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Lost Women of Panama: Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

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Lost Women of Panama: Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

"In two thousand fourteen twenty one year old chris kramer's and twenty two year old niece and froun leave in amersfoort netherlands. Shortly after graduating from university. The friends became roommates and co workers. They work together at a nearby cafe as they saved money to go in their dream trip a six week adventure in panama tall and athletic leeson was an experienced mountaineer an amateur photographer. She was interested in exploring panama's lush jungles and beautiful landscapes. More outgoing than li san. Chris apparently wanted to immerse herself in the local culture by meeting new and interesting people half a world away in addition to relaxing and exploring. Both young women planned to do some good during their trip. They arranged a volunteer with children at a local school during their stay on march fifteenth. Two thousand fourteen lee san and chris had bought their tickets booked their hostels and set off or boca. Del toro panama getting to their destination wasn't easy between flights and layovers their journey from amsterdam to costa rica took almost twenty hours from costa rica. They took a taxi and navigated the local bus system to get to the panamanian border. Finally they hopped aboard a ferry and sailed into boca. Del toro on march seventeenth. Though their journey was a hassle. The first two weeks of their trip felt like heaven. Boca's del toro's sat on a small island off panama's east coast surrounded by the crystal blue caribbean sea. It was paradise complete with sun sand and good company. Both lee san and. Chris kept diaries during their trip. Which is how we know about how they spent much of their time. Rather than following strict schedules the two women lingered at meals with fellow tourists and enjoyed the flow of panamanian life. Lee san wrote that they mostly spent their days learning spanish. Though it was difficult lease and felt thrilled every time she recognized a word in conversation.

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