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"liens gettysburg" Discussed on Based On a True Story

"Again you know the movie. They portrayed as happening literally on the morning. July first of coercion that builds up the drama. How Chamberlain going to integrate all these all? He's hard some. The. Timing is definitely compress, but again you see that a lot in Hollywood so. What do you think Eric Chamberlain? A rousing speech like that. What are you saying? Maybe he did. Baby didn't all John. Chamberlain was ignited or a tour after the war, he gave a number of speeches in Nollie his career in academia, but also article for Governor of Maine So this is the guy that probably could give a good speech now whether or not he gets everybody together and gives them this. Sort of immoral of US sermon if you will. We. Don't know that, but certainly if anybody could give a speech, chamberlain was more than capable of if he was not. A young guy was noticed not being. Able to give a speech, if necessary. It's a good point whether it actually happened. It, certainly and character, but again you know the thing to which we touched on the in the opening this idea again. We're fighting the climactic battle. You know man. Oh, man, we lose this one. The war's over scenario now we're like what fifteen minutes into the movie and we've already heard that two or three times again, trying to set the stage you know and he's Super Bowl. Laver wins this one. It's going to take it all. That's definitely what I took away from that. At that point was the entire war hangs in the balance on this battle, especially after that speech, and I think Lee certainly fell a victory on northern soil. Could go a long way into possibly leading to confederate independent. Now were probably not gonNA. Have a you know George Washington meets Cornwallis at Yorktown type situation where the army surrenders. But there was political pressure Lake Administration, the summer and sixty three to in the war over two hundred thousand Americans had already died to this point and in April eighteen, sixty three federal drafts had been implemented in the north so. Many ways eighteen, sixty three in summer, is not that far removed from say nine, hundred, sixty eight over the Vietnam conflict. The war is kind of hanging else little bit, so if we can win a victory in the north, certainly would increase the odds poss with southern independence, but I wanNa then count. Tamp down the Liens Gettysburg. This war's over. That's not the case. Yeah exactly what you know, what I always tell people on tours began it would more than anything. It would be potentially potentially forcing Lincoln from a political perspective again getting back to the movie you notice opening of we're gonNA destroy the army and put a letter on his DASS. It Oh isn't isn't practical really in eighteen, sixty three or really at any other I'm Lawrence aspects. You know you arnie's quote on poking destroyed. The army of foaming even if they skinny the numbers down a little bit of metal. So. It sounds like generally was going for a huge moral victory. Almost you know winning this battle in the north. Correct me if I'm wrong, but almost hoping that this moral victory might help push the north to almost sued for peace I mean not necessarily right away or or any of that, but get that ball rolling. If people are starting to be tired of the war than maybe this can help. Further that cause does that sound like maybe the storyline there I think that's the best case scenario I mean certainly people in the north as you said are tired of war. The Democrats were obviously pressuring Lincoln to You know to get out of it which you see in the subsequent election. Let's probably best case scenario even in a worst case scenario if Lee can. Deal military victory or defeat the army, the mic Lee can even just disrupt the Union army's plans for the summer, and an alliance says that in a couple of occasions Gettysburg. People didn't do anything for the rest of the summer and even from. Perspective perspectives Mac and be considered victory I. Think we have to look at what victory is from south. The North has to win the south just. Doesn't have to lose, so the metrics are different. There in the south doesn't have to win this. They don't lose and so I think Lee. Certainly looking at that, keep in mind making sixty three Pennsylvania is the second largest state in the union. A magical, the political impact of losing a battle in the second largest. In your nation. How's that going to affect Lincoln? Say Next November with his election, so we can see. Play out and often I tell people until I. You don't have to win world battlefield. You can just as easily win it politically and I think that's really what Lee is looking at eighteen, sixty three. The odds of winning militarily are down, but the odds of winning political. You're certainly up in his favor when he embarks the for campaign. That's another common I always make too about the importance of Pennsylvania. What I remind people on Tours is that you know Lee Captures Harrisburg or not? South? Pennsylvania in eighteen sixty three. That's a big deal. If he captured Harrisburg today, he could keep it. We don't want it, but in eighteen sixty was a big deal. Heading back to the movie. Sam, Elliott's character General John Buford. He's leading his coury near the outskirts of Gettysburg, and he's the first to come across the confederate army as they're marching the movies dialogue says that with the number of men they see the confederate army from afar. They thought they were headed for Harrisburg, but there's too many troops to be a raiding party. So they determined that Lee has turned and there's a brief mentioned from General Buford where he mentions taking two brigades of men into town. But then right after this. Then there's some text onscreen and puts us about fourteen miles from Gettysburg in tiny town Maryland as chamberlain and his men in the Union army arrive in that town. Then we see General Buford and his men arriving in Gettysburg, but they don't stay in town. Buford leads his men to farmland just outside town where he surveys what I can only assume I. Don't remember the movie ever mentioning this, but I'm assuming he's surveying this that he is predicting. This is going to be the site of a battle like this is the site of the battlefield. He's kind of looking at it ahead of time. So the idea that I get from the movie as I'm watching this here is that the Union army basically arise I, and they position themselves around the town of Gettysburg so they can have a strategic foothold in the area when the confederate army gets there. Is that true what I can tell people about the movie versus story? Is I do? The basics of this movie are accurate sizing basics, others colleagues who disagreed with me and say my God. No none of it's accurate. That's not true they. Or accurate, so what really happened? He'll rise in.

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