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Ceasefire during COVID-19 pandemic essential, to safeguard 250 million children

UN News

02:13 min | 3 years ago

Ceasefire during COVID-19 pandemic essential, to safeguard 250 million children

"N Children's Fund UNICEF F. One on Friday that two hundred and fifty million children around the world living in the waking nightmare of conflict desperately need warring to stop fighting as the cave in nineteen pandemic spreads in an appeal UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta. Four urged belligerent. To consider that they would not be able to battle the disease while still fighting each other to the children through these waking nightmares. A ceasefire could mean the difference between life and death. She said adding that it would protect children from being killed maimed or forced from their homes and stop the attacks on health centers water and sanitation systems. Misfortune call comes nearly a month after you and chief. Antonio Guitarist appealed for a global ceasefire which has resulted in a temporary lull in hostilities. In eleven countries violent conflict continues nonetheless in parts of Afghanistan became a facile Libya Mali Myanmar Syria Ukraine Yemen and elsewhere. The unions have appeal coincides with the release of UN research suggesting that the recession caused by cave nineteen could cause hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths this year responding to the findings which would reverse gains in reducing infant mortality. Un Secretary General Antonio guitarfish called for urgent action to protect youngsters wellbeing even before the pandemic childhood malnutrition and stunting were at unacceptable levels. He said now with classrooms closed almost everywhere. Nearly three hundred ten million children who rely on school meals are missing out on this. Daily dose of nutrition children are victims and witnesses of domestic violence and abuse with schools. Closed and important early warning mechanism is missing the UN chief explained reviews household income will force poor families to cut back on essential else and food expenditures particularly affecting children pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and the self-services become overwhelmed. Seek children are less able to access get with the global recession gathering base there could be hundreds of thousands of vicious child deaths in twenty twenty in addition to the suspension of polio vaccination campaigns measles immunization has also been halted in at least twenty three countries the UN secretary general continued

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