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"lily dale new york" Discussed on The Astrology Podcast

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"lily dale new york" Discussed on The Astrology Podcast

"YouTube. And because he's doing surprise gigs at little comedy clubs and the clips are showing a YouTube is a brand new thing at this point, but this is one of the things that just start showing up because he pulled his own sort of little Greta Garbo move when he left the show indeed and went to South Africa. So yeah, the progression in terms of how it synchronizes. I see it as part of his gradual reemergence because he went from just doing surprise gigs at little stand up clubs to eventually working his way up to this Netflix thing. He's got going now. Yeah, and maybe coming back and figuring out that was the beginning of the phase 2008 and forward of him coming back and figuring out and setting the terms and coming back on his own terms, which was primarily as a comedian and as by that time he's like the sort of elder comedian like states person over the past decade rather than somebody in the mid to early 2000s who he felt was kind of being trapped and had these people telling him what he could and could not do creatively, which he really wasn't happy about. So yeah, that's really interesting as to turning points in his life and in his career. Cool. All right, well, great example. I think we've covered a surprising amount of stuff today. I thought we were going to get through a fraction of the examples that we did. I know we still have others that we could have gone through. But I think we got the point across that when a planet is stationed by secondary secondary progression, I think hopefully after two hours and 15 minutes people have got the point, but if you didn't, your hopeless give up astrology. I don't know. I don't know about that. We keep trying, but you've never quit. Never quit. So both of you are practicing astrologers that give consultations, lectures, and classes and other writings and things. Catherine, what's your website and tell us about what your work and what you have coming up? Yeah, so you can find me on all platforms at ASTRO Catherine that's Catherine with the C and then my website is Catherine urban dot com and that's urban with a U and yeah, I just actually finished a course on secondary progression, so all of this is super fresh in my mind and that course is actually going to be available for download. So you can kind of go at your own pace. So the best way to keep up to keep posted on when that course drops is to join my mailing list. It should be out very soon. Yeah, and I just have some speaking engagements coming up. I'm going to be making appearances at various NCR chapters here in the next couple of months. And also, I will be speaking at the astrology gathering, which is a little conference in lily Dale, New York, which is if you've never heard of it, it's a little tiny town on a Lake full of psychic mediums, and you must be a psychic to live there. Awesome. That's exciting. Yeah. So your website is Catherine urban dot com. And I'll put a link to that in the description below this video on YouTube or on the astrology podcast website if people are listening to the audio version. Perfect, yeah, and I'm also just offering consultations. So yeah, that's pretty much the bulk of what I've got going on on a week to week basis. And I've got all kinds of forecasts on pretty much all the platforms. So that's where you can find me. Cool. Yeah, and people if they wanted to get a consultation focusing on secondary progressions with you and applying this technique they could do it just by contacting you for a console. Absolutely. Awesome. And Nick, what about you? What do you have going on? What's your website URL? My website is Nick degen best astrologer dot com. And I'm presently, like I said earlier, I'm working on a series of video essays about largely about planetary stenotic cycles, but I'm also going to touch on subjects like secondary progressions and what have you. But yeah, I'm very interested in the video essay format. It's something I feel like I've been training my whole life to have a stab at. So yeah, it's coming together nicely. I've got a lot of different episodes planned. Like the one I mentioned earlier about pop groups of the 70s and their venous retrogrades and the carpenters and the Bee Gees and ABBA and all those people. But some other AC/DC and Van Halen for the harder rockers. And a bunch of other things, politics, cinema, authors, all kinds of different really interesting horoscopes and the life stories that go with them. The first episode I'm working on is topical because it is about Russia. I've read a lot about Russia. And even visited there in 2016 and I'm kind of glad I did because I don't know if it'll be a place anyone wants to go to for a long time to come. But yeah, so all kinds of stuff there. And then just day to day, I offer consultations. I can be booked through my website. One hour consultations. I talk about secondary progressions transits, whatever. Whatever people need to sort out their stuff, whatever they come to me with. I help them with..

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