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"lia sophia" Discussed on KGO 810

"Jio eight ten Mark Thompson here, and yes, we've talked about all sorts of things today, the abortion debate we also got into that controversy with resilience steakhouse, by the way, we reached out to that Brazilian steakhouse for comment. And if they wanted to come on, we we're more than happy to have the mind, we're still more than happy to have him on. We're gonna stay in touch, that's the steakhouse that's generating all that smoke into the nearby apartments. But as yet haven't heard anything so we'll, we'll keep you posted on that story. But now changing gears on a Friday to the list of names, they've put out based on all the information on new baby names, released by social security. They most popular baby names of last year, and the most popular baby names of last year differ from the US to California. So I just thought it'd be fun to try to pick the more popular baby names. I'll. Give you too baby names. And you'll tell me whether last year, you'll tell me which one is more popular. I mean it's a pretty straightforward situation. If you want to join us for one five eight ten. This is the first time we've done this bread. So as your host I have some anxiety about it. But I think it's pretty straightforward there. No rules beyond what I've just told you. Let's just take a call for one five eight ten and see what happens PK in Santa Rosa, welcome to Keiji hill. PK. Tell us about you in Santa Rosa. What do you do up in Santa Rosa? Well, I'm basically retired. I love that plan. I like the basically part. Back to work. I love it. I love it. Well, I'm glad that as a retiree, you can kick it and join us here on K, G O and join us for this, this game now, these are the top one hundred names in California for the last year. Now, I'm going to give you two names and you tell me which one was more popular. All right. This year. More popular in the last year. Correct. All right. Yeah. This year's not over yet. So I don't have names. Now, you want male names, or because you are a woman, which you like female names. It doesn't matter. Girl breath. She doesn't care. All right. We'll give you male names, then name the name Benjamin or the name Jaden, which one was more popular last year. The name Benjamin or Jaden, which was more popular. Djabel. I would have guessed Jaden also the answers Benjamin was more powerful. Old names. Old school name Benjamin was the most popular name Jaden was the thirteenth most popular name. All right now, you've got the yes, well, there's no need to make her feel bad but the buzzer, but we do like the buzzer. Oh. Let's, let's try the name Logan and the name Jacob. Which one was more popular last year for newborns in California. Great. Here we go again with a biblical name, and go Logan or Jake. Jacob. Let's go. Jacob indeed. The most popular. Yes. Tenth most popular name. You don't have a digging sound or something to indicate you. Correct producer. Dave. You only have the thank you. All right. Good. Let's go for the third, you're on a roll. Okay. All right. The name Dylan or the name Noah, which was more popular in California last year. Again as a male name the name Dylan or the name Noah. I'm gonna go with Noah Noah is right. Congratulations. Oh, all right. Noah was the most popular name in California for male births where Dylan phone from. Dylan was the twentieth. Most popular so Dylan is way down the list. But Dylan is one of those cool names that you just figure a lot of Californians are using, you know. Yeah. I mean it seems to be I have I have a friend that your friend who son's name. No, but he's in his thirty also maybe it's just a comeback. They're, they're always changing. And they get faddish. Remember when max was the name everybody I knew had a newborn was naming the max lamb. It had a really a huge show. Many and it was like one of the most popular names of that year but that was a long time ago. There's an Evan float everything. I'm gonna give you one more before we lose you want to join us four one five eighty eighty eight ten four one five eight ten we're talking to PK in Santa Rosa, let's give you a ladies a little girl's name. These are newborns. The most popular names in California. You just tell me what was most popular? What was more popular was it so FIA? Or was it a live? Lia Sophia a Livia is right? And I'll tell you. Okay. Very impressive. Congratulations. You have bragging rights for the day for drying KK. Talk to you. I've I have a good weekend. You got three dings. Yes. She's very impressive if she ragging out, she she booted the first one, and then she was all dings, four one five eighty eighty eight. Ten cat in Carmel, welcome to Keiji you, Mark. How are you? I am well tell me about Carmel just it's so beautiful full and I have two puppies. What are the puppies names? Puppies, names are Charlotte Quinn and Hazel Olivia. Wow. How does show of wow is a sunshine Carmel was I, I'm driving a little bit. But it was a few minutes ago. But I think it's going to get cloudy pretty. Yeah, I love the you mentioned of Charlotte. Because Charlotte name it's a cute name, and it's on our list, and I want to start you. This is our game. We got all the names in California. The total list or last year. Okay. So you just have to tell me, what's more popular. That's how playing this game for one five eight ten. If you wanna join cat, and the other contestants will get you on the line. Now, Charlotte is the name of your puppy. So this is a will will go with Charlotte. And hey, we'll go Charlotte and we'll go with Victoria, which one was more popular last year is a baby named Charlotte or Victoria. I'm gonna say Victoria, even though I like Charlotte. Brad, what would you say? I was I was going to go with Charlotte just because you're trying to make her feel good. Yeah. I like I like that. He's just he's thinking through on another level. You know, he's playing the three D trench. I'm just going to commit and say, Charlotte, then because I do like that name, and I think it is a kind of a traditional Nacer do let breath, convince you that Charlotte was more popular baby name last year than Victoria, right? Well, the answer is you should have gone with your first instinct victim was more popular..

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