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"lieutenant michael wallace" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"L A Clearwater police have arrested a woman for leaving her boyfriend's seven year old boy in a cold tub all night, Kyrie Gordon was unresponsive when 33 year old Sean to Belcher tried to wake him up. Instead of calling 911. She had her 10 year old son, move him into the tub. Lieutenant Michael Wallace says it was a difficult case for the officer because somebody failed, Tolo. Take the appropriate action they should as a parent or a smother human being. Belcher called her boyfriend the following morning. By the time paramedics arrived, the child couldn't be saved, Police say. Belcher admitted she should have called for help sooner. It's called swatting. When someone calls 911 to report a fake threat being a hostage situation or a bomb threat, it causes police to jump into action and prepare for the worst. It happened to a north port family have the woman's email account was hacked, allowing a cyber criminal to access her ring doorbell camera, he suddenly found that the police SWAT team had positioned themselves outside her home. Somebody called in a false report of a potential homicide with explosives at a home didn't necessarily add up right away, but we had to take every precaution. Just in case Josh Taylor with North for police tells news Channel eight they were able to make contact with the homeowner and went through the process of confirming that it was, in fact, a prank. Rain confirms it wasn't the doorbell camera that was hacked. They strongly suggest homeowners change their ring passwords and secure their personal email accounts..

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