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"liam husted" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"But to go down there and Sam by you as you talk about what happened because there are no words for That sort of monstrous. Act by someone so young? Well, it leads me to believe that the monstrosity was probably passed down from mom because there's no sense of her being shocked at all this no sense of distress or even panic. She basically went into straight cover up mode and knew that her son Had done it. It wasn't a question of Did you do it? It was. Is there anything linking you to the crime? That's right. It's clear up. Yeah, Yeah, I another story. That's just like, what the hell is happening in this world? The the body of a child that was found near a highway in Nevada has been identified as a boy from San Jose, who was missing a seven year old boy, and now they're looking for his mother. The child was Liam Husted and his mother, Samantha Moreno. Rodriguez. 35 was last seen at last last day of May May 31st alone at a Denver area hotel. That's what Las Vegas police have to say. And she is now being, uh Sought on a murder warrant in Las Vegas and they warrant for nationwide extradition has also been approved. And so the way they were able to identify who this boy was little, uh, John Doe basically. Was the the police rendering you know how they do the the renderings of of what who. The victim look like. Then they set out for the National Center for missing and exploited Children. Someone watching said. Hey, a family friend said that looks like Uh, this lady's son, I know. And I haven't seen Samantha or her son Liam, and in days or whatever. So she that person caught in the family friend contacted police and said, I recognize this boy..

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