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"li hale" Discussed on WABE 90.1 FM

"After we exit we find a nearby bench to debrief Heather goes first It was interestingly beautiful and plain at the same time She says she was surprised to see mostly images of Jesus rather than the church founder Joseph Smith But it's the ceiling room that confuses Heather the most I don't feel like you have to go into a building And have Neil before someone or at this altar with mirrors to feel like you have that eternal bond Still Heather is glad she came She knows that this faith will always be a part of Carrie's life And in that way it will always be a part of their relationship And it's helpful to understand and know kind of some of these things because it helps me be able to respond in the appropriate way Do you appreciate the context you get from a day like today Yeah I do As we talk Carrie's eyes begin to swell out The tears I told you they would come Nobody had to know But there's true lost behind those tears and grief Carey says being back inside a temple was bittersweet But not so bitter It's nice to come to my childhood faith And feel like it's something beautiful instead of something that's hurt me I do appreciate that And although in a few weeks Heather and Kerry will no longer be allowed inside They're grateful the doors for open for them today Li Hale NPR news Washington As we approach 5 30 you're listening to member funded 90.1 good afternoon I'm Jim burris in just a moment We will check in with NPR for an update on the day's top national and international stories as well as the WAB newsroom Right now in the city we have clear skies 91° it's 5 30 Support for WAB comes from live nation welcoming singer songwriter Brandi carlile to the.

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