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"liam regina" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Path to citizenship for people with T P S when you hear TPS, I want you to automatically think Trojan horse amnesty, and it is it goes like this now temporary protected status. The title is in the name. It has never meant was never meant for people to be here on a permanent basis. Every year, the president can renew TPS or discontinue TPS, and there are some people from several countries Salvador and so on that have been here for deck more than a decade. And so now people I just heard a Republican congressman. A Republican congressman who fancies himself a tough tough on this issue. Literally the words coming out of his mouth that they have we have to do something about the quote dreamers, and he said TPS, and he's not the first one and you'll see he will not be the last. So what they are up to is they want to give and this is this has been going on not just at the congressional level. There are organizations so-called nonprofits, you know, that rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay their executive directors quite handsome fee of shoving down America's throw yet. One more propaganda piece that we must must must let these poor people stay here because they have been here for so long. Excuse me. Excuse me, but TPS temporary protected status means temporary. And when the problem in your home country is done. You are supposed to go back. But the problem is is that merica, America's soft underbelly of emotional blackmail politics is alive, and well and they will use it time and again to exploit our generosity. Look everybody. This law did not even exist until nineteen ninety. But hundreds of thousands of people are sitting here right now with TPS, and do, you know, how you get TPS, by the way, see people think someone's from Salvador or Haiti or all these other countries that are listed as TPS, you know, they came here because of the catastrophe that happened in their country. No, no, no, my friends know, the only reason somebody has TPS in America is because. They were here illegally. Maybe a few people were here on visitor's visas, but by and large people were here illegally, and then some catastrophe earthquake hurricane whatever it was happened in their home country, and we bean incredibly excellent and nice. Let them stay here. Let them come forward. Even though they already broke our law, and we give them TPS. You know that same a good deed. Never goes unpunished, while merica be ready for your punishment. Because you're looking down the barrel of more than a million people to be amnestied and Republican congressmen are for six one seven two five four ten thirty going to Jim in Marshfield. Hello, jim. You're on the air. Hi, mary. Hi, thank you for taking my call. You. Welcome. I am a firm believer in the fact that if we don't have a secure border. We can't have immigration system. Simply cannot have one because it just it's it's a mess right now. Like, you say, and someone would the background that you have an immigration law. The the head of a committee for the for the congress to put forth an all new set of restrictions on that. But also, you point out the different the military budget, and the and the homeland security budget and all of that so much money there. Trump could probably put the right people in charge of those things and have some of the budget money transferred into the wall to wall cowl the barrier because there are probably some areas that are that are secured, electrically, sure. And we should and I understand they wanna hire more border patrol people. Absolutely. You know there. It's so clear that this is a big problem. It is I don't know I repeat people's minds go with this. What makes the problem because they want to exploit the exploitation default? Whatever you need an answer exploitation. You know, both sides, the Democrats went voters and cheap labor. Republicans want cheap labor. They have been suppressing the wages of working class America for the longest time, and it's just it defies logic. I mean, you've heard me give the numbers on other shows millions and millions of visa waivers millions of visitor visas millions every single year our dollars going to all of that. But we can't have an and people, and you know, of course, we know forty percent of the illegal population here are overstays. Yes. Yes. Have a visas. We gave them we were nice. We gave them a visa, and what do they do slap our faces with it? We're supposed to give them amnesty. Really, you pointed out in in a preview show that there were several examples of amnesty that was sneak through. Then other president other presidencies. Exactly, what would there are at least four of them seven total including original originally Ronald Reagan's and then six subsequent ones, let's seven seven total gym. And we'd say eleven million at least that were that were at least. So so all of the sneaky stuff has been going on as well. And then you listen to the politicians from both sides of the of the I'll each of them talking about all these things they wanna do and doomed any do nothing. They do. Absolutely nothing about it. Right. And and as you point out as well, the Democrats have supported this in many ways over the years. President Trump came out they didn't want him to take credit for it. So they're fighting the living daylights out of them for no good reason. Right. Well, Di it's it's just despicable. Jim. Agreed. Probably end my statement because as you can tell I agree with you. Hey. You keep on going. Thank you, Jim. I'm just going to tell the truth is long as possible. I really appreciate your input. Take care. Thanks. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Okay. Next. We're going to mardi away myth. Hello marty. You're on the air. Marie saw before Trump one. There was talk. How people were fed up with congress. Whether they were Democrats or Republicans rate when Trump came along, you know, he upset the apple cart. He wasn't supposed to win and people were just so fed up with the same old, you know, phony lines that they were getting from both parties rate. It was obviously a crisis several years ago when President Obama turned away four million people, right? That's a crisis you're turning away for million illegal immigrants. That's a crisis. Right. Well, when you say, what are you saying four million over the total totality of his presidency? I'm not sure there was a surge on during President Obama's presidency where he turned away for a million illegal immigrants in whatnot. You're not saying in one year, you're saying. In a period of maybe one year or so I'm gonna have to go up that right? So the thing is okay. There's just a small note on that. The Obama numbers are a little bit fudged because what they were including in deportations were also what's called an expedited removal, and so when they bomb administration bragged about having the most deportations ever, they were include deportations from somebody in the interior who had you know, is inside the United States, an expedited removal of somebody who's turned away the day of their entry at the border, and and before Obama, you don't those are two separate statistics. Okay. And so they merged them to make their deportation number's higher. I'm not I'm saying there's there's I'm not discounting what you're saying the crisis. But just remember like just it doesn't really matter. I mean in the in the big picture because whether it's expedited removal or deportations is still millions that we had to deport return away as you're saying the news. It's a crisis at any rate from the crime if people coming here, do they get welfare like when they do catch and release what happens to that illegal immigrant does that do they end up getting welfare or are. They just work under the table somewhere. Off someone it depends mardi. So, you know, the illegal is will swear up and down. No, no, they're not getting any welfare. And and so when when when he legalists, and pro amnesty people use that word welfare, they're specifically talking about because they can only be talking about the cash benefits. Right. That you get through. It's been various names. I'm not even sure what it's called temporary assistance for needy families TANF former or current name. And and it is true that illegal migrants can't qualify for that. But there's a couple of things. All right day can have phony documents, you have very bad vetting on the part of our federal government. So yes, they can't they can and will access those benefits. Also, if what's that fraud of also through US born children, they will get it through that. But I side from just the cash assistance. There are mass health. You can. Get mass health you can get all sorts of other benefits. Billions rights education completely hundreds of Bill. I heard a telephone illegal immigrant can get a driver license. True. I'm not sure about California. But there are states. It might be California might be one of them. But yes in many states illegal migrants can get driver's license. It's insane. Where you could register to vote and be agile and photo absolutely mardi absolutely in LA county one point five million voters had to be purged from the voter roll. Because they they didn't match the population of the county and Orange County. Exactly. And not surprising martyrdom coming up against the heartbreak. So I. Thank you so much for your input tonight. Okay. Take care. All right. We're coming up on the news. You are listening to Marie de Franco alive. As always I will continue this subject. So hang on the line. We are going to bring you the news next, and we'll come back and discuss more Trojan horse. So they asked me with special report Hollywood bringing down the curtain on it's award season with its biggie Oscar night, but without a host some of the major awards not yet given out what there are signs of changing movie world joining us live with more on that correspondent, Steve Futterman hands. I'm a big night for diversity the two major awards for best supporting actor and actress both go to African Americans Herschel Liam Regina king. Only the second time. That's happened. Spike Lee has won an Oscar for the first time for a screenplay of black klansman African American women part of the Black Panther team win best production design costume design. That's a first. And of course, the top award at the end this picture could go. Toward Spanish language film. Roma Roma still believed to be the favourite Thomas. All eight award lady Gaga winning best original song. That is shallow from a movie star. Is worn CBS news special report where Steve Futterman in Hollywood. I'm Tom Foty..

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