. So imagine a communist came to get a shout birdie. Grad who represented the house of Commons Brixton who. That's funny would have obviously voted against Theresa. May if he was still sitting out some common communist. Deported. Maybe or have something in common me and ocasio Cortez cash. But anyway, let's go to BRUCE'S whose calling from New Jersey, welcome to Curtis and Juliet Huddy here until you ABC, Bruce. How're you doing? What you've gotta do. Is you got to stop the leak? I you got a pipe. That's leaking water pipe up first, and then correct everything else. And that's what they gotta do. You're not going to correct any of this showing up for court, and the other thing too is these people that hire illegals, I'm gonna truck trucking business. You don't hire illegals truck of you. Gotta prove who the hell you are. Yeah. But the fact is that who's going to be doing all of the the cherry picking or the strawberry picking out in California. I'm telling you young realistically, I was I was I was a bus boy when I was eight or sixteen seventeen I didn't make a lot of money and I worked at one time. First of all, I'm not young. I love you though. But curtis. I mean, you're very familiar with this. You are significantly older than me. Bruce, Bruce, you a trucker are you aware? Now, the truckers from Mexico can drive their rigs right into the United States. Whereas before they use after drop their rigor the border it would go through border inspection. And then in American driver on the other side would backup there truck pick up the eighteen Wheeler and take it the rest of the way. Now, the Mexicans can go rights will. And you know, what they got in the back of that eighteen wheel tractor trailer. Bruce other Mexicans ready slip any legally. I've been driving truck over the road for fifty one years. I'm seventy five years old. I've well aware of what used to go on and what goes on now. Yeah. And the team. Of bleeding right by the Teamsters. The teams folded on that. The teams could have said, no, they'll structure don't come into the country. They have to stop at the border unhook new cab comes in picks up in a with the nipple ish goes right underneath and take c eighteen wheel tractor trailer the rest of the way after inspection. But he's playing his point is the point that many of us make which is it's there's there's too many people. We've got to have a better system. That's the problem. We don't we don't have a good system. And let's go to Henry, welcome. The WABC Henry. Why would they why would they show up for court? They they search circumvented the roles they've broken every rule. I could think breaking getting in here. Why would they show up knowing that they're going to be deported or going to be arrest? Well, hold on. You're you're lumping two different groups together. There are people that show up like the the migrant caravan those folks who are looking for amnesty, which we still allow we have we have protocol. And we are this this situate situation that we have set up so that people can do this..

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