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"lily mckenzie" Discussed on Discovered Wordsmiths

"Another episode of discovered wordsmiths. This is not a Passat 47, which seems impossible to me. I didn't think we get this hi, this fast. It's been really great meeting all these authors finding out about all these great books, having some good job Discussions. So, today I've got Lily McKenzie. She is originally from Canada. Now lives in California, and has written several books. Her latest one is called free fall off. And she's had an interesting journey and the book sounds great. Her other books, she includes some poetry, so she's done a little bit of several things. So check out the job interview hear about Lily and her book. And if you've been enjoying discovered wordsmiths, if you've been finding some good authors, please, go check the authors out. Go to the website discovered Edward Smith, and look for the authors that you may like look for the genres, you may like find some new Authors support, these new Authors, as they try to grow in a career authors. And if you do like the podcasting you've been listening to several episodes, please give us a review, the more people that listen and give reviews, the more people that know. Discover this and the more authors we can help with their author career. So without me rambling anymore. Here's Lily. All right. Well Lilly welcome to discovered Wordsmith. It's great to have you today. How are you? Thank you. I'm in glorious Northern California, where we're having this eighty degree weather month. Well, April Fool's, I'm in Ohio, and we had about an inch of snow this morning. Are you serious? Is that? Yeah? Bulls. Yeah. It's Mother Nature's a purposeful. It's snowing again right now in fact, oh, what a contrast? Yeah. Yeah, big difference. So, where in California? Do you live? Just outside San Francisco. Okay, I've never been up that far. You used to live down by San Diego, San Diego. Yeah, that's, that's a ways away for Ohio is like the distance of a whole country. That's right. Back in mentality. In other ways, too. I'm sure. Yeah, yeah, very much. So. You're right. Right. All right. Well, before we start talking about your book, tell everybody a little bit about yourself, what are some of the things you like to do? Besides writing, what's a little bitty? But your background where you come from what you've done, et cetera. Well, I'm originally from Canada wage. I grew up in Calgary Alberta. And when I was twenty-three, I, my adventure took over, and I applied to Bechtel Corporation to Trent, just want to me into the states because I'd worked for them in Canada, and they had their head office in San Francisco. So they sponsored me and I ended up in San Jose. Disco totally culture shocked. Because because at that time you couldn't even, I mean, if you went to a cocktail lounge, you had to sit down with your drink. You should not stand up and hold a drink. So coming to San Francisco to Broadway to the whole crazy scene here. I was it was took me several months to really acclimate. Thought it was a whole new world but I was a single mom and raising raising my son without any help from his father..

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