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"liliam bissett" Discussed on The Nod

"Predominantly from the neighborhood, he's a life lawn south signer and hearing him talk about it. You could Asunto thought of them as family. We look through the box for a bit, but that's not what you're here for. That's right. That's true. That's not what I'm here for. I had one thing and one thing only I wanted to know from Barry, how did he make the blackest commercial ever sane. Let's have a sausage was made because it sausage get share, please. That's story. Turns out berry had a lot of help make sense. He produced everything from behind the camera, but much of the creative contribution actually came from his employees. Most of whom were from the neighborhood. Connick lyrics. They were actually written by a black woman bears his secretary who wasn't aspiring poet Liliam Bissett my very first secretary. She liked to dabble with poems. So she started a little poem about. Way for catfish, you know, Tommy likes, ribs and chicken wings, where can I get her mixed tape? It is. It's pretty fired. And if you look real close, you can actually see lien Bassett in the commercial. She's one of the women who standing by the register, she's the one wearing glasses and it didn't stop there. Another employee help with the music giving you that earworm of a hook. Catfish..

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