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"lier congress" Discussed on Let's Get Civical

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"lier congress" Discussed on Let's Get Civical

"Year. The lincoln assassination episode where we infamously discover the hottest assassin ever to walk this earth. So give it a listen stay safe stay healthy and we will see you in twenty twenty one. Hey everyone welcome to. Let's get civic all. This is the podcast that breaks down politics government structure and dives into the context of current events. But in a superfund way i'm lizzy stewart comedian feminist and political junkie and arden wallet housekeeper. Former senate intern campaign staffer and political. Strategist in this episode. We're talking about the assassination. Of abraham lincoln so grab your unreasonably hot co-conspirator and let's get typical. We can't be. We can't be like giggling schoolgirls more about to talk about this topic. I know it's really inappropriate really appropriate. But it's i when you texted me this idea. I was bedridden for being sick. And i just sort of like allowed me to live another day. Oh we were gonna talk about talk about. This is a dog about which is a sign that. I'm spiral i i was like. What could we cover as like we just did medicare. We just did a big program. We've talked about primaries so we need something like light. Light and airy in fine has that we can really like morale we can laugh about it so quite obviously we are talking about the assassination of abraham lincoln. Which isn't funny not funny. It's actually very good. President died but but i. It's been long enough. That i feel like it's just it's gonna keep me above water like there's nobody alive today. Who was alive then yeah. There's nobody currently traumatized by this event. Yes it was alive today. But man i know people are going to be mad at us for laughing at it but i'm not laughing at you know laughing at it. It's just it's it's finally if something fun to talk about because it's crazy it's crazy. It's actually not cut and dry. And if you have the story of lincoln's assassination no you do not have the on your top hat because there's a lot going on so i'm ready to jump right in and do a the assassin given all the time that it needs and all this stuff that i'm about to talk about is coming from america's library coa aka the library of congress like a special part of the library. Of course they're part. Yeah and it's like america's library and then the under it is like america's story america's stories because these assignation of abraham lincoln is america's story. So that's coming from lier congress smithsonian magazine and then doris kerns from goodwin and us. History dot org. Yeah all of our friends. will we. Should say doris kerns. Goodwin is like the preeminent presidential historian like were historic his arch said. Yes doris but historic is also funny. She's his door historian. Now she there's bits and pieces of her article in the smithsonian magazine throughout like a lot of very very very detailed information and like there's actually quotes from the people who were like at the assassination s. I wanna hear from all of that imams from her article so go read it that night. You're just like chilling. I wanna hear from row q. Seat for their like. They're like oh my god don't this is like somebody. There was on a first date that.

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