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"lieutenant ed gruber" Discussed on Classics for Kids

"When Miller was very popular, big band leader in the nineteen thirties and forties during World War Two, he conducted the army air forces banned. It was only after World War Two that the air force became a separate Franch of the US military from the army. But the air force song was written just before World War Two. When they held a contest to find a song for the army air corps, Robert Crawford a singer who was also a pilot one with off. We go into the wild blue yonder. Captain Scofield says nowadays, each branch of the military has more than one band. For instance, the air force has thirteen band stationed around the world, ten in the United States and then three overseas, and they're definitely bigger than the original military bands. Each of the bands are made up of sixty members and two officers with the exception of the band in Washington and the band and Colorado Springs. John Phillips Sousa didn't just lead the marine band. He also conducted for the navy. The official navy band wasn't formed until nineteen twenty five, but at the naval academy, there's been banned since the mid eighteen hundreds tries Zimmerman who was one of the naval academy band masters and Alfred miles a student at the academy teamed up to write anchors away. That's a w. e. I g. h. when you weigh anchor, you raise it out of the water. So the ship can leave. Captain Scofield says he definitely didn't join the airforce and then hope to get into the band. You audition for a band before you join the airforce. You will audition for a specific spot, a trumpet opening. And then if you were found qualified at that point, then you joined the air force. The same goes for all the military bands, including the army, the army band dates from the end of World War One. The official army tune the case on song was written a bit earlier in nineteen. Eight back then ammunition was carried on k. son's case on is a French word for a box on wheels army. Lieutenant Ed Gruber kept hearing men with k. sons shout, keep them rolling, and he turned that into a song the case on keep rolling along. This week was American military bands next week, some non-military American bands. I'm Naomi Lewin. I write classics for kids and produce it with Tim Lander act w. g. UC Cincinnati. Please join me again. Next time for more classics for kids.

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