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"liana werthmann" Discussed on Judaism Unbound

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"liana werthmann" Discussed on Judaism Unbound

"I wanna call attention to three of them in particular. When is the plagues project. It's a collection of thirty plus videos that we've done along its partners. The second is something called virtual seder. It's a collection of about seventy five really short videos like two minutes each that you through the entire harare the entire seder project and you can watch them before passover to get a little bit inspired into come up with some ideas for your seder or you can actually watch them during the seder and the third resource. It's there is a link to a construction videos about how to make your own mott's at home particularly you're on soft. Matza soft matza can be kosher passover and check it out we actually have an orthodox rabbi who is teaching you how to soft matza there again you can find all that at. Www dot jewish live dot org slash passover dash twenty twenty one. Another thing that. I just want to mention briefly. Is that a book that i translated. We've talked about it in the past on this podcast called the orchard is finally out as an audio book so if you want to read a really interesting book about the beginnings of rabbinic judaism after the second temple was destroyed and actually think a lot about how that time has similar to our time. I think that you really will enjoy this book. You can find it at audible dot com as well as anywhere else that you might find audiobooks. Let's shift gears to our interview for today as you'll recall we're in this series where we're exploring the bible from a variety of angles. We've spoken to academic bible scholars about their work and their discoveries. We've learned about how. I choose relate to the bible and today. We're going to speak with an educator and entrepreneur who's trying to change the way that all jews relate to the bible our guest. Liana workman is the founder of a new organization called the tour studio. The tourists studio is a radically accessible and inclusive torah learning space. It was created to be a place for people to learn torah without having to leave any part of their identity behind the terrorist studio believes the torah is better with your whole honest voice. Sharing ideas struggles excitement and joy. Liana werthmann was raised in los angeles across a variety of jewish denominations. She began teaching as a teenager at the car. Spiritual community and also as a counselor at the gambling hilltop camp which is one of the wilshire. Boulevard she's been working with jewish children and teenagers for over a decade. She's also studied herself although she likes to emphasize how much of a what we call a regular do she is. She's taken three years of tomek glasses and his reaching the intermediate level of biblical hebrew. And as she says she recognizes a lot of aramaic words she spent a summer studying at parties institute for jewish learning in israel and also at the hebrew union college. Summer bait me josh. Before starting the tourist studio she worked for two years at temple. Israel hollywood as the youth director and now as she starting up the tourist studio. She's also doing a side gig as a fulltime student in the masters of jewish educational leadership program at the school education at hebrew union college. Under the tutelage of our previous guests. Miriam heller stern. I should also say liana is a longtime listener to judaism unbound who we connected with years ago because she did some amazing synthesis sketching of our ten commandments of jewish innovation. That we talked about long ago so as always we're really excited to welcome a longtime listener. First-time caller to the podcast. Liana werthmann welcome to judaism unbounded to real thrilled to have you as a guest on the podcast. Thank you so much. It's great to be here. Can you talk a little bit about why. It's called the terrorist studio art happening in the studio. The tourist studio at does not make any art yet. We also don't do any yoga yet. But that is kind of what we're modeled off of. Basically our business model is what a yoga studio does. We are teaching torah every single week. Multiple classes different teachers. We are doing that every single week. And you don't have to sign up for a large amount of classes in advance. The yoga studio model has really been away for me to make sure that i'm creating a space that feels accessible for people so that they can be practicing torah in learning the scale and making it a part of their life it feels nourishing so i wanna get into that a little more deeply. I'm curious just the way that you put it so interesting. So when you think about torah in the same category as yoga i think about i think about yoga and i kind of understand what yoga's for. Its practice of some degree of exercise. Some degree of of centering of breathing of bringing calm. When i think about i tend to think of it as nothing that only i think of it this way i think most people think of it as something that you do in a different way than we think about yoga when when you think about a torah practice as something that i might just drop in on occasionally in the same way they might do yoga and have a really great experience doing it that once but it doesn't necessarily mean that i'm now going to do it every day. Could you talk a little bit about your sense of what is and what tourist studies. all about. Torah study is something that we all should have access to whether you try it once like a yoga and that was enough. You did it but you knew you could do it. You went and you tried it and you were able to do it. Maybe it was hard. Maybe it was awesome but once was enough but the fact that it's then available at other times means that you're really able to build up a practice on your own even if we don't activate it even if we don't actually use it we should all feel that we're allowed to have access to torah..

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