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"libertador dray" Discussed on Bigmouth

"We're talking about Jimmy Dr dre Jimmy. I've seen is the Libertador Dray is the innovator. Suffered a little bit more impressive. To work harder than the next guy. And did you next guy kit. I had to be a success if something friend of mine, but the government who turned I started doing. I wanted to be able to get in there. Sofia Harris won't goes in feet. First it starts with three billion apple deal to buy beats being leaked because drills mate Theresa's drunk on Twitter and then ramps up from there. What did you make of it? Did you enjoy it? Did I enjoy? Yes. I did when when it first came on the screen, and you get this wounding say may contain. No, well does contain nudity gore. Self harm. I don't blame me. And I didn't see any of those things feature in the first couple of episodes of don't think. But maybe we just knew to that kind of thing. We don't notice it anymore. Yeah. It is. It's a really exciting beginning. And they also have this the roll call of all the people who are going to appear in the in the series sitting down in their chairs and getting comfortable. And is this my my best angling who over your? Yes. Did you feel you learn something about the the the difference or the American music business? Now's. Dude. I I mean, I guess in a way I kind of feel like the American music businesses on music business, just because there's so much crossover and culturally, you know, we're not talking about some random obscure little strand of American culture. It's the stuff that most British teenagers were into at the time and still kind of rifle around in. Dillon. You've seen the whole series on Netflix. What's your take on the defiant ones? This is this is written like, it's a novel..

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