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"Stephanie Miller Oh yeah Essentially Liberal Party weekend yeah it is Karen Chicago will be there Oh my God Karen Hey Karen Oops Did I do it wrong Hello Oh no Oh no Really Today's not a good day for mummy's phones Okay hi Karen in Chicago Hello Hi everybody Hi Hi I name dropped you yesterday on I talked the delightful new host there patty Patty basketball I believe yes uh huh And then I guess I dropped your name I said everybody from Chicago Anyone that's anyone from Chicago's going Karen and Chicago will be there Yep Absolutely With bows on And stuff don't feel bad I'm still doing laundry let alone packing That's the thing Listen whatever you do okay If you can't do the backless dress just do something with Velcro And we'll work around this Thank you Yeah that's so sexy Yes Velcro dress Yeah this is caraway Yeah Yes I will wear a tear away dress for you The official thank you Oh my God I don't want to work that hard I'm just getting worse and worse All right Sexy liberal dot com if you want to check it out Anyway but thanks to the 9 Republicans who actually voted and did their job to uphold the oaths that they took to the constitution But the reality is it could have been a unanimous vote And the fact that these cult members are just running around trying to create chaos again I think Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt gets a desperate attempt on their behalf because they are going to be caught up in this They have all of their phone records And so guess what guys They know they're in trouble They know by the way we're going to in case you want to hire him at Gates is not a lawyer anymore He did not pay his bar fees Oh nope Someone said I guess they didn't take Venmo But yeah I mean I was thinking he should have been kicked out before Remember when he tweeted Michael Cohen the night before Cohen's testimony before Congress Oh does your wife know about your girlfriends Which is completely bull I mean how do you not take out or disbarred for that Yeah like let's go back with Devin Nunes and what he did The midnight run I mean all of these people need to be indicted I don't know how you get to serve in Congress I brought up yesterday about how is individual one Still not being prosecuted When Michael Cohen was yeah we have that sound Yeah but I don't know I think it is going to be a situation where Donald Trump is going to be in court for the rest of his life You know he's going to be fighting the legal battles And if that's what we get I guess that's what we got I mean I also breaking news about what he eats for lunch So I think actually his arteries may win out before the four justice does Yeah Either way I think it will be no one Casa in 24 but okay.

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Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party

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Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party

"Hi Mike Rossi a reporting Canadians re elect Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won Monday's parliamentary elections in Canada according to projections by the Canadian press and Canada's television networks but while the liberals were projected to win the most seats of any party it was initially unclear whether Trudeau succeeded in his gamble to win a majority of seats Trudeau called for an early vote two years ahead of the deadline betting Canadians would support his policies for battling Corbett nineteen under Trudeau Canada is among the most fully vaccinated countries in the world hi Mike Rossio

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"liberal party" Discussed on The Strategists

"Truths truths. I'm actually telling them the truths and if pushes them away. That's okay. they're leaving the liberals they're leaving. The new democrats are there. People who don't see themselves fitting into canadian society and and that is a failure on all of our parts carter. I'm going to ask the last one to you. Start with you trudeau. Saying he's got no regrets for the election call during the pandemic. it's been something that he's been asked over and over again he says once again. No absolutely no regrets for calling this election. I'm gonna read you the quote here. No absolutely not. This is a time when canadian should be get a very clear chance on on who they want to end this pandemic so a bit of a shift in his language Who they want to kind of end. This pandemic once and for all carter. Would you have gone with the more riskier. approach here. Perhaps exposing yourself more or less riskier sort of like you know. We're in it now. Whatever or was this fine this tone of absolutely not. I've got no regrets whatsoever. We're powering through. We're going to you know and kind of spinning it in that regard. I think i'd keep it at the exact same level of risk. I mean i might add in the economic recovery. But you know i would say when i was elected in two thousand nineteen. No-one had envisioned this type of situation. Now we're two years into it Doesn't look like it's going away. I mean the the end the pandemic language. I'm not sure any of us are buying into this ending. Cova thing at this stage. I think managing covert for the for as long as it's here Is is probably the way to go. And he could have been a little bit more clear on on that type of language But he'd be nuts absolutely nuts to say yes. Enormous fuck up cannot believe how bad. I made how bad i call this. He'll be saying that if he does not get his majority government in these turfed out in Three to four months is the leader of the liberal party. That's when he'll be able to to say..

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"liberal party" Discussed on The Strategists

"And generally want to turn off the part of your brain that cares about those things and just look at the strategy and and the technics of it. But they're clearly not working either as here we are looking at polls that are going down like this and i just i. We're a third of the way through this campaign. This is act one right. Yeah well this is twelve days. Where are they going from here. How are they going to make sure that. We don't wake up on september twenty first with prime minister erna tool because the way it's going right now. I think a lot of canadians would welcome at carter. I know actually let me give you a fair shake at this. Why now say yeah. No now let me give you a fair shake. Let's make it the first. I asked you about the daily tracking. Let me ask you about the daily daily tracking and give you the fair shake of okay. Drop the drop the curtain on that. And tell me about if you're in one of these parties if you're in the liberal party not one of these parties if you're in the liberal party right now two coreys point you gotta have to be taken this seriously right you gotta have to start thinking about some remodeling some redrafting of the story. Maybe killing a few ads trying to script something new. You gotta don't you. Oh yeah i mean. I don't think there's any question that liberal campaign day wanted twelve has not gone as scripted. At all in fact i would argue. They didn't seem to have a script which was really weird for a group that actually called the election. I mean we've talked about it in the last couple of young and we we we know and we also mentioned right in. This is what i wanted to say. We almost talked about it last week. About quote unquote going dark on the weekend. Would your story be for this week. Did you see carter to your point. Did you now that we're pretty much at friday. Did you see him monday. To thursday story that you could really see some characters in see you know some texture where they're going division. Did you see any of that. This week reluctantly. I'm saying no. I'm i'm still i'm i'm i think that the the the liberal campaign is still lurching and looking for a reason and and some sort of thing to grab onto. They haven't been a. And i think that frankly all the negativity being almost all the negativity is is really define them very poorly because if if you if they'd come out and said that the reason we're doing this election isn't to protect you from the ep but to define a an economic future out of this pandemic that that makes sense the doesn't immediately put us back into six significant cuts because we're going to do is let us down easy. Get us get us back to fully functioning as quickly as possible without turning off all the tops I think they could have. They could have done something a lot better but they just didn't and they didn't seem to have anybody in place that wanted to and that to me is baffling. I know when. I'm running a campaign. And i've got twenty eight days or thirty five days. I know what the script looks like for each of those days. And i just don't think this campaign did corey jump in here. I want to get your thoughts. Before i move onto some of my my follow up questions on reformatting and such. Yeah and. I think that that's kind of where i wanna go. There are still two acts here. The future is not written. I wouldn't want anyone to take either. What steve is saying. I think it's fair to say..

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Genocide, why won't world leaders call it what it is?

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Genocide, why won't world leaders call it what it is?

"Sounds like term from antiquity. The kind of thing that there might have been an eleventh commandment forbidding it is not the word dates from as recently as nineteen forty four when it was coined by the polish lawyer raphael lampkin to define the holocaust he survived and which dozens of his family did not genocide is also a relatively modern crime though. Humans have fought clan clan tribe on faith on faith and nation or nation for as long as they have been humans. The ambition of completely wiping out an entire bunch of people was substantially thwarted for most of history by the limits of technology. They are arguably cases to be made for rome's destruction of coffee in one hundred and forty six bc and athens conquest of mills to hundred and seventy years before that but the industrialization of extermination is in general and as raffaelle lincoln recognized name modern blights pilot. And i think that's the spirit. The unanimous bill family the biscuit behind by all allstate ratified mile parliaments at the earliest date inaudible advised acumen rights. Forgive given the protection of international law for the sake of progress and international. Lincoln's legacy is the un's nineteen forty eight convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide and the row continuing unto the present day over what genocide means who is entitled to accuse him of committing it. And what should be done about it if someone has this week. Canada became the second country to officially describe china's repressions of it's largely muslim week minority as genocide. Well after a fashion though the motion passed parliament. Two hundred and sixty six votes to zip canada's prime minister justin trudeau and most of his cabinet sat out. The motion was put forward by the conservatives. Who called on the liberals to send a united message about human rights. The vote was non-binding although it was backed by all opposition parties and some members of trudeau's own liberal party with the pragmatism or cowardice or a bit from column a and a bit from column be this abstention highlights the reason that governments are often pretty reticent about accusing anybody else of genocide. The convention on genocide does not merely oblige signatories to not commit genocide. It obliges them to act if someone else does. It's right there in article one. The contracting parties confirmed that genocide where the committed in time of peace or in time of war is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish the trouble with invoking. The g word is that it implicitly summons an assumption of accompanying action which puts into context the motivations of the first country to accused china genocide against the week as the united states in the very lost hours of president. Donald trump's term so possibly laissez noble statement of principle and more the diplomatic equivalent of sewing prunes into the curtains vixen incoming tenant although intriguingly president joe biden's administration has thus far stood by the declaration. We're going to stop the chinese from their actions. We should be gone to the un immediately and so at sanctions against them in the united nations. For what they did. We have to be firm. We don't have to go to war but we have to make it clear. This is as far as you go. China the difficulty is that stopping the genocide very often necessitates confronting the people committing it and this can be risky expensive and difficult to sell to voters whose interest in the travails of people in place. They couldn't point to on globe cannot be taken for granted. This is the conundrum that to site. One inglorious example lead to the us administration of president bill clinton wintering squeamishly about act of genocide in rwanda in nineteen ninety-four had the us formally called the acts of genocide. An actual genocide questions might have been asked about why words were not being accompanied by the eighty second airborne

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"liberal party" Discussed on Movin 92.5

"Put a fire in your heart. Give it a goose pimples all over your body. All right, play it. All right. Sit toward the end zone. See those going to the Super Bowl? That moment could happen again starting tomorrow. So I do two things right now. First thing get pumped. Okay, second thing. Side up for Brooke in Geoffrey's direct deposit the paper You're favorable party. We are way money doing this. Hell, yes, it does Paper that the liberal Party when the hostile to the Super Bowl, so you need to go to moving on to five. Calm right now, or download the moving out and put your name and we call it at 78 noon or five have nine minutes and 25 seconds to call us back and get you paid. And what color is that money? That's good. The Wilson personally asked me to tell you to sign up. Don't let her dad what do you want to listen to a brand new laser stories coming up right after this? You're telling me you wanna shoot? It's funny, but honey from the sole of your own fucking somebody shake. There's only so much I think I'll show you a real clean baby. No, that was just to save me. Just tell you and you want to do, Don't we.

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Hungarian lawmaker resigns after caught fleeing a 'sex party' by climbing down a drainpipe

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Hungarian lawmaker resigns after caught fleeing a 'sex party' by climbing down a drainpipe

"Know. The career of a close ally of the hungarian prime minister viktor orban who was also an emmy p. has ended in a welter of scandal and suspicion as his actions threaten the public valleys of the right wing fidesz party lily by is a reporter at politico and she's here with more lily. It's with all the key elements. We have sex politics lawbreaking drugs and intrigue sitting comfortably. Tell us what happened It's quite an extraordinary story So basically over the weekend. A member of the european parliament. You'll jeff siad of the blue announced that he is resigning He is a member of hungary's ruling fetus party but It's important to understand that he's not just an ordinary member. he's one of the co founders of the party. He was there with prime minister. Viktor orban and others in nineteen eighty-eight when they started this political journey back then as young liberals he has been the prime minister's inner circle ever since and has played a key role in hungary and politics including the lead author of one of the hungarian government's main political projects. The two thousand eleven constitution. So he's really a an important figure especially in the intellectual circles of the ruling party so when he resigned that sparked a lot of questions. Initially people were wondering are there any divisions within the ruling party. What's going on. And then on tuesday details started leaking. I two local belgian press that that a member of the european parliament had attended a party on friday night in brussels. That was by police. Now it's important to Stand for those of our listeners. Who who are not familiar with bowel gyms rules that we have pretty strict covert related restrictions here about gatherings so belgian. Trust reported that there were about Twenty five naked men this particular party which at police had raided for violating the health related restrictions. And what prosecutors later said is that a passer-by had seen someone sleeping along the gutter This person It turns out Mr sire the a member of the european parliament was apprehended and then police found narcotics in his backpack after the leaks. Uche the politician. He admitted to having been present at the party but denied that the narcotics were his and this created a huge storm and hungarian politics given closely associated. He has personally with the prime minister. An element of his behavior do you think was most offensive to the party. I mean could he got away with it if it had. Just been about breaking lockdown rules. Well it's it's hard to tell but one thing to to note is that Ever since the late nineteen eighties when fetus was a young idealistic liberal political party on the were informal conversations within the party about mr sires Sexual orientation this is something. He has never discussed in public. And of course it's it's up to him to to to discuss But but within the party party members were chatting about this and at the time Wait what people say now is that they simply did not care They saw that. It's his private matter of what he does in his private life. And it's it didn't impact his initial political career. He was The group leader of the fidesz faction in the european in the are in the hungarian parliament. Initially in one thousand nine hundred ninety so he was quite an important figure within that party and so you know feed us because of its strategic trajectory. It's important to note you know it used to be a liberal party. It evolved over the years. It moved further and further to the right at today. It's a party that has been criticized for for what Lgbt activists call Anti gay policies but initially it did not have that kind of ideology back in the in the eighties and nineties. But i mean as you say. He had significant input into the very conservative constitution which holds family values it doesn't recognize. Lgbt rights he's married to a female judge judge as you say they've been whispers about his own sexuality so i wonder how this has affected the party. How it's affected feeders. In terms of just sheer hypocrisy. That's right so. I think that the opposition in hungary has really seized upon this issue Some have talks about What what one. Opposition politician called the moral bankruptcy Of the party. And i think that this will be an issue in the twenty. Twenty two election campaigner there will be elections then and it's already looking like a tough race even though Hunger in minister viktor. Orban is in quite powerful position and critics say an unfairly powerful position because of the covid crisis and because of economic problems in hungary like most other countries experiencing It's already said to be a tough campaign and having this kind of Scandal so close to to the real start of of of the race. Is i think putting more pressure on the party. And that's why. I think on wednesday or bounded something quite untested hinted for him He he gave a statement saying that. What cya did was unacceptable and indefensible and he said that This kind of behavior has no place in the values of the political family. And this was quite extraordinary. In hungarian context because i was with such a close friend and ally for over three decades And it's very very rare Side did quit the party. Officially on wednesday as well It's very rare for someone of that stature to to be publicly criticized by by the party to actually quit just quickly before we go. We know that he was a key figure. In brussels. In terms of of hungarian paulo within the eu. And i wonder if this will have an impact on the covert relief budget. Talks where hungary's vetoing the because the eu's insisting that the country conforms to various elements of the law so prime minister or bond was are speaking on hunger and state radio just about an hour ago and he repeated that hungary is came to its original hard line position on the eu budget and rule of law is a big conflict about that because a lot of eu countries in the european parliament one to length distribution of funding to respect for the rule of law There has been a lot of speculation about whether this is going to weaken or bounce position. a bit hard to tell right now We will see. I'm next week when

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"liberal  party" Discussed on Health Australia Party News

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"liberal party" Discussed on Health Australia Party News

"Can you elaborate on what those amendments are? So the original bill that's we've all been jumping up and down was so terrible. They're talking about Minority Report style arresting you before the crime took place. All of that's gone. So there's this big push from heaps of different groups and all this public pressure said you can't arrest people preemptively and you can't whole bunch of bad things in there like high-risk persons and so on that has been removed because the labor government bowed to the public pressure. So the labor government introduced was called the the Siamese draft, which is just the leader of the government in the in the upper house and she put it's only two pages home quite short and she did a few things. She removed all that. Genus that I was talking about the pre-crime stuff and she added I say she but you know, it's the labor party and they added in a bunch of specificities. So they are saying things like designated authorized officers now can basically come from a group of people not just anyone they've removed that open claws wage. Is the secretary of the DHHS could appoint anyone for any reason? Otherwise now the DHS secretary can still technically appoint anyone but they must have the appropriate experience. Now, I'm sure they could fudge that but we can take them to court for that. If they don't follow that line. Other than that you have to be a police officer appear. So a worksafe inspector a public sector employee of a state wage other than Victoria or Victoria or a health service provider the Amendments then go on to specify which emergency Powers those one, two, three, four five classes of faith can exercise so to give you an example, uh, the police officers can only exercise. I think it's three of these section 190 public health risk Powers, where's the work state inspector can exercise almost all of them. So each of those classes has different powers under this amendment. So that is the amendment that labor introduced to the Omnibus Bill page. That's what got everyone to vote for it. And that's why it passed today. So it sounds like they've taken the most scary part has been taken out. At least it seems so they have been to remember Wars song lost by gradually not losing, you know, so yeah, they they were taking a hundred miles and and they only took five miles but we still lost fired miles. So one of the things I was really encouraged about to answer the second part of your question the Liberals put forward another amendment to this bill today and they said we want to add into new Clauses one that any restriction of of distance from a particular place that people can travel too. So the 5-kilometer rule will hereby be illegal. So anything that has been made to that effect is void. So they were trying to delete the five kilometer or and the second call was that any future directions given to that effect will be null and void. So that's what the Liberal Party tried to get up today that get uploaded that not not get home. Failed as well..

secretary officer Victoria Liberal Party DHHS DHS
Has Scott Morrison spent too much?

Between The Lines

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Has Scott Morrison spent too much?

"Me. If you've already heard me mention this but one of my favorite quotes during the covid crosses a pdf the guardian. This is the British lift wing newspaper. Now, this was the heart of the coronavirus crisis. It would have been light much quote just as there are no atheists on a sinking ship, there are no free marketeers during a pandemic. Now, the author of that apt quote Jonathan Freedland, he was referring to the audio logical revolution within the British conservative. Party. Now, according to Freedland Boris Johnson's his have defied four decades of thatcherism small-state free-market, thinking I to spend staggering amounts of money and then subsidizing the wages of workers. Could the same thing be said about Australia's Liberal Party they're the party of Howard and Costello now embraces big-spending high deficit government interventionism. And is a permanent state of affairs poor kilis editor at large of the Australian US pipe and Judas Brit is emeritus professor of politics at Latrobe University poll judy welcome back to the show. Hristo Paul, you've written to calms about this subject in the past week, summarize your faces. Will Martha is that all parties and all governments have to respond to the times in which they find themselves on display in Australia. Now we face an extraordinary economic crisis and the response reveals the nature of Scott Morrison, his prime minister and the Mars and government. So Morrison, not responding as Liberal Party progressive or is it Liberal Party conservative? He doesn't see himself in those terms his responses pragmatic selects able and practical. He's not inhibited by former policy and audio logical icons of the Liberal Party. Say What we say is the government has abandoned the long-term syllabus aspirations. It's A. Big Spending government it's a government government intervention focused on Keynesian demand management. It does however on the Liberal Party tradition of tax cuts will see next week. So it's prepared to regulate or deregulate according to the situation according to what's required. So to sum up say that Morrison wants to be defined by results and outcomes not philosophical principle. Okay. You mentioned the tax cuts leaving that aside traditional liberal governments are about balancing the books Paul, how much an as do you think aries in the Liberal Party about in the parliament and outside about these handouts to preserve jobs and livelihoods? Are. I. Don't think there's much on these at all OPTIMA and Tom. and. A couple of reasons for this if there is to be on, he's He's will come through the down the track, but essentially what's happening here is to govern is following the Orthodoxy or what you might call the new Orthodoxy in terms of meeting the financial and economic crisis. So roller response is sort of radical. It's also conventional. The official family is working together very closely. The Treasury the Reserve Bank, what the government is doing is essentially supported by private-sector economists. It's in law and with Patrick amended by the VCD and the IMF not the cabinet is very nodded, the Prime Minister and the treasurer are working very closely together so far the results look good. I think the Overwhelming sentiment on the back benches. Support, the government strategy in the hope that this gives individual employees, the chance of actually being reelected and my will give the government the chance of being reelected. So the reinvention of Australian liberalism is on full display with this budget judith break you agree with Paul Kelly about the the audio logical significance of these changes but actually think the government had much choice in that sense I do think we can see something audio logical preferences in a couple of the policies poor mentioned the tax cuts they've chosen tax cuts over for example, committing to a permanent increase in new act now co Job Seca. They've also, for example, if we look at the way, they wanted to stimulate the housing market. They've gone for giving money to individual owners rather than, for example, embarking on a social housing project. So I think in some of the means, we can still see some of the ideological preferences of the Patty. One of the things I've wondered when I've been watching the events unfold. If Labor had won the last election was in government with the Liberals have supported the same levels of spending or would they have if you like stayed in the sort of ideological bunker bean and attacked the blow out of the deficit? I mean, it's a hypothetical. In some ways I think we've been very lucky that it's been the liberals and the coalition in government because they can sense being able to Ghana much more support. I, think than I have been able to do for the same levels of spending but isn't cameras response to the COVID crosses more consistent with other Western governments during the pandemic Judy. Yes that's what I think. I had much option but the question is if the coalition of being opposition, would they have supported a Labor government going? You've written a lot about this have many many decades about when orthodoxies or overturned. It's usually bipartisan is that you'll since if the coalition cypher argument's sake wherein opposition I would have gone along with this big spending interventionism. Look are essentially agree with what Judy's said about this I think in a sense we're. Fortunate, if you liked that the coalition's in government because it's taken all the big spending decisions. and. Lay has been prepared to go along with back. In fact, it's argued that there should be even more spending. So in that sense, we've had a broad degree of thought-out ship within the economic framework. It is hot the typical of course to tron speculate about what would have happened if alive had been in office doing this but I do think that the coalition in opposition would have been tempted to make caught a lot of criticisms and to suggest that the spending had gone too far. There's a big difference for party thing in government managing across and being an opposition. Cape with this theme of a political realignment among center right parties around the Western world. If you think about Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen, he tapped into widespread anxieties. America's rust belt. What can class constituencies? Boris Johnson showed last December, he resonated with traditional British Library voters in the Midlands and northern England. Judy. Do you think that Morrison in a wise doing the same thing here in Australia? Now, I think they're very different sorts of crises. I mean the pandemic is an external. Crisis, it's not being caused by politics in any way it's not back nationalism versus globalism or any of those things, and so I don't agree with that. I agree with what Paul was saying earlier that Morrison's shown himself to be pragmatic and quick footed in this and I think we're lucky for that. But I I don't think that this lines up with bricks and with trump's appeal to the rest spilled poor Kelly. Well I think conservatism is changing if you look at. America Britain Australia and there's not a dopey getting very significant changes into servitude. Thought. Different changes argued very strongly that there are very substantial differences between Donald Trump and Scott Morrison. I think people who argue that. Morrison is a pilot version of DONALD TRUMP MAUREEN DOWD in the New York Times by the way, but go on. I think. I think turned him mentally misunderstand the situation I. Think the change in conservatism is very dramatic in the United States. If you'd like because we've got the transition from Ronald, Reagan who a generation ago was the great conservative champion, and now we have Donald Trump, who if you lock is a populist conservative? And that transformation is simply enormous install ending content I mean trump violates all the virtues of conservatism in terms of restraint prudence disciplined respect. Regard for the political system, he thrives on division. So he likes all the traditional conservative norms, and then when looks at his policies. Well he's sabotage the global trading system. He's an arch protectionist. He's engaged in this trade war with China he's appraised dictators and suspicious about. So I guess one of the Fundamental Christians here is the extent to which trump is an aberration. And the extent to which post trump American concert is we'll have to try and create a new position cognisant of the damage that trump has done to the traditional Republican Party

Government Donald Trump Liberal Party Scott Morrison Hristo Paul Australia Freedland Boris Johnson Jonathan Freedland Judy Paul Kelly United States Republican Party Prime Minister America Optima Covid Latrobe University Treasury Martha
Ashley Blaker: Goy Friendly

People of the Pod

10:29 min | 1 year ago

Ashley Blaker: Goy Friendly

"Talk about some. I'm pretty heavy issues. Israel Iran Patriot of Jews. So our next guest is a pretty big leap for us. Ashley Blaker is Jewish standup comedian. He is the first Orthodox Fox Jewish comedian to be given his own BBC. Show Ashley Blaker. GOYA's guide to Judaism which returned to the air in October. Two Thousand Nineteen. Now he's in New York for his latest off off Broadway. Show Ashley Blaker Goi friendly which premieres at the Soho playhouse. On February third and runs through February twenty third. While his previous off-broadway production strictly unorthodox was tailored for Jewish audiences. This one he says is not just for the Jews. It tells the story of how Ashley's close friendship with Muslim. Comedian Imron on. UCS completely changed his life with antisemitic incidents on the rise around the globe and even here in New York actually hopes to make the audience laugh but also understand stand a little bit more about their Jewish neighbors Ashley. Welcome to our studio. Thank you for having me so I have to ask you right out of the gate. anti-semitism is not funny. So how how do you address that topic with humor. Well the reality is I think he's anything can be funny. So I'll let you come to Louis showing judge whether I make. It isn't about antisemitism. I should say that there is actually a section is a band. Semitism thought. I think the more interesting is the fact that that when antisemitism is on the rise there are two ways of dealing with. This is a way of kind of hunkering down. Just going. We're we're now gonNA stick to ourselves and and try and protect ourselves and put up the security barriers and let's have lots of armed guards on the on the door in social ones bags and all of that stuff all you can kind of outreach. As it were and try and engage with the outside world and that's what my shows about about the latter it's about reaching out to the outside world and in a way this makes wants a comedy show. You know hopefully nonstop funny. Sound sound incredibly dry but Hopefully demystify Judaism a little bit. That's certainly one of the aims. Okay well I would say you could do both right. Do the security see the undercover getting having no security either. All kind of you know very good at that accused but I actually my playbill. I wrote a Performance note and for Bates Him. But I said something about how you know very good dividing ourselves as a as an in one of the things into I enjoy doing you mentioned my show strictly and also those I I love bringing choose together because we figured it kind of separating ourselves in so many different ways you know on the whole joke about the Jewish man who lands on a desert island and he builds two synagogues one ones that he'll go to one that he wouldn't ever be seen dead and that's like what we're like but I do think that there is it is an important time to actually reach out a little bit and we can. I think sometimes certainly not in any way suggesting that we. We are in any way a foot four and symptom of course but I sometimes think that actually being too insular. Isn't that helpful. Listen so now you are from the UK so well the Labor Party. I have to ask you about the Labor Party. I'm afraid But it's often regarded as the political liberal party of choice by many Jews in Great Britain. And I'm curious how you dealt with the last election and whether or not you felt politically homeless as I kept had reading about the Jewish community. There didn't myself but I'm sure other people did and I think that yes certainly in the post for many Jews the Labor faulty will have. I've been there home by just as much as the Conservative Party would be for many Liberal Democrat. We have quite a different political system. Should know to to to the Americans as many but yes I mean. It was incredible. What happened over the last few years and how symtas I'm just rose and seem to not be dealt with toll within the Labor Party in? Yeah it was a terrible thing we still really really been dealt with properly gone away. Yeah I know there were. There were several vile things said many vile things said ed by Labour politicians but then also Jeremy Corbyn himself was talking about the lack of irony that many British Jews seem to have. I don't know if you recall that particular. Yes it was Avia. Yeah it was a video I think from a while ago. Actually but he had yes he had said something. And there's a lot of these kind of allusions I think is because they. They caught clever then. They don't outright. This isn't the foul right then marking the street saying killed the Jews. It's a very allusive. Quite clever thing of of Hinson these particular weight alluding that Jews and Israel inflating the to and to you know the whole talking about antisemitism and anti Zionism also that that things that really came along with the Labor Party and I saw something videos of people saying no no we. We're not intimately to we like the right to choose. I think there's that thing of the good news and the bad news and I think that's a really good. Jews has ones March against Israel and kind of write letters to the Guardian saying that we support Sanctioned bedia smell that kind of thing uh-huh and then the ninety five percent of the badges. I mean that's clearly terrible things so it's been a really dark period and I didn't know it'll be interesting to see in the the next four five years. How things change? Have you tried to address it with humor. There over showed. I just did a toll in opened in in May with my friend Imran you mentioned draymond so imminent. He did a tour together called profit sharing actually breaking news in profit sharing seek clever title. And it's not address head on there are other people addressing this head on and the the truth is the way to look on twitter five minutes especially around the time the election to see that kind of Echo Chamber people. Don't WanNa hear they. You know you you tweet. Something about Labor Jeremy Corbyn and immediately comes back. This prepared list of twenty times. Jeremy Corbyn has both a motion ocean in parliament. That's been helpful to community Blah Blah Blah say. No one listens to each other anymore. People just spout the same thing. So I'm not sure engaging in that kind of way addressing head on is that helpful she because people just don't want to listen right. I'm sure it's the same here with trump and I'm sure there are people who are vehemently say one one thing you don't want to listen to the side. Yes that is. That is a problem that area. So I think that's something we've seen a lot particular around brexit and all these issues as we've had in the UK and the F. But so my show anyway. Mike show look comedy show. That's the the the main PARV. So I'll tell you briefly I mean essence shows. It's about yeah. Tell us about the show but then I also want to hear more about Enron and your friendship so the show about my friend she was Enron said. So that's the kind of I think in film in terms they call that the macguffin. He's kind of you know that you heard that term. I'm not familiar with that. So it's like using the original star wars. I think C. Three Po an onto d two of the macguffin that they're the ones like sent off into onto the desert and enter tattooing. They've got the messages item. Thank you the whole plot revolves from. Then there's no actually about them but it starts from them so in a way money's the macguffin hit because is a true story we're good friends we went untold together. And he's very interested custody my life he didn't know much about Judaism me belly of June. We spent many hours together in the call. He was always drawing because he he's Muslim. Couldn't in claiming been drinking and he's always asked me questions and I kind of wanted to teach him about Judaism. But where do you start. We've got six hundred thirteen commandments. It's too long to the call I didn't want to spend money on guests so I thought well I teach him about the Ten Commandments. And we started looking at the Ten Commandments. And I unrealized. They're not that practical you know he doesn't have an ox next all so there's no need to worry about not coveting it and I so I could. Maybe set myself challenge of coming up with my own ten commandments. That I could be a bit more practical. But they could actually explain what it's like to be an Orthodox Jew in two thousand twenty and in a way. It was my friendship with him. That made me reconsider my Judaism. Because she had I've been living as an Orthodox Jew for the best part of twenty years but it's only when an outside comes along install challenging us at you start having to think about it you start thinking about your love. So that's what the shows about and it's about me going through these ten commandments. My New Ten Commandments. antiquing this to him okay. So do you mind sharing a few of the talk commanded if you're the one of them is thou shalt develop obsessive compulsive disorder okay. She's an integral Paulsville so shoot as But we cover branch of Judy. Check that box right exactly. So we cover a lot of these areas we cover kosher food and living in a Jewish area. We talk about the curse of praying public and this covers a lot of ground really comes a lot of ground in the show and then And then the story I keep finished. The story has a continuation because of how Im- reacted and then what we went off did something together which I don't want to spoil because that's the narrative But it's a pretty funny chairman. I it really is. I'm super proud of it. So you say I did. This show could street Lennox. It was aimed at a Jewish audience. All Jews knock. He's also dogs. Reform Perform Conservative unaffiliated. But Still Jews and I think it's a really. I really wanted to do something. Everyone could cutting joy That would be in a language WIGGs. Everyone can understand but the is serious does not scrimp on the jokes atone. It's the funniest show of ever done this by miles miles because I've already but still called the serious stuff when we do discuss antisemitism and there are some real takeaways well foam it excellent zone. The show's name. Is Ashley. Blaker friendly it's at the Soho playhouse here in New York City from February third to twenty-third. Thank you for joining us. Thank

Ashley Blaker Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn Israel New York Soho Playhouse Enron Goya Comedian Imron Conservative Party UK Semitism Twitter Louis Bates New York City Great Britain Avia Guardian
"liberal  party" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

Newsradio 970 WFLA

02:19 min | 1 year ago

"liberal party" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"What the infraction is is alleged and this is what we want to clarify with you well did you generate the complaint or was it from an outside party no we didn't generate the complaint okay so someone I can't really complain so someone external to your office generated a complaint that is usually the case is that the case in this case yeah yeah we did not generate the complete okay was that the Liberal Party the generator okay Sir so you won't tell me who the complaint is there because the complainant is set to see I don't know not at this point so why what point you tell me who the commissioner is is the the ultimate responsible person for for the investigation and hello this stuff so how do we know what I've what conduct is being complained about if you will tell me this is the app you don't have a right to face your accuser I don't even know if there is a complaint I'm and I don't know if they're asking me questions that it too as misdirection later on I mean we were there for fifty five minutes I recorded the whole thing they were doing their best not to tell me anything but I was asking as many questions as answering and one of them finally said he had been watching my shows by my videos and in one of them I said of course I published my book during the election that's when people want to know about an election you don't publish a book after the election is going to be a thousand books about Donald Trump this year yeah you would publish them before not after right and he looked he there's a clip you have there where he says I I think it's number here again that's exactly I question the this this clip for police investigators question as Ron is release of the tribunal book during an elected Senate that's what made it an election crime is that I wrote about the election during the election it's it's I believe he says it watch what you came here is a lot of reports releasable in time for the election and I don't have your own words online you when you received a letter from a liturgical you do the alert.

commissioner Donald Trump Ron Senate Liberal Party
Future of the Labour Party, ICC Investigation, Black-Jewish Relations

People of the Pod

11:35 min | 2 years ago

Future of the Labour Party, ICC Investigation, Black-Jewish Relations

"Liam whore is the Europe editor for moment magazine. It has been covering Labor's antisemitism awesome scandal since two thousand fifteen. He joins us now to help us understand. What's next for that party for British Jews and for the United Kingdom Liam? Thank you so much for joining us. I thank you for inviting me for the most part analysts are chalking up. Labour's defeat to having the wrong message on Brexit but there is is no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader was historically unpopular. And no doubt that a part of that unpopularity was due to the anti eighty. Semitism that he let grow in the party. Are there grumblings on the far left that Jews are responsible for his defeat. And that's something that British Jews are worrying about. I think what we've seen since the election is people on the far left at Labor constituency meetings and online researching the British Jewish Institutions. Such as the Board of Deputies or indeed the chief rabbi Were in fact stories or conservatives I should say and innocent intervening in the election on their side. That's what he wanted to the things that the board of Deputies hope that the future Labour leader will expunge from the and that is one reason why they've come forward with the ten pledges in recent days. You mentioned the list of ten pledges that the Board of Deputies the kind of umbrella Ella Organisation for British Jews that the Board of Deputies released just a couple of days ago they basically say that these are the ten things or perhaps the first ten things the Labor Party needs to adopt needs to do in order to heal its relationship with the Jewish community. And we don't need to go through them one by one but broadly what are these ten pledges calling calling for. Well as you say broadly the first thing is that Outstanding Cases Anti Semitism in the Party needs to be resolved and the discipline under reprocessed to have to be made independent again and sh- interference from the leadership team sort of around. Jeremy Corbyn in this process must come to an end thereafter. What's I think? What's important folder? The board is to reestablish a working relationship with the leader of your party after all when a function is to be a conduit between the panoply of organizations they represent and and the government Foreign bodies and so forth and finally just add that one of the things they want to see done is that the full I h Ra the definition of Anti Semitism. With all of these examples applauses will be introduced and used in disciplinary cases within the party. That was a major eric. Eric disputes within the party last year or earlier this year. And that's one of the things I want to get done here at. AJC We're very proud of having been a part of authoring during the era definition but for our listeners who aren't familiar with the definition and why it's so important. Can you just say a word about that. Well because of dispute within the party I should say making making more specific is that People on the far left of the party were concerned that this definition would prevent them from Criticizing sizing Israel or Israeli policy. Which of course? He's not well. The definition does he's indicate ways in which rhetoric concerning Israel Israel can tip over into antisemitism I believe for example if people would say that the actions of the Israeli government towards what's the Palestinians in some way resemble the actions of Not Towards Jews in Europe in the nineteen forties So really they had nothing to worry about. But this is all tied to a much larger augmented. It was rambling on throughout the entirety of Jeremy Comex leadership of the Liberal Party concerning anti Israel rhetoric break and wearing that becomes at. You haven't ISM or for example. If someone challenging British Jews were to somehow hold them accountable for the actions actions of the Israeli government. I think that would also be seen as anti Semitic under the IRA definition which is really important. Considering the way that often we've seen across Europe and perhaps in Britain specifically people tried to do that. Try to discredit jus. I think there's a slur that has cropped up in the UK. Zayas people who you you know. They're interested in defaming and demeaning. They don't really have any way to do it except to try to tie them to Israel so I think it's important that the Labor Party adopts the definition in order to make very clear to its constituents that that kind of thing is anti Semitic well quite an in recent days we have an example of that which is that There's no sort of I would say online activists By the name of Rachel cousins. Who goes by the alias? Rachel Swindon who has a following of tens of thousands of people on twitter. It's unclear whether she is or is not in fact a member of the party but she's nonetheless very close to the sort of cold and leadership and in response to the boards pledges. She tweeted that as I previously said that the board was essentially a conservative organization and also came out with is her own or Or perhaps found only list of pledges for the board which more or less argue that the board had to come out and condemn Israeli military action. In the West Bank thank or condemn what she calls the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities in in the West Bank in other words as you said holding British Jews accountable for the actions. uh-huh office ready government. which if they at the very least a dangerous road to go down and she somebody who has previous four in this regard having tweeted about the rothschilds and the so-called influence in the past so the point of this is to say that changing the Leo Party is only the first step? They won't be root and branch Tusk to erotic antisemitism from the Ponti it is always interesting to see how those people who take part in what is called the new antisemitism this kind of attacking Jews shoes on the basis of what Israel does how at the end of the day they are also just old antisemites in the way that she brings up Rothschild conspiracies and things like that. I wanted to ask you about one of the pledgers. In particular number eight is entitled engagement with the Jewish community to be made via its main representative groups and then in explains Labor must engage with the Jewish community Levi its main representative groups not through fringe organizations and individuals. That sounds like it's referencing. Something like there's some history there. Can you tell us a little bit about that. Sure I mean I mean Jeremy Corbyn is somebody who was throughout the time he was leader of the party. Never very much interested in the views and concerns all mainstream British Jewish ortganizations. He has historically been in most of the time that he was leader. Always much more comfortable with what the board calls fringe organizations for example He wasn't much interested in The Jewish Labor movement which is sort of the mainstream Organiz ation all Jews in Labor Party or affiliated with the party rather Jewish Voice Labor whose membership I think could fit into a phone box. I mean if you look at their rallies and meetings the the next in the Guardian newspaper. It's always the same ten fifteen twenty people who assigning these latches At the same time At one of the times when the relationship between Jerry in British Jewish groups was was at his lowest he attended a Saito organized by a group called choose. Who are legitimate tendency in the Jewish community and represent people who have felt themselves felt this affiliated pushed away from the mainstream left-wing clock but they themselves I'm sure would say the reps and also a a very small number of people also Jeremy's also been affiliated with sort of anti-zionist ultra Orthodox people who live in his community but he did not have a working relationship with the board he did not have a working relationship with the chief rabbi in so far as I know and not that he had a working relationship with with the Jewish Leadership Council? which sort of is a you might say a rival organization to the Board of Deputies also a representative group so this point eight? This engagement group is really about the board wanting to reestablish Atlantic communication and a working relationship with the party which is sort of one of the sort of raison. d'etre foil for the board. It sells I'm going to move on in just a moment. Kind of forward-looking questions but there is one more retrospective effective thing that I'm curious about. which is what are we to make of people who are real friends of the Jews or certainly seem to be who campaigned for Labor in this last election? I'm thinking of people for example like London. Mayor Sadeq Khan who has said all the right things about anti Semitism done many of the things about about antisemitism but nevertheless tried to make Jeremy Corbyn the next prime minister should we hold that against him. I case if someone likes to Econ we should not hold that against against him and I think I think you know people who reunite kind of position which is to say supposedly oh party but not supposed to Jeremy Corbyn were very torn because the reality is the British electoral system that much like the Americans. There's it ends up becoming a two-party system Elections to the House Elsa parliament more or less function like elections to the House representatives. There are six hundred fifty constituencies. Each insurance becomes its own kind of to race and in many any of them the racist between Labour and the Conservatives and so sort of I would say anti anti Semitic Labor supporters found themselves in a very Korea unenvious position of having to decide. Do I vote for the Conservatives and put into power party that I oppose my entire adult life likely. ooh Aw do I grit my teeth and vote for the Labor Party on the basis that I am somehow voting for the Party and voting for the candidate in my constituency. But somehow not Jeremy Corbyn and I you know I as a journalist. I love about the free in this regard. So I don't have to make such compromises but I nonetheless feel for people who know people like I said Connor or you could answer this people like just flips. Who is now a candidate for leadership who it's not about Anti Semitism in the pause About the kind of compromises. They had to make that time. So no we we. We shouldn't hold I bet against As you intimate in about a month the voting will begin to elect a new leader of Labor this kind of an interesting quirk for our American listeners. The voting voting will actually stay open for more than a month through the beginning of April and people can vote. I guess anytime in that span. Who are the names that we need to know who are likely Lee to win the election and are any of them going to be you know kind of on their own? The answer to Labour's antisemitism problem tackling the antisemitism crisis is not as simple as for lack of a better way of putting removing the head from the snake Having Jeremy Corbyn leader suddenly a good thing because the cost was it the crisis could not be it's solution But in terms of who will become the next leader There this prison time probably two main candidates on the one hand you have Rebecca Long Bailey who is perceived to be the continuity Corbin candidate the date.

Party Jeremy Corbyn Labor Party Labor Israel Board Of Deputies Europe Liberal Party Israeli Government British Jewish Institutions Leo Party Semitism Moment Magazine Representative United Kingdom Israel Israel Liam Brexit Jewish Leadership Council Jewish Voice Labor
Who Is Isaac Levido?

Monocle 24: The Briefing

05:08 min | 2 years ago

Who Is Isaac Levido?

"At the end of this month. The United Kingdom will leave the European Union and in so doing fulfill the key election pledge of conservative prime minister. Boris Johnson. To you get brexit done. We have followed that. He's paralyzed blocked. Dinner Lean capable of functioning as Anaconda that swallowed the neither moving one way on the other. He's lean except of course that brexit will not get done on January thirty first Brexit exit will not get close to done on January thirty first if and when Brexit can truly be said to have got done it will be still further pointless tedious Diaz wasted years from now but none of this matters to the Prime Minister and party. Who promised to do it? What does matter at least to them is that they won a thumping majority in last month's general election for that the Tories Oak considerable thanks and have doubtless already paid considerable? Money to a rashly officially beaded thirty something from Port Macquarie New South Wales who served as the Party's campaign director. His name is Isaac Lovato. It is. It's always hard to know how much credit to extend to such figures. Strategists spin-doctors string-pullers special advisers. It seems reasonable to assume the people capable of subtly manipulating public opinion in favor of their paymasters Also able to cunningly inflate their own reputation for being able to do so but there is little doubt that Levino presently basks in the warmest regard of the recently returned conservatives Dominic Cummings Boris orest Johnson's senior adviser and a man not known for self deprecation in much. The same way that circles are not known for being square has described Libido As a hundred times better at running campaigns than me so who exactly is is a collado and how did he get here. La Vida learned his trade from his fellow. Australian Lynton Crosby a veteran political strategist. Who has made something of a speciality of coordinating somewhat belligerent and populist campaigns for parties wrightwood of center in Australia and elsewhere though crosby's record in the UK is not one of unalloyed success excess? He did twice help. Boris Johnson get elected mayor of London no small accomplishment in a city not generally hospitable to conservatives Isaac veto worked on Crosby's twenty seventeen general election campaign for Theresa May an enduring. Listen perhaps in what not to do as a nation. We face the most important potent five years. I can remember. That is why I took the decision to call a general election so that we have a strong and stable leadership we need old to see us through brexit and beyond but La Vida made his name properly back in Australia in two thousand eighteen where he served as deputy director of the Liberal Party party. Australia's annoyingly named Conservative Party in May two thousand nineteen the Liberals led by incumbent. Prime Minister Scott Morrison steeled themselves also a general election which nobody believed they could win. With the apparent exception of Isaac La Vida veto helped create a strategy which relied on a ruthless roofless focus on the merits of the prime minister such as they were the shortcomings of the opposition leader and brutally simple messaging. It was a template readily adaptable optimal to Boris Johnson. Jeremy Corbyn and getting brexit done as is proper for a habit to of the shadows. LA- Vito has done little press press and let little be known about him. The impression conveyed by colleagues however is far from that of a fire breathing bully reports to Picton Ernest. Decisive voices won't see working eighteen hour days and maintaining a clear focus on what is required for victory undistracted by the gaffes bloopers or short circuits of the candidate which in a campaign for Boris Johnson must require a superhuman serenity libido and his pair of young New Zealander Digital Gurus. Ben guerin and Sean topping also understood that social media campaigns need to be effective rather than outwardly sophisticated. They were clearly on embarrassed to be seen pushing what looked to anybody but angry. Daily Mail reading pensioners like absurd amateurish. Nonsense Libido was not however shy about removing other senior Tories from the spotlight. At the end of Shepherd's Crook early in the campaign at related would housing and Mannequin Jacob. Rees Mogg intoned some ill-advised remarks about the victims of the two thousand seventeen grenfell tower disaster. I think if either of us were in a fire whatever the brigade said we would leave the burning building. It just seems the common sense thing to do and it is such a tragedy that that didn't happen but I didn't do with race or class. Rees MOGG has has bailey been heard from since and for that much. Even the most ardent remainder should extend Isaac La Vida Victory Chewed

Boris Johnson Lynton Crosby La Vida Prime Minister Dominic Cummings Boris Orest J Isaac La Vida Australia United Kingdom Prime Minister Scott Morrison Isaac Lovato Brexit Rees Mogg Liberal Party Party European Union Tories Jeremy Corbyn New Zealander Digital Gurus Isaac Veto
Russia's undaunted voice of dissent

FT News

08:33 min | 2 years ago

Russia's undaunted voice of dissent

"The Russian activists Alexei Navalny has been a thorn in the side of President Vladimir Putin for a decade now. He's brave persecution. He's been imprisoned and yet he seems don't Klis correspondent Max. Seddon met him for lunch in a food court in Moscow recently league. Max is on the line now with me to discuss his impressions but first I'd like to open with a clip from the meeting. which gives a flavour of the character of the man? Another big Mac this my Russians rather rudimentary. What what he's saying here so we were wandering around the food court where he took me for lunch which is just across the street from his office in slightly out out of the way but rapidly gentrifying art a southeastern Moscow and this is the sort of place that even if it didn't exist in Russia they've had food around the world from your burgers ears Pasta Sushi to dahgestani dumplings and who's back Pilaf and other things and saying is a place like this that shows you in his mind that Russia As a whole could the really made it economically if it weren't for Putin and he described nisus glass ceiling that's more like a hideous moldy Soviet ceiling the Stop Russia from economically developing. Stick Landy Patillo. Then is a mere ski navy of the numbers suggest that he thinks that despite the huge spike in wealth in the first two years of Putin's rule which was mostly due to rising oil prices. He views the last two decades lost decades because he Says that so much has been stolen. That could have gone towards economic development and there are so many repressive rules and regulations that are holding it back. You've covered Russia for quite a while. Now these are quite strong and outspoken. Remarks how rat is it for a Russian activist to speak out like this. How brave is it to speak out like this I? I interviewed Navan nebout seven years ago in the thing. That is really remarkable about him when you speak to him as I've done many times sense. Sense is just how much breath of fresh air he is. Compared to your official Russian politicians who come from the Soviet bureaucratic addict tradition. They are very bad at talking to normal people in on manage settings you almost never see them give interviews to the independent media where they might says difficult questions. The volney grew up completely outside the system. He someone who was formed by the Internet and by the street and even compared to other people in the opposition and he's a very charismatic person. And this is what is really set them apart even amongst all the pressure that he faces to become the undisputed most popular challenger the Putin in the last few years ears. You say you've known him for a while you've covered rushing for awhile. Tell us how he entered politics. I mean what made him take on this role not only art Ukrainian on his father's side and he has relatives who live near Chernobyl outside Kiev in Ukraine for the first ten years his life up until the blast itself itself in Nineteen eighty-six. He will go and stay with his grandmother. Who lived in this village right near the nuclear power station and the aftermath of fat that we know so well the incompetent Soviet attempts to cover that were very big part of what shaped him because he doesn't have any of this nostalgia for the Soviet Union that Putin has been very big on a lot of people older than the volume has just forty three share? He was very much convinced by this early childhood experience that the system was wrong in the future. Russia's move away from it as far as possible more towards a European liberal democracy as he sees it the other thing. He told me that really shaped him was when he was already in his late twenties he he was working pro. Bono was a lawyer for an opposition party but it was official opposition party in Russia. There are the official parties. who were there to create a semblance of a real political system? They're really they facto controlled by the Kremlin the end. The parties themselves are run like Chiefdoms. Just like Putin's own party and the leaders are these many Putin's and he was working on Moscow City Council elections thousand five and ran against Russia's incredibly corrupt court system. Any said gradually just made him so furious that he became even activist. It's quite a story. I mean you say. He's not nostalgic for the Soviet Union. Interestingly he is though it seems something of a Russian nationalist. Can you talk us through who they send what influence it has on him. And how nationalist is he. Welna volley was actually kicked out of the Liberal Party that he was a member of in two thousand seven for his nationalist nationalist views. Of the sort that you would never hear discussed in polite company among liberals in Moscow and the US the express were very different from from the nationalism that you might think of associated with Putin which is more of the Soviet imperial stout in the Valdez was much more. Russian ethnic Chauvinism Virjee into race says. I'm against people. From the periphery of the Soviet Empire. So the caucasus-chechen Augustan and places in Central Asia Pakistan Cure Augustan Tajikistan stamp who provide millions of laborers who come and do construction jobs. And other things like that in Moscow the center of the Empire and he filmed in some pretty startling videos including one which showed him comparing people from the Caucasus. The cockroaches and mocking shooting them with a gun. He spent several years organizing organizing this annual nationals rally which was attended by all sorts of Neo Nazis and skinheads as well as other people at one of these rallies he used an anti Semitic blood libel trope to talk about Jewish guards. Did you talk about this of your lunch. Does he apologize for any of this. We did. This is something that the money is criticized for quite a lot even though no it's not really very big part of this program anymore. E only really says he wants if these regime for guests laborers from Central Asia but he has no regrets his explanation was that in two two thousand seven. There was this enormous gap between living standards in Russia's back Stan and millions of people were coming from Central Asia to work in Russia and it was a big political issue so the message disorder by rhetoric was a way of trying to get people interested. Max The interview you did with Nevada was for a weekly lunch with the F. T. Slot which normally unfolds in fanny a predictable lines could a swanky restaurant. Just two people the F. T. journalists and the interviewee this was rather different. You joined by someone feel interview view. Can you tell us about this weirdly enough. This is my third lunch with the F. T. that I've done in every single time I've been joined by someone who I don't expect to be there. And this time we were followed by the troll who apparently works for one of the fake news farms run by a Guinea per goes in the Kremlin caterer who runs the infamous Saint Petersburg troll factory. So you walked out of the office building. This guy yelled Alexei. Can you tell us where do you buy your okay involved. He told him to get lost. And the guy follow this rounds we wandered around the food court court and then when we bought our food then sat at the table across from us and watched us through the entirety. The two hour interview and you know all the said for the last six nine months or so ever since his foundation started investigating promotions catering contracts needs people who've been following him and his family around everywhere they go was he listening to you or oh just sitting there to be kind of threatening ish. It was more intimidation. I mean this was someone who was twenty five at most maybe younger and it's not being paid a lot of money to do this but the point is clearly just to harass him the entire time. He is trying to laugh about it he said. It's a good way the practice Zen but he came pretty close snapping a few times and it was obviously of your family's being harassed like that. He's accused promotion of being behind a physical assault assault with arm bar on husband one of his top aides. I mean the impression you get from this story and from other accounts in the valleys life is is that the pressure he faces is utterly relentless and he's been facing this for a long time how does he keep going one of the questions. I've asked many many times over the years. He always finds himself. Trying to explain is your. Why aren't you in jail? Why aren't you dead? And the answer is best as anyone until seem speed. The he's almost almost become too big to jail because when they tried to do it in twenty thirteen he was sentenced to

President Vladimir Putin Russia Moscow Soviet Union Official Alexei Navalny Landy Patillo MAX Soviet Empire Seddon Kiev Liberal Party Tajikistan Assault Central Asia Ukraine
"liberal  party" Discussed on WJR 760

WJR 760

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"liberal party" Discussed on WJR 760

"Looking at that going you know it again by their own standard we're not we're not saying I I don't think throws a racist I don't know this but I don't work I I said that based on the liberal state when but if this was a conservative that are done that it's all right I don't believe Canada endorses black but does the trick expected to win I think about thirty thirty five percent of the votes in in right now but the exit polls say that the Trudeau we'll have we'll have to organize some at you know a minority government but he'll be back again but some of some pretty big losses that they had and now it's going to be a heck of a lot more compromising you know with the with the the liberals the conservatives gaining seats I in the Canadian parliament but now when we do that of course we would never make that accusation especially since I've still got a ton of family yeah right in Canada this family tree as from my father's side it comes from the Halliburton highlands of of of Canada so right but we just we have to say that no to get people to watch yes Canada endorses black face that's what would be said right correct course was the that's exactly what would be said if if again if it were a conservative or in the states if it were a Republican who did that then the no that's not allowed they'll turn the other cheek for the other side but he will have a minority government or he it winning with a plurality see if there's you know they were still counting votes into the night but yeah we see less I saw was still thirty five yeah last ice lives but twenty minutes ago I checked yeah so it you know just so that even though the liberals have won more seats in the parliament was winning the popular vote interesting you check that out no no no that's interesting I just looked at it just as you said it I don't know if it's gonna end up that way but the conservatives so yes so the Liberal Party of Canada with the five point nine as the boat stands right now let's see here to to to to try to win my done as it is not everything in I thought no no so they're still counting okay so here we are five point nineteen million votes for the Liberal Party this is again on the on the popular vote for the Conservative Party of Canada six point one million so what is a difference of more than two hundred thousand in favor of the Conservative Party right now as it stands all women I don't know I don't know how much the vote this is I'm I'm sorry severity five percent I'm wrong and I was looking at the percentage of I was looking at the present sent votes the Senate will vote yes yes yes yes yes I'm sorry yes so we'll see where it ends up right yeah but but none the less it's expected that the Liberal Party that the prime minister will have a minority government that's so we'll have to work with conservatives in order to get things done we'll see again where that goes eight six six ninety right I thinking about getting into the potato farming business you better here this the way I put it is not for final Phil Hickman of Virginia potato grower also chairman of potatoes USA and a one reason that you say it's not for.

Justin Trudeau wins second term but loses majority

AP 24 Hour News

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Justin Trudeau wins second term but loses majority

"Prime minister Justin Trudeau's won a second term in Canada's national elections losing the majority but saying he's been given a clear mandate despite an increasingly divided parliament and nation Trudeau's Liberal Party took the most seats in parliament the last the overall popular vote to the Conservative

Justin Trudeau Canada Liberal Party Prime Minister
Canada elections: Trudeau wins narrow victory to form minority

Monocle 24: The Briefing

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Canada elections: Trudeau wins narrow victory to form minority

"Judo has won a second term as Canada's Prime Minister his Liberal Party will claim the most seats in parliament but they are expected to fall short of an outright majority. Let's have a listen to of what Trudeau had to say in his victory speech in Montreal from coast to Coast to coast tonight Canadians rejected division negatively they rejected cuts and austerity and they voted in favor of progress serve agenda and strong action on climate change I heard you my friends you are sending our liberal team back to work back to Ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns off our streets and we will keep investing well big words but minority government that was the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking a short time ago join here in the studio by Daniel Bank One of our Canadian contingent Heritz Midori House Danny what's your reactions that he he sounded pretty strung out but we were talking just before the thanks went live you know he's now looking to features the setting the agenda as he moves forwards was everyone been saying yeah he has to sort of shake off a very visit and bitter campaign quickly and get back to work that was more of a campaign style speech and it's really interesting that Trudeau that was close to do one o'clock in the morning and Montreal is quite late I was listening on the way and this morning he chose to speak at the exact same time as Andrews Cheer was speaking in the prairies Indus Jagmeet Singh was speaking out in British Columbia normally they don't do that normally they come together and say I'm going to speak at this time you'll speak at that time they all spoke at the same time they spoke over each other during the Bates during the debates they spoke over each other early this morning as they sort of rallied the troops again aw projecting this as a huge victory but liberals conservatives and the MVP all lost ground so they're all losers they're all winners innocence where we had that before electoral pollens just tell us a bit about minority government Canadians good at doing that I mean we have a long history of minority governments certainly the world the word coalition I mentioned this on the globalist as well not really used in Canada it was it was floated by Jagmeet Singh Very Progressive Left leaning leader of the D. new Democrats floated during the campaign he immediately had to walk that back and talk about supporting the government Interestingly the new Democrats are directly against the pipeline they they refuse to work for that pipeline the Liberals bought the pipeline in for the energy sector in the West obviously which the conservatives champion so the new Democrats have twenty four seats for the Liberals to get anything through parliament they would need either the new Democrats the block by block of Becua- pardon me the Nationalist Party from Quebec who actually won more seats on last night then the EP so they are the real balance of power here it won't be a coalition in official terms Justin Trudeau we've known him to become quite bullish and even quite pompous I don't see him putting An and EP member into his caucus into his government I don't see that happening so it won't be an official coalition absolutely he'll need their support so it will be a tenuous one the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer saying last night were ready and waiting to defeat the government and we're ready to take over they don't think it's GonNa last long so we shall see what about his deal-making prowess see this has been damaging Trudeau to a degree does he still have the facility to do any kind of deal with any of these other players are the formal or informal it is present me he's still a well he still capable Titian can you get that done I think you'll have to he he won't have choice he the clip we heard off the top there he was talking about making life more affordable tackling climate change and he would absolutely need the new Democrats for those things that's what they campaigned on on you know making healthcare more affordable making living more affordable and and talking about Pharma Cares taking the taking care of that he would absolutely need the MVP I think Jagmeet Singh is guy he can work with very charismatic young guy much like Trudeau champion himself fashioned himself in his first campaign Trudeau will need to maintain sort of his strong leadership approach and Project that behind closed doors heal absolutely need to be the tactful politician and get some help let's see how it gets on with that now we mentioned you're GonNa Browse through some newspapers can I start with my yeah it's it's true though with the witch's brooms and some bats and black cats playing up the Halloween theme that It is a story right leaning newspaper from from Alberta projecting welcome to the nightmare it's so funny actually hearing overnight the some of the coverage from the public broadcaster in Canada them reminding listeners about nineteen eighty when when Pierre Trudeau and Justin's father was completely shut out in the prairies much like Trudeau was last night because of the resentment in Alberta always actually really surprised to hear from even liberal western Canadians how much they've resent inch trudeau he is really disliked. This is a problem the other thing about forming a government is what his father did in nineteen eighty was he had to draft in senators to read percents those providence provinces in his government because he had no MP's the exact same situation now will true draw from the opposition parties to help misgovernment put them in cabinet posts or will he draft in people who weren't even elected or didn't even campaign his father did exactly that he wasn't liked out west the energy sector after the massive question of course international forces international markets have a lot to do with the price of oil and how the energy sector does but there you're huge huge implications for Trudeau and what he does on this pipeline Quebec and the block Becua- don't support it the MVP don't support it but western Canada says we have to get moving on the energy file let's just have a couple of others national post was one of the most beautifully and elegantly designed administered and Jagmeet Singh the leader of the EP declaring I won which is which is partially true at the end ep lost a lot of they did gain a lot of ground during the campaign a Jagmeet Singh did very well for himself and projecting himself as a capable young charismatic leader he will be an interesting one to watch in the House of Commons Holding Trudeau to account And this other comment piece I find quite funny on the front of the National Post PM Makes History with a new low he he moves on from a majority government to lose the popular vote across Canada Canada but and the other comment saying he's pulled off a bit of an election miracle which I think after the last two scandals he he did quite well to pull that in an election

Trudeau Jagmeet Singh Canada Liberal Party Judo Prime Minister Montreal Canada Canada National Post House Of Commons MVP Quebec Becua
Canada's Trudeau overcomes scandals to win a likely 2nd term

Bloomberg Daybreak

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Canada's Trudeau overcomes scandals to win a likely 2nd term

"Dave in Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau overcame scandals to win a second term in national elections it is my life to serve you these past four years and tonight you're sending us to work for you Trudeau's Liberal Party will go in with a weaker hold in parliament as a minority government when in one hundred fifty six of Canada's three hundred thirty eight electoral district conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer says his party is Canada's government in waiting cheers as winter go first one in twenty fifteen he looked unstoppable but he says conservatives have now put Trudeau on

Dave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal Party Canada Andrew Scheer Four Years
Trudeau tries to hold on to power in tight Canada election

All Things Considered

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Trudeau tries to hold on to power in tight Canada election

"Canadians are voting today on whether to keep prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in power the race is tight after revelations of scandals involving Trudeau David McGuffin reports from Ottawa there is a sense of relief that voting day is finally here and the campaigning is over it's been an election featuring moments like this a familiar American chance this time aimed at Justin Trudeau had a Canadian conservative rally conservative leader and you sure did put a stop to lock him up but overall this is been a campaign where the focus by the main party leaders has been on why the other guy isn't qualified for the job here's Andrew Scheer over the last four years he has demonstrated time and time again that he is unworthy of that office he is not worthy of the trust Canadians placing him to respect top spare dollars and safeguard our democracy against corruption his ongoing scandals and coverups have because Canadians to lose faith in the integrity of their government Truro scandals have included photos that emerged during the campaign of him wearing black faces a young man and this summer he was found guilty of trying to pressure his Attorney General to obstruct justice in a case involving a Liberal Party links company it's all work to undo his reputation as a progressive leader pushing for

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal Party Trudeau David Mcguffin Ottawa Andrew Scheer Truro Attorney Four Years
Trudeau tries to hold on to power in tight Canada election

All Things Considered

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Trudeau tries to hold on to power in tight Canada election

"Canadians are voting today on whether to keep prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in power the race is tight after revelations of scandals involving Trudeau and here is David McGovern reports for model there is a sense of relief that voting day is finally here and the campaigning is over it's been an election featuring moments like this a familiar American chance this time aimed at Justin Trudeau the Canadian conservative rally conservative leader and you sure did put a stop to lock him up but overall this is been a campaign where the focus by the main party leaders has been on why the other guy isn't qualified for the job here's Andrew Scheer over the last four years he has demonstrated time and time again that he is unworthy of that office he is not worthy of the trust Canadians placing him to respect top spare dollars and safeguard our democracy against corruption his ongoing scandals and coverups have because Canadians to lose faith in the integrity of their government Truro scandals have included photos that emerged during the campaign of him wearing black faces a young man and this summer he was found guilty of trying to pressure his Attorney General to obstruct justice in a case involving a Liberal Party links

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal Party David Mcgovern Andrew Scheer Truro Attorney Four Years
Canadians go to the polls in tight election

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Canadians go to the polls in tight election

"Canadians are voting today in the country's national elections prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party hopes to hang on to a majority but the race is tight for more we're joined by Selena XIV Jeeves a senior reporter at the CBC she's been on the campaign trail and joins us now from Montreal Selena welcome thank you so this election was prime minister Trudeau's to lose and now it seems like he actually could right yeah you know you talk about having a really close race it is really the closest race we seen up here in a really long time and virtually no movement to break the deadlock between Justin Trudeau's liberals and our conservatives that led by and you're sure and it looks strongly like we'll be getting a minority government the whole question is you know which of those parties will be in charge of the minority situation the prime minister could stay in power if he's able to get a working situation with some of the other parties on the last also interesting is that the leaders of both front runner parties Justin Trudeau in and you're sure both have terrible approval rating so it really feels like voters are kind of looking for something different we've seen a surge from that separatist party in can back it seems like there's a search of the new Democrats who appeared really really low in the polls at the beginning of this race so it's a funny election it's an odd one I'd say if you know someone just jointed as well there's been some key moments not a lot of key themes or issues that dominated but definitely controversy on both sides well let's talk about the major rival of Justin Trudeau the Conservative Party leader Andrew share if he becomes prime minister and and I know that's a big if because as you've just mentioned they may have to form a coalition government with another party but if he becomes leader how different of a leader would he be for Canada very different from Justin Trudeau's liberals and and you've seen those the movie even more to lack and you sure as conservatives are are moving I would say more to the right he is socially more conservative than some of the other leaders and there has been some controversy in terms of his position on things like access to abortion he personally has said that he is pro life but he would not open up the debate also he has promised and you sure as promised to get rid of the federal carbon tax which is that one of the main tools that at the tree to levels have been using to fight climate change and that's really been the central message of for the liberals you know we need this huge challenge to fight climate change and and in terms of the conservatives there find a lot of expenses that it's not quite enough it said they would respect us targets we're not somehow they would do that right different chess dances from both parties it is no secret that president trump and prime minister Trudeau are not best buds has the relationship with the U. S. come up in the campaign it has and you know what has come up is that nafta the deal that side Justin's Frio and his levels have been trying to get through to get that new deal Justin Trudeau has been using it a little bit on the campaign trail to sort of say look we got this done we we were able to protect some of the things that we're perhaps gonna lose in those negotiations so you should trust us to do more in the next four years we have in our work isn't finished on some other fronts it's not been ratified right so it did come up on the campaign trail but as I said the election didn't feel as much issue driven as you know controversy German we saw that Justin Trudeau photos of him emerging of him in blackface I was a a bump in the campaign of course at Andrew Scheer had some issues about you know being a jewel on US American citizen and not disclosing it interesting Lee though in terms of U. S. at relations Justin Trudeau did get an endorsement from former US president Barack Obama in this last weekend so they're pretty happy about that a little town as this is such a tight race but president trump has not weighed in right on the selection no he is not now that is C. B. C. R. reporters Salim night shift G. joining us from Montreal as Canadians go to the polls today thank you you're very

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal Party Four Years
"liberal  party" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

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"liberal party" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"Making sure everyone is safe after a tornado rolled through north Dallas there are reports of heavy damage to homes and buildings in Richardson power lines and trees were also knocked down around the city the tornado may have been on the ground for seventeen miles transvestism people are without power tonight Elizabeth Warren is responding to criticism about the cost of her health care plan in Iowa on Sunday the democratic presidential hopeful said in the next few weeks chill out one the cost of her Medicare for all plan and how she'd fund it more moderate democratic contender says at the cost of the plan is going to be overwhelming however Warren told supporters that is the cheapest way to get coverage for all Americans Quentin Tarantino says he has no plans to recover his latest film to appease sensors in China John Jeffries as a story Hollywood reporter says Chinese regulators have pulled plans to release once upon a time in Hollywood on October twenty fifth reportedly because of the film's portrayal of martial arts icon Bruce Leahy Lee's daughter reportedly appeal to China's film bureau demanding a change to the depiction of her father The Hollywood Reporter says Tarantino has no plans to re edit the film to make China sensors happy John Jeffries NBC news radio search crews are trying to find a small plane that vanished from radar in North Carolina the single engine aircraft was on its way into Raleigh Durham International Airport when it disappeared from radar the airport was forced briefly to suspend operations on Sunday night as crews look for the plane officials warn it could take awhile to find the plane because the area where it went down is a state park that's filled with the dense forest and few roads at a parliamentary election is being held in Canada today prime minister Justin Trudeau is facing a tough race is Liberal Party is virtually tied with the Conservative Party the polls show neither side has a clear majority for does have a turbulent time on the campaign trail he's faced a number of controversies including the revelation that he wore black face at a party twenty years ago you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio democratic presidential hopeful Pete booted edge says president trump's approach to foreign policy is going to hurt America credibility the United States is something that our lives depend on and when the president undermines it with things like the action in Syria that is going to cost us for years and years the mayor of south bend Indiana made that prediction on NBC's meet the press while talking about the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria but it it said what trump does is wake up in the morning and have a phone call or tweet then completely changes years or decades of US policy he said the US has got to be a country that keeps its word to our allies Texas congressman will heard says so far no Ukrainian official believes that there was a quid pro quo relating to aid from the US we haven't heard from any Ukrainian official that felt like there was this arrangement heard who sits on the house intelligence committee told CBS's face the nation that no one has told the panel but they felt pressured he added that president trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani should testify before the committee the White House is denying any quid pro quo related to U. S. aid to Ukraine a whistle blower complaint alleged that trump wanted to make it conditional on an investigation into former vice president Joe Biden's family violent clashes run Hong Kong as massive crowds filled the streets on Sunday tens of thousands of people turned out for a pro democracy rally as some threw Molotov cocktails and bricks at right police heavily armed officers fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the demonstrators police officials say several Chinese on banks were torched a number of metro stations were trashed by the protesters a group called the civil human rights front claim that more than three hundred thousand people took part in Sunday's huge March and rally in a controlled demolition rundown construction cranes of The New Orleans hotel the partially collapsed last week crews used explosives on Sunday to bring down to crane still standing at the hard rock hotel he controlled demolition was initially set to happen on Friday but was delayed due to high winds three people were killed and dozens.

Canada's Conservatives offer bland option to Trudeau's flash

WBZ Afternoon News

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Canada's Conservatives offer bland option to Trudeau's flash

"Canada's Conservative Party is advertising its leader as bland and its touting that as a virtue it's all meant to be an antidote to prime minister Justin Trudeau splash and star power the party is counting on the bland branding to help Andrew Scheer defeat Trudeau's Liberal Party in national elections on Monday in the words of Canada's former conservative foreign minister John Baird he's not the sizzle he's the steak polls show here has a chance to defeat the liberals after a combination of scandals and high expectations damage Trudeau's prospects but you're also has had a bumpy ride he's been criticized for embellishing his resume and not revealing that he holds dual U. S. Canadian

Canada Conservative Party Liberal Party John Baird Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Andrew Scheer
What to expect from tonight's Democratic debate in Ohio

CNN's The Daily DC

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What to expect from tonight's Democratic debate in Ohio

"Things are having made so it's debate day obviously this is the fourth debate in the Democratic Series of debates for this cycle and obviously there are a few things that are new in this environment than existed in the last three debates one Bernie Sanders is returning from the medical sidelines after supper in a heart attack and having two stents put into his chest so obviously a lot of eyes on him to really since the last debate Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden have emerged into a tier of top two unto themselves they are they've separated themselves entirely from the the pack and while that started to happen in the when they met in September it has just completely formed that way I think in advance of tonight's debate and then of course the biggest change is that this is the first time these Democrats are coming together after Nancy Pelosi launched the impeachment inquiry in earnest in the House of Representatives that's no small thing to have a constitutional crisis going on while candidates come to the debate stage to debate and that's where I want to start with you what what does the having the impeachment of Donald Trump's something all these candidates agree on looming over this debate stage museum for the debate well first of all it's weird to have a debate switch all of the candidates agree that the president needs to be impeached and yet they are all running to run against him in twenty twenty I mean like incongruous it really I well I we've never been in a situation like this before as a country and secondly it really is an awkward to step for some of these they want to show voters that they are ready and tough enough to be up against Donald Trump but at the same time they are trying to argue that trump should be removed from office immediately it also puts a lot of pressure on Joe Biden to to reassure Democratic voters Ah I can't explain to you how much ptsd there is in the electorate right now people are afraid of Hillary Clinton from Hillary Clinton from two thousand sixteen voters are genuinely afraid that that there's going to be some kind of weakness in whoever they nominate that trump is going to explode eight in the same way that he tried to exploit the email saga for Hillary Clinton and Biden's challenge right now is ensuring voters that this issue with Ukraine and Hunter Biden and whether or not it was just a mistake or a lapse of judgement but not anything that was was what was ethically wrong or corrupt is something that he can handle that is not going to become an Achilles heel for him and right now I don't think we're GonNa see a lot of the candidates exploiting that really fully tonight I think many of them agreed don't do Donald Trump's work for him but at the same time I think for voters AH signaling is so important for Biden to just make them feel better about that situation yeah it's hard to imagine that if you were designing a campaign playbook and Tori that you would have chosen to have hunter Biden gave an interview on the morning of this debate you reference some of the things he said I want you to hear a little bit Hunter Biden on ABC's Good Morning America this morning as he faced to these questions about his service on these foreign boards while his dad vice president I think that it was because I don't believe now when I look back on it I know that there was an did nothing wrong at all however was poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is a swamp in in many ways and so I take I take full responsibility for that do I did I do anything improper no now as you know abby in all CNN's reporting of the story there has been no wrongdoing found in the way that donald trump alleged whatsoever on the part of Joe Biden or hundred Hunter Biden is getting adhere isn't the wrongdoing of taking money or somehow Joe Biden trying to fire prosecutor for his sons on son's behalf what hundred saying here that he gets the optics of this were terrible it seems and it I don't oh you took away from Joe Biden over the weekend but when the former vice president announced his policy that if he were to be president no family member associate would be allowed to serve on a foreign entity to me that's an implicit acknowledgement that what he did is vice president was wrong yeah it's really tricky to say I would never do this again and also say I don't think there was anything wrong with it if there was something wrong with it then there should be no problem with doing it again so it's tricky but I do think it was the right move for for Biden to make because I don't think you're gonNA find many democratic of his rivals saying oh it's perfectly fine for the scenario to repeat itself in the future in fact Liam then many and said they would not allow this so I also think you know the timing of this Hunter Biden interview was just really I it was incredible I will say there was a Republican operative who suggested to me that maybe the timing was not so bad that maybe what this really does is it helps Joe Biden really be on the front end of this saying he's already talked about it here's what we're GONNA do I've answered the question wins shutting it down at the beginning of this process maybe that's true but I also think that there's a great amount of risk in the former vice president on who was not really a political person who's had all kinds of twists and turns in his own personal life being out there just having a lengthy free willing interview in which he's talking about kinds of things yeah I I do think all of our reporting from the campaign indicates a this was not something that they initiated and organized but something they were aware of and what seems pretty clear to me is once they knew that hundred was going to sit down and do this interview and they understood when it was going to air that's when I think they packaged the rest of rollout of the ethics plan of saying that he wouldn't allow this administration to to your Republican operatives point is you're saying I do think they packaged around the maybe not so desirable timing one hundred Biden interview to just put out what indeed the vice president's plan would be as as president and I just want to pick up on something you said I think you are one hundred percent right I can't imagine any of his Democratic rivals trying to go there in some way with him on this so supportive of of this notion but I do want to just tease out a bit more of why I agree with you that it is an awkward dance for somebody told voters I am the one that can beat Donald Trump and rally the Liberal Party that Donald Trump should be removed from office right now I that is a tough message to sell them I just am curious when you've been on the trail have you heard a candidate hit that better than another candidate of how to sell those two things you know honestly it does not feel like many of them are are delving into the incongruence of that too much the candidates right now know that the desire among the base to talk about impeachment is very high and to support impeachment is very high and Senate Democrats who are running for president who are on the Senate Judiciary Committee who might have a role in bringing witnesses forward on the Senate side and I think they're trying to use that you say well I can prosecute you know this is a Comma Harris Line I can prosecute the case right now in addition to next November if Donald trump is

Bernie Sanders One Hundred Percent
"liberal  party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

Poutine Politics

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"liberal party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

"Welcome back to Putin politics Canadian issue server cheese skirts my name's Adam my name is Mike and it is number three in a possible net zero emissions by two thousand fifty so this is one of the things where you were like it's twenty nineteen I'm talking about where we're going to do by two thousand fifty which I said Okay we'll let the green platform was like that as well there was a lot of here's what we need to do by twenty thirty here's what we need to do by twenty fifty so this is kind of this this is the liberal same same kind of stuff so the you trust the scientists the scientists thank a scientist yeah thanks scientists trusted they're the ones that did the church this is like the education thing on don't listen to us we're stupid I'm an average down -tarian I don't know enough about the education side I know that there's English I know that there's math I know that there's drama I know that there's arts I know that there's music I know that there's geography and other sister like I know I know what the different subjects are don't tell me to build a history program now moving on they're gonNA plant two billion trees yeah oh but the the great part was like what was it three days or four days after after the platform comes out Elizabeth May's like we're going to build ten billion trees it's just okay it's like okay trees are not carbon-offsetting as much as people there's no but it's that shouldn't be your folk if that's what you're pushing you need to go doc the drug bright good what I okay now what I will say in in here is they do mention about replanting for arrests that have burned down because really that doesn't happen as much as it should especially with the amount of forest the amount of wildfires that we are having a lot of those areas are kind of left barren wastelands and either nothing regrows or it it's a really long time for stuff to regrow and so if we could be encouraging it sure but yes I mean to be like we're GONNA play at two billion trees okay okay just recently yes okay let's let's we need we need a little bit more than two billion trees low cost National Flood Insurance Program because most insurance companies don't cover leads anymore g wonder why does have to do with climate change in the fact that it's already problem in certain places I don't know what you're talking about but it's not just the climate change issue let's address the flood problem for insurance well okay so part of the part of part of what they put in here was a when it comes to flooding is they want to complete all the flood maps in Canada and then develop a national action plan and to assist homeowners with potential relocation for those at the highest risk of repeat flooding but assisting those homeowners if they're in if they're in like let's not maybe a few whatever it's not flood plain but if they're in a location that let's say near a river or it's near waste let's say with what happens in Toronto where like the flooding happens because the wastewater system gets overloaded because of a huge rainstorm is the government going to buy your house like is that how they're going to assist you relocate let's just like when they relocate the houses for I was I guess I mean they're going to have an they're going to have an action plan on it it's been done before then for a like the only issue I have with is like flooding result like oftentimes these these major floods are often can be attributed to climate change but they're doing very little to address the change they're just going to deal with the band aid solution to the problem yeah okay this was a small one but I'll say it anyway so we will invest every dollar earned from transmitting expansion project in candidates energy transition let's touch that one with a fifty foot pole install up to five thousand charging stations across Cortana Trans Canada highway and other major road networks they're going to provide a ten percent rebate on used zero emission vehicles up to a maximum value of two thousand dollars so right now there is we've five thousand dollar rebate that was introduced in twenty eight teen no twenty nine hundred was this year's budget for or buying a new EV. But you only receive that grant up to a certain price like I don't know it's I know I know the prices of them are not very hard are sorry not very low because I've been looking at a model three not that I'm buying anytime soon but I like to look hi protecting Canada's natural legacy yes this is one of those ones that has been getting credit sized as well because this was the whole if in case you missed it Trudeau did a photo op where he was canoeing this was something recently and were people were criticizing him because he's like he's he's paddling the canoe backwards and like okay just a photo op who cares I mean it's doing for photo like who doesn't know this stuff it's like the Green Party photo op the company he was younger because his father There was an avid canoe list that's the right term I think right yes it's canoeist not canoe a canoe were that ness anyways it's canoe so when he was younger you're the English dude I know he can walk news technically is not an English word take that we played scrabble now you kill me like this isn't fair okay read listen to my podcast you're the one in the newspapers all right all right fine fair enough so it was. expanding the learn to camp program which I didn't even know existed shows how much I pay attention government move forward with giving seventy thousand less privileged children and their families and up to four nine tripped one of Canada's national or provincial parks including camping accommodations and travel bursary of up to two thousand dollars for kids to go camping it's a feel good story right exactly so if you ever want to know what it's like to be homeless cocaine demise yes you were absolutely I love camping like I do this no but that's what you're doing Good money for that yes yeah you're not wrong ban on single use plastics. Okay we've covered that one too and we both kind of think that that's low bar bar meet after four we're getting they're building a stronger Canada likes these titles but they're actually investing in prevention okay so I did highlight some of that stuff and I was like I didn't know if I wanted to be doing vesting some stuff which back program buyback program that's good yeah so no no like the Banding Banning Rifles you're you're just punishing legal owners for something they yet you're just taking their volume their guns hired good luck with that and investing gun prevention that's the part they like yeah and we do everyone importing ammunition to show valley firearms license again good thing okay highlighted this one because of our episode on Bill C seventy one so long gun registry so again I guess for people that already own guns yeah there isn't GonNa be a registry for those people but the fact that Bill C seventy one says Oh you know although stores that sell guns and sell guns they need to keep these records now for lifetime which is basically a long gun registry without being called the long gun registry so I mean take that for what is it temporarily suspended firearms licenses for people who are suspected of posing a danger to themselves or others including their partners or kids do that I don't know what the okay well I guess I guess it's in there because maybe people don't realize that it already happens yeah that's what I would say yeah it's not yeah requiring all judges in Canada undertake mandatory training on sexual assault law I can yes do you have anything else under the gun roll or anything like that you want to cover okay it do they talk about the coastguard and they're about the witch the coastguard because I don't know where he the stuff comes up because they didn't read the platform from the pages I didn't I don't remember seeing anything about the coastguard there inches in the coastguard and shockingly there views Vancouver and Halifax as shipyards why are they gonNA use Halifax Irving Irvine does that have anything to do with politics coming out and recently carrier no no cough talking about Hof Norman Sh what have we got first responders the grant program for first responders which provides lump sum tax free payment up to three hundred thousand dollars to family members of first responders who have died as a result of their duties so that was something that was already in place and they're going to expand it to include correctional workers by the end of twenty twenty sounds good to me the digital charter being able to withdraw remove in a race basic personal data from a platform like facebook or twitter or whatever where your information is potentially being used for advertising purposes No how personal data is being you used including knowing who has access to it and creating some sort of.

Canada Putin Green Party Adam Trudeau cocaine Mike two thousand dollars three hundred thousand dollars five thousand dollar ten percent fifty foot three days four days
"liberal  party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

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"liberal party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

"In such and Blah Blah Blah almost hurt when I went over it they it was pretty good like I was like Oh this is completely wrong because when I do my research as far as the popcorn's there wasn't a major downtown a two seats so it's like they just barely squeak out a majority of potentially it could be it could like there's a lot of positive but I really strongly think that's going to be majority because us simpler and removing red-tape is always easy solution and I believe the liberal platform is the easiest solution which kind of makes me cringe saying that would why why does it make you cringe if you're right wing you should be Albany red tape let's let's get a tax credit rather than giving the discount just me the discount will they make a they make a tax credit because they don't want to give it to everybody Yech yeah I know why don't WanNa give it to everybody I want I looked childcare I have to say the levels that are very very good job okay. Increasing Canada student grants for students going to school giving students two years after graduation get started on a tip before they had to start paying back student loans so to your to your interest free period whereas right now federally at six months and right now in Ontario it's zero anything to help out students considering the amount that they have to pay is going up and up and up and relative comparison not just because it's going up with in relation is a good thing better if it was eliminated many but right take any benefit that I can get yeah change the rule so that graduates won't have to start reaping being loans until they make at least thirty five thousand dollars and if their income falls below that level there payments are put on hold again good thing yes sometimes you get out of your you get out of a field and you simply don't make enough money right away it takes a while to start making money not everyone come becomes a doctor some like if you're working as a reporter or something like that it can take some time or the field that you got that you studied in you there's just nothing there for you at the time so you have to get them out so it's always I'm skipping past the cell phone the bills part do you WanNa talk about the cell phone bills part they're gonNA lower it by twenty five percents good luck okay let's update yeah just like the Conservatives did it all Lord Price Neat and do anything helping working Canadians get ahead help workers transition to a new job we'll move forward with a career insurance benefit there's benefit will be available to people who've worked continuously for the same employer for five or more years Khalid off when the business closes so potentially give workers in additional roughly sixteen thousand dollars while they try in either get retraining or try and find other work so it's a little extra something yes it's not it's a good thing it's a good thing it's not a great thing but it's a good thing better support for the mental health of workers include mental health is a specific elements of occupational health and safety that would be good in my line of work I see a lot of people get stressed out and have those you know have those kinds of mental health issues that need that kind of support that kind of support is not necessarily available no no it's something that's frowned upon by certain things away bells let's Talk Day it's actually good thing that's a very good for that whole arm of talking about anxiety and stress and things like that I know growing up I just you know you heard about people going on stresses be thought the mental breakdowns and things like that yeah and it's not even it's yeah it can take a long time for someone to get to that point but there's a lot of issues that they're going through even before they get to you know potential breakdown that people need support for extending IAE sickness fits from fifteen to twenty six weeks seems reasonable Yep someone going through cancer treatment or something like that it's probably GonNa be longer than fifteen weeks red seal trades creating the Canada in apprenticeship service so it's a partnership between provinces territories businesses and the federal government to ensure that when someone goes through to get their apprentice earth for their apprenticeship and to get their to get their ticket that when they get their ticket there's jobs available for them when they're when they're going through apprentice ship that there will be placements available for them and it's basically providing financial incentive for employers to hire apprentices yeah and and the reason one the ships that if you're going into field that are trades fields which is a sector that needs more people into you WanNa give those people's much incentive as possible national Pharma Care I'm not going to get into the Pharma care when again this'll be the third time that we talked about it ever all three all three and EP Green hardy and liberal their farm carom visions and aspirations are relatively the same gap the NDP's one is probably more aggressive in the sense that they want to implement it sooner rather than later the liberal one is probably the least aggressive because that's basically all they mentioned is that overworking awards national Pharma Care Stay tuned that's all I got on that Oh they just curiosity increase old age security by ten percent for seniors when they turned seventy five okay but that that's good so people are living longer when it was I designed it wasn't designed for seventy five year olds find for the population is going to be specify it's a feel good story yes investing in good middle class jobs chapter to chapter two it's all over the place I think More Health for Entrepreneurs Create the candidate entrepreneur count administered. through Business Development Bank to provide up to two thousand entrepreneurs with as much as fifty thousand dollars to launch their new businesses. So I'm it doesn't really explain whether it's loans or grants in this situation I yeah I think in this be grants and there's no there's nothing about how they're going to do right exactly great here's the money awesome let's do this pay no paperwork here's your money cut the corporate tax paid in half by companies that develop and manufacturer zero emissions technology it's a good incentive for for green commerce yes that's action was called helping candidates entrepreneurs seen grow so I mean I guess it's tied into the fact that it is small business owners or business owners general but it you know it's like it's an environmental thing that's just thrown in the middle of the of the Middle Class section of the platform classics not economy non climate air not green let's throw them that one all right I had to highlight this one because this is the dig at ESPEC- we at a Ford and Pallister so Manitoba and Ontario because they've they've essentially both said that they're not going to accept or they're like they're holding off on accepting money from the federal government from the carbon tax that the money that's supposed to go into Green initiatives for our schools and hospitals and things like that okay so I read this and I'm like this is why this is in there is perfect I have to read it word for word because that's how perfect it felt to me to make sure that the infrastructure that people in communities need is built we will require that all provinces and territories identifying approve all of their longterm infrastructure priorities within the next two years funds that aren't designated for specific projects by the end of two thousand twenty one will be reinvested directly in communities through the top of the federal gas tax fund I read so bypass the provincial governments that are playing ball and give the money right to the municipalities I love it that like Oh yes and Kenny yeah well especially since come January first Alberta's supposed to be paying the federal carbon taxes well and I'm sure they are going to try and do the same thing and say well we're not gonNA spend we're not gonNA except that money okay then we'll just give it to the municipalities instead Yep sucks to suck you know I get there's a difference between people who support liberal and people that support conservative but you know sometimes sometimes you can work together whoa sometimes the thing balls meals about the conservatives being against the carbon tax the carbon tax is probably the single best way that you can can do climate change initiative from a conservative point of view it's and let me make sure we're clear in this Andrew Scheer is introducing his own car tax is just not calling it a carbon tax so what do you do if you if you if you missed that one you can go back and listen to episode eight which is a real plan to protect our environment and yes the question doc was in the title supporting more trade at home and around the world so this section talks about trying to break trade barriers between the provinces because they exist so trying to broker even at even trying to broker a free trade between provinces within Canada but then also one part they do put in here has the only G. Seven country with free trade agreements with other g seven nations all right good press good job okay that one gets a golf club gay the one I think the part of the reason I did highlight that one and I think it does come up a bit later in the platform was tied into the coups MMA the US MCA or whatever you WANNA call it the Nafta Nafta two point Oh and just the sense that I'm going to cut myself off facebook eventually really I I really am wondering why don't go I know I know it's it you know the people oh terrible trade deal and Blah Blah Blah and I'm like okay again do some research to reading and I guess the third part is it technically hasn't been ratified by the government of Canada or the government in the United States yet so really the negotiations have been done are done but it's not in place yet so anything that's happening right now has nothing to do with this new Nafta like if you're gonNA come out somebody comes with facs seen some of the stuff that people go after you on I'm just like your tool and if it wasn't for the fact that I don't WanNa don't go down that well I don't save it and often times when I go on facebook with people I just I throw them facts I literally send them to the website that's just facts and I love doing like here's your fact shut up the problem is that doesn't work with a lot of people I know yeah that's my argument here's the facts read the chapter three in which the big bad wolf blows down the House of Straw is there I think only I wanna say to five maybe six protecting our environment and moving our economy forward there's actually Oh yes okay so this so she it's kind of I don't remember if this was in the green platform at the one thing that the liberals put in there was that they would set legally binding five year milestones based on the advice of experts and consultations with Etienne's to reach net zero emissions why are you consulting Canadians. I don't know you consult experts experts what are we said time and time again go to we consulted average everyday on Tehran's average everyday Ontarians don't know enough about education themselves to be able to provide a knowledgeable and reasonable suggestion as to what should be in the Caribbean Elam in any.

Canada Albany Ontario Caribbean Elam Tehran two years thirty five thousand dollars sixteen thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars seventy five year twenty six weeks fifteen weeks ten percent six months five year
"liberal  party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

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"liberal party" Discussed on Poutine Politics

"Now we have listeners. I'm actually researching before we were just talking out of our house like I don't have to do the research on this thing what's the matter now Mike The people listening to People Care Maureen sign all homework all four episodes series on the twenty eighth nineteen federal election platforms. I say possibly for because we still don't know whether we're going to have a conservative one in time but that's promises made promises cap for Conservatives yes so does that mean that if we don't do a fourth episode that's promises made promises kept for us as well no because we're actually you know consistent okay I guess I guess you're right dragging this out going through the platforms going why can't they make these easy all right in case you haven't realized we are going over the Liberal Party of Canada platform which came out just at the end or the end of September Stock Tober it is called forward real in for the middle class I love it forward serious question do you think the middle class still exists yes I saw a lot about the middle class here now there's one thing you want to bring up what do you think if the federal government has a majority government how many promises should they keep as a percentage as a percentage because keeping exchange seventy seventy K. the liberals kept fifty six percent seven percent margin very where they've started it but completed yes so there's multiple websites that are tracking this sort of thing and I think the one where you get the fifty six sent number from one of the things that I think this one's called the Paula meter or something I know there's one called poly meter and there's one called Trudeau meter one of the promises that was made in the liberal platform was to what it was twenty five thousand Syrian refugees into the country by the end of Twenty fifteen k the election happened in October so they had roughly a little over two months from when the election happened to welcome twenty five thousand refugees so when hit the twenty five thousand refugees mark was in like February of two thousand sixteen so it's like they missed the mark by two months and I think it's the hollow meter website that is not failed it's like well they didn't fail they still brought the people in it just took a little longer than they thought it would so part of my issue with that website in particular is the fact that the goal was still met it just wasn't met in the timeframe okay okay same website yet how does PC's do that same website I think with Harper was like seventy yeah something like that both had seven percent margin of error and say that say that seven percent was started partially completed right right which is which is fine because you can go seven percent they'll went because they started or they partially completed it rightly if you have a Gulf twenty-five thousand bringing twenty two thousand or the date extended by four months it's a partial and I'll probably credit for partial if you're looking at things they finished yes it's definitely less I decided I don't I don't remember what the twenty eleven conservative platform was like I just look at it I look at it from some point if you have a majority yes you have no reason why not if you have a minority government I'm not going to hold you to him accountable body right 'cause it's very hard for you to say oh well we're going to do this and the other parties completely against it that's going to be your main rival and you have to compromise that'd be argued potentially that unforeseen circumstances as they were could have resulted in Louis of their platform being completed sure in the sense that in October of two thousand fifteen nobody thought that Donald Trump was gonna win the presidency. yeah I look at it like this was there a major downturn in the economy no well not really know and some of the as low hanging fruit right that they could have done that they chose not yeah we are I haven't I haven't gone over the whole list and I just I personally I don't have the time to go over everything and try and be like okay yeah did they actually complete that did they actually fail that are they being too hard on on one or the wasn't major major you could make the argument for oil but both parties face the same thing yes I say this because a lot of people bring up election promises broken and reason why I find it hilarious because if you look at how the federal elections look like it's going it's looking very much like load liberal majority again with more seats in they're gonNA lose the popular vote you've heard you think more seats okay. That's what I was I was thinking I I haven't looked at any the polls I guess recently some of the stuff that I like yes the popular vote they're definitely currently lower but I've heard that yes potential majority but at like maybe like one hundred and seventy of what's happening in Ontario and interior decides she'll federal election general for yes yeah well I mean we've got how many what percentage of the writings are in Ontario at least a third or pretty close to third of the writings on terrorism and that in the fact okay so yeah the Quebec is the same but Quebec votes block so they just throw their votes away insert conservative votes in Quebec will tend to go to they'll flip flop bit but I mean right now it seems like more of that vote's going towards the block as opposed to towards the Conservatives and as a result liberals can conduct come up the middle and it's Quebec before we got it all right so in the last four years we've accomplished so together here's some of what we've been able to do in the last four years what did they do so the things that I highlighted was introduced Canada child benefit help families keep up with cost of living so that was consolidating a bunch of programs into one try and make it more efficient and technically pay out more money to people that are lower income that need it and gently that does appear to have worked from the stats that exist on it okay raise taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cut taxes for the middle class okay so that's they created a a separate tax rate for people that make over two hundred thousand dollars of income and then they decreased the second tax brackets that's on people making over roughly forty five thousand dollars of income a year they reduced that by a point and a half I haven't again I haven't really looked at those numbers to see whether it made a difference and it's hard to tell when you consider the fact that the deficits as they've been in government have not changed much now they go off of deficit versus GDP ratio balanced yes lowered small business tax rates whole businesses growing create more jobs the argument I would have with one is that technically the Conservatives had those tax decreases in place before the twenty fifteen elections so the liberals basically just carried on the conservative tax cuts does do a small business corporate tax rates get moving into the actual platform itself now so chapter one building a strong middle-class chapters I love it his in chapters all right I gotta put my reading glasses on hold on a second okay so the first part first thing I want to cover is moving forward with more for the middle class will make sure that people don't pay federal taxes on the first fifteen thousand dollars they earn okay so everybody that files taxes has all the basic personal amount or basic personal exemption so that is the amount of income that you can make just baseline and not have to pay taxes on it so right now that number is just a bit above twelve thousand dollars before I get to the fifteen thousand dollars per so it increases in very small amounts every year again generally based on the consumer price index or based on inflation so from twenty twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen it only went up by a bow three hundred dollars so this is talking about making a jump worry goes up almost three thousand dollars in one year so it can make a significant difference so three thousand dollars at fifteen percent because that's the tax right at the lowest level now they're saying here that it would you know this would save the average family nearly six hundred dollars a year so with a with a dual income situation yeah it could save that much either in a single income situation if there's a spouse that doesn't work the spousal amount is based on the personal exemption amount which means that if you have a spouse that doesn't work your spousal credits going to go up to and that's where some additional tax savings can come in yes it is a good way to promote those in not in the middle-class I won't even call mental upset lower yeah right it does help them in class to I mean technically it does help everybody but obviously who has more of an effect on his people that are lower income because if it's since since it's likely to be a situation of an increase in the basic personal exemption unless they do some sort of income testing thing where if your income goes above a certain amount you start to lose that benefit so that someone who makes a quarter billion dollars a year doesn't get the same benefit as someone who makes thirty thousand dollars a year maybe they're gonNa make it complicated like that but I have my doubts they at one hundred forty seven some five hundred what's that the exception Oh is that where is that when it's supposed to phase out look at you do more work than I am the maybe they should have put that in the platform where they put on they did put on the next page there notes on what their plan will do for chapter one in comparison to what the conservative plan will do like well 'cause there's lease their platform in their companion into the conservative nonexistent platform I mean okay I could argue that we could still technically do an episode on a conservative quote unquote platform is because there's been a lot of policy updates and releases and stuff like that they just haven't put it into a concise document so who knows 'cause I want to chase all that down before with the first time homebuyer incentive which will give up to ten percent off the purchase price of their first home which is interesting because when this program was introduced only talking about five percent so now they're talking about ten percent that the government would pitch in ten percent and they're also saying that they would increase the qualifying value on a property to to nearly eight hundred thousand dollars in places where the houses cost more like Toronto Vancouver Victoria so making it worse so yeah so if you're buying a house in the near future and your first time homebuyer Oh yeah it's for everyone else it's it's terrible idea guess terribly anyways make sure families get more money right away by making maternity and parental benefits tax free okay so here's here's one that I wanNA compare against what the conservative policy release is on maternity benefits in this situation the liberals are saying you know the any that you get from me I for maternity you're not gonNA pay any taxes on that that's your money here you go either it will not you don't report it on your taxes at all or if you do there will be some sort of offsetting deduction to remove from your income so you're not gonNA get taxed on it so what the conservative policy release on this is is essentially introducing anew non-refundable no is it a refundable tax credit either way it's a tax credit instead but it's a tax credit instead of just saying here's the money it's making.

Maureen Mike The seven percent ten percent fifteen thousand dollars three thousand dollars four years two months eight hundred thousand dollars two hundred thousand dollars forty five thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars twelve thousand dollars three hundred dollars six hundred dollars fifty six percent seventy seventy K Twenty fifteen k billion dollars fifteen percent
Party of ex-Chancellor Kurz wins Austrian election

Monocle 24: The Briefing

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Party of ex-Chancellor Kurz wins Austrian election

"Welcome to the briefing we begin by turning our attention to Austria where former Chancellor Sebastian Courts as won a general election and in convincing fashion snap election was called following the collapse of the previous government made up of the People's Party of Mister Courts and the far-right Freedom Party hardy video had revealed the Freedom Party's openness to Russian influence. Peddling courts will now have to choose between shifting left or going back to his former allies in the far right party to form a new government for more on this. I'm joined by tests should covets. UK Correspondent for Austria Profile magazine Tessa. Thank you for joining us and and welcome back to the show Were you surprised at all. I don't buy this results. I think everyone was surprised because the opinion polls before forty elections showed a better resort for prognosis for the far-right what happened I think in the last weeks before the elections was that the far-right Freedom Parthiv got involved. There were some revelations about expense scandals around the leadership and former former head of the party has gone and that further dampen their the the results so a combination of the bitter video scandal from May with these new revelations just kicked him off the chances to return to government as the logical partner that for Christian for Sebastian quote what's so we will see now in long probably difficult coalition negotiations if he indeed will to the Green Party as coalition nations partner. I want to come back to that expensive scandal you mentioned but you are right. The Green Party did surge which is quite curious here sort of square in the middle the People's Party the Conservative Party is the Social Democrats as well which is quite curious. The Conservative Party gained a lot of ground far right lost ground obviously because of of that scandal but with the performance of the Greens does that put into question where the former chancellor is going to look for a new partner in in his coalition while he's definitely the successful populist he managed to gain votes though his previous coalition was failed completely in renewing Australia sort of fear contract with the people in the future so they just had to resign after eighteen months and still he comes out as the one who is the staple prime minister that people trust again to form another government so that's the first thing so the second thing is that the Zeitgeist has changed a little bit in the last two years so the last elections refund on a tough immigration stands after the refugee crisis resulted in strong anxieties in the population this time we're sort of in the middle of Friday's for future a frenzy people thinking about the climate catastrophe more than about the the consequences of immigration could try to push the immigration a topic in all conversations or interviews during during the election campaign but in fact the resides in the success of the green pod shows that the younger voters want something else than the constant immigration debate so they turn to the Green Party and a lot of people in the middle of the society also thought that they wanted some kind of the more open minded and more progressive stance on questions like immigration European Union and end climate and those people voted either green or for this small Liberal Party which was also quite successful. Do we have any indication of which way ah the former chancellor is leaning here for his Coalition Party as he say sort of it is a popular thing now more people are thinking about the climate obviously climate change rather more people voted voted green so he's quite young guy as well not only in age but in his political experience so may he be more curious to to shift left in in building and continuing to grow on his popularity he might and this is a big test now for him as a politician because he was very quickly quickly turning to become one of these right wing populace strongmen tough on immigration and constantly talking about political Islam. I am in how to sort of restrictor these influences in Australian in his Austrian homeland and artists sixty. You know the rhetoric from other other right wing politicians in Europe to now. He has the chance to move back to the middle and do a coalition with the Green Party ideologically. Lee I think this will be quite difficult for him because he has always said that he felt comfortable in the coalition with defy red because they shared a lot of his reform plans and also this anti immigration stance now we will see what he will do and it will be a a very big test also for the Green party because they are much more progressive much more welcoming to immigration much more open minded and in then Sebastian could so for them to go into coalition is quite dangerous too but it's now the moment where Australia has decided and where the Green Party ends passive quits mainly mainly those two have to decide if they want to prevent the fire to come back from into government or not and we will probably see this by the end of the year beginning of next year only the results so the next week will be quite interesting Tessa. Thank you so much for this just fits their

Green Party People's Party Of Mister Court Chancellor Sebastian Courts Freedom Party Far-Right Freedom Party Coalition Party Conservative Party People's Party Liberal Party Partner Austria Chancellor Austria Profile UK Australia Europe European Union LEE
Its not just a brownface photo. The whole election is about race.

The Big Story

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Its not just a brownface photo. The whole election is about race.

"The photos of Justin Trudeau wearing brown apologies. It's the photos and video of Justin Trudeau wearing brown face makeup at various times is in the one thousand nine hundred ninety s and early two thousands are the biggest story in Canadian politics the biggest story in Canada. This is a story that broke on Wednesday it and it continues breaking as you listen to this podcast political shockwaves continue tonight after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to wearing black Alexis this morning video of Third Instance Service Wearing Brown faces an active open mockery and racist. What Canadian saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgment and someone who's not fit to govern this country. When I was growing up I fought racist I dealt with myself and I fought back but I got a message from a friend who reminded me that there's a lot of people out there that couldn't do that. I think that that's going to hurt. It's GonNa hurt them. On the nature of photo auto is that had it been a different candidate of the Liberal Party. Let me now saying you have to step down people who live with the kind of discrimination because of the color of their skin face regular basis and I didn't see that from the layers of privilege that I have ah for that. I am deeply sorry and I apologized. No doubt there are a lot of things being broken right now in the newsroom definition of the word and you know at a four because the past couple of days I've been horrible for millions of Canadians so if you want to know what's broken right now unquoted twitter if you want to understand what the conversation around this story reveals about the election about the Canadian media about partisan politics ticks and about the country that nobody wants to talk about but that we live in any way stay right here because here's the thing this election has always been about erase. It was about race since before. The writ was dropped about raceway before a first Brown face photo surfaced. It just had to become really league really obvious for a lot of us who don't deal with racism every day to understand that

Justin Trudeau Brown Liberal Party Canada Twitter Alexis
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"And then they had a great big dinner at the Gladstone library, which I have never been to. So you take four five and just set this up for us. Dr art. So I'll try to do that fast. Between about eighteen forty and nineteen ten Britain became a broadly Representative country, a democratic country before that the aristocracy, had controlled much of it, and the two political parties that we've been praising, or I've been praising them both and the two leaders, Disraeli and Gladstone combined in opposition to each other, and taking turns to make that transition Winston Churchill's father was part of it, too. And so the liberal party and the liberal club came into prominence in the second half well in the middle of the nineteenth century, and in eighteen eighty two the great William Gladstone that wonderful leader aid bit, a high Tory, and he switched and he found an he started a club and by eighteen eighty eight they had built one of the most important buildings of that age. In London, right on the river about a quarter of a mile from the houses of parliament, and it was the national liberal club. And they're hardly any national liberals today. But if conservatives keep up, what they're doing. There may be a lot of. And, and it should be and, you know, I it it's, it's magnificent. It's huge. It's, it's, you know, the town, but where is it in London? Well in, you know, it's in central London. It's, it's a quarter of a mile from the houses of parliament, right? All goodness. Oh, goodness. And it's so you can walk, you know in Whitehall place. We stayed there, too. There's hotel right next to it. And you can you can walk half a block to block. I block one full block. Right. And you'll be in Horseguards parade. You didn't go near the window. Did you when Charles went near the window? They locked his head off. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. It we didn't I didn't. I did do that if I had appears to be on all them, not very well today if if and so it's it is a, it's a room. The, the whole club is very beautiful. But this dining room is, you know, fourteen feet high and got bookshops Florida ceiling except for the windows all the way around. And we had about one hundred sixty people and the speakers were at Martin. Gilbert's widow Esther and Michael Dobbs said, assay, Lord Dobbs of Wiley, who is the author of several historic historical novels about Winston Churchill, and also of the TV show house of cards. Oh, Bill kidding. Yeah. Yeah. And he's a delightful man. And he's, you know, he's they let him run the conservative party. None of this, what happened and, and then Randolph Churchill, the great grandson spoken. I spoke and grandpa, the great great grandsons charming, man. Looks exactly like somebody like it comes from Winston Churchill and, and they have been the Churchill family and Randolph in particular. They've been the partners that we've done all this work with for so long. I once heard you talk about Churchill at dinner commemorating, his visit to the California club, an exact recreation of the dinner, and it was one of the most wonderful after dinner talks. You don't want evenings like that to end. I'm just curious when did it. And how did you go it was, it was almost rudely late? It went till almost ten and then there was drinking and talking after very Chilean, and it was a bunch of remembered that we had like a hundred and thirty Americans. So I began the thing I had quite a bit to say because I did it among the people who still alive. Anyway, I began by saying this is a terrifying moment for me. I said, because I've got these English here and I've got these Americans here, and I've got my in-laws here. Very intimidating gathering. Yeah. They were in the in laws, you know, so I, I did the next morning, I think our group of people who are on our crews for helping me.

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"Morning glory. Candidates. Hugh Hewitt inside relief, factor dot com. Studio inside of the beltway, not my normal video comrades failure this morning. So instead, Gorkhas video this point. Thank you. Dr Gorka mess it up. I promise I don't know that you can watch the video people figure that out tomorrow of a couple of days to fix comrex Los and the big story, the big story of the weekend, people just need to focus on this Australia. A land of twenty six million. Do we have the land under ready to play for us right now? We could do a little theme music here. If we can find the land down under because this is such a big story. Australia is Australia. Mate is one of our very closest allies. Very. Strange and they had to vote on Saturday. And the labor party wasn't nervous at all. The conservative liberal party. Understand the liberal party in Australia is the conservative party. It's held government for six years, fifty four. Remember that fifty four out of fifty four polls said that the conservatives would lose. Under but. That's not what happened. And an amazing victory like Donald Trump's in twenty sixteen Scott Morrison SCO Monet call him. The in Brazil did not have to do with it. Okay. We turn that off, we're down under and SCO MO one. A huge overwhelmingly surprising victory. Now they only have it takes seventy six have half of the parliament. He's got seventy six seats. There are two more to be counted. The left has sixty seven seats and there are one green member and five others. They are almost certainly going to win one of those two races. They're going to rule as a majority in their own, right? Not in coalition with anyone and Scott Morrison gonna cut taxes next week. So he campaign. He also campaigned on getting millennials help to buy their first home as Australia has a housing crisis like many places in America. Does everyone should pay attention to the fact that once again, the pollsters were completely wrong just like twenty sixteen in America? Twenty nineteen in Australia. The Brexit vote they're not any good at this anymore, and it's because people now lie to pollster just a lie. Pollsters, just can't believe this stuff. You can't believe that Donald Trump went on and take the navy with Steve Hilton because we have the audio. Here's what he said. I Steve Hilton about the Iran deal and President Obama's execution of it cut number fifteen Iran's been problem for so many years. If you go back, just take a look at all of the conflict that they've caused and the deal that President Obama made was a horror show, the Iran nuclear deal, because, basically, it says that in five years from now they're going to have an open to make nuclear weapons. We don't need another country with that. And frankly, especially them, we don't need it say made this terrible deal. Paid one hundred fifty billion dollars paid one point eight billion in cash that needs cash. I mean, Eddie pocket cash green. We don't have heard of thing. I don't know if you've ever seen at a casino promotion million dollars in hundred dollar bills. It's a lot of area. What's a billion eight? So he paid all of this money made a terrible deal. We don't have good inspection rights, not even allowed to we weren't even allowed to inspect. Some of the most important sites like military bases certain things where they would do it. Okay..

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"We're big and Russia. Yes. We're okay with polluting away. We got when when we brought that up couple of weeks ago. We got some of our listeners in Russia, too. Send us emails, and that was, hey, if you're listening from outside the US, except for those people in Canada because that's really not outside the US. We all know that. Feel free to send us an Email. No. If you're listening from outside the US citizen, Email, Red Eye Radio, show dot com. Oh, I did see an article. I just I saw the headline yesterday. And it reminded me of something that said, Canada's far left minor party, maybe building to prominence because paraphrasing, what the article said, but they're minor liberal party. And apparently, they have somebody a similar called a. Hey. OC. I. I see what you did. That's comedy at all of my relatives and Burlington in the Toronto area getting upset at me. Are they not? Really? Okay. That's canadians. Don't get upset. In the news. Well, the what course in the news, not in the news, breaking our sources have learned. Donald Trump junior has agreed to appear before the Senate intelligence committee for second round of questions complying with the Sabina from Sherman, Richard Burr, who came under fire from fellow Republicans for demanding the testimony Trump junior struck the deal Tuesday. In an interview with the panel next month for between two and four hours. The committee originally, a set a five pm deadline on Monday for him to respond. Questions about the Trump Tower project in Moscow, June two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign officials and the Russian lawyer are fair game, according to a source was briefed on the deal another source of the committee, outlined ten topics and hope to discuss with Trump junior. But the scope of the interview was negotiated down to six topics. The two sides also agreed. This would be a Trump junior's last appearance before the committee yet don't know what they hope to learn. I don't know what would be different than the in well, after the mullahs report, I don't know why you would do that. What's the point? Well, for Democrats, it's too anytime you can get somebody from the of the Trump's fear who is talking then you can talk against them. It's keeping the conflict going know the Democrats, why does chairman bur no idea. No idea. She one of those rebels or as we call it never-trumper or. He's going, I don't know. Trump, not that I'm aware of is he have that independence streak. Is he? Oh, wait Colin or is he a maverick or or, or remember? The Senate is the body that ponders we're pondering. The house is full of radicals that want instantaneous solutions, the Senate. They ponder. Yeah. They grapple. Ponder this get over it. And so they may be done with their Trump Russia collusion investigation by twenty twenty eight you know. So this negotiations been going on since December for Trump junior, he agreed in March then backed away from it. But I don't know what the point is post Malla report. Coming from birth. What are you hoping? To learn. And if they've reached a deal that means that Trump junior's just going to say. Pretty much what he and his lawyers have decided he's going to say, which, again, won't be any new information. Where are you going to go with it? Is Bir going to send a a a referral? If he finds something here. I again, just don't know what the point is. Because you're looking to. I don't even know what the point is pre Muller report. Here's one maybe think of something here. This is something that hasn't been discussed how come it's only the Republicans have sent criminal referrals, right? Why haven't the Democrats e even if it's just a. A PR play. Think about this. Have the Democrats sent any criminal referrals of anybody in the Trump administration. We know the Republicans have. Why haven't the Democrats? I'm expecting anybody answer the question it just. It's rhetorical, but they're the ones who claimed the crimes have been committed. Look you've got what is it? The twenty Democrats that are that are. That are going to read the entire Muller report that story that came out they're gonna sit apparently and I'm trying to find this. I'm trying to find the story here. I'm I'm stalling here. It is okay found it. All right. Like twenty five stories in front of me here in hard copy, of course, the one I want is at the bottom. Sure, I Democrats plan marathon public reading of the Muller report more than twenty House Democrats will stage, a marathon public reading of the entire redacted Muller report, beginning Thursday at noon likely ending in the early morning hours on Friday. We've been saying for weeks that if you think there was no obstruction. No collision. You haven't made the red the Muller report. Well, then why aren't Democrats sending any criminal referral? Because because you'd be sending a criminal referral to the Justice department who has just said there, there are no criminal. But if you have new evidence if you claim the evidence exists pointed out to the attorney general, I mean, why aren't they doing that as part of a public relations thing? Look, here's what the specific we've asked us from Democrats from the very, very, very, very, very, very beginning be specific on what the criminal charges would be. Is that asking by the way in the United States of America? Is that asking too much apparently with Democrats, it is why what is the specific crime that somebody in the Trump administration committed tell us specifically what it is not don't say, generally obstruction of Justice? What was the specific crying? Why won't they do that? A criminal referral would make them do that. Would it not you would have to specify? This is a crime that we believe that they have committed while won't they do that. If they keep saying that somebody in the Trump campaign broke the law. Why will they never identify what the crime is? That s can for too much. Well, you know the, the hill has the story here on Trump junior put together by Jonathan easily. And Sandra Bolton. And they in the story, they talk about bar getting annoyed by the question because Lindsey Graham had said, you know, I advise the president's son to ignore the, the subpoena from my colleague. And so someone asked Burr about that. And was annoyed. I'm not going to get into discussions about a witness. If you have some real questions about, you know, other things I'll be happy to answer those talking to the media. Right. Where's the question? What's the point? Well, we go back to Steve Martin in planes, trains, and automobile. Have a point. Well, because that's my question and and would have been my question. But of course they didn't. And the hill, apparently nobody the hill asked that question. I don't know. They didn't. And if someone did ask that question or something, similar, why do you want Trump junior back? What are you expecting to learn? What, what, what is it? You're not satisfied with given his cooperation of to this point. And I'm asking openly. I, I can't imagine what you would expect him to say that would change anything. Well, and no, I people say, you guys are playing politics here note because we could we have set back, and we can tell you whether was me, we would, we could tell you specifically, what the questions would be for Komi with the suspicion is what the questions would be for Brennan. What the suspicions are why we are asking the question what the intent of it is what the possible crimes could be. Right. We could do that. We're but you know how we can do that. We've done it for the last year. Over the last year and a half. Almost two years. We've asked those we've asked those questions. So if we can do it. Why can't they do it? Right. Why can no democrat identify still today? What the crime is that they are still screaming about. Now, we know legally and we've talked about obstruction of Justice that. A few Democrats have brought up. And we have debated and said, well, it's not obstruction of Justice. It isn't a crime. Is that why they haven't filed it is because they know it's not a crime, right? Here's so here's how they end the article there at the hill. And this would be a Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. Defended Burr on Tuesday. Now asked if he agreed upon agreed with Trump's charged that bird was treating Trump junior unfairly, the president has commented that he thinks it's unfair. Mcconnell, who is close to bird, declined to criticize his colleague. Here's a quote. I asked him, the Senate majority leader. I asked him to undertake this investigation into Russia. Russian collusion a couple of years ago. He's indicated publically that he believes they will find no collusion and we're hoping that we will get a report sometime soon. Okay. So you're saying he's just finishing the job. But again. Based on what, what is it that Trump junior is going to deliver that's going to add anything to this investigation. He's already made. He's already testified. He's already made many public comments about it. I don't know what you expect him to say. Could be. We'll leave this possibility on the table that he just all of a sudden Burt something out or just decides he's going to unveil a bunch of new information. But the chances of that happening are pretty much zero. Got some responsive Burr wants to do this be so the Senate Democrats can't do it again in the future. Nothing would stop Senate Democratic if they doesn't matter with deal the Burr makes them and the Senate Democrats in the future could just say we want him in any way. So you can't you can't make that McConnell in his comment. Makes it sound like Burr is defending the president or at least at the very least, again, does not believe the whole collusion thing happened. What are you expecting to that? Trump junior's going to add. What is it that you expect to learn that you haven't learned already? Or. You don't even have to go that far. Do you expect? The learn something new. Are you just going through the motions here? Eight six six ninety redeye tips from JJ Keller and associates Inc. On trip planning all drivers know that finding secure parking spots is an increasing problem..

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"And tolerance this in the name of it. And even though this person might hold those Yee's, but they cannot we cannot compromise autumn speech, and that pushes that person a little bit further to the right and the president of the liberal further to the right is going to be pushed even further to the right and. Thing happens with the neck. People who are. The guy. People on the left of becoming further the fed and fed the tools elect when the CD's religiously motivated people now you see the liberal candidates who had resigned, and I was shocked when not that shop. But I think people should be shocked that this is how these these extreme views people with extreme views have penetrated into a mainstream political hobbies that this. Senator Phelan the candidate Leland would caught a view she made and she was running on the liberal party's platform. There's another guy killing he I think he made homophobic. Statements. These people are being pushed into it. And she would have had some votes as well. And I don't know what to bowl the state of it seems like maybe maybe the liberal party did know about it and try to turn a blind eye towards it. And and and the left is not people on the left who used to set up. I would consider myself at on the left liberal stand full, cultural diversity multiculturalism sorry. What the same thing? Anyway, the religious freedom colorants. All these classical value feminine, equal rights for women and LGBTQ friendly environment, all of these views. I stand by them we which classical liberal leftists. Values. When it comes to net. That's what I'll see that hypocrisy of the left when women say that, okay? If someone is homophobe, you condemn them leftists condemn them. If someone tries to express their religious news, we condemn them. But when it comes to Islam, that's when there will know, we become reconquer, the they they hesitate and the shy away from making a statement. Because that's and that is what people tonight. That's 'cause that's a piston. Cupid minority who are replaced in the while. I describe it to people a little chat on life on the Facebook tied for the on Vilvorde love podcast, but by Szekely on the left. I've adopted identity politics in virtue, signaling in victim, Odin, cultural, appropriation audiences, which people like us in the Santa have problem with an episode of abandoned free speech in the sense that they want section eight agency beefed up so that you Kansai things that mod band salting. So if you're in favor of free speech, then you'd be looking to the right, but the writers got always crazy conservative social values that they're they're a part of the people who don't accept those crazy lift audiology who wanna be pro free speech. Yeah. There's a frustrated Saint the just doesn't exist for that. So, yeah, it's it's dissatisfying, Detroit and phones some party. But the thing about the state of the party, you know, give on plug for them. Is you talked earlier that being a fried in politics? Admits having to into woods and having to sort of hedge bits a little bit into your wire to be at having. What was the little used at the time was something backfiring? Imagine might week. Now haven't made some place post that these these you know, these bending over fire left-wing snowflakes if they see that like, hey, look, this is what he says. And I would have a fool on reasoning behind it. I mean, I'm living a book on this chapter. Right in detail.

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"No way has formed its first conservative majority government thirty years, the country's either seen socialists, empower or more recently. There's been a series of centre right minority governments with the prime minister and a Sobek meaning needing the support of opposition parties just to get laws passed, but this breakthrough has come at a price and tell us more is Valerie Christiana, she's also correspondent for both British and US medium like to say she joins us on the line for Larry just expenses. What's happened here while you're correct? This is a historic I because we have a conservative led majority government Ernest Solberg, the prime minister started in two thousand thirteen is the most minority government just with the progress party and this has slowly expanded. They've had the collaboration with the liberal party, the Christian Democrats, but then they officially when into government with them in two thousand eight. Eighteen with the liberals so to became three. And now three have become four to include the Christian Democrats, securing a needed majority in order to get a stronger hand in government and getting their policies through and just tennis how the offensive having a series of minority government has been on on the way that new ways being able to get its policies done. Well, I should I stress that minority governments are actually more the rule than the exception so Norwich traditionally being a led by these minority governments, and they have to go swinging from party to party to get their support. But more recently in history you've seen like the Stoltenberg government under the labor party operating Dermot Giardi government and having a more stronger hand. And now you have this conservative government with the liberals and the Christian Democrats on their side, and they're able to push through their policy with greater ease in parliament without having to. Ask labor party in the other parties for their support. But this comes to price doesn't it? It does it does those big political costs because they've had to make concessions on the abortion law before the Christian Democrats would agree to join and what they have had to concede on is selective abortion, which means that in case of multiple, pregnancies. There would no longer allow the ability to selectively terminate one of the fetuses, but they did not have to concede on late term abortion. That was also apparently on the table. So the Christian Democrats won on that point. And they also got increased childcare benefits, but there was given take on both sides the progress party got their lower road tolls. They got to keep tax requoted as their lower taxes expected and the liberals they are very interested on the environmental side. So they were able to keep in place a restrictions from oil drilling off. Offshore low futon and best Roland up until the end of the parliamentary term in twenty twenty one. But yes, they had to concede. I on abortion before the Christian Democrats would even consider joining this four-party coalition. How much is it abortion K issue in no way JR. Politics and society. It seems to have been quite a big one this year so much so that it has had another political cost within the Christian Democratic party because Kanoute adult HUD, Ida who was the leader until today had proposed an alternative government with the labour party. But the labor party would never consider this abortion proposal. And so instead, they went to the other extreme and went into a center right government. So abortion for this political term has. Come to the forefront. It hasn't before. But again, it had made the Christian Democrats take a hard look at which direction. Do they want to go to they want to go with the socialists, or which has never historically happened, and in effect by Kanoute adult high that proposing this in what was considered big power play cost him his leadership role and has thrust the Christian Democrats into the arms of the center, right government? Now, you mentioned a moment ago the future of oil exploration and annoys up sedately crucial oil industry, there are those who wished to seek those who want to impose limits on exploration in the Arctic Ocean of Lois coast, and those who don't not withstanding the legal case going through about soft crabs at the moment. What is what's likely to happen here? Well, what we see is a continuation of the existing policy, which is that the. Three party governments had already said until the end of this parliamentary term in twenty twenty one..

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"They're not doing anything of the sort. Right nothing. Nothing at all. I've seen nothing about this that they're upset about we're talking about policy thing. They're not talking about the fact that the fucking president is saying that I might use executive power to declare a state of emergency. This goes back to two thousand six and seven I wrote about this for reason at the time the Naomi wolf's that we're comparing to fascism and saying the enabling act of nineteen thirty three. April mentioned thirty-three and nobody's making those references anymore because it's just kind of deer gore at the moment. But I wanna pull one thing slightly back and actually want to throw this to the group as a as a question is that. Are we in a Apotex Anthony said something which I think is right? We're not gonna populist moment. Republican era. Are we becoming Europe in this sense? We've all we slowly become European is in particular senses in American politics. But are we becoming Europe in the sense that we need a social Democratic Liberal Party that we have two parties? Right. This is everyone. So this is fucking horrible feature of American politics. I actually don't think that because we see that when you have nine parties competing for things in Europe, the Swedish government Sweden had had an election in September. They still don't have a government everything about what we're talking about a government shutdown. They literally shade them. Really, no government, they pay their federal they pay their employees. But they do not have a functioning government because they've so many splinter Highland. All time. Good thing about that. And win a hand, by the way, if you think that populous fucking psychopaths don't get a say in European pony because you're not paying to you been politics. Do we want this kind of government? I don't know. But the one thing that I think is true is that you have something like libertarian free market classical liberal as they say in Europe, not in the fucking, Dave Rubin way. Which is like I want to associate with liberalism, despite the fact that I have Stefan year. What is his motive is by the way? Literally the man talking about IQ on the dumbest person I've ever read on the internet, not quite quite a feat. But I do appreciate that. He's pulled off the white nationalist mask. Tony. So because people were pushing back I mean years on that fucking stupid. This guy is a fucking embarrassment to the internet. The elegy to the internet. Those question is that these parties like let me say the F D J in Germany, the are they? These free the Free Democratic Party, which is which is a sort of free bucket party. They don't get a lot of attention. They don't get. This is a thing that libertarians have to actually confront their ideas are not nearly as popular when given sort of base example of explain this in thirty seconds on the stage. They're not nearly as popular as the Cortez's this that Trump's which is Trump, by the way is a Cortes in his own way. They are. Okay. Why I have to say on Qazi. We don't we don't know say that this is her name her name under the same. I in cares in my in my imagination. They are kind of the same person anymore. More effective. This stuff does not resonate in the way to social democratic liberal libertarian dozen. It's true..

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