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"ligi ord" Discussed on True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

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"ligi ord" Discussed on True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

"Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. Your host Kit crum and today's podcast is coming to you from the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library where I continue to look into the metaphysical and paranormal with the owner of Ashland. Oregon's mystique mich- Psychic Boutique. And I have rain. Also with me a clairvoyant. Now did I pronounce your name Right. Mystic Missions Mystic Misha's on my first question is for you. What is a Psychic Boutique? And Are you psychic? Yes so a second fatigue When I would when I went describe The Boutique to be is a place. Where people of all faiths spiritual lists philosophies can come in congregate in find any type of spiritual aid or item whether to Crystal Talisman for their for their next for protection a candles To help to help them in any way. Are you psychic? I would say I am in certain aspects. I have a. I feel like every psychic or intuitive person has their their niche their expertise in a certain type of clairvoyancy or being psychic for me. I'm actually a psychic. Who can smell sense? I forgot the Torello terminology on what that is. But it's not clear sentient Claire Santana's different even the word centers in there. That's the feeling it's the feeling you member name well. There's all different types of Clair's we're going to be discussing here in just a minute so we can. We can get back to our definition of term. Okay rain really curious. What is a clairvoyant? And when did you first come to the realization on now? We're in the back. I gotTA explain the phone. We're in the back of the Metaphysical Library and I hope somebody answers that quickly. But but Tell us what a clairvoyant is. And what a will. There's many different ways of working with the subconscious mind at everybody has the ability to tap into that ocean of the mind. It's it becomes a read a lot about it only because I've wanted to learn about myself and my own understanding of clairvoyance as well Everybody has a different way of connecting in hoping I'm making sense but For instance if I'm speaking to another claire they'RE GONNA. Bring me an answer to a question that I may have in my subconscious mind or I may have been thinking of. It's it's like a Web. It's literally like a web and I feel like it's that's how the spiritual portion comes into it because as we we listened to our own intuition the more we listen to our own intuition at the more in tune we are with our environment and understanding. And when did you first learn to do this to tap into the subconscious mind and even as a child? I practiced this on a regular basis. But Not Knowing. There's many pictures you know me as a child just kind of looking like. I'm staring off into space but My family used to call it rains in her land. You know and they would just let me be and I love to discover nature and all of that but as I got older and had children. It's amazing how children also teach us more than we teach them when it comes to our own understanding of ourselves and then as well. I practiced as a Dula for sixteen years assisting women in birth which is also very highly spiritual. And there's a lot that goes on with that as well. What should difference between a psychic and clairvoyant? And I believe there's a connection there There's different types of players and that would take us a little while to get through all the different senses but there's a clairvoyant is within the category of being psychic right. So that's with the intuition subconscious. Mind sub-conscious knowing it's there so many different variances of understanding and weekly there several category of median. Yes well absolutely. Yeah and I have never met another psychic. That is exactly like me or vice versa. So it's really individualized extremely melts. D Do you have to practice or is this something that is just you. I mean everything else we do. We seem to have to practice at the state our peak if you didn't utilize suitability to tap in Or or do a reading for someone. Let's say for six months. Would you be as I guess you for lack of a better word? Would you be as accurate as if you were doing? Several people a day a week after practice. There's a balance there. It's tight rope. Because there's you have to keep your own balance as far as like knowing what your boundaries are within tapping into that portion of the mind cause were not twenty. Four seven psychics. You know it doesn't work like that at least it doesn't for me. I don't know anybody that it does work like that So when I'm at work I'm very much knowing and I have prepared through like meditation and things of that nature For the clients that I see sure okay. Questioned from one of my listener. Steve Stephen Fry wants to know if a fortune till I guess for you Mitch. If a fortune teller he said one. Are they psychic? And why do they use a crystal ball? Well I think the whole crystal ball thing is kind of a vision. We have from Disney movies in the whole cliche. When it's not a cliche it's true. People do use crystal balls. It's called scrounging and seeing visions in a crystal ball and every claire or psychic or medium has their own niche. They have their own set tools that they use or the gravitate towards just to help them and help the client understand. Hey this is what I'm seeing or feeling Some people don't even need a tool. They can just download Rankin completely download for for the visual. She does use a set of playing cards that she's created her own deck. I think more for the client to see what she's doing but We call her a download or so information through spirit is literally downloading Walter subconscious in Coming out for me. I also get downloads. For instance if someone's coming to me for advice on a certain person or or just. They're having some troubles in a certain area or with a particular person. I could literally latch onto that energy. Who they're talking about and connect with that energy and she. Yeah is what we call a hooker. Again it's a joke we have as a shop But yeah they call me the hooker Because I could hook into that and tap into that energy that the client is asking me about a particular person which leads a nice segue into the next question if you were doing reading and somebody came in and requested you sat down and we're doing a reading. Are there ever seen as you hook or you see? You don't necessarily say to them that maybe you hold back for one reason or another well you know and this is great question for for rain. out briefly Express that there's always a certain way to say things a gentle Things and not to be crass Like for instance I would say in the spiritual world environment rare living in locally I would never say oh. This person is GonNa die on such and such date. There's different ways of handling that type of information because we are not God. We don't nothing is concrete. I think we all have paths in in life that we choose. So for instance rain could be giving a reading and giving a certain particular advice with the person will do something else that leads to a different chain of events so we all have choices human beings in this life. We're living in. Well let me let me let me this. Next question is again from one of my listeners. Shirley Chen and she wants to know. If there's anything dangerous about Ouija board rain we were talking earlier. And you mentioned experienced than I wonder if he'd relate that to share and we all have different spiritual teachers that come to us on different basis at times And I was forewarned by an elder a teacher of mine to never mess with the wage board being that I am a chandler. The OUIJA board opens up a whole other realm of darkness that I don't need to attach to personally so as well as having a familial experience as far as we in my family we've had a wage board throughout generations and with my mother's generation it had been thrown away by my aunt and when we were moving My grandparents home. We opened the chest in there was the Ouija board again and we all witnessed her. Go and throw it into the dumpster. A huge dumpster needlessly. Yeah yeah the not anybody could get back into. I now live with my aunt and in the room that I'm in. I opened up the closet. And there's the OUIJA board so Spooky. Yay We've had conversations about burning it. They do definitely carry an energy of paranormal and yet a portal for those that are Curious Lake. In the curious it are various. Did that can be a very dangerous thing. Absolutely especially for children. Yes Because they are already insightful and knowing open is as we grow older that we start to learn to guard ourselves from things such as that but most definitely. I wouldn't I would not play with one so show if somebody came in and said. Do you have a Ouija board in here you would. You would caution them against it yet. Definitely we spoken about that actually having one in the shop. And we're both just Kinda like why you know why. Why would we need to have one but it is interesting to most people? It is interesting to them because people get almost a spiritual high off of doing things of that nature right if they have an attachment of any sort a lot of times. They feel lake their supernatural or all these other things when in fact it's a paranormal attachment and the answer. Now Yeah and like. She said demands dark entities shadows. Those all are things that are associated with a wage board in. If you're not properly grounded in you don't have the spiritual chills as far as knowing how to ground yourself protecting yourself with Divine light or the bubble That many spiritualists know about It could be a very tricky thing to play with so especially with children in kids teenagers. Oh let's do the board. Let's see if we begin. The answers are contact. My grandpa or what have you It it's playing with fire. Basically okay I played with one When I was eighteen years old I was working in a department store. This girl she brought in a wig in the back the back room and she had told me that she had come from a whole family of wiccans. Who did dark magic at that point? I wasn't very familiar with all that Dr Negative stuff or or or dark the dark side of of cleared ONC- or magic something like that inch when she opened the Ligi Ord. I literally felt something jump on my shoulders like someone was sitting on my shoulders and I could not get rid of that feeling for in our and after that there was a turn of events that had happened. inspired so I had Received cleansings in really become aware I started reading On that whole subject in seeing what I can do to you reverse. I had done it ever since then. I've never touched a OUIJA board It's just a very Vulnerable Porthole to open these stark entities are wanting to attach in latch on to energies of lights and energies of of vulnerable people being vulnerable and it can be a dangerous thing so all you listeners out there. I caution option yet. Well this is good but let me ask you the same question. I asked rain. When did you first and again a two-part question? When did you first realize that you had this? Intuitive this this psychic nature and at hundred come to what was it an image or impression. Wait so I would say I like how you described it as second nature because for me it came in in steps when I was young When I was a little girl I would see images of positive and negative and they would be informed of different light energies when I was nine years old. Need my best friend Meghan. I still know her to this day. I'll we actually kind of wheat. Leak came into a whole spiritual awakening between nine and thirteen years old. And that's when I learned about reincarnation. I learned outs astral travelling soul traveling. I started seeing divine light With sparks I would see sparks. I would see like lightning bolts. She would see the same thing so I would be speaking to individual at school and depend I could no I?.

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