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"lincoln kennedy james garfield" Discussed on Let's Get Civical

"It's twenty twenty. One of i got thank god. Fucking twenty twenty one. That's it. that's the episode. That's the hot tag. we made it. We made it. We made it and it's also one hundred episode. It's like it's so overwhelming to think about it and it's so unglamorous the way it's happening today. Be closet in a houseful of my family. It's like this is not not as organizer a ceremonial as i wanted it to be. But it's also i think indicative of just how we are. You know work under any circumstances. Yes yes my. My setup is currently on a device that i got my mother for christmas. Which is a thing that you hook up to your tires to check the pressure that was glanced for and so were listen. You may think you have a glamorous down there in texas but up in ohio we doing right. I love it. I love it and so here. We are so as we teased before the end of last year and our episodes we're going to do something super super fun for our hundred episode. And what's more fun now. I'm so excited then episode. Just full off fun. Facts that thanks lizzie. This is honestly one of the most impressive ideas. You've ever had deavere saying that. Because i come up with a lot of ideas most impressive but this was highly impressive. He just came to me sort of the -treme and the dream was we have to figure out what we're going to do for one hundred percents is it was it. I'm really excited about this. Because we often don't like get to do fun facts. that are just like rando. And i love learning. All this random stuff was. I was all of the. I started off like my first ten. I start. i tried to be organized. i'm gonna do. I'm going to buy about this and in by fax about that. oh very very tedious. So then i just started pulling random facts so so the first the first ten are very specific and then the rest are all over the ward and not with up to. It's kind of like a metaphor for our life effort and then it all kind of goes to shit and you wrote that you wrote the punches you roll with the punches you guys so what we decided to do is working to just switch off telling each other facts. I'm curious to see if we've chosen the same fun. Facts diamond interested. I thought that as well. And i have an extra one just in case that does happen. Okay yourself prepared. I don't but i. But i'm just i'm here. I'm here for i really. I tried to get random. I tried to get you know is giving. It's gonna be great. It's going be great. Who you wanna go first. You'll meet i. i'll go first. i'll go first. Ok frown fact one. Okay i minor coming from best life online. It's these early sites. Legend of america and reader's digest love fun factor number one. The president of the united states is the most dangerous job. And if you think about forty five people have held this title four of those were assassinated in assassinated office. Lincoln kennedy james garfield and william mckinley four died of natural causes henry. Harrison zachary taylor harding an fdr which is a rate of almost eighteen percent. Nearly one out of five died in the job so amazingly. That was one of my. I'm sure right you saw you saw death and murder and you're just like yes. Of course now. I all that now. He's like it's the most dangerous like a yes. Ceo job in the country is surprising countries. Who amazing his dad. Amazing okay my first fun fact and this is coming from biography dot com. George washington had a temper in eighteen. Fourteen thomas jefferson wrote about washington quote. His temper was naturally high toned but reflection and resolution had obtained a firm and habitual ascendancy over it if ever however it broke it spawns. He was the most tremendous in his wrath. Another general charles. Scott later recounted washington quote. He swore that day till the leaves should on the trees. Charming delightful never have i enjoyed such swearing before or since sir on that memorable day he swore like an angel from heaven includes my guide. I love that. I wonder what that amazing war with that so i went like what were the swear words of the seventeen hundreds. We should find out. Gosh god i thank god damn it was in there. I bet god damn it was in there. I wonder if i don't know when the word fuck originated. But i would love an audio by george washington being like let me grab would mouthful bye-bye all right. Give me the next one. Okay number three. Multiple copies of the declaration of independence were written quote after the adoption of the declaration of independence. The word obviously needed to be spread throughout the nation. The reproduction of this text was overseen by the committee of five which included thomas jefferson adams ben franklin roger sherman who has been lost to fuck in history and robert livingston. Poor robert perjure sherman. Who is he maybe we should. She'd be like are one hundred. One episode is who is roger. Sherman who is he well. Hundreds of copies were made only twenty six survive today. Most can be found in museums and libraries however three are privately owned. Imagine just like like where do they put it. They put in their office. Yes next to their degree. Here's my degree from two lane. Also the declaration of independence. Okay four this is from constitution facts. Thomas jefferson died broke before his death. Jefferson was able to alleviate part of his financial problems by accepting twenty five thousand dollars for his books from congress. Those books were used to begin. You guessed it. The library of congress phrase even tried to organize a lottery to sell part of his land to help. But it was not enough dude. You're an order. Yeah wow you know what. I feel much better about my situation knowing that thomas jefferson one of them shameless dudes in history also struggling like struggling struggling with debt struggling debt. Of course when he went to college it was two cents a credit. Let's not go there. Short chart number five. Some states have more cows than people according to box idaho. You're welcome. You're welcome according to vox. Idaho iowa kansas montana nebraska north dakota oklahoma south dakota and wyoming fewer humans than they do cattle in these states combined. There are thirty two million four hundred eighty nine thousand three hundred ninety one cows. That's more than one third of america's total cow population. Wow wow i raised joked about it. It's great to hear it's great to hear the numbers. It's good to put numbers to the hilarity. Because it's one of those things we throw around and rely of like. Why do cows get more votes than people in wyoming right and you're like it's just it's true. There are just more cows than people i love. Yeah okay number. Six mile number six This is from constitution center. Washington's last words were spoken around ten pm on december fourteenth quote. I am just going. Have me decently buried and do not let my body put into the vault less than three days. After i am dead..

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