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California Teachers Pay For Their Own Substitutes During Extended Sick Leave

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California Teachers Pay For Their Own Substitutes During Extended Sick Leave

"Imagine having to take time off work to get treatment for cancer. And then imagine having to pay for the person who fills in behind you. That's the situation a California Public school teacher finds herself in a nineteen Seventy-six state law requires her to pay for the substitute teacher, who is taking her place, as more people hear about her story momentum is growing to change that law, and more. Teachers are coming forward with similar stories from member station. K. Q. E D. Julia McEvoy reports Heather burns was teaching at an elementary school in San Francisco in twenty sixteen. She just had a second child. Just bought a home with her husband. I was doing self breast exam. And I felt a lump and my mother, who was a retired nurse was over the house, a couple of days later, and she said, I definitely need to get it checked out. It was staged to breast cancer, she needed surgery, radiation, and possibly chemotherapy, then burns learned, she would be responsible for paying her own subs. Teacher while she was out on leave. It didn't really hit her until the first paycheck arrived. My paychecks were a thousand dollars a month take home less than half of her regular pay. Suddenly those house payments were out of reach they'd saved and scrimped for the house, down payment in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. There was little left in savings was kind of one of those things that I'm sick. I just had surgery. I've just got diagnosed with breast cancer. My world is falling apart. And they just sent me my paycheck, you know, burns remembers how vulnerable she felt at the time really unequipped to try and get information out of HR, San Francisco parent, Amanda con freed is angry. Teachers are being treated this way, when she learned her school, teacher would have to pay for the sub while fighting cancer. My dodges dropped I couldn't believe it in a, I remained devastate that, that this is the law, and this is know something that teachers have been living with for decades. I think initially, I would say, I'm sorry, Senator Connie Leyva heads, California's education committee. Here's what she has to say to the states. Teachers, I'm sorry that we don't have a better system in place. But we're going to try to fix it. We couldn't help you but we're going to try to fix it for future teachers, but it's complicated. California doesn't mandate. Full pay extended sickly for any employer. Much less cash strapped public schools Leiva is working with the California teachers association to figure out a solution. Eric Hines leads the association could be an easy change of just, you know, just eliminate the law. But then there's a lot of unintended consequences to that. He says without additional state funding. The schools would have to pick up the cost. And when I say it's about money, of course when you're in an underfunded system, you're still robbing Peter to pay Paul. Hind says that's why the issue back ends into the larger narrative about how we as a nation value. Teachers that issue is galvanizing educators from West Virginia to Oakland to strike for. Better pay. When Heather burns returned to school that August still reeling from her radiation treatments. The very first day I was there, my principal really upset. And she said, I'm so sorry to tell you this. But you have a class size list of forty one students burns, says she felt sick and she was depressed but her family just couldn't live off Hafer, paycheck anymore for NPR news. I'm Julia McEvoy in San Francisco.

Heather burns San Francisco K. Q. E D. Julia McEvoy California teachers associatio California California Public school Senator Connie Leyva Eric Hines NPR principal West Virginia Leiva Hind Oakland Amanda con Peter Paul thousand dollars
Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

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Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

"Investment Advisory Services offered to indepence Walkman had been in Blackwood that's a management LLC SERVICES LLC not in Philly Solutions Orphanage guys LLC. You're listening to the financial guys or twenty three trillion dollars in debt. Honey we don't have an extra surplus of money new slash guys stop attacking attacking businesses. Because when all the businesses are gone nobody's GonNa pay your salary anymore. You get that if the goal is to create a loser mentality when you're winning I'm going to build up right big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door. Well guess what we have a big beautiful door all right. Yeah here's Glenn Wiggling Make Lomas already. Welcome back everybody. Got The financial guys Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas. Although Tony Leyva is here for from WACO so if you're watching our youtube channel you know that because Tony does not look like like Lomas however what we're back here next week and This is a review of the podcast. Actually so we are reviewing this week's podcast. We were out at the club. Forty five meeting on Monday as we said we would be To do our podcast and do the best that we could there the ahead of the new venue so where we did our podcast. Last time there was over at The Kennel Club and Great Time at the club. It was a a wonderful facility there and worked out pretty well Nice big facility. However they decided to make a change in their meeting so he met over at a very nice room at the Hilton Airport? I was a hill. Wasn't take Hilton and I think they have a little bit of tweaking to do so. The room was great venues Great Music was crazy loud so we tried to do a podcast from there as we did the previously a few months earlier and it was Really really difficult. So we'll play a little bit of sound of that and how that went in just a little bit though however if you are to new podcast this is the I guess. The Pie cash for money meets politics although usually say it's the radio show or money meets politics because we've been doing a radio show over twenty two years this is. We isn't anniversary week or no. Not One more week next week will be our anniversary week when it comes to podcast. And we've been on the radio MIC and I four twenty two years Twenty years in the same station. WBZ enter flagship station. Down here in south Florida on W. F. t. l. for the last several years we've been on. WJ In the past Wkno Santee in Vegas in the past asked. We are currently on wham eleven eighty in Rochester Buffalo via and of course Florida again a WTO podcast very different from radio radio. And we're going to do Kind of next week a side by side so you can see where we were and how we how we have progressed throughout the year is is different in the fact that would radio. You're talk that people can be tuning in and oftentimes are tuning away during a commercial or turning back people flips stations on the radio stations on DVD. And so. You're always reminding being people you know what you're talking about. WHO's on the air with you? We have so and so in studio we were just talking about whatever we are getting. Just getting back to Blah Blah Blah Blah. If you're just tuning in you don't do that on the podcast. So you'll find. I think throughout the year as we progress. We've figured that out because oftentimes I'd get about half the podcast say if you're just tuning in and I'd realize well nobody already start a podcast in the middle of the podcast. That would just be stupid so of course. If you are already listening to the podcast you would know exactly. We're talking to and what we're doing so today. We're going going to do a Redo of talking with Tony Leyva. Tony is a Cuban born American citizen and he's been a friend of mine and a colleague for many many years and I wanted to get his perspective. You know given the fact that all these Socialists are running in the Democrat Party. You know somebody who has fled That kind of environment. I thought the interview we did on Monday was absolutely fantastic. Ask Tony so thank you for for Coming back for a second go round at it. the content was great the sound quality not so much my pleasure coming back. It was is rough there. Let me play a little clip of that sound clip broke because I want people understand what we were faced with the why we didn't use it because just a great venue again. But here's what we were faced with this This past week at the club forty five but I want to ask you about joining us. Oh so loud like honestly I don't even know if this is gonNA work out it's like it's getting louder and louder talk. Louder will sing along as I anyway. We'll just look you try to. This'll be probably the worst. Close noisiest always. Es Routed podcast done so obviously we didn't WanNA use that audio and and so we just we just couldn't I mean it was a great show the the interview. I thought it was was was great with you. Tony I appreciate again. Your time However nobody would have nobody would listen pass like the first thirty seconds okay next next week? That's not gonNA fly source. Rerun that back We had the opportunity while we were there to talk with the president. Joe Bud we'll get him back on in the next couple of weeks Or a couple of months this is where back out there again but Anyway so let's kind of rerun back the interview we had on Monday. Tony kind of go back your your background. You know much different today than it was. Certainly you know whatever forty years ago or fifty years ago when you first came to this country now they get gift cards and freebies and all kinds of a handouts. It was a much different story when my grandparents came here on my mother's side in the one thousand nine hundred They had our family had the vouch for them. They couldn't take welfare welfare. And I'm sure your family faced a very similar circumstance. Correct Yep I want to thank you again for inviting me back Because I truly truly believe in. This country is the greatest country in the world and we as Cubans the original Cubans that came in the late fifties and the early sixties. We didn't choose to come here. We honestly didn't want to come here. But there was a great or tour and his name was Fidel Castro and he convinced vince the average Cuban that he was going to break democracy honestly until they realize he was just a plain outlier. Like we see you with a lot of politician. He turned out to be a full-fledged communist so because of that we had a different in beliefs of our political differences and our differences were the Cuban people tend to be free spirited enterprising individuals hard workers and with that the US government allowed something. There that was called political assignee's we were not and never have been immigrants. We didn't choose to be here but do politics. And if you didn't like Fidel Castro's politics he would actually either kill you or he would lock you up in a prison Sir and I know my father was locked up in prison because he refused to transport communist troops so we were fortunate. We were sponsored word by a aunt and uncle out of Miami. That already been living here. They were already American citizens and that sponsorship basically stated we didn't know too so much later that for one year one year the US government was applied my parents with housing What we call welfare welfare food was back? Then you just didn't go public. So what you have now they will provide you with. Let's say military rationing 's but after one year if you didn't and find employment the person that sponsored you would be responsible for picking up the tab so that motivated the original original Cubans to find find jobs a lot of that find careers. They just found jobs whatever it was. They did not want to be a burden to their own family so I was nineteen eighteen sixty two and I had no choice. I was three and a half years old wherever your parents go where you go at that age for sure you know it's interesting because Again the much different scenario but I think most immigrants even today that have come here legally whether they have fled and other country And are here on asylum or they are You know just gone through the process of of You know getting a green card. I'm getting employment advice eventually GONNA citizenship. Almost every you one of them that I know not everyone but just about those from Europe are a little iffy but necessarily No kidding But most of them are very appreciative. The hardworking hardworking They are proud. They don't want to be on welfare or any sort of assistance. Those however are probably the minority of folks that are now coming into this country sadly because the majority are simply walking over the border if you look at the whole immigration gration a lot of them are coming over the border illegally not through the proper channels and those folks are coming oftentimes for a much different opportunity and That miss the opportunity to game the system oftentimes to you know to get on to take advantage of basically the welcome Mat that the Democrat Party has put out there for for them in the form of all kinds of benefits and whatnot. And we've really got to get to back to a obviously a border security but I think we've got to fix our immigration system as well so that we can accelerate those that we want to bring this country right. Those that are the enterprising entrepreneurs engineers doctors business US owners. In general that are just looking for the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their family In a in a positive way make a better life for For our country country you know to participate and to contribute in a positive way to to this country in our society when I see today some of the rallies you see like La Okay and whatnot. And I see these folks carrying their whole country flag at the same time. I see folks in places you know like overseas in in In Hong Kong carrying the American flag or it seems like it's completely backwards and I don't understand how we got to this this place but you know I would never move to a foreign country and you know have a rally for our own country. I would just go back to my own country. Then if that's what I wanted right what are you. What are your thoughts when you see stuff like I'll tell you recently? I've had some wonderful wonderful experiences from Mexicans actual educated educated highly educated Mexicans. And I've been to the country of Mexico several times. The are proudly the probably the proudest individuals of their country country in their history and their flag and everything and I was so happy with their pride whether Mexico but if you're Mexican or from any other country including Cuba if you come to this country I truly believe you need to become a North American north. American is I say that because South America Central America's I'M NOT GONNA say American you need to become a North American you need to become I'm a USAA American you need to have pride in yourself. You need to have pride in your flag and listen. It actually starts in this country with something called the pledge of of allegiance to the United States of America in. I don't think as little children. We used to make that pledge but if you just think about those words alone. You're pledging alleging your allegiance to this country so this country and only to this country. Have you have so much belief that your country is better. If your education education system is better if your culture is better if you were land is better if everything you think is better than your country will please pack pack up your bags and go back to your better country. If you're in this country come here to become American. My parents had to a simulate and I'll be honest you. I didn't understand those terms and I never understood as little children. There were four of us where we would stay home and our parents would disappear at night. We never knew too much later that our parents were going to adult education schools to learn what's called American English so later years later we understood. Did they master the language totally never because they had to also work so the next day they had to get up and go to work go to work or go to work and then you brought up a good point. Your ancestors came from Europe. So you guys all had to register in Ellis Island. That's right off off the coast of New York. I've been there and there's names that go back three hundred years. We'll all Cubans had to register in Miami Florida if you came to the United States. 'cause a lot of Cubans to escape the tyranny excape Puerto Rico to Spain even including Mexico to Venezuela so there are our Cuban actually scattered all over the United States. So but my great great grandma on on my mother's side never spoke English She tried but she was a little bit older when they came to this country so she never really was able to to learn the language rich and so my grandmother would be the translator of course. My Grandmother was first generation born in this country and grew up bilingual courses so my grandma will be able L. A. Translate When I had the opportunity to talk to my grandmother But because of that she very rarely left the house she did not want to go out into public without being able the speak English which I totally understand but you know back then there was a like you said there was a pride of being in America and being American and wanting to do you know desperately to be able to fit in and to like. You said a simulate in a way. That was almost seamless. You know there was that I don't want to be looked at as a burden burden or as a foreigner I want to be looked at as a fellow American. I want to address said speak and and all that and And so as a result she was ever able to mask that she never left the house. Of course did and my grandfather and so on and At Virginia's one side of the family the other side of my family. Interestingly enough Goes all the way back. appre revolutionary war so family actually comes to this country on my father's side Early in the sixteen hundreds and or somewhere in the mid sixteen ecksteen early seventeen hundreds somewhere in there and We have family that fought In the revolutionary war and the civil war so interesting backgrounds. When you look at but you know I just you know today it just boggles my mind when I see folks like Bernie Sanders because he was had the bait this week Talking about their brand of socialism elizabeth. You know we had the opportunity to talk with several Venezuela's of being Donna South Florida. There's a lot of Wales here and you know they would tell you. Firsthand you know. They elected Hugo Chavez. You know he was elected the first time around with a lot of the same promises that Fidel Castro made that Bernie Sanders is is now making for this country. And I see that you know some of these polls that say you know. Fifty percent. Or whatever of millennials fifty percent of people under certain age or twenty percent of the total population. Believe as socialism is the answer versus capitalism and I hear some of the politicians even say well socialism has been tried and or or or a capitalism has failed as retried it's failed. It's now time to try socialism. I think well we'll socialism has tried repeatedly and it's the same results every single time When you hear them talk about? This is a different brand of socialism that Venezuela. Just didn't do it right. What are your thoughts? What do what do you say? What do you want to say to people like that? You want to smack upside the head or or or how do you take somebody who has that kind of belief and make them understand that. No there is no different brand of socialism. It's the same result every time yet. People don't see it. If all goes my mind. This country was never built on socialism or communism Glenn as you mentioned your ancestors. There's a good chance in Europe. Somebody your ancestors were actually slaves to whoever the king the king so into the Queen's or whatever the case might be is so your family just like mine left that country to make a better our world and we didn't come here to be controlled by governments. We left governments so if you think about socialism or communism is all about government an intruder government in the socialism communism. It's actually not even a president. It's a dictator. Do we really want dictator Bernie Sanders. I well that's what they'll say is well as well is not socialist. That's a full-blown dictatorship and I try to remind them. Well how do you think it started. Do you think that the people people event as wail of voted for a dictator. Or do you think they voted for a president who became imitator. But I'll be honest. That's a straight answer. I truly truly truly believe the infection. The infection of communism that we have in all the Caribbean islands South America and Central America still comes off from one place communist Cuba. I don't know how people tend to not believe the Chinese are not Communist. Tend to believe that the Russians are not Communist. They're still infiltrated heavily. In that one country in Cuba is the one that spread the the infection to the Venezuelan. And I asked my Venezuelan friend's house. Could you have let this happen with what you know about the other. Cuban people ridiculous it is and the sad thing is now. The infection is spreading. Here I go back to the word I said. Great Orders John F. Kennedy was a great order and what made him great. He went to his writer. wrote all the speeches and says right my speeches so a child in the six grade could understand it and and he did. He has an incredible incredible speeches in the one. I always remember is the portion when he says what can you do for your country in. This is our country so the question to everyone out there is. What can you do to make this country better? And it's not more government because you're asking the government to make it better. No government Roma has ever ever ever made one country better than it ever was. It's the people that make it better. That's absolutely right. That's what we spread. Preach all the time as you know Tony that we're we are Small Mall Government Folks Mike and I we have for our entire adult lives. And you know it's amazing to me and we've had a lot of shows we've talked about. This is that you know people look at corporations ends as being you know evil and greedy but you can divesture money from those corporations. You cannot buy their products you can you. Can you can boycott the NFL. If you don't like what they stand for whatever but you can't do that with government once you give the power to government. You are unfortunately subject to their their power. And you've got to be very very careful of that you know you mentioned mentioned Hubei and influence Venezuelan. You're absolutely right for those. That don't know history and we're not talking ancient history here. Please go back and study this stuff Hugo Chavez Abbas was elected in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight within two years one year. He was visiting Castro in Cuba where he got all the ideas of you. Know the the socialized medicine take over the oil and gas fields. He comes back to his country. Ninety nine two thousand and immediately starts employ now the Castro version of socialism socialism which really is communism where the country begins to take over the oilfield under the same kind of rhetoric. You here today in this country where it's you know we're going to return the resources sources that have been pillaged by large corporations and we're going to return those resources to the people and you know put the you know the money back in your hands and it just never works of course because there's a government filter that handles that money and of course state government doesn't run things very efficiently right because there's no thing called competition when when it comes to government so in the free market what's so wonderful about free market economics that if a company is let's say a half dozen companies producing oil and gas if one of those companies openings could no longer produce oil and gas because they're inefficient or they don't have the proper people they're competent or whatever well guess what they had a business somebody else another company POPs up to replace a company happening or the difference of business goes to the other five countries remaining when you have the government take over the oil fields what happened almost immediately was a shortage of oil a guess believe it or not. It wasn't money going back to the people it wasn't you know the the the profits flowing back to the poor. It was the profits flowing to the connected and the wealthy and it was the oil stopping flowing and the poor state poor except the poor even poorer and also ran out of gasoline and now out of food and medicine in and out of so and so forth which is a horrible scenario. You know Florida before you get to the next couple of things here and you think I wanNa make sure we touch on that. You know the governor Florida a Oh good for him. Unlike the governor of New York where I'm from sadly Go into complete fetal full load socialists. Communists the state of New York but in Florida the governor the Santa's here Actually just mandated this past year that To Graduate High School all students have to take and pass a civics course but I thought that was still mandatory across the country but I guess not what it was when I was in school. But it'll be very similar to the The naturalization citizenship tasks. Which I think is wonderful? I think we should so I was educated in the United States of America. So I will start there when I came here My parents moved to a little small country town in Florida where all the little kids spoke English and trust me when you're a kid and you got no toys you WanNa play with the kids toys in honestly that's how I mastered the English language because I wanted to play with kids toys so today everything I have. I've had educate myself. I've earned everything I have. But you brought up Venezuela and again I'm GonNa tell you. Cuba is what infected Venezuela and then communism and true communism. The first thing they they do is they take over your media. They take over your newspapers they take over your radio they take over your television stations. Guess what it's already happened here. We right now only have one radio station or a one television station. That has the courage the courage to say the truth. What's really going on on? It is sad all media sins to repeat itself. It's almost well. They're basically owned by two or three people so this bread the news so the media was a problem but you think about Cuba. The first thing they did is they confiscated all the guns. My parents my grandfather. Great grandfather all hunters they own land. They took all their guns from him so they could not protect themselves against the government and then the last thing is once they finally do they come after the banks so imagine the United States of America where we trust our banks if the government to take over our banks the government can think about dictatorships ups they will be extremely extremely multi multibillionaires everybody in the top government. Fidel Castro died a multi-billionaire Lionair. His family has eighty ninety hundred foot yachts in the poor people of Cuba. I've actually talked to family. That's come from there. They actually make doc ground beef at banana leaves because there is no beefed eat right. It's amazing that the Cuban folks have endured for so long when you take away the guns. There's nothing you can do right. Venezuela fouled the exact same path right. They started to nationalize major industries As I mentioned healthcare education Oil and gas and so on the banks eventually they took over And eventually in the Not that Don Ancient History again in about twenty eleven They confiscated the guns and once they confiscated the guns it was full blown you know communism at that point join and the poor got bored and that's when things really got ugly the sad part again is that you have folks that are just complete. Denial right the folks that say well. Venezuela did collapsed because of the socialism as well a collapsed because of the oil and gas prices collapsed. More than how do you explain. All the other socialism experiments that have collapsed. How do you explain the Russian collapse? How do you explain all these other places that I'd have tried socialism and are running away from it as fast as possible after it has failed and it just amazes me in this country that we have dumbed down the populace populace to such a point that anybody in this country would think that communism or socialism is a good thing? And when you hear these folks This past week Against James O'Keefe a great job another great hit piece on Bernie Sanders Campaign staffers and some of the be dismissed to say. Wow those are just low level campaign. Staffers offers really the fact that we have anybody in this country with that kind of Italian that you know that. He said that if he didn't see the videos released yesterday You know the campaign campaign staffers. Saying if Bernie goes and get the nomination Milwaukee at the conference the city's GonNa Burn. We're going to target police officers and we need to. We need to re bring back to gulags odds which weren't that bad so that we can have re education of the trump supporters because apparently you know wanting equality and and And a better economy for all races and religions is a is a Apparently a horrible thing you know wanting a of of rising tide there's lifting all boats nearly as a as a horrible thing to some of these folks and people need to reeducate it. It's a it's amazing to see that anybody in this country has that mentality at all but unfortunately so you know we do How much time we have an account rep is up after we got a few minutes left? Here Tony Anything that I missed you maybe want to mention. I was going to get to some of these clips For the debate this week of award at by Data Gray Clip hilarious. Actually if you look at it two to three decades radio show this weekend Biden on North Korea. You know outside of the fact that he you know kills people not a bad guy according to Kim Jong Il according to Joe Biden. But we'll save those clips libs for our Saturday radio show. Don't forget to tune in Saturday at WBZ An and wham eleven eighty in Rochester. Or you can of course to us an iheartradio. We are live from one to three. Take your calls and questions there Tony. I miss that you wanted to mention before I I will say this really quickly. In education in the United States of America I had to graduate from high school and we mandatorily had to take a class called Americanism versus communism. I aced the class. I'd love the class. My father raised me. Says three and a half years old to be anti-communist us and I will die anti-communist with that I'm saying is the people that are in this country of fortunate. They're born American citizens. I had to apply why they did a background. Check on me. You had to sit in front of a person that question you and your beliefs and one of them is we ever go to war against Cuba. What would did you do? I said I am full. Support going Cuba right now to alleviate that country communism but right now what I am seeing a sad sad. It's pitiful is home grown communism from young children that are being lie by these order. I just heard the stupidest thing is. How can you wipe out all the student? Debt new can't wipe that out. That means a tax payers payers would end up having to pay for all that you'll never be another student loan ever ever ever of you rip off the companies that look those people borrow money so I say that every person living in the United States of America born here should have to take a test at the age of eighteen to stay an American citizen. And if you don't pass the test we revoke your American citizenship that you were born for understand the difference between American citizen. My citizenship can be revoked. Anytime we're back to communist Cuba if they asked people to questions wins of who you support. There'd be a lot of folks like Colin Kaepernick that would be kicked out of the country. Because if you asked him that question on who do you support Cuba or America folks like Bernie Sanders would say well. They got a better healthcare system. So I don't know if you call anyway all right folks that's going to do it for a centralistic. Would you appreciate if you're watching. Can Youtube appreciate that as well. Hit the sums up what and below we do appreciate helps out a lot also or hit the ball right on Youtube. Hit the bell subscribe. So you'll get the notifications occasions when we release all the new podcast which we typically do each week on Wednesdays. Don't forget to tune into radio shows both in south Florida W. f. t. l. news talk eight fifty as well as his New York on newsradio. WBZ and and women eleven eighty in Rochester's all got to be half Mike Wellness. Thank you to Tony Leyva. I'm going with with the financial guys and we will talk to view on Saturday on the financial guys radio. Thanks for listening

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S03E08 - The Reviewer

We Fix Space Junk

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S03E08 - The Reviewer

"Thank you very much. I've spent way too much time this year on video calls so when it comes to my leisure time especially my me time. The last thing i want to do is stare at a screen. And that's why. I love dipsy whether i'm after a wind down for better sleep pull something a bit more exciting dempsey's got dixies and app for the short sexy audience stories designed to turn you on and then releasing new stories every week so there's always something new to explore whoever you're into or whatever turns you on and dipsy is offering a thirty day free trial when you to dipsy stories dot com slash space jong. That's a thirty day free trial when you go to d. i p. s. e. a. stories dot com slash space jong dixie stories dot com slash space junk. Check it out. Forty people voted for fast. Thank you very much. I'm not sure along with that. One was we fixed-base chunks series three members review. Now said we gonna play cluedo or not samantha. Let's come through for I wonder what that could be. Oh for easter could this daddy lucas. Go the book with you. From the prison planet majorcan has retired and inverted commas and his son who was apparently really embarrassed by his father's terrible waie series has given lucas a full pardon. He's free to go. Oh great so do you want to go and pick him up it. Can we do that right around the corner. Docks you remember the coldness right great. Let's go welcome fair visitor to our plan. I'm julia and this is high. We just looking for friend of us. We have prepared a sumptuous banquet in your honor. Please wear these flower garlands. Sorry we're in a bit of a rush. So do you think he's he. I guess we'll just have to look around. And we find him well. He won't be in the library. What did they even build. One the textual completeness vita she the market loss. Time the chance well not woman over tried to guinea pigs. So whereabouts was the peanut butter style. Not quite peanut butter just this good. Oh lovely i'll have one no. I'll have to jaws. Can you brought the most suppling. Wait is that him over there. New kiss. lucas. Hello samantha. i haven't seen you in a while. Lucas your free. I'm already free. What do you mean you can leave. You can get out of here. You can find leave. I like it to forget that. He's basically zombie right now. He's not going to want to leave all right. Come with us leakers. We have something nice to show he. Oh that's nice. We're going to be coming out of range of the peace raise very suddenly. You might wanna sit down. Oh i'm oh hey lucas Feeling i feel great arm. Oh me again. Finally we came back fi. You've been pardoned major. The con son is well. Let's say the pilot of his father's legacy that includes his career as a way author is being thoroughly struck from the record. I'm surprised he didn't just have me killed. Looks like he might be a fan. I mean not enough of a found to give you a load of money will set you up with a house or anything but you know enough to let you go free. He has sent you some money. It says right here on your release papers. It's not much but hey we're rolling debt so any good money right well. This is more than i used to make in a year. It's it's coming work all this time you will right. Yeah show i'm free. You sound like someone who needs a decent meal and a bit of space from your old planet might be a warehouse both editors but the junkin noodle also the best pak-tai i had in a really really long time motorists. Yeah that was a serial poison looking here for a while. Oh she's gone now. I guessed you are you. I'm fine just uh hungry out. I love you mickey more spokesman. Hello it's me again back with a fashion blast for someone who well don't like clothes shopping. Yes that is painfully obvious. I don't even like regular shopping. Jolt we've seen you ought to very and you need fresh clothes. You've grown as a person people. These people have been born and grown old and died since he will these. Don't want to go shopping. That's the best thing you don't have to go to stitch fix and it does the hard work for year. Don't wanna look like some runway model. Or i just wanna be comfortable then. Select that you input your priorities favorite types of clothes. And they use that. Choose clothes for you so you can focus on whatever it. Is you do in your spare time. Different places have different sizes. I never know what to pick stitch fix knows that they work out if you're in between sizes no more charges three to around the thigh and nobody ways callers arms. That's all taken care of. How much is this. Stylus gonna set me back. It's only twenty dollars for the stylus fee and that's discount if mcrae's you keep if you like the clothes and the stylist is free and you can set your budget so the close will be in your price range. Plus with the promo code space junkie. Get twenty five percent off the first fakes you keep. Maybe it's finally time to embrace the spacefaring baicon look always dreamed of. I'm the one with the during found as jolt. Summit people who listen to these ads must me fan out of me you the kind of indifferent about. Oh ooh they sponsor volvo. Let's get started today at stitch fix dot com slash space junk. You'll get twenty five percents off when you everything. You'll fix that stitch fix dot com slash space junk for twenty off when you keep everything and you'll fix stitch fix dot com slash space jump. Thank you so We've a few days before we need headphone on x. job How do you want to go next. You gonna travel. Maybe settle down lucas. I don't know. I'm i'm just starting to remember what life was like before the prison planet. Oh when the machine malfunctioned. That's one time. I felt great but it was firm an hour now. I've got so many hours stretching in front of me and we'll maybe i should insulting other planetary despot and get myself sent back again. Make life simpler. If you're stuck the something today we've got some time on our hands so maybe we could travel about a little bit Go somewhere with the animals all visit the library. What can we do. I was reading about the ultimate con hive. Mind what and i was thinking the. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea. How how what does that even mean. I'd still you know i'd still be around. My brain would still exist. I just wouldn't have this feeling. That's not right prese night. That's not happening. I but the hell up you're depressed. You're not dying. You didn't get to just check out and like how am i gonna let you join the hive mind. So what am i supposed to do. We find a way to help you deal with it. Dax we're going to watch out seven. Oh place like a scrappy. It might look like a scruffy and well in many ways be grumpy but if you look in the right places there are some very very sophisticated technologies that look like what exactly will the plus we hate to see his specialist in biohacking. She made my and that's going to help. They do some of the most sophisticated brain implants in the galaxy. That a bit extreme. There's nothing extreme about making changes to brain chemistry. We've done it for thousands of years and it's what twelve from me so far. Wait you have a brain impact. Of course. I have a brain implant toast. You think i'd cove. I thought i'd be able to tell like one in five. people has a brain implant. It's not a big deal brain. Chemistry doesn't always right. I mean it's not going to change. Is it lucas. A moment ago. You were going to stick your brain into automatons hive. Mind nine worried about personality. Changes not know unless you specifically william to. They aren't going to change her. You all the just a tool to help you cope better. The technology is technically illegal. So i couldn't exactly talk about it in the space pool and it was not long journey so i thought it was shop. You don't have to do it. It's just something that's what for me. What do you think this worthy. Sean spoil what is goin- business scrappy choice. None of your business. Why should we tell you. All you know ghost. Chris kassire's wind up going us foreign. I'm scrumptious marksman shop owner. Kubota this scruffy. Well we'll be going. Pink stop Skills that she does have a gloucester. Okay fine we've still. What do you want to pause through voice. Scrap your food. you must plu will some. Hey how all require a vehicle created only the scrap this most of six we. I also want to toy. So i could use all the life of we could. That's ever lake is made if oil on sometimes conscious spoiler spur soy the points or require vehicle. Okay also it must conspiracy lever drinks dispensing leaf fine. Can we do that well. I can see a bunch of useful complain in georgia. You would lightning four minutes a six six. We undo whole. Why don't you get it. You keep you up mike. Recent unfinished fit forum. We and the What did you try to drake's dispensing lever. Is she going to be okay. Oh yeah sure not fuel in ten or twenty minutes. Hopefully long enough for her to get far away from us if actually watertight. Oh yeah i just. The drinks dispenser leyva was pushing it. S the thing with drunk planets. There's a ton of one of road warriors everywhere harmless. But they do get in the way. Come on thompson's workshop. Should be this way. Oh very joke. Well it's not exactly a super legal operation. Why depression is useful. People buy more eat more consumable goods and services. Join the hive. Mind as good as risks after all. It's not just plain sailing. Oh you can't just plug your brain into something unexpected to fix everything but well makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning kelly. How he did they were starting to wonder. How does the brain tired we owe. And you seem to be finished with missing low levels liberties. This is samantha. And lukas. yes it is isn't it. Why is she looking at me. Like oh duster. She looks site. Who am i treating this time high. I'm lucas and what seems to be the problem mucus. I mean it's not that big a problem on just kind of sat lasso. Saddle the time i mean. I've always been like this. So it's not that big a deal. I just can't stop being sad. It's like there's this layer of something between me and the rest of the world and the contrast is turned way down like no matter. What i everything is grey. I can't seem to focus enough to read or write anything. Feel like everything is just numb. And sometimes i just want to not do anything just fade out of the flooded out a story. I have the effect on people. And you can. How that i can stop. You have a lot to do to if he come through here. We can run some tests and figure out what you need and also what exactly it is that you want from this right okay. We'll be set you up with someone to talk to you as well and i k. It's going to work. It's gonna be worth it i Yes that's good. We'll see when you get out so you. Thanks coming lakers for me. So how long is he going to be back that well. The surgery itself doesn't take long as a lot of analysis to do. I ll bean recovery for a few hours. They have tuning to do. Everyone's different different. Things help different people. Let's go for a walk. He'll be he'll get back. Where are we going up. Hit that i went to the first time i got my implant i was on my own and well it takes a little bit of tuning to get things right but i came up here. My huddled churned up and full of with thoughts and feelings. And i just felt right. You came here on your yeah. I didn't have anyone. It's good to have people. Nah yeah did you pay for lucas's implant. Maybe he can pay me back next time. He writes something. Set is pretty beautiful. Yeah that's the pollution does beautiful horrible things to the sky q. Think he'll be okay. Yeah he'll be back to writings knock reviews before you know it and you will you be. Okay yeah yeah. I think so. The universe might be a bit of a messed up place and we caught doing lots of change but we can take on the small battles like helping nukus old turning down the reward for fleeing heiress. We'll just getting up in the morning. I thought my life was without fast. Time i wake up. I mean literally thought it was because the cry flee. But i felt like that was the death of samantha trump. But honestly i've never felt more myself. I never thought i'd have a friend like he. I'm glad we're enjoying this house. Vape together me too. So where do you think on to take us. My money is on Ooh taking a villain in some kind of high stakes showdown who may be taking down autumnal cone just as a side job. My money's on fixing a trust shape. Well here's to the next joe wherever and whatever it is is it gets better. I promise Space junk samantha. Trump was played by rebecca evans. You'll know and scrap use played by frame docks was played by dot com. Judea is by mama. Bambang gone by miss campbell. Lucas was voice and tops was played by lydia. Ebonyi this episode also featured the voice between island other choices of the season. Will vicki barr peaks. Trench the nights. James conner makes blades as an do not. Sure now sarah grounded robens. I hard rice. Bram rowan david nico guarantees molly. Pipe michael j. rig christian. Mccaffrey meredith com. Hopefully america programs written by. Beth crave from produced by heavy nights about the bird. Productions would like to thank ozil patrons for this all throughout the season on throughout the show you'll just recalled the series reminded and just for that was and especially right. Now that's three important. Thank you so much kindness. This series dedicated. Steve crane account called lamb. It's me uh sitting like i got. It's oh it's a long story and there's a lot blood as usual. But i i'm going to steal one of the ships are now coming fringy. I love you. i'll season Is now run your Feeble and folly network. I'm come on bo. talks actress. Think trips and insolence arrests. And i'm spilling all the t- on hollywood name carlotta talks ot x. Spell the first name it actually go talks the u. T. te'o of course it is first name though. Talks is actually my last name. My first came here. Who's on i. I know what your last name. Now i want you to spell your first name carlotta. It's cer as in the automobile l. o. T. ta wanna tell it just. Wow there's also an odd. It's two dots and it goes over k car. Latitude is just take a seat over there. Will you already. Meanwhile we'll check out the carlisle. Both tux chronicles available. Now on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast scher.

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39. Joselito Leyva

The Basement Diaries

43:35 min | 1 year ago

39. Joselito Leyva

"Welcome to the basement diaries. I'm your host Wesley till for today we have hose Alito on the podcast we talk about all sorts of stuff in this episode childhood bouncing around different homes in Chicago and his artistic pursuits it was really fun artists can't say that enough support me too while we're at it okay enjoy this episode and about done dungeons and dragons but it's fun podcast anyway but especially if you like d you should check it out and mostly speaking sin tie which is really fun it's a really funny podcasts you should check it out at MLM POD DOT com make sure you watch it before you listen to the APSO next week given you plenty of time people so take advantage of it reference for you guys it's called Mlm pod dot com you can find all the podcasts that our group is a part of poor so he has a bunch podcasts on there those are only two of them he has like five or six I think but they're all really great check him out support Chicago Rosalita also has a podcast he's on a podcast called hit in credit it's like D- thing I I don't know anywhere you listen to this or if you're using if you can't find it just go to Mlm pod Dot Com just called sure to subscribe and leave those reviews works and yeah you're pretty free to move around okay how much just like make sure speak to two low about how James Does it but James you know he he's an absolutely great person he yeah he and like for our our Mike you probably speak into yeah you probably have like what kind of Mike Steve I honestly don't know Dario and I will be watching it I've already seen at one that's on theaters but he hasn't seen it so we're GonNa Watch it together and talk about it so you should also check out some of the other podcasts from that same producer James who we hosted leader I were also on his podcast oh you're talking into the mic yeah exactly is it possible to just rotated the Mike or actually this so this is a condenser it's a producer thing not there yet do you do you have do you guys have a producer d do you have the full like row ULM Huzzah lead full phone number as its seven seven three two oh two luna okay that's a little Chicago a group it's me Joe our friend cory who is Joe's roommate at the time and Rudy who we just Mike Okay so you want to see if I take it off like you WanNa talk into this part okay okay I'm just so used it's called headed and credit knocked his Sakata it's a it's a deep campaign podcasts were the main characters aren't the good people we're recording by the way do you guys have the full realm of why do you have an engineer producer or is it kind of just started this podcast for you guys so we had been playing dnd as group for a year myself I've never played before joining the we're basically the villains in the world that's pretty bad ass I'm not I'm not really I've always I've always seen people play it looks a lot of fun and as an actor I feel like I would probably get into it oh yeah definitely like but yeah so what Joe Rudi and I used to work together Oh we used to hang out well we started hanging out right before we played indeed okay Joe had those so the listeners know what what's the podcast called that you are featured on so the podcast that I'm a part of it's called headed and credit this I'm just like some guy in basement during its cash it's basically the same thing not to I lived in Michigan for most of his life moved over here and all the people he played d. with he had to do an online oh and joe had this or did they teach you beforehand and then you went into it knowing how to do we did a full one to twenty campaign for an entire year okay what is what is a one see start at level one basically having like very minimal skills okay and then when you get to level twenty you're basically like a god Oh wow so it's like an intensive it's like the idea of being like hey let's just play Indian I thought of you know I've talked but did you did you learn like on the podcast Camp Kinda but that's just a four campaign oh that's just thought wow we did a full campaign in less than a year but that's because we did we go from work to D- yeah so basically we just our whole lives revolved around dnd for an entire year need some more sessions were more than twelve hours okay so how often would you do this throughout the year once a week once a week once a week yeah it was take some commitment 'cause Corey who was his roommate decided wool has been playing for awhile since he because he lived in Michigan for it was you know we just played nonstop for a year for more than twelve hours a day once a week and absolutely I mean I changed my availability at word I made sure I love stuff around if I had drill that we can imagine work that day I would you know for the listeners we didn't have a proper introduction so you're a hose Alito yes my name is host Alita Labor Labor yeah so I didn't know your full name on our before you came here because the way I know you you work at target with me but I actually met you through Joe playing tennis which playing on it and it kept playing it was like wow that's a computer is computer can take some but okay so did you grow up and here man I fucking I love doing podcasts now yeah it's great I mean I mean it's so easy to do it's like as long as you can afford to microphones and I never played before so starting from then that one year of just the indy like I learned a lot it's so funny it just hearing it is a lot of fun and we need to have you back I'm trying to get Mondays off man you gotta get them on I'm trying but yeah that's how we know each other in these little villages with these communities within the city are very specific field to them yeah absolutely I monster and its own like even like the neighborhoods like Rogers Park for example like it feels like a small town oh it doesn't a lot of the like big name culture festivals there's everybody likes to go to and I went to Orlando and it's Kinda like there's a downtown and the rest of its suburbs exactly yeah and like groups and cultures and Chicago is just a monster it's just ridiculous because you can go to like the Puerto Rican parade and see where I grew up springfield which isn't too far from here but it's it's so much different because it's like you you know everybody in the town which is boring talk about it it almost sounds like you were part of a religious movement like you know I spent a whole year at the convent it's exactly like that and it's a cold people that you wouldn't see the thought you wouldn't see there yeah like what kinds of people for example different races I mean a lot of I don't know what to say you once you're in you're in that you can't leave there's no way out so yeah now that we know a little bit about the podcast let's get into your the people come from small towns and it's like they know it's like so homey yeah you know everybody meets up at like at the end of the day like at the end of the week at the same bar a computer I gotta say the other day this is unrelated a little bit but see those red there so I I don't even the much different cultures like right and one area that's so cool I didn't Andersonville wasn't cool yeah it's always like the first week of June or like the first weekend of June second weekend growing up but you walk to vendors down and you can get Greek food or you can get Middle Eastern food or you can get you know Mexican food it's you meet new people each food as the music is always great and like there's one that's down the street from here that happens every year it's called the Andersonville I never like I was always into sports played baseball basketball got into soccer very very briefly but it was never enough for me yeah it would be open it's the one bar one bar that everybody else but see something like that like intrigues me because it's like you grow up watching shows and then I listened to your podcast and luckily were willing to come on of course I would come on this podcast anytime you want me it's like oh well I can't really anyone new and then also there's just like not as much to do like you would go out and and night and like maybe one bar like I've never been to New York but I feel like Chicago New York are definitely would the United States is thought of like a giant Melting Pot oh definitely different has it's the same with my family my oldest brother or my older brother I only have one brother he was like very book smart and I love talking that's why I love being on podcast you can see if you see me at work I'm always talking yet I trust me I loved Chicago Yeah it was born and raised in Chicago moved around a lot in two different neighborhoods never lived anywhere outside Chicago is that a good thing or bad thing for me it's a good oldest one has always been known as the smartest one in the family okay but I think I'm smarter than her yeah I think that's like the youngest child syndrome vendors of ridiculous it's like you have his hamburger Mary's right there they have their own like vending area right across the street from the restaurant summer fest and I've been going there since elementary school oh yeah I love that and I think I only went once and it was like my first year here I had a blast there yeah it's great because like the grew and I tripped on the edge it's holding my computer and I dropped my head but it was okay and I was actually there was something her personal life because that's what this is about absolutely I mean we can get as deep as you want into that I'll let you kind of guide that but grow academically like challenged okay I didn't really have many people telling me like you know trying to get me to like a really good act score went to private school and then I didn't care about that shit but I was like more artistically and like I ron funches I love Ron Funds Oh he's the door will and just like so funny but he's like obsessed with wwe Improv and now he's he went to Columbia College for a little bit but now he's doing what's the word you're probably like oh that would be cool to experience that and then I'm like give me the hell out of Chicago Murphy is something big in this community okay because I don't know too much about it but I think it happens it happens at the same time every year Oh same yeah I can understand why that gets well it's probably it's probably the grass is greener thing where like you're from a city and my sister was always like the smart one in the family and I was kind of smart because like I retained a lot of influence so is your sister older younger he's older I have two older sisters and Wadham like comedians lately like there's a there's a weird duality with comedy and wrestling there's this comedian twenty two at the time and I would and he but he acted younger than age even like he would leave shit around he was not saying very big as he's well known he just himself he loves to act he's very good use them that much they're just for decoration to give the illusion that you are fit yeah exactly so I walk in communications is my thing but that really isn't like rewarded exactly academics and it isn't and like so growing up reminds you look Puerto Rico with these this blond hair I mean I don't look areas W. F. is like a big part of that era like in the nineties like wwf was the one thing we watched a lot like I'm pretty young he's wrestling he's trying to do wrestling he'd like he's a very big W did we very cool so he looks I've been hearing on the apartment all the time was like a complete Dick like didn't care about other people's spaces just moved out of his parents house his mom's going to pick it didn't start off Swedish community yeah yeah it started off as a Swedish community that's the whole reason of the Andersonville 'cause I guess the mid thing yes I mean like you go to other cities and towns around the US and it's like something totally different I have a lot of family in Orlando Slash director or producer. Yeah that's right and like I had a group of friends and we decided like Oh let's start a youtube channel let's start writing scripts but it never really worked out long and the oldest is trying to make sure we don't like kill each other so growing up a lot do your own dishes learn more okay so you didn't have somebody like kicking you in the butt yeah do it to me and my mom Kinda did but she was working so much so much that you didn't really Lord come on guys like need some help absolutely yeah yeah but see the thing is it's like the other friend one of my friends that wasn't the group he he's a very big actor I didn't really like I was born in the nineties but I wouldn't call myself nineties baby because I didn't really live through most of it but yeah you're young yeah I'm pretty young yeah I mean it's it's so hard to get those going it's do you ever feel like when you're trying to do projects like only one man trying to push it you know I actually have a similar story to that so I had a roommate who is like quite a bit younger than me he was like eighteen I was other comedians. I've heard of like growing up to that which is theater you so appealing I feel like growing up like do your laundry cook your food cooked for us but like she had like three jobs so is this a lot of us just being on our own fending for ourselves until she came home ah trying to kill each other because a grew up with two older sisters and my older sister seven years old seven years older than me you know I do admit to a lot of like Ebay I look back at some of the shit like my mom would do for me and I'm like yeah like a disaster because like my mom wants to start now like cooking for us and we like warming up our food and like but I'm just like almost to the point where you're white yeah can you tell I have no idea fanning you were you born I was born in ninety seven but Joe Calls Me Joe's likes to tell people I'm twelve so now I've just been going around telling people I'm twelve talked to and I get in trouble for some yeah so like I kind of figured out in high school that I wanted to be an actor one is also this was central Illinois so like it's pretty yeah like at the age of nine I had to walk my ass to the I told the story to and this was like a year ago he was he was like Wesley didn't you have like a twelve year old roommate to the Laundry Mat to do my laundry and see I will be honest with you like since I am white like I was a spoiled ass piece of Shit had finally had to come clean and it was like now I just love Gullible people I do I do I you know I'm can be pretty gullible sometimes inside my room I'm just getting home from work and I'm just like fuck it I'm just going to throw all my clothes on the floor I know like if if you want like it's it's pretty clean out here but if you go into my room chill bill and I'll eat when I want to eat but what I was saying before is so I had this roommate he was white and he so he he was kind of a piece shit whatever I was talking to some friends that were over and I was like why why would you do that for us but because it's part of the privilege g growing up my mom didn't do a lot of like what a mom supposed to do your dishes second I'm GonNa go heat up the food myself and I go my room bound to take like I'm just falling asleep to take a nap and my mom's knocking on the door the conversation and hope you enjoy also next week we have a review of El Camino a breaking bad movie is ready am I didn't want to okay thanks Okay God love her she's great take it easy yeah just taken trust your judgment like I think gullible people get a bad rap sometimes they do but it's also like you should know it was question yeah and I'm sorry if the listeners are going to be offended by this but was he white oh one hundred percent at the age of like probably eighty percent of the people I went to school with White Central Illinois but of your old roommate how does that work and I was like well you know a picked him up off the street he lives like he's like independent from his parents they like the and the other sister six years older than me so it was a lot of them arguing with each other and then me arguing with the middle child because you never been to that got him an apartment basically and he walks to the junior high down the street weirdly like new all this information about like we're learning that responsibility early on I'm sure that's helped a lot like just a little bit transitioning TMZ and I think it's because I trust people you know I'm like why would you lie to me like there's no reason to lie to me so I'm going to a little bit because like I I still live with my mom but like I like outside my room I'm one of the cleanliest people ever it kind of the geography so I could make up a story on the fly and he believed me and then and then this guy ended up being my roommate I just fucking with you yeah see the thing is like I'm a like I lied to people a lot yeah he's like twelve and one of the guys that was their thought I was being serious and he was like you have listen to people yeah you know 'cause the world's Phil well yeah it is it's like what are people's motivations like Whoa I don't do this the food is on the table on the stove and I'll just get it myself yeah you get home from work are you hungry yeah just give me WanNa see what their responses and sometimes I don't are you right now I have been lying this entire time not on a podcast called hit it and created that's a really good like is it out of like do you want something from them do you live because of that or just to just get a rise out dot com right yep yeah thanks for coming on thank you for having me yeah of course think he was a small town going yeah some local station I always love the the local stations that be a confidence issue it could also just be they can't find the right words I get you again yeah I think so ah the way I would like defend is like he probably was going through so many like dumb interview all the crash junket trying to just entertain himself he messed up was that like he was on the today show was one of the biggest ones open leave like they were getting everybody out of there and then like a month goes by or something like people start asking him about it it's like well a clown died was there like the car the little car that the clown drives just exploded Oh man and he died when people like troll them it's so funny have you ever seen any of that case dross interviews no I have not oh my God they're so funny is like on the today show like this is like years ago it was when like Matt Lauer was still on there you know and he was interviewing him about the like tell

youtube Chicago Wesley Alito APSO Lord one bar twelve hours seven years one hundred percent eighty percent twelve year six years one year
RBA July 2019 - Twice in a row?!

The Property Couch

14:39 min | 2 years ago

RBA July 2019 - Twice in a row?!

"Got In the low mid and they change the cash right for the second consecutive month dropping the cash right damn on other twenty five basis points now that was reasonably well signalled even now some economists still thought that I may white until August now what is their agenda well if you look at the minutes and also a couple of speeches made by the senior executives inside the Reserve Bank over the last month or so. It's very clear they are going off to unemployment. I want to move the unemployment right down into the low fours now. Why are they doing that well? Their argument is spare capacity in the employment. Market is actually impacting why you just growth now why just gross then they're not going to get economic growth I roll and they're also not going to get any inflationary pressure. So that is the big news story here they have really set out their agenda to go after unemployment and so <hes> this could mean further right cut throughout the course of this year and into the new until I get that unemployment right Dan and that spare capacity in the marketplace mood and then ultimately we can start to say that wide flowing through in which means naturally log everything consumer spending the whole story gets better and better as that rolls out now. Let's go globally firstly before we get into the domestic economy the big news stories to the Tri tensions between the U._S. and China so we have seen some reports come out in this past month. One notably from the World Bank which talked about the trade tensions is going to impact global G._D._p.. By point three of of one percent now that is a significant number so we locked to say that that gets sorted out as soon sooner rather than later we did see some positive tweets coming out from president trump in regards to he's meeting with the President of China in regards adds to the positive talks that are moving through so hopefully we'll see some more resolutions in regards that and that's that's really the global story when we get into the Australian story will stop with G._D._p.. So we did say the March quarter numbers. Come out so <hes> growth for the March quarter point four of one percent which meant that the annual pace of growth in the economy has dropped from two point four percent now down to one point eight percent now. That's the slowest right of growth in our economy since two thousand and nine so again you can see the reason why the Reserve Bank is trying to get stimulus back into the economy now. This is in y Dan in in most respects really by the consumer sector and that sort of housing downturn that that's been playing out since two thousand and seven eight then we move onto the unemployment story. The unemployment story looks like this so we saw unemployment right in my steady at five point two percent and so we did see from positive point of view forty two thousand three hundred jobs created and this is the strongest in the past twelve months. That's a good news story. The other interesting stories is the participation right so coming back to what we were talking talking earlier about in terms of the spare capacity when now starting to say the participation right at sixty six percent which is the highest it's ever been in terms of people looking to get employment so there's positives and negatives with that in terms of that additional introduction more people looking for work still case that spare capacity in the marketplace so hints. There's more work to the for the to do in regards to that on a negative point of view I think in the only thing that was negative in the unemployment numbers was was the pot on right was actually thirty nine thousand eight hundred new jobs created and a fulltime was only two thousand four hundred jobs but that was the my number and again. We had an election during that month so that's something to look at. Are they want turn our attentions now over to the retail spending so we have seen retail spending. which is the April number so it's it's a guy lag daughter? I think it's important to know this April. We had Easter School Holidays <hes> some unser at the start of the federal election campaigning going on so we saw retail spending negative point one for the month and that's the second time it's full and in the last five months you think about that that doesn't quite Mike Central because does ultimately growing population more people. You don't like to say retail spending in contraction sites so the annual pice has now dropped from three point five percent in March down to two point eight percent in April over to. The private sector credit growth and we saw some very wake daughter in my they're just a point two of one percent increase bringing the overall increase for the year at three point six percent now. This is a guy in a very wake number and it's the weakest has been for over six years so more work to be done in this area across the three sixes too so we actually saw a week credit growth in business and in housing and also impersonal credits so that would also be plying on the minds of our regulators and also our politicians in regards to getting the economy moving we move on now to consumer sentiment in June so down from one I one point three down to do one hundred point seven so that was also despite that I write cut so a suspect once a guy in the eye has seen that right Kat and said it's not flowing through shit so that's the reason why they push for this immediate sick and right cut in July consumers are really still worried about the I roll economy. That's what we saw coming out in regards to that consumer sentiment survey when it comes to the business sentiment survey which is made Outta <hes> so we saw business conference now this was a shopping prudent post-election so we did see that move from zero reading to a plus seven post-election and that's the high suspending ten months so you can see a business people do want consistency that I want to make sure that there is clarity around the future direction of policy and was saying that bounce also positive we sold the unemployment indexing side that <hes> that service from NABP moving from a negative one to a plus two and then the that that was also a positive story on the negative side <hes> the business condition index <hes> which was sitting at three has moved down to zero so the <hes> the result in April was plus three when down to zero and I think that he's also a consequence of people sort of saying how pull the economy has been operating in the first three to four months of the new calendar year side now. That leads me into one of the big observations in saw this business serve. I and it's something that he's colliding into results that was saying now just released yesterday from coal logic and that big band was these so when the question was asking saw that survey if I time to buy index so the time to buy index increase by one point eight percent to a reading of one hundred sixteen point nine now any rating about one hundred is optimistic any rating below one hundred is pessimistic but he's the Big Guan House price expectations so house price expectations rise increase by twenty two point seven. I came from a reading of eighty nine point seven so as a mistake think about house prices <hes> back in April has now bounced incredibly to one hundred and nine point seven so and that's has process expectation so people think the value of their properties will grow and that is the perfect segue into the cold logic data that we've just received <hes> yesterday and that did show for the first time that has prices in Sydney grew bought point one of one percent saint so still down for the quarter so Dan for the quarter negative one point one but positive growth melvin all side positive growth for the month so it grew by point two of one percent so the quarterly result for aw Melvin is is negative point six of one percent so that means that since July of two thousand seventeen which was the pick of the Sydney market. We've now say now I growth month in regards to Melvin the peak of the Melbourne market was November seventeen with now saying out I pick month now. Overall nationally was still down negative point two of one percent and I wrote for the quarter were down one percent and overall nationally annualized with still down six point nine percent but fundamentally damn by out two biggest cities so when we do to wrap up of the other the other centres Brisbane down negative point six at ally Dan negative eighty point five Perth Down Nigga point seven for the month Hobart positive point to Dow and Dan Negative Point Non Camera Dan negative point nine side combined capital cities is negative point one combined regional sanders. San Is negative point four giving us our IRO national negative point two story but this is June like one month after the federal election and what was saying with right cut starting the fly through we do know that the buys are on the ground. We do see a auction clearance rights improving so we could say further improvement in July now I anticipated that we would be flat or positive by August September it could be even early in that. We could say positive proscribed ascribes story as early as July of this year but one thing's for sure way are definitely moving in the right direction there so when we get to that stage what's going ultimately happen is people's confidence will return and hopefully so will consumer spending this week also sees the return of the forty-six Federal Parliament of Australia and the big agenda autumn that we do need to see from an economic point of view is the tax cuts so we want to see these tax <unk> Scott's past as quick as possible through the House of rips and then through the Senate that is going to provide for the stimulus to the economy and hopefully get retail spending and consumer confidence moving in the right direction and that will be an interesting story story here now finish on a couple of points firstly. I want to say what is interesting about the decision to go to go aggressively after unemployment and try and lift the real wages in this nation is that from their observations around what apper deed in regards to impacting credit policy and also now effectively giving them a second latest so I'm now calling this a top down lever so now the I has confidence that I have a top Dan Leyba Leyva in regards to APPA so apo we'll have the ability to control credit whereas traditionally monetary policy was a bottom up later that would allow to bring cash into the economy so now the I._B.. I can bring cash into the economy but you can start to see apper applying a bigger role in controlling property values so lanes that that money can be cheaper for business for personal. Personal credit which in business is actually very very good for the economy because it means growing jobs but you can actually still say applying a more important role in terms of ensuring that property prices. Don't get ahead of themselves. WHO's locked? I did in twenty seven so it's going to be an interesting time off. I WANNA say probably process blastoff again nor the regulators nor is it good for the economy what we do want to say you. Steady gradual growth. I read the course of the next couple of years <hes> fondly what does this mean in terms of this cash right cut one of Linda's guy to do so we saw the eines aid and also WESTPAC getting a lot of negative press and scrutiny scrutiny in regards not passing on for the very first time we saw out Federal Governor Philip La Dr Phillip Low <hes> accused them of not doing the right thing by their customers into shop around. That's never been done before so what we'll Ian's aide who will pass on the full twenty five and then what will see the nab do considering that pass on that full twenty five and that's that balance all regards to borrowers versus deposit holders in regards to the interest earn on their money in the bank interesting times ahead done think we're done now that the has light add a clear agenda in regards to movement on unemployment so we're probably say further right cats light of the she after after that text stimulus rolls through and then we'll see where wages growth goes and that will ultimately decide on what the future thanks for watching hi there folks Bryce. Hold way before you go. If you're new to our community the only listened to maybe a handful of episodes. I really recommend that you go all the way back to episode number. One where we unpacked all of the foundations when it comes to property investing for those would be the mob illuminate. Tom Poor good good news for you. We have a binge God that you can download right away which summarizes the first twenty episodes where Benoy unpack the foundational pillars of the A._B._C._d.. And so much more and you can get that straight right away. If you go to the property catch dot com Dodi Ford Slash T._p._C. Twenty you can download and consume it whenever you want. It's completely free and available now and for those of you just a quick reminder that nothing.

Dan Leyba Leyva Reserve Bank World Bank China Melvin Tom Poor IRO president Sydney NABP President of China Benoy Kat Brisbane unser Perth Senate Federal Parliament Mike Central
Episode 209  Is Land Investing Right For You?

Casual Fridays REI

17:57 min | 1 year ago

Episode 209 Is Land Investing Right For You?

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up guys? I'm Adam Southie. He with my co-host just and Leyva and this is the casual Fridays. Rei podcast today when we talk about if land is the right business for you before we do that. Let's talk about the casual Fridays. Land flipping blueprint guys. If you're thinking about getting into this industry this is it. This is the course that you want to buy. Justin and I spent months doing consulting calls and helping people out before we ever put this together. So what that mean for you well for one because we've done so much consulting. We know where people get hung up. We've addressed those issues in this course but also you've got to experience land beyers who came together to the best parts of each other business and lay them out for you in the easy to follow video format so if this excites you and you're thinking about giving this industry. I got to go to our website at www dot casual R. E. DOT COM. Click on the training get started. It's Friday sir. Oh Man I found myself going in the rabbit hole yesterday day before I was looking at fifteen year old ferraris fifteen and trying to get to Jeff Jeff. I mean if that guy can buy some tiger cubs and hasn't tigers and have a Ferrari. I Want Ferrari. I feel like I can have it for. You can definitely have a Ferrari. You can't have a new one right now not an smart way. But it's not a smart decision to go get a new right now. But yeah you'd probably get ten fifteen year old one man like seventy five thousand dollars. I'll feel real cool in Harari for seventy five grand. What'd you start thinking about that though so you start? That's how this works my answer. Great car you get a F- four thirty spider for seventy five eighty grand twenty nine thousand thirty thousand miles good clutch life on them. You know pretty core at the time. It was the pinnacle of the cars. In that time. You know there was a one hundred eighty thousand dollar sticker on them brand new. So you're buying this great machine but for ten Grand Mark Bryant. Brand new eight Dow or for around the same price as that. I can get an accurate in a sex thousand seventeen. I I don't like to sx but now and a fifteen year old Ferrari although they are cool. It just doesn't do it for me because things are going to start breaking. Even it's only got twenty thirty thousand miles on. It means it sat for a lot of its life and things are just GonNa naturally break and then those things are expensive. Harari yeah no but you look cool when you wearing your shirts rolling around when he would Oklahoma Yeah. Have you seen the iconic painting I kind of want it all blackout Kinda smokey? And there's like kind of an outline of a Ferrari and it says no risk. No Rory obviously but you won't let me have already then. I don't control your bank your finances. Your monthly income. My Wife told me I could get whatever I wanted. If I felt like I wanted it would make me happy. Well go for intimate instantly. Make you happy but just like all your other cars will be sold within three or four months. I just gotTa Car flipper supposed to make money flipping cars. I make money. Don't lose money. It's called the tax play tax. Plan all right so that's an LLC. In Montana okay. So tell me about land business versus any other business in talking to a guy the other day and he didn't know kind of the pedigree or the background that I don't to supplement company and we had an Amazon Comey told that story but there probably will products there and how many lines of products we have on that. The marketing evolved in that the branding the push behind that how they had the affiliates and things like that and so I started thinking about it and I was like man. We've done a lot of like little side. Hustles and businesses throughout this. And you know land has been one that we've kind of. I don't WanNa say we stuck with but it's been the longest business outside of our normal businesses. What we are business what we do when we're w two so into this position now and it's like okay. Why did we stick to land and as it right for everybody? Because I don't know it although I want people to get into it and try it and because it's a great industry and you can make some money at any price level is not for everyone. No and that's so I see I see the facebook Hustler's they jump in the groups and they just get there by their first but of course it is the getting all the facebook groups there grinding hustle and blessed day Emoji Emoji Emoji and then about three to four months later. They're gone and or you. If you became friends with him and following him on social media you see onto the next thing. And it's the Crypto it's the trading binary it's the ATM. It's the houses or I'm a parts indicator and I'm just like that that's like all of us. We have all bounced from business to business. Fortunately for me I say okay. Hey when we we had south platte going then I started key. Sports and I went with key sports. And we were running that kind of the same model southbound except for we we were direct to the consumer. But we had to build up the branding so I was working trade shows on the weekend when I wasn't working meeting with athletes trying to get their contracts lined up spy we sponsor a lot of athletes. We were the first supplement brand in supercross. You know so it was like Oh we did all these little cool things and really. It was just more of a passion project digging because it broke even at best and then we started to move into land and we did that and I had both going for a little while and then we sold that we sold out the other company and we bought the apartment complex and flipped it. So I mean it was like I was like man. I'd I'd I happen guy that bounce from business to business but why land and is it for. I think it's easy enough to do for. Anybody can do it but we have found a lot of people just. It doesn't do it for them. Yeah for me. There's a couple of reasons the main being hit every box that I wanted like you can do it at any price. Range is when I started. I had just coming back from a failed real estate business tenth right. I was broke and so to be able to get started at any price. Range was key for me but also we done remote. That was one thing I didn't WANNA do again for being a realtor or House. Rehab irs drive around all the time. Put an amount of miles on my car but also like back when my realtor business was going down because the economy and everything right. I was still working every day trying to sell homes. They have any money because on selling by spin a seventy bucks in gas every three days and I didn't want that be an issue anymore so I could work from home do it at any price range and to anywhere okay. But the biggest thing is I had to pick something stick with it because just like you said we had done so many businesses and just like almost every entrepreneur rather deal with a shiny object syndrome. I remember telling myself this business every single thing I wanted to do and I need to make it work. Yeah so I think that's and then you got involved with it and I were almost exact same time and because you were doing it and we could bounce things off of each other. Like campus kept moving in the right direction in the same direction and. I don't want to say it was like a competing. It was a it was A. Hey man this cat so get excited and you're like Oh shit I gotta get my next outer. You closed the deal. And I'm like Dang. He closed some five acres for this. Let's get it going. We're going to get going after this there and so that that's really. I think it's really important to say. Is it for era. 'cause we had gin who was a schoolteacher and she did. She came on the block hot. She did well made some money. And then just said it's not really for me. She did make some good money right at the beginning but she didn't like the sales hated having a ton of the when people called her. She didn't know what to say 'cause she was new. She didn't realize that you didn't really have to say much right. Because the people had already seen everything yeah made her nervous so she she hasn't done. I think she actually stolen some property which had paid everything off and made some profit so she was. She's up by like a month salary which he was making it worker a month and a half salary. I was GONNA say one thing that I find. That is hard for people as the lack of doing something or like swinging a hammer or like how easy it is because like I talked to one person before and they were buying selling land making money but they just really wanted to be doing house because they felt like they're accomplishing so they were accomplishing their out. During the day they were talking with the contract that are swinging the hammer. They're paying a while. They're actually doing something even though they may not make anywhere near the kind of money and they've got so much more time and effort involved with it right. It was just getting over that feeling which I think people struggle with. Yeah I I struggle with that too and it took me the first couple years to decide out. Always go back to trying to flip something this house. I want to do a house mailer. Hey I'm GonNa do department and then I'm like. Why did I do this every time? It's as soon as I get into. It's about a month into it and something goes wrong. And I'm fixing a sewer under a bathroom on a floor of already done and I'm going. Well why am I? Why did I want to do this again? I'm busting my ass here. Put One hundred thousand dollars into it to make twenty five grand when I could put one hundred thousand one hundred thousand back on land. Yeah and I think the thing is most people realize that that's the case yet. The only GonNa make twenty five thousand best case scenario on flipping a house by risking one hundred and they can make hundred risking one hundred on land. They don't care because they get so anxious about doing something. Yeah I but like in play that there are a lot of listeners are going it's cool. You can put a hundred grand up on flip house. That sounds good. Well I mean it's easier to get money that away hard money or you had your yourself line of credits or whatever but you hit the point you hit the nail head when you said hey you could really start this for fifty bucks. You know we do. We show that with COFFEE MONEY. And we've seen guys just blow it out with that. We see some people that go out and they they get hung up on something simple. And that's I think a big thing for a personality is you can't get hung up on something simple and just get hung up and be like try to overcomplicated you kinda listening to our phone call had earlier today where the guy's going on about terms and I'm like okay. Well JUST JUST ON OURSELVES AGREEMENT. This is how it goes. This is what the term is and he's bouncing around and he didn't know this what exactly because he wants to understand completely before getting to do it in any new business. You don't have to know everything at the beginning. That's a go ahead and take the first step do all that you know. Whatever cliche thing that is but land for me with doing both the Amazon Hustle? You know we order it from. We go on Alibaba and get up. We look away to get our product and we are what we were GONNA do. We get on Alibaba. Find a manufacturer of it. We'd cinema our specs of what we wanted to change on what they had they would do it. We'd send it to a warehouse. They get ready for Amazon Amazon warehouse. We'd listed try to market it. Put it through the different groups and sell it and we make a profit will. I mean it was. It was easy once it got going. We were just celebrating cells. Oh we'll get you see last night. We sold yesterday. Eighteen every day like eight. Am when Amazon APP would update for the day before sales. I don't remember what time it was at in the morning British. Remember looking at it going. Oh yeah the APP updated. We sold eighteen yesterday. Always sold seven yesterday now woodland. I look at it totally different. I don't really look at the day the day thing per se. I. I'll say. Hey you know this week. We had a hundred thousand dollar revenue week this week on land and it's a crossovers and that's almost one hundred percent profit. Roi So Mike Okay. Well cool I have some inventory here you know. Some wholesale deals lowered some price on some older inventory other stuff. It was up in northern part of the United States. It's getting warmer. People ARE GETTING OUT. People are looking at it. They've been cooped up for a month. They WANNA spend some money. Maybe it's the stimulus checks. You know whatever that is and these aren't these are product ranges from you know a three thousand dollar property to a twelve thousand dollar property to a fifty thousand dollar property to another fifty or another forty. So they're all over the spectrum. Yeah now people are. I've noticed that two people are definitely getting out. I think we're about to have a big sale summer with land because everyone's been cooped up for so long and now they're ready to get things done and that's the cool thing is so now and that was a long way of saying you know it used to be put all this stuff in a warehouse and hope that it sells now. I'm like I just put my money in dirt and just liquid as we need and I know that the return high enough that it makes it worthwhile and you just don't get emotional about it now. Yeah I would much rather have my money in dirt. You know over that Amazon's tough too. Because while I liked our products we have some pretty cool products. They were just products special. Yeah like what the worst case scenario we lost. We had to get a get our products back. Is it going to be something we can survive with? What are we going to do with a thousand lunchboxes or you know lights? Two Thousand Blinking Blue Lights Safety Lights. Yeah I thought we had. A pillow is the very first camping pillow with a built. In what do you want to call the cover? Bilton yet sowed into it almost. Yeah Flannel the flannel. Half of it. Most of the ones look like a swimming pool thing and ours had actual cotton pressed into it and then somebody that I got stolen. Elliot went on works right. You come up with a cool idea. And then and then the day later or later ten people are selling it to. Yeah it takes them about thirty days thirty one. They get their manufacturer to press the first ones out in their presell and unlike land it's the race to race to zero on that and so luckily we don't do that with Land. But if you don't have the race Zeros where we're selling it for fifteen bucks. Then someone tries to come in and beat US and they sell it for fourteen and someone else for twelve and then you gotta lower yours and then all of a sudden everyone's lowering until until you're losing money. We don't do that with land now because it has a value to it. And you're not gonNA just load it all up and take it home and keep it in your garage like I still have a wrist. Wraps and wrist straps from key sports From when we closed the business down. And it's like okay. Well I mean I could use them but what do I really need? One hundred percents wrist wraps for. Yeah I may just given to you at the Gym Yoga. Take him up there. Take a bunch of them. Give them up. They're going to take them. Yeah so a cool thing was is that while I was at the track. The other day is talking to his dad and his sons bouts of Gopro About two years and he had heard of the settlement company and their from Chicago. They just moved down here so it was neat to me. He's a guy. Yeah I've heard I remember that I remember that brand. So it's definitely it's definitely neat to see that in the growth in all of it works together now. Is there some things that would if somebody told me? Hey I WANNA do land and I would. Just say yeah. I don't know that you would be doing. Is there anything that you see right off the bat that you'd like? Yeah this is probably not for you. Yeah well it would be that trade of I need to be out talking and shaking hands and swing a hammer. That would be the biggest thing for me. 'cause you gotta be patient. Let's because if you let's say you sent a mailer today you got nothing else to do until the phone starts ringing. One of the one of the guys on our group brought that he brought that up that he sent his mailer out January. Whatever I don't remember what January fifteenth and got his first sale April fifteen in. That's ninety days and typically we say you'RE NOT GONNA get paid for one hundred one hundred five days on your first deal. Yeah because you've got to put the mail out And you've got to close on it and then you gotta market and then you gotta close it right and so this this idea that you can go start today. Thirty days later have bought sold. And all that on your first deal. That just doesn't seem fair will realistic unless you walk out there today. And you buy a wholesale property and immediately put up for sale. Yeah I guess it could happen that way but let's not let's not sell some crap here is not. You're not GonNa Mail and do all that. Do you think that's what causes that? Some people. A lot of these people bought into the idea of no money. Make all this money really fast and it doesn't happen in ninety days and they're they're just upset with it. Yeah Yeah I definitely think that happens. I was talking today who they weren't upset but I guess they had in their mind that maybe their properties should be selling within a week or two and I. It's just not realistic from what we see. I mean property definitely cells that quick right it has happened it definitely does but every property should you set in your mind that your standard is that every property will sell within a week or two and now absolutely not. I I go back to. The we looked at my last hundred deals in the average whole time was around ninety five one hundred days and start thinking about as I mean. That's you're turning your money almost three times in a year at that point you're still killing it and if you're making one hundred percent you know even if you're only making twenty twenty five percent you're failing and land because you did twenty twenty five percent. We flipped three times. You still go. Yeah I agree I think. He's got a big plethora of things that make it you know why land for us. I think that it's good to sit back and look at it. You know compared to what we've done. I'm always about a looking down a business plan. That's like that was my weakness in life is like. Hey what's your hobby. Or what. What is your guilty pleasure on his writing up these business plans looking at profit potential and whether it's flipping cars and we're talking about earlier your grandfather day. A bicycle brand back in the day and I'm like Oh man we could start a new bike burnt. We could bring it back. I could bring back build some race bikes in you know so that to me and like already know what the price is going to cost to have the bikes bill. You know we could just designing the way we want it and do that. So it's cool to see. That's that's just my fun part of this and that's it doesn't give me often the shiny object but it does make the question of what we what we can do down so for the most part. I would say there's a lot of people. This industry is for everyone. Should at least give it a try. Just know that there are some you know you. GotTa be patient. You gotTa have some rational thought in your head and not get hung up on the little stuff in Galveston forward. You had during the during the downtime. Don't go starting another business. Don't go build a bicycle brand now. Probably not. Just don't go build bicycler by fifteen year old. Ferrari that's on you. You won't do it or not. All right I'M GONNA go get on Ebay I that's A. It's Friday the weekend. Do us a favor go to facebook. Instagram or Youtube. Give us a like upon us. Subscribe and then go to. I tunes go to Stitcher go to wherever else? You're listening to us like review and subscribe to the show. We appreciate it. We love you. See Monday to see him Monday.

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Episode 250  Selling at a Loss

Casual Fridays REI

10:53 min | 1 year ago

Episode 250 Selling at a Loss

"Welcome to the casual Fridays Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of land investing active lane. Investors. Adam, Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche. So without further ado here, your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey, what's up guys? I'm Adam Southie here with my co host just and Leyva, and this is the casual Fridays Rei podcast today when we're talking about selling for a loss of that though let's talk about the Plum Investment Group guys, do you have a property you need funding for plum? Investment Group is. A plum helps investors grow their business by funding your raw land purchase is truly an awesome deal and just to be clear. This isn't alone pummel actually partner with you by putting up the money for your project. So do yourself a favor? Go check them out. The website is plum investment group dotcom Hump. Serves a man, it's good day. You know it's going to be a good day when bear doesn't Bark at me the entire time here. Well, you did walk in with the French fries and an I was on a call before you came in and the guy started the phone call with a just to let you know I've got construction going at my house. My dogs may be barking like, okay. Well, go ahead and apologize for the same thing because Justin's about to walk in the door and bear is going to go crazy. So. There's a lot more pleasant over here when he doesn't just destroy me by Marx, it's pleasant for me too I. Mean, it's annoying. To. Bear, my doggy Justin's been here at least once a week for two years. Now, bear barks out on the I ten minutes every time and he's the only person that does it too. Yeah. Yeah, I. Am I don't know I. Think it's just A. Establish dominance and he realizes I'm not going to succumb to his dominance. It's his house I get that. But speaking of two years, this today is one year ago. He didn't episode ninety one. Think about that for a second a year ago, we did episode ninety. One. To fifty something. Yeah. So this is this is actually yeah. We should have done something special for today at two, hundred and fifty. Yeah. Yeah. So let's hope it's fifty i. hope by the time I hit save and realize what number this actually is not to fifty or. To Fifty Ish, yeah, I'm pretty certain debt onto fifty. Yeah. It was that one was hustled dream big and blind offer dating back when we did like Free Talk Wednesdays yet. But it wasn't a Wednesday I think today's Friday today's Wednesday. Today's show is Wednesday. We record on a Friday the show that people are listening to it on a Wednesday y'all. Got You. So the show was a Friday show. Okay. The ninety one was a Gotcha. So. But the the reason I bring that up is you know talk about hustling and dreaming big and he's blind letter offers, but you know sometimes in a business, is it okay to sell for loss I? Guess they're asking more looking at me while. You're in. You're in the room with me. I don't have anybody else thoroughly talked to bear here, but he's asleep right now. He's calm. He's. He's happy. Is it okay to sell for a loss? Well, I? Don't want to say it's okay but it is sometimes necessary. Yeah. It beats hanging on forever just to make break even or something, right? Yeah, especially if. If. You can take that money, but in something else and then make money. What's the unrealized by just sitting there versus what your loss would be. If you just cut ties moved on, put the money back to work? Yeah. Have you ever lost money on on a deal? So the closest I've Ben to losing money on a deal would be the Oklahoma. I ended up making so like the purchase price was sixteen to fifty, I sold it for eighteen, but I had attorney fees. I had a year of that money not working, right? Right. So that wasn't necessarily sell for a loss. 'cause it was tied up. Right. I couldn't sold it earlier. But. Yeah. That's my worst one. Had Three for about a total of eleven, hundred dollars in losses after. So, many deals in you know sometimes you get in a situation where sitting on or it's got, it's got access issues. You missed in the begin early on. That's that's why we're so strict on what we look for. Now, but you know I was talking to a client that we used to do like a Monday motivational offer the first year when he went on his own and he sold recently sold a property and he's and he took a substantial loss on it, but they had a lot of Kerry cost and it was just bought wrong and he was happy about it because it put back some more of his money took the onus or the the weight of that property in there. Got It back out and putting back in place now, life's good like it's like it's good and you're like, you just took a loss, you know A. A Big One, but you're still happy and still moving forward. So that's kind of the. The topic of today is like sometimes that that money just sitting there in that piece of property not working and that money not working because a piece of property. Just stay on your price too high. Sometimes, you can lower that Bryce and just get rid of it and get back to work. Your thing is pretty easy. LET OUR EGOS in the way. No, no one wants to take loss no body. But sometimes, it's the best thing to do because if you can think past it bigger picture Well, let's say, let's say, let's just. Throwing a number out there say take five, ten, thousand dollar loss. But then the next property, you make five or ten, thousand extra with that money and. The third time. You're making more money. Right? Your back in the game. Yeah. Yeah. And that's the thing you're GONNA lose confidence in yourself. Maybe when you take maybe right, it doesn't sound like the guy you're talking to really do 'cause he was happy but you could take little lonzo check. Yeah. But YOU'RE GONNA get a right back on the next deals. Yeah. And I've seen that a couple times I had had a guy, tell me about a property they bought and he he missed it was in the wetland, a wetland checker thing. He just missed it. And he had investors money involved in, it's like, okay. Will they had an offer right off the bat? An investor didn't want to take the offering he did, and it was like they were GonNa make a few thousand bucks investors like no, I wanNA double. My money at least will sometimes, if you've got a dud, you just gotTa, take it and go you just move on I. Mean I've had properties like that that worth one, hundred, eighty, two, hundred, thousand dollars, and wound up selling them for a hundred on for sixty and you still made forty grand. Was it the best forty grand you? You could have made or you made ten grand or twenty grand, but sometimes it it cost you the opportunity cost later honor that compounding effect and it just kind of sucks. You said your ego gets bruised a little bit because like should made this. But if you can keep from making keep from losing money, you know great you make you make it up on the next deal. Yeah. I think the scenario described as us as investors being spoiled. Do you like painted I? Bought it for sixty hoping was sell for two hundred. I only made a forty thousand dollar profit on. Yeah. So that's That's US Atlanta veterans just being rotten dude. I was going through the soft contracts and agreements it because we have, we have deals together that we normally don't do. But with project one, we have some deals together and just going through the total numbers with what people were offering on the other stuff. They're walking it. What we thought. They made offer what we may sell it for just going through the numbers. It's like man, it's. It's not what we really originally thought. We're GONNA do with Cova going on, but it's still a quarter million, a profit, and you're like, oh, man, he should be a little bit more, but it was like a cash on cash return is just ridiculous because we use leverage and then the if you look at what you actually put in and you got out after mailing cost and pat live cost and things like that. You. He's still like ninety, eighty, ninety percent return on investment, and you're like, wow. Pretty. Good. For you know four months, five months down. I'll take it. Yeah. No, and that's and that's what you said is like you have to look at it from the rest of the investing world and we do get spoiled. Yeah. I'd say that a lot of like well when I'm thinking about selling something for not exactly what I would want a poorer go well if. If this was a house, we would take that Oh. Yeah. You know may twenty five percent on a house I'm some static. Yeah. I try and tell that New People to when I'm on the phone with them, and they're like I think about doing houses and I'm like why I was, what's the house cost near where you live that was on the phone today the. Average price of a home about three, hundred, thousand and I said, and then you've got to put in forty fifty thousand dollars to get to market value, and then you're going to sell it and make twenty to thirty percent. If you're lucky like right and I think the average person, look twenty, twenty, five, percent I mean. Do you really WANNA risk three, hundred, fifty, thousand for twenty percent return I. said, we would consider that loss. Yeah. You know you just would. Yeah. I've seen some of the other educational pieces like offering funds and they're offering like. Fifteen or twenty percent, or I'll give you thirty percent on your money, and you know whatever those the funds are private loans or whatever they're trying to do, and I think that the normal person is scared of that that they can't do that. That's that's too much money. They're giving me for that. When most private investors they're looking for a ten percent return, you know. But in land, they can guarantee it because they know they're going to our allies there. They're just how you're getting deal structured when it looks like an asset class and being trustworthy person, it's being a steward of your money. Yeah. Well, some of those people often that fun can say that. I'm not too convinced everyone of them being, but that kind of stuff is out there and we can woodland. We can do it I mean. It's it's not unheard of, but we also do sell property or for an actual loss, very few environment twain, but it definitely happens and I said three in mind were all access issues and that was off your second or third male or I mean. It was. Yeah. So I think we've got a doubt in now I. Hope So. I was talking to a guy about that today too. He's like, what's the biggest issue see? Well, people who are new and they'll buy something that they think is maintained road, but it's a two track ten miles off the road and has got three gates in between can't get through. Yup. That's that's that's the four letter word. We hate his gate. So, and that's the thing is if you get into those early on and that's why I'm so so passionate about access and. We did since it did show a couple of weeks ago. They had a bunch of people reach out with these crazy deals like, oh, okay. Take a look at this. You want to fund this morning and it's like a man. I want to know that I can get off the maintain road onto my property. I don't want to have to pull over on the side of a highway so I can cross barge to get on because there's a permit that's required to get on that. I WANNA be able to drive onto the property. Sorry. I'm picky. That's just what I want because if I can't drive on it, a buyer can't drive on it. Yeah it's. Remember one rule number one. So I, guess to answer the ultimate question, you cannot run your business by losing on properties and selling for loss because eventually run out of money. But every now and again, it's the right. To even want to get into paper loss. I'm not getting into favorite losses. Like, you don't want to have those talks. Biased. In okay. All right. That's Wednesday guys. Hope was a good one. We appreciate you. We love you do US favor. If you will go to facebook screaming youtube like of all subscribe, and then got items goes to go to wherever else listening to like reviews show. Appreciate. To see you guys.

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Fixer Upper your life w Orlando Leyba  EP 606

The Dork Forest

1:07:50 hr | 6 months ago

Fixer Upper your life w Orlando Leyba EP 606

"Welcome to the Dork Forest Jaclyn miles whenever Boris Shameless confessions about our obsession with sponge laugh and smile. So let's explore the Dork forest and dorm down for awhile. Hi, it's Jackie kashian. And you took a listening to the Dork Forest the websites Jackie kashian the Dork Forest, if you like a determiner, let's do the credits Patrick Brady's going to fix this audio and video will most works on Jack occasion, and my krickeberg sang the song with his wife Sarah. He composed it and he will sing his version of the Mexican hat dance at the end of the show. Thank you so much for listening to the Dark Forest. Here's a scoop. I'm doing stand-up online. A lot of Zoom shows will eventually go back on the road sign up for my email list. It's easy to get off. It's harder to get on than it is to get off. And no harm. No foul. If ever bored Jackie case you sign up for the email list. You'll find out about my weekly Zoom shows and stand up on the road. Eventually. You may donate to the show if you would like I would like sure I would there's PayPal Jackie education and there is a PayPal button on both the workforce.com and Jackie kashian wage and there's venmo if you like venmo Jackie - keishin oddly enough if you have listened to all of the shows go to dork Forest. Bandcamp.com. I think the dog has a band camp page. You can listen to a button a lot of ones. They're free from pre 2009 when I started pre-recording and then there's a live episodes across a couple of bucks. So I charge you a couple of bucks. There's also some stand-up there's a story album that's very exciting there. And other than that, I have a lot of merch in my garage. Feel free to order if you need it know anybody who doesn't have any CD's or the DVD and you can follow me everywhere at Jackie. Kashian. Let's get into the show. Hi Jackie. Kashian. I'm in a garage. We're doing a dork Forest. I got a new ranger someone who's not been on the program before stand-up comic Orlando leyba. Am I doing that right at it right now that it's off. I know it's hey Lando on all the all the Twitter Instagram things. But hey Lando and It just occurred to me. Do you think Lando calrissian's full name is Orlando I think so, why not believe so me to now I really want to like it's been off my whole life. I was I was born when on the debut on the premiere of the first Star Wars May 25th. 1977. Oh really? Yeah. It's interesting. It's uh, I have all my hair. Oh, come on, the way Orlando. Leyba is Comic from Florida. Were you named after the city of Orlando? Florida know I pray to God not no. No, I was named after my mom wanted me to be an attorney and she genuinely in her mind thought that the wage board landle would help. Yeah. It said either attorney or doctor, you know, it looks like and now your comic with a new special on HBO. I'm already jealous cam. Well done, it's called adorable. It's on HBO Max and then there's an album that is also available on Spotify and Amazon and all the places, right? Yes. Adorable is also in if you can stream Spotify Pandora Apple music, wherever you stream you can if you look up the name adorable my album will pop up and if you go to HBO Max, it just recently got loaded. It's off is the first special I did for HBO. They recently loaded it. Okay to pre-owned Max. It's like I'm double dipping the chip in it. Exactly please do Cuz why not? Let's get let's get some let's get you out there hail a know that hey land o h a y h e y l a n d o on Twitter and all the things off now, let us get in to what you what you enjoy in life. And we're at a pandemic so I'm kind of interested in this cuz you want you're watching HGTV, which means you suck. Cable, yes. Do I have cable? I do I do you must have internet I have internet on the internet. Yeah, they have an office. Oh, they haven't of course. They have an app 399 a month. I don't really know cuz we share me and my and my home Community we share services. So like I have HBO Max sure and I allegedly share it with another couple sure off the friends of my wife and they allegedly have let's say something like sling and we share this the first of all they don't mind if you sure they've they've actually they said it's okay like I shared Netflix one of the things aren't one of my nephews uses our Netflix and what I want him to call his grandmother I changed the password. Cuz moments later he's like did you change the Netflix password was like, yeah, call your grandmother. And here's the new password and but yeah, so I share my sister's Hulu. I've got HBO with my brother. I have a lot of siblings. So we what is sling sling is on sling. I don't know off sling is like basically a whole cable network, but it's is is an app and you can basically you pay for the channels that you would want to see and they basically log it all down and you pay one fee a month as about as much as having HBO Matt. Okay, so you can't get like premium channels. You're not going to get you can put them on but then the charge goes up. Okay, so you could put HBO on there, but then you might as well just get HBO backs off the equivalent of having basic cable on my Apple TV. Okay, but is it's way more affordable than basically that's which is where HTV is and then do you throw it to your TV with a Chromecast? Allow me to dirt out a little bit about the tech on this no. No. No, it's actually running through my Apple TV. Okay, and so is that TV is HDMI in to my TV. Okay. So it's got a it's got its own device sort of like a Roku or a cuz I've got a I've got a switcher and a Chromecast off but we also have a PS4 and DVD player Blu-ray, which has probably all the things I don't have Apple TV, though. They said when I bought my new phone that I could get a year birth. Yes, but actually I have like the Apple TV. What would be what would you refer to it back in the day as the transmitter the receiver the device off that it's an actual. Yeah. Yeah hardwired into the into the you can do it hard wire, or you can do it. Just great cuz me and you get to talk and a lot of people don't even know what I'm talking about this you can do it through Wi-Fi. You can connect it through Wi-Fi or you know for people like you and me that our our old school mentality now. This error is helping us more meaning through this conversation. We're hooked up probably through the ethernet. We ethernet cable. Computers like Mike my computer's running into home. My internet is coming in through an ethernet cable. I'm not doing the Wi-Fi just so we never lose contact and I do the same thing with my Apple TV where I have ethernet into my Apple TV HDMI inputs Might be into my flat screen. You know what I think I'm hard-wired my ethernet cable into our internet. It would be it would be foolish not to cuz I am I am ethernet cable into this is what we did. I'm in a I'm in a garage Orlando. It doesn't look it and but the I put another router out here so that I could have spent, you know have the Wi-Fi be better out here, but then I just got an Ethernet cable so that I could hard wire my laptop when I did these shows out here. I've been advising I've been may I become the I'm not that same middle, but I've been the one giving everybody that simple advice of like man. I do this Zoom meetings and sometimes it falls out and everything and also took a stand up doing Zoom shows. I recognize that the reaction time was faster. So when I first started doing this film shows, I would be on my Wi-Fi. Yeah, and this is dead. Real nerd talk right now. And then perfect. Welcome to the dark Forest. I loved it and then I would say a joke and then they'll they'll be there's a lot there's a lot getting to them and there's a lack actually the last coming back. I hooked up my ethernet. I went old school with it hooked up the ethernet and then the reactions were faster and like tightens up quite nicely actually cuz home with with yeah, cuz I I do I do a lot of Zoom shows as well. And the would you want to do a I do a show every Sunday. We're I'm interminably working on my next album. And and so but I do I have guessed he's I have a little guess that's every week and if you ever want to ten minutes, you're welcome in the middle of the day. All right, I got it. You already have my email I do. I just got your email and who doesn't want to see Orlando Leyva do some stand-up comedy, which is available on HBO Max or dead. On all the things but I want to know about HGTV you say all the things I watch on that Pandora related. I love the way that you should also Halen do here and all the things all those things Instagram Snapchat. I bet you you're are you on Tik-Tok? Are you doing the tick Tango? I'm not I'm not all that all that I've done Jackie is I've parked my name. So I'll go into the new website whatever they've come up with next and and I took my my handle the hail and oh, but I never use it right because I just don't want anybody to use it but like recently the which one did I get yesterday or Club home? I got invited to and I just I I The same way I feel about Pepsi when a waiter asked me when I asked for Coke and the wire goes is Pepsi. Okay. I say very calmly I say no. It's just never opened. That was a certain naturally reacted to that request that way. Okay. Hey, man, here's an invitation to clubhouse and all the people come and their choice and they can talk about what their expert I was just like no no, no, but it's a great idea. No. No, I'm done. I'm done. I am done Jackie, but I will I think you're right Instagram. I think you're right to park it though, because what if it blows up and Twitter goes the way of you know, Friendster or LinkedIn or whatever and then all of a sudden Clubhouse is the big thing that everybody gives a damn about when you're parked. I'm yeah, that's where I do it. That's why I just don't not really there cuz I really don't see myself. I want them all to fail. Anyway, I'll go away and we just started calling people in the phone. Again, that'd be awesome. I was told that Twitter by the way was going to be this a couple of friends of mine moved to different cities from my last a job and I was like, I was told the Twitter was away sort of do was like group texting with a lot of different Pig. I was like, okay and then I get out and I'm like, what are the strangers doing reading my text messages did you know and granted it was ten years ago, so I figured it out since but yeah, I am I don't like a lie might say something. I say dumb stuff. I like I just say my one of my I just keep on repeating myself, which is the one that I say. I'm skating through life on Earth Vibes and then I'll put a picture of a dog. That's cute Les it oh internet puppy. Sometimes it's just time for an internet puppy. I say so you off completely hacked my algorithm in not hacked it. But, you know after watching your news know after seeing social dilemma, you kind of like if you paid attention to that off, whatever you click on and whatever you ignore that you physically ignore you click on the button and you say ignore don't want to see this post you can actually dead. Set up your algorithm to just feed you which is what's going on politically in the world now just meet you. So all I have most of my Instagram are goldendoodle update off. Then that feels like you're doing the Lord's work on that sort of algorithm Shenanigans. I don't approve of the internet. The internet wasn't created. It was created a New York's the internet. It was not created for Nazis to meet each other. Yes. So it's very disappointing to me that the horrible people also have a way to connect and they can fuck right off other than they didn't know they didn't know how to do it before but then they figured it out and I was like, oh and no one's going to judge me. I'm just going to be here. Wow. Everybody thinks like me now and little do they know it's an algorithm but directly channeling. Yeah, everybody you ever see Minority Report the the Tom Cruise movie. Yes. Yes. I never read I've had a hard time trying to read fill Pig. Dick books. I don't know if you've ever cuz he wrote that and he wrote Blade Runner and he wrote the paycheck with yes with with bad Batman Ben Affleck so often but the movies are all exceptional and Minority Report that thing where you're it's like you're walking through a tube like sort of like in Denver when you walk through the underground the Denver Airport. Yes, but the ads as you go by they can RFID the chip in your in your wallet. So they get your ID and that adds all of a sudden are just to you. They're very specific and some of those I believe some of those guys man, you know, I don't want to go down this link but there's a certain side of me that thinks it's some of these movies that were raised in these guys have lived other lives. Oh, yes, and so are they time traveled through their Spirit? It feels have our spooky it feel off. Yes. Yes way too much accurate like you know the way everybody's freaking out with The Simpsons and how Donald J Trump came down to make his announcement. Yeah. The thing is, you know, I'm watching a show like The West Wing and watching Aaron Sorkin talk about the West Wing they have so many consultants for The West Wing Zone. Right? Some of the things that happen is kind of like they're just they're taking educated real educated guesses and predicts. However, cuz basically like Aaron sorkin's The West Wing. When Matthew Santos became president, it was basically a future view of the Obama presidency, right? It feels like it's it it's a lot of times and I and I I believe okay. I have my own spooky beliefs here. And one of them is that artists and writers aren't that good. If you if you if you've channeled into something you've actually there's part of me that believes in Magic and it believes that that you saw something that you know, and it just clicked in the universe and you put it on paper whether it's Tolkien or it's there's a one of my favorite song science fiction writers is a woman named kage Baker and it's about immortality and time travel and but she back in like, I believe she wrote these books before birth. To Berwyn kage Baker. Yeah cage with Jim Baker and the company series and but there was a month when Spielberg re-edited ET to take the guns out of the hands of the FBI agents and put walkie-talkies in a cage Baker speculated wage that there would be that they would remove alcohol and chocolate and guns and they would just take out everything that was even slightly addictive or offensive off like direct con all of these old movies. Yes, and when the e t thing happened I was like Jesus kage Baker saw that coming and she also refers to add travel cups as adult sippy cups. Yes, and she wrote but if you look at like like, I don't know if you've read n k jemisin, she's come a long. Cousin. Yes, and she won the Hugo three years in a row with her broken Earth series, which is another which is another science fiction the broken Earth Trilogy and it's it's pretty it's intense. Like I read the first one and that I could and here's the other thing. I like about NK jemisin is she wrote all three of them and then published the first one girl. She didn't do, you know, like George RR Martin never going to finish this thing or Patrick rothfuss. I'm never going to finish this Trilogy. She finished the trilogy and them and their amazing stories about environmentalism and people and I'm with you. I am writing with you Jackie. I think these creators Of see a moment in time and all they listen to I forgot who I was listening to this a writer that says there's some way she basically described inspiration or creativity when I believe it was a TED Talk that comes into she's sitting in the room and it comes into the room and sometimes the ideas there and she she verbally out loud says you need to sit down relax for a second. I'm going to get to you to the wrong idea or the Or the vision that she's saying that she physically tells the and because of that I've actually said that to jokes go. There you go. I've said that like I I've bought. Okay, that's funny. That's really funny. Just give me a second. I can get it down. Hold on cuz sometimes they really these ideas just come as a goal. They just travel they just traveled right through you and you're like, oh that was what was that idea again? Right and where did it come from? And I think that that it does come home, you know, what whatever whatever you want to say that it came from if it's the Zeitgeist or or the or a universe or God or a or a magic. I don't care mother took my grandmother was a midwife and I know we're supposed to get into HGTV and I'll jump into it. My grandmother was a midwife a midwife. Yeah and She couldn't read or write. She's from the country deep in the countryside of Dominican Republic. She signed her name with an ex and dead. To have this woman. She died at the age of ninety about eight years ago. This woman explained to me as a child that like basically Orlando you can connect any energy as long as you're as long as you can see that energy and you can tune your life to that energy like someone that's also religious. Yeah, very Catholic 4-H had had this natural natural a brain of a scientist right? Just intelligence of a scientist. Yeah the correct. That's the best way I can cuz I was like, oh, okay and then fast-forward years later. I read the quote from Albert Einstein and he's talking about the same thing and there's like how that my grandmother. Like I'm telling you, I'm I'm Envision deep Countryside. The only way you get to her house is by either physically hiking more you have to say you can't even like you could take horses. But the horses are going to take a beating what you really want to take is either a mule or a donkey. Okay. That is that is tough as low as a gravity and its self animal. So yeah, so this day, you know tell actually cuz my mother just recently moved to the family or okay, so they'll just recently probably five years. The only way you could still get to the house was the only other way was like with a four-by-four vehicle. Now you can actually take a car that's not four by four and can't get there but could you might need yes cuz the weird thing is is my grandmother also could not read or write also signed her name with an X was also dead. From the boons of turkey and was forcibly removed from her Village by the Turks. But the the thing is is she could not have been smarter and you think about it isn't it wasn't wasted. I was just about to say, you know, the waste of the not educating everybody. You're you're missing out Geniuses except for and and I still think that that's true except for that my grandmother and your grandmother it wasn't wasted it was it was passed on to us? Yes, and the only thing that I do regret often I did walk with her in her last days. I was really connected to her. And I had a a mini DV camera and I filmed her I still haven't even emotionally. I haven't been able to bring myself to even digitize it and and I you know, hopefully my family members won't listen to this because then they'll be like you have all that footage on Grandma where she walk me through the house at the age of eighty nine years old. Yeah. She died. She passed away right before she it was her 90th birthday and an awesome the way I want to go just laid down fell asleep didn't wake up. No Mojo. Yep. Yeah, and she walked me all through the house and showed me where all her kids were born. Like, here's like my mom was born in the kitchen where the kitchen is closed and she like she was my wife and so it was all home births because she's also in the country. Yes, and then it took and then to even register the kid is so funny because dead We just had this discussion. My mom's birthday is August 3rd, August 10th legally, but my mom was actually born May 13th, but that's how long it took them after she got born to go and register to go. Right? Wow. That's hilarious the same email slow you down for you. You're like, do you see this baby? It's clearly not two days old. It took us several months to get here. Yes, and they're like still born on August 10th, my mother our plane ticket cuz she's actually going to fly back from Dominican Republic to Florida and my brother's buying her the plane and he's like, when is Mom's birthday again? My oldest brother? And then I said May 13th and then he goes yeah. Yeah, that's right made thirteen and then I go hold up hold up. And then I have a file with all my mom's information and then I got na legally on her driver's license. And on her passport is August 10th. Right? Right, cuz you gotta go with whatever the paperwork home has chosen to go with what was fascinating in this great home living. I love it. I love visiting they're not as much now after my grandma passed but I do have that footage some nice country house that reminds me of everything. I see on HGTV fixer upper look at the Segway ladies and Gentlemen, let's get into it with Orlando Leyva and it is at Hale and oh on Twitter and Instagram and all the things and I will say all the things a thousand times now, but and the name of his album and special Is adorable and it's on HBO Max and it's on Spotify and Pandora and all that. So but is home and garden television Home and Garden television. Okay. So what program is it? All is it I feel like some of the stuff has been hijacked by like The Bachelor has Home and Garden T been hijacked by reality television know it hasn't they've actually stuck to their their original plan. And they've it's all about home improvement shows with real estate shows and everything. Oh have ya is very is a very educational if you're into Home and Garden is very educational. It it all depends about you finding the show that educates you so their shows that are just about real estate and how to flip a house and basically, you know, put up some drywall birth. And and then get more money out of the house that you just bought at an auction. Okay, and then they're shows about that you won the lottery and now you get to buy your dream hook that show I also mentioned like it's always call the lottery winners because you see the people who have who don't really understand money that way and then you see the people that do understand money where they're like, you want five million dollars. Are you going to buy what are you going to buy or five million dollar house? And they're like, no. I'm buying milk, four million four point five million. I'm trying to save like 500,000. Yeah, you'll find someone that one ten million and they're like you want ten million. What house are you buying you? And I remember this girl vividly. He was like, yeah, my budget is $250,000 a month ago. Like when I saw that episode I was like you get it you can't get it out. Yeah, I get really excited when I see people that get it and it's like Jesus man, just woke. Get through things real quick a beat exactly because you are going to need to pay property taxes on that thing, right and maybe you know, if you play your cards, right, You don't need to go back to work. That story was great. I'm not I don't know that much about the show right but I know it's about people that win the lottery and buy their home and this young lady I moved in with her parents so she could saved so she had her job had an apartment and she took she took a beat and said, let me move back home so I can save the down payment of the house. This is a great story Jackie and what she did was there was a local convenience store close to her house off during has scratch offs, right the scratch offs when they lose certain scratch offs have a second option to win. Okay, you grab the club The the lottery ticket that didn't win and you register it on the website online and then they hold another Lottery just with the serial number that lottery ticket with this woman would go on walks every day and collect all the this guarded and register a ball and register him off within six months. She one-act she actually once $5000000. Wow actually bought a house for 250 channels helped with litter. That's right. My litter was picking up some litter and then registering it and one five million dollars while she was living at home. Hoping to save up to buy a house, you know, I showed that episode to my wife Vanessa lizano sauce and she got so gassed and she was like, I'm about this life and it lasted and lasted about a month. Okay. We're also log Our nearest convenience store is 7:11 and no no but there's some weird characters that hang out around so there's there's yeah, there's there's still the Los Angeles is full of people. Yeah, it's I don't know. Who's who you don't know who Who's Who Maria Bamford does a very she I don't think she ever put it on any of the albums, but it was such a great bit about how she was going to rescue and it was a guy that lived in front of the seven eleven and he was a little bit sketchy, you know, he was a little he he looked like he might bite but she thought if she was really nice to him. Yeah, you know, he could He Could Be Tamed and and and I was like, please do that joke and she's like, it's actually way too dark and everyone gets sad when I do it and I was like, I have a rescued joke also off. My rescue joke is that my wife rescued me. I got the rescue there the rescue. Yeah the rescue and she took me home and she brushed my hair. She had air conditioning. The main food in the refrigerator and the NFL channel and that's the condensed version on how I got domesticating That's Italian anymore. I'm just a house cat when those bombs now. I love it. I'm in favor of it. So what is the show on HGTV that you do? That is your favorite. My favorite show is a show called fixer uppers. No longer is still airing or reruns took the actual show itself. There are no new episodes. Okay? Okay. The show is hosted by is Chip and Joanna gang a couple. Okay for a couple they have kids. I don't know their kids name because I'm not a stalker and my friend actually did that my friend Michael. Yo was telling me a story. He's very young live on social media. He's always putting the video and everything and he said he was walking down the street and total stranger a woman walked up to his toddler sub. And goes Oliver. Oh my God. Look at you funny and she looked up and she goes. Oh Michael Yo, and then and then he goes, excuse me. Do you know off and she goes on though? I I don't I don't this is going to sound weird. I don't really know you but I know your kid from social media. Yeah office outfits and his hair how curly his hair is and everything that made him take a step back like hey, oh, yeah nice to meet and put his kid behind a mom. And so glad you're back and all right you had a comedy show. I will say having a podcast the Dork Forest has been going for I think fifteen years fourteen years and thought I did not know that I had a Wikipedia page until one of my brothers were like, you know, you have a Wikipedia page and my name's on it and I was like what's happening? And so I look and it's dead. A lot of like my Stepmother's name all of my siblings like someone has been listening and taking notes. Yeah, and I mean there's not reach now. Have you ever said whoever is my Wikipedia page? Can you give me a call? Let's get somebody up more accurate. It's actually pretty accurate and and I think you know, whatever I think accuracies someone I think Jeff Garlin said that his brother went in and changed his Wikipedia page to say Jeff Garlin caught the comedy bug and I'm like, that's kind of funny. If someone put on your Wikipedia page something silly like, you know drives a 2013 Toyota Corolla and he likes Eminem's upside down because he doesn't he likes W's so we should but women he's a winner and they're all blue. Yeah, so so Fixer-Upper with chip and Joanna Gaines Yes is how many episodes how many seasons are there? How many episodes are in Dania? Are there hundreds? No, not hundreds. Those two hundreds pilot episode was in April April know may may of 2013. Okay, just a pilot episode and then the season officially kicked off in April of 2014 is pretty interesting because the show itself was the first show that I enjoyed that kind of like had that dog Extreme Home Makeover filled by then Extreme Home Makeover had gone off the air which was all about just doing good. I'm helping out. Okay. Fixer-Upper some more of a show of I'm going to help Jackie move to Waco Texas where you can basically add the time you can buy a house for like five dollars. No one's been living in Waco, Texas, you know dead. And and I might help her achieve written a really affordable way her dream home. Okay, if these beautiful farmhouses and whatnot. Yeah, and you get a divorce and you get a lake. I remember one guy bought a house and there was like three hundred thousand and they had a private Lake that he can fish. Wow, like a huge Lake. Yeah on his property for him water lakes middle of his property. And that was just like, oh my God, I fell in love with this show because of that because it was all about helping people and there's never there's never the reality show aspect of oh the plumbing. It's all bad. We really can't afford it. We're going to have to cut Corners those moments never exist. It's always the shows always moving forward with this about that positive energy and that instant gratification of oh, we've discovered great hardwood floors. We can send these down and restain them and then we we save money here dead. Everything in of the show was positive very positive. You get the feeling that they're religious but they don't they don't hit you over the head with it right there. Literally, they should have clearly take taken to Heart the idea that you should give back in their religion if they are religious and and and yet they don't need to let you in on it. They're just a living example. That's my favorite kind of reality. I love it. I love it. It's like and at the same time the emotional attachment to it Hey, cuz I had to go. You know, I've so passionate about it that I ended up when I did my first Tonight Show I talked about it. I talked about HGTV if anybody wants wants to look it up just type in Orlando labor a night show. Okay. We're in a yellow jacket. And do you still have that jacket? Yes, still have it for me. Mainly put it away. She was just like I went to where it again and she was like you can't log. Kind of action it one day and then like oh, I love your vision, but I know that you believe in me so much and you think I'm going to get to a place or I get to auction off a jacket get that is off is enormously supportive. The people that are lives. I love you guys. So it it I talked about it, but and I had to go on this self. I am very self-aware a self and I love to self analyze and then I was like what? What is it about this show two things. The first thing about HGTV fixer upper is dead. It started in 2013 was when I saw the first episode it didn't really get going until 2014 and I'm I love the instant gratification where if you're having a bad day, you could sit down and watch that show and again the kitchen looks like a mess. Yeah ten minutes log. Show brand new kitchen and you like wow that kitchen looks amazing. Is it a 30 minute show? How long is that? Every episode is one hour one hour? Yeah, but 30 minutes saying you already started your game saving the cat you're already you're getting the positive positive influence. I need I need those. I genuinely need those Positive Vibes. That's why I like the first five seasons of British Bake Off the bust anyway, but we're going into that show and I think you know, we've all during this pandemic. I think we've watched everything right? I guess we just finished the crown and dead region tend. I think it is a Bridgerton adoro gentle and Shonda Rhimes really nailing the romance novel Vibe well played and I've read those books off the spoiler alert Anthony in the next series. I assume she'll be doing an X Series with Anthony. He is terrified of bees. Anyway, let's continue with the good news. With the kitchen in the Fixer-Upper. Yeah. So that's the first aspect of why I love the show 30 minutes instant gratification. Wow, the kitchen looks great. The bathroom looks great. The floors are gross then Joanne comes in with her design and decorations and starts. Oh man that house. She their Decor goes under false under like farmer sheet off. Okay is everything is very light and Airy and I love it. I love it. I mean personally I loved it I loved so we already established. I love our two houses cost. I love that. You can fix them up and get that instant gratification the positive of the show and then Joanna her design and then chip her husband is a silly, you know, don't take it the wrong way people. I'm just saying a very silly white guy. Okay makes me giggle like this dude makes me yep. Like my wife goes to me. Why do you giggle so much and then I go because he's a grown child Ryan. I am a grown child. I do stand-up and I get I get his sense of humor except for like Cs and two he almost killed her because he forgot to put the Jeep in in park and it was a stick shift and he forgot to pull the emergency and he's just out of the Jeep and the Jeep keeps rolling and then he has to jump back in and keep in Joanna. His wife has to jump out of the way and he and you knew it was true because his eyes were just they just look like an old-school Volkswagen Beetle. Like, oh man, that one that could have been rough there that would have to say that my favorite men in the whole world. And this is my husband is an adult responsible adult man. Yes a grown up person who is also very silly. Yeah who has a sense of silliness in a sense of absurdity and your name? Like oh, yeah that that's that's who I love that's that game and my wife hates me up all the time my wife and this was like man, you're so lucky you like doing dishes and washing clothes and ironing because this these are the things I do to relax actually, but again instant gratification you put in a dirty load of clothes you wash it now the clothes are clean off in an instant sense of gratification. Yeah, and then you and you all the if you're now you're stepping you don't leave it in the dryer get it out fold it right away. You know what then I step up which is something that I've learned and I'm bringing it back. I need to bring it back. I used to be real heavy into ironing my clothes. I had I had my own starches. I would make interesting when lavender smell and about. I honestly when I moved to Los Angeles eight years ago, Was when I stopped yeah, you stopped ironing all your clothes about eight years because no one here irons their clothes just one does seem kind of felt the wrinkles out. I have to say that two days ago. I got a sense of I was I was kind of I was a little grumpy I was grumpy as a little in the dumps and I was like, why don't you do something that you can accomplish and so I stripped the bed I clean the bathroom. I organized the kitchen a little bit and by the end of it I had done something, you know and fresh eats. I the bathroom was clean. I felt I just felt better too. It's just that I did that I man and you I that's my choice. Yeah, I did that to my bedroom. I like I'm talking about a couple of days ago, like completely stripped of completely got everything though birth. Vacuum under the bed there was a few dust bunnies and there was kind of like I just needed I needed the energy vibe to change right so much dust in Los Angeles, too. So I thought that yes, I live close to a place called Griffin Park. So that does from that. What is it? A hella Mountain whatever it is, right you leave your windows open though. Wings actually dropped that does inside your house and it was and I had a slip for a couple of nights and I just in my head, it just clicked like off like you said, I was feeling kind of weird or something a little bit down. I hadn't slept for a couple of nights and then I did that and that was a dent night. I slept like a baby. That's it. That's it's just it's it's part of the the self care. What I think of it as is part of the self-care that is appreciated by our partners legs. My husband was like Hey the bathrooms clean and he said, yep. I haven't made any clean the bathroom for about a week and I was like, yeah, it's you can you can clean the kitchen if you want. I mean, I you know, it's like you can clean something else but I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, I'm really I think I should look more into that cuz I'm all about jumping into the dishes. Also, you know, not not dropping not name-dropping but like And I also allow em on tour with him. Let me let me pick this up for you drop this. I'm just kidding. Anyway, I'm I'm on tour with the gray Patton Oswalt comedian. I am coming or pre Covent before. Okay. Yeah, and we're on tour. This is I think 2019 early 2019 or 28 ideas are but he his wife Margaret. She she packed I think we're staying different hotel rooms are acting so he's trying to keep his shirt. That's obviously already wrinkled like from getting more wrinkled and then I go I go to him and then looks so, if you talked about it, I'll stage we were in Denver and not the front desk. We have this relationship. By the way, I go patent. I can't I can't bro. He goes what I go. I need to iron your shirt. Yeah, he goes what and then I'm I need to this is it's going to be with me. I'm going to open from the it's not going to be good. It's not going to be a good he goes. He just hands me and then patent goes I felt so weird. Because he's like asking me and this all these people but I was so intense about it that he was like, I have no choice. I have to give him this shirt. I write all right here off he has with a shirt and I take their shirt and do iron my clothes. So the shows I when I'm going to do a show I got an iron. Yeah. It's part of my as part of my process and I could work with you on the road. I have no interest in ironing anything anyway, and then you talked about it on stage also, but then he also opens up he goes. I have the same issue with washing dishes. Okay. We're in his house. He's like, I can't like know the way people loading dishwasher or wash dishes to him. If you're not doing it the way he does interesting is is yeah when I was washing dishes when I was child my my stepmother off. Lot of things and one of them was wash wipe and put away live to eat another day. And so it was you could not leave, you know, we would all sit down for a meal off and we had it all scheduled out someone would there's six kids so and she came in and she was a great loss to the Austrian Army. But so she's got us all scheduled to do these things and some were washed and someone dried and the person who washed had to sweep the floor and the person who dried had to wipe everything down and but so that was all scheduled the boss the the meals and the dishes but if you had a snack or anything in between meals, you could not put the dish in the sink you had wash it and then wipe it took it away in the moment. So I live with my husband Andy who will sometimes he's okay with the Aleve dishes a little bit off. Like, okay. Well what I'm going to do mine, so I'll just do them all and sometimes I was I was I was thinking about this the other day is that I get mad. Yes, I did a little bit and then I thought understandable. You didn't marry him for dishwashing abilities. You married him cuz he's he's a great guy and he's very smart. Very funny. Very good person. These are the reasons it was cuz I was hoping that he'd do more than just his bowl like roommates. It's so funny. Like you can come from different places in life and still have the same issues and it's this is what I this is what I try to do with my boss and up where it's like guys like we're not so different and we're really not so different because I have the same issue like I like to I wash dishes but I don't like to put them away. I don't like so I have this very elaborate rack. Yes. I also for some reason. I know the reason is my mom. Don't trust the dishwasher dead. The dishwasher in my family growing up. Yep, the dishwasher in every apartment that we lived in was extra storage space. That's what I show up. That's it. That's that was extra storage racing. I don't trust it. It makes a lot, right? Yeah. They don't think they don't feel clean. And the thing is is so I'll wash and wipe and put and put dish away if I pull it out and it's not clean. I know exactly who did that who was half-assed did not clean it correctly. It was right here and if it was been damaged FEMA did it I would be infuriated. I've been like it's supposed to do the thing when we do buy a house. I'm going to break that habit my good friend for his show. He recently changed and also he just recently bought this house. He has a very because he we used to be rooming and we'll get back to HGTV how I ended up being roommates work for Shaw birth. Is his dishwasher he hated the fact that I basically the dishwasher in the townhouse that we both shared we shared this two bedroom town Hills. I never would put the dishes in the dishwasher. He hated that he was like dude. That's what the angle was. Never cleans, isn't it was that was always my point is never cleaned. It's never going to be right and everything and I should just be cabinet space. Yeah, and he's like that's a hold washing these new machines actually do a great job. So now I has new house. He has this fantastic washer, but he proved me wrong. He pulled out a dish and he's like look man, the dish came out. There was smoke coming from my cousin used. What that alone sold me. There's smoke coming off this wage. It's been disinfected. It's been you know boiled so when we do buy a house and my wife and I I I I will try to make the change he'll try again. Now I have a question about chip by the way. Go ahead. What so if Joanne or Joanna does all the decorating does Chip. Is he a handsome guy? What's his well, their business is called. I think it's called Magnolia home. Okay, the background on this family is tip has always worked in construction, I believe and then he also opened a real estate. Parts of Magnolia. Okay, he he had another business. He's a weird intense funny dude, because one of the stories about them off the personal stories is that chip wanted to learn Spanish so he could understand his workers better good cuz it's mostly Spanish people that he would get hired to do construction. So he wanted to go to Mexico for a month. And first version. Yeah, so and he's he feels like when they told that story or him and Joanna I was home. Yeah, that sounds about right but the thing was that they had just met they had just started dating and Joanna had some type of business skills. Okay. She was like, he was like, literally probably like a week two weeks into dating. He's like, hey, I'm going to go to Mexico to learn Spanish for a month. Can you run my business while I'm gone? Oh, wow. That's like the initial that's all got together. Essentially. Yes. No, but they were dating like he was courting her but part of his courtship was like I trust you so much. Hey, man, and then I was like, oh yeah chip is missing a couple. I like them even more right? It's it's the kind of thing where you're just like, oh I bet your chip was also like and I would have children with this person. Yes, and obviously I'm going to marry this month. And I just got my business. Yes, and then you find out you find out of their intensity like he's won like the award and Waco Texas like men of the year because his Construction Company their construction company Magnolia Homes has this is even before the TV show before any other frame or anything before any thought of a TV show throughout he or she had one man of the year just because one of the things that he specialized with his company is still find an older couple that just doesn't have the money or remodeled their house and make it more efficient for them. Maybe now the husband or the wife is handicapped or write he would go inside their house and remodel it charged him. Nothing leftover materials from his construction site and just remodeled someone's home that really needs help. Like let's get these doors wider less. Yeah. They have stairs. Let's install that thing. Take some up to the battery. Whatever. It was. Awesome. I need to see this show cuz that sounds sweet and positive and and kind of interesting too. Cuz if they're fixing stuff forward they make a car at the top of their game jacking with Fixer-Upper at the very top of their game is I know these things because I was also the timeline so I go to The Tonight Show, I do my bit about HGTV and Fixer-Upper and Chip and how much I love him and everything fast forward 2 weeks later chip and Joanna Gaines are on The Tonight Show because Joanna's promoting. Her book chip is in the hallway repeating my joke bath. So I mean Fallon one night producers from the show. Calls me Yellowstone. Call me. Text me and he was just like I'm Jimmy told me to let you know this right knows your name. What's your name? And Chip was verbatim repeating your yeah. So many off him and Joanna and that was great. But here that episode of The Tonight Show you find out they at the top of their game in 2018. They say, you know, this is getting to be a little bit too much the fame part of it. So let's step back and they step back. They complete There's No Deal on the bus. They the contract came there was no negotiation a we're going to hear about how we say they're about to get the truck is about to break up to their house, right? The dump truck of money is about to get dumped in their front yard, and they're like, no no don't own brother. We're going to diminish and go to the West we're just going to pull back and just Of our lives back. Yes, and they did that Joanna wrote a book and and they raised their kids a little bit more till they got a little bit older fast thought maybe it was a strategy. I want to choose that. It wasn't a strategy Discovery channel is HGTV. Okay and Discovery Channel comes to pull them with. Hey, we don't want you on HGTV anymore. We want to give you something called The Magnolia Network. We want to give you your own network that you will program you would decide what shows are on this network and everything and they'll fly under the Discovery Channel. Okay, you know, but it's 1 lb it's on channel on your cable right now, I think because of the pandemic is load out. Joanna's back out there now on the Magnolia Network. I haven't seen the actual Network wage. It gets promoted as the Magnolia actually what they're doing is running promos where the first thing that she's doing is showing how she cooks family meals or shape and the girls in the Boise. Yeah. So what was the name of her book? What was the book about was it about interior design was it or just about my life? I think it was about interior design in life. And I don't remember I did not get it. I don't I sometimes you feel like oh I might be just getting weird and may become a soccer little too intense. Yeah, but like one of my happiest truly one of the banks would want to achieve is like not that they build a home for me, but that I can help them build a home for somebody else like hey Orlando. Yeah come in you can't do anything that so I mean 4,000 m o you can come and break. I'll be like, all right, I can read stuff to Habitat for Humanity kind of situation but like it off. Yes, like they're just there's like we have these skills. Yeah, then yep. We could do this and then they turned it into a TV show and then it became slightly overwhelming. They're like, we're gonna but they're still in business and they still the Magnolia. Yeah. No, they're still wage jobs. Yeah, they still have they they really the T aspect. They don't need it. Now. They're already a brand there in Target you go to Target. You see their Furniture things. You see their things like her upper. Yeah, and if you go to Target just look for like Magnolia. Okay. See it's understand Furnishing which is like hey you can you say you have the stuff that you're seeing how I decorate the house is on the show and there's not going to set you in death because there isn't a reason why a couch should cost $20,000. I don't know. I know it's we just got our first brand new couch Arm about a year or so ago and The only thing I'll say about it was it wasn't that it was I never knew. I wanted a couch and a sofa or loveseat to match until we got a couch and a loveseat that matched at the Salvation Army and I was like, oh, yeah this brings the room together and make sense. It totally makes sense. And these are these decoration magazines aren't full of their dog and other there's a and so we we have the couch the loveseat that match and then a chair that compliments, you know, and so the only thing on the same forward to Iraq so looking forward to Jackie after this and then make to getting a new pup. I am so lucky. Well, here's what I would recommend make sure the couch is deep enough for naps. Well ours is slightly too shallow. I don't know what I was thinking. Yeah. I think I just like to go home. Yeah. You probably got the average you probably got what did you get? Probably Thirty thirty six inch. Yep. You guys have talking with Orlando leyba who's watched a lot of HDTV and just knows the inch depth that your couch should be so the fender I want I want something deeper off and probably like around a hundred and nineteen inches wide. Okay the steps I need at least like 36 minimum. Okay into the 40 ours is just warned about yeah window. It's just older as they get older. You're just like yeah this vacuum it I vacuumed it and and I'm constantly flipping the commotion. So when you look at it looks like oh that's a nice healthy couch and but like once you get into it is when we moved from Florida jumping back into a month. So yeah, we had a great couch like people used to come to our house and just they'll be talking to us, they'll come and visit and then they would just fall asleep and we ended up like donating wage. Couch when we decided to move to Florida from Florida to Los Angeles, here's the thing HGTV fixer upper debuts I get into that show. My wife is watching the show with me around the same time. I make the decision to cash in my 401k my wife and I we make a decision. I work for CBS News as a satellite in June. Okay to cash in my 401k and move to Los Angeles to follow the dream right now. You gotta give it a shot. We gotta give it a shot my supportive wife. We have no, my very supportive wife goes 100% less do it as I need you to be happy. That's and I we do it but we do it in a way home. I sight twenty-twenty. I probably wouldn't do it again the same way but it's whatever the universe and the journey that I needed to embark on where she stayed in Miami, Florida in our home with our front page. Our backyard in our dogs. Okay, and I moved to Los Angeles California right to Hollywood right by the celebrity center owned by scientologists. So they were always hitting up to come over to our studio apartment in a building full of okay. It's about units building full of people. You you smell everybody's cooking. I'm by myself and one of the few things that I have is my Apple TV those first generation Apple TVs. I also have a Slingbox from back in the thing, which is you could sling you're Roy Knapp, you could sling your home TV and cable to wherever you are either to your iPhone if you had something like the Apple TV, I could actually throw the video from my iPhone to the Apple TV and watch it on the screen. And my iPad so one of the things to help me stay connected home. Other than obviously speaking to my wife is that I would watch the local news from my hometown in Miami Florida. And I would also watch HGTV and I will watch Fixer-Upper and my wife and I bought together would watch at the same time because I was slinging the which is basically slinging the signal from our guest bedroom. Cable box, right? We would watch Game of Thrones together also, so we will sit there watch Game of Thrones and there was this other it was very I was using a lot of internet speed but I have and you're a tech guy. I mean, you're like a satellite T nerd dude, so it's not like you're like no I think we can do this. And so you could watch TV with your wife just took it should be under her own know I would put her on my iPad Mini FaceTime. Okay, we're doing FaceTime. Yep, and I'm looking at her she's looking at me and then on my phone, I would grab out and put HBO The I'll sling the HBO signal right on my phone and throw it to the TV and then we would like one two three thousand Game of Throne. Okay. Start Game of Thrones at the same time. It was always like a little bit of a delay tiny leg a tiny, but very very tiny dog. Like and I just have these very memories of her and I something crazy or happened and we would just look at each other. She would look at me from the iPad. I would look at the and then look at the TV box and there was the same reaction we would have at home so that helped me out a lot but HGTV and Fixer-Upper that kept me that kept the homesickness that I was feeling in the Samsung list under control certain degree. It kind of like pushed it down though. There's moments throughout the day where I could feel like I'm still in my very comfy couch right at home. That's that's that's the best jerry-rigging ever. Were you and that's what we're all doing now. Yes, and I have to tell you that I am sorry to tell you we've spent an hour, of course, it has so but Rangers by the way, I'm talking with Orlando Leyva. That's a l e y b a and his his birth. Is at Hale and o h e y l a n d o and the name of his video and album is adorable. It's available everywhere you would watch and watch and listen to such things including HBO Max and then Spotify Pandora and all the things so thank you so much for doing the show. Thank you Jackie. You've taken me on a journey that I was expecting. I'm going super fun and talk about my grandma we talked about my oh we're talking about how about the couch? Oh my God, you're home. You're prejudiced against the dishwashing situation. Yeah also with myself, but willing to learn I love that you're open. I'm still open man. We all got to be open-minded. It could she could make the the dishwasher that finally Works. Yes. All right. So thank you so much for doing the show Rangers, you know the rules out there. Take care of each other. Yes, and remember me remember birth I want to leave you leave everybody with these words because I have an Insight but I'm giving you an Insight. I used to work for the news. Yes. And in the news there's a comment saying if believes it leads. Yeah, I mean whatever is dramatic whatever it's not fake it really happened, but the news will always concentrate on promoting. What is loud and what is obnoxious and what is dramatic and traumatic they deal in trauma, very art, healers if you want trauma and drama, you will get it from the news. There's a lot more nice people. I've had the wonderful opportunity to travel this country and there's a lot more nice people than there are bad people bad. People are there is the way that life is but if you take a bath And look around. There's always someone doing that. You heard it hear you guys. Take care. My hat my hat my hat. They're dancing around my hat. My hat my hat my hat. Well, what do you think that if it looks like a Mexican hat dance and it sounds like a Mexican had dead. It's most likely a Mexican hat. So take up your head and let's dance. God why don't we just call that as the end of the show?

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Jennifer Barreto- Leyva | Episode #252

"This is this these bluish show the number one for plus size women with your host so you subscribe on Apple podcast Google podcasts spotify or your favorite podcasting app today tip movement her work has been celebrated and highlighted by the Editor in chief of Vogue Italia art happening November second and New York City less welcome Jennifer to the show hi Jennifer Hello Hello welcome to the show I'm your host and he's Louis today is Monday October first twenty nineteen internationally so I'm super excited that we can do in a US across the World Salatin ravenously magazine marie-claire magazine and seeing on univision and most recently was featured Oprah magazine as eight so you can imagine how difficult is to leave here people here is a fact we one type of beauty that that could you hear me saying you're Interro yeah yeah yeah you're perfectly okay in Venezuela is that where you grew up and tell me how it was there as a plus size girl is tremendously difficult because we're almost even meteorite so tell me how it is growing up oh how are you do is thank you for Commission I'm very happy to be here yes I'm so excited 'cause you are calling in and make sure you're following the show's social media pages on facebook at the she needs Lewis Show and on instagram twitter at shinnied show and makes eighteen influence or to be inspired by and she has nominated as journalists of the year for the inaugural full-figured Industry Award had a very special guest Jennifer Baretto lay I is the editor in chief of believes xl the first and only Matt Stigmas are tremendous You are pretty much invisible you have no right to exist as a human being we are leaders on numbers when it comes to discrimination for a period and for wage so the weight plus size modeling and doing body positive things in the nineties so y'all did you get started in the nineties when Aggasi in history dedicated to plus size people in Spanish she is also a lawyer journalists and activists with over twenty years in the body today so anyway as I was saying she has been featured on vogue at talion compliment. Oh Am I on the air interview that comes from beauty pageants so if you do not belong to that particular that you are very much our role models were already you know the world doing thing and I knew that she was wrong so I asked her was on e. entertainment television host and fashion show and she already where in tempting and you know it wasn't a lot of things happening then you know I started how twenty six years ago did I I remember I modeled my own closet because they're even now there is not just as a store hurt it wasn't possible also we met in Russia and back in the day I remember any indicated to do plus fashion here so she says okay I'm GonNa give you the opportunity and they refer on Opportunity do might be on fashion show on her TV show and I have to repair myself as a model come from vibrational family and I mean every success for the black community is fast for me as well and aw indeed supposed to prevent on the time that you're working to deserve respect that you are just another human rosemary so did you ever live in the United States ever or you always did you fly I have to take care of cases of people asking for them being exhaustive of being discriminated loses their way enforce here to do things sometimes yeah I do I do my back and forth now I have family in the United States I took it very serious and hurts my flight to cast sins I remember when they go teach me exactly how to apply to cast in because right so do you think the plus size women are more accepted in the US than other country I clearly messed up this time he goes I wasn't movies I can today and I remember my first Geek Awhile uh-huh what's really happy I was like now representative pat finally and that was the very beginning for me I call on that speak about all the plus issues I will be shown and host told me that her would it on a poster in in Washington the and win native fan and I was like very excited for disposal the moment that they will be making fun of me and union gave the chance to make and from that moment on in Washington DC the director of these anything she was asking for lack you're in the Latino girl do love vision and radio how were you able to break through to do those types of things where you live the difference between the United States so you've been able to accomplish a lot of things though you've been able to be on all in by whatever teacher whatever do you just do not have that option we have to travel with this easters they're your boyfriend and my share share baby boy I wish weren't it was firms yesterday it's been it's been funny seems trouble from a very early age it means that breeding heuristic there where they were being harassed over here there is an issue to talk about these on from around the world Oh indeed very very much the market is open you guys have choice as you guys have like extra waiting so I I always say that I'm here for a moment because you never know what the teacher happened that was very hesitant to stay in or not so I'd rather to return and you know be safe over here despite what ours Venus I it is very thankful debate you accept that and you started leap basis I'm telling you I have to block I dunno one to April on a daily basis on my social media because they come too one of those people that are of the world saw you spend me and just see some from my country do peak matt off you know between the fetishists and and the people making fun of all is absolutely so now mt very healthy and finally finally there but I currently astle I'm not supposed to be in the media or working in the media according to the culture I supposed easy with every single culture out there and I think that allows me to to adjust myself on media Luby's and then you went on to start a magazine now tell us how this magazine got started and we call and we can talk about I for years about that because we experienced the whole process here but it's expensive to travel back and forth all the time right yeah adverts down I would I was actually going into state United States like time travel but due to the situation with the current Axa destruction house for you guys have spaces on the media we you know by any chance you need to go more and I mean it was fifty people think that bugging today there was no internet or social media that was very easy to agree or up here like host seniors models and everybody related to mistreat were complaining like but I mean the the fact that we can be voice over that I think was like to be just might have to fellow in able to do anything every single culture that I'm able to interact with and I think that's that was the key of my success after all you're healthy of level of luck in that is smoking the way we are how Rasta over here it's just think things are dramatic what there seemed to be a loser you know and someone went out of job in in in I refused to be all that and so are you still putting out new issues up the magazine or is it on hiatus right now where I'm feeling denial that I do how the things that is on the list of my shipment I'm not supposed to be here I'm not supposed to this who assault me is is the way it is m to be people telling me you know you have wage or two happens that often here in conversations in every time I was invited to defer TV show entire community is is in honor and then is good enough to keep going I to be able to to work is for our community Psalm one day Oh and we asked me that I have to give her direction of my project men magazines and I said no and when when you include people on your staff it's supposed to be people you can trust on this lady Agassi Perfetti I don't think so and heart yeah and what's so discouraging and I think that was the two years of my job and put it under her name you know so it was horrific I west depressed no where you than he is putting attention to me as a person and I always had this dream to be other magazine and I'm GonNa be jerked petition when I open this she's told them twenty six all the media you do not pay any attention to a will love to rush day and I would love to be in the cover magazine but I don't ask you you know I need to control the Lewis show or do you want to say now and she says okay since you know I'm not all that no I'm in very need to start on this project and get going and so far it has been called beepers that gave me the best with you possible of this project insurance like and I'm not either because I had a horrific situation with the magazine I have the editorial cartoon Nader remember I asked to very known publicist choose to ties and Oscar I want you to be like do you have your whole team already fit no I'm always looking for people that he and you I was suicidal and but I'm here I suit up I'm glad they community respected words so right for many other magazines you are a journalist so tell us where we can find your latest articles well there's two different cultures I'm more like no one of these were way women and any firm Lewis show I mean everybody was no that is not such that I'm coffee you note okay so the more you learn the better work you can do so the the Jennifer started a few months ago and the than magazine is most important in the country and he's a never ending learning dresses other projects related to the magazines we have now test and they woke gusty NBC and now our Youtube Channel We so do you speak other languages or all your articles in the Middle East are they in English or Spanish I have to say and I'm very happy and very very reasonable or not we go My work my twenty six years of work I had the basic like ABC but the recipe off learning on my own. Wow that is devoid of the Latino there so are you looking for new riders New People to work with or we have been to win you cannot for them for anything in the world it's like I have like D and and give voice to or at least open the back for other we've other men for me on the is is mission accomplished you colored new new point just used because they think the more people there then we are going to relaunch the negativity nick year but we feel having the negativity in like now than ever we Orion inclusion and diversity will have so everyone is welcome to anyone and you off I ride for those outright for a in addition nagazine Tacky I write for Tempe Journalism is so good that you were nominated for journalist of the year at the full figure industry awards and they daughter broke her racial family for their in Britain that all of us have a voice so I'm very happy are you excited about that honor I tell you that when I saw I was nominated a what I thought it was dreamy because ooh which is at Venezuela as man is that he came into the look through world I wor- I talk about fashion mostly fashion Awesome I acted I wish I was able to do interview in Spanish or interviews and Spanish I wish I could man that that people recognized and is not supported feel We if Ohio Kudos to you for teaching yourself another language Oh thank you very much and so your the articles are in Malaysia learning Arabic and I gotta tell you if you ever hear or read and when they heard about this like in the Nile and I don't will shake and my best friend told me is real nominated and I was like there and reasonably I worked very hard as its nationals life story is Dubai national very happy because it's something party is because I've learned English on my own so and he's been a weird that year or any any news journalists in a very big deal and I'm very happy in and as much as I can in like an open and I'm very lucky in my very in and I'm grateful Suzie for having true friendship and all these women friendships mine told me so wherever you are this because as a serious and I started and cannot believe for me being nominated with these two amazing women is enough stories that maybe would not be recognized by the industry because the industry is so into instagram now with there have been people doing that words because never in year would be do you mean Chrysler something for my job I did just because and I'm excited to that they are honoring people in different categories things way before you instagram was invented yeah right now I'm I'm horrify maybe how can a lady now is into church spaces with so many women there are doing leasing job is is a huge honor because the accident because of that but I'm very proud of my job for yeah so you you did learn English in school being working he's or hurt behind for many years is fair and I'm happy as and besides this event I read that you are the founder of Latino plus is that uh-huh speaking to your right now totally I'm being learning and in a very lovely wedding ways compassionate into this and I always think that if you if you have to use it wisely and we are very lucky to me word the upcoming years marple are being honored because we know that there is a lot of people out there in the searches we know how big recall incident here and to number phasing in our integrity is so typical in such a toxic

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How To Set New Year Goals for 2020

Be The Drop - Investigating Brand Storytelling

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How To Set New Year Goals for 2020

"Some of the experiences in life as crappiest I convey sometimes can be out biggest is teachers and actually may cost the people that we are so. It's not about ignoring the stuff that hasn't gone. Well it's actually acknowledging and going okay. What type from that up? Welcome to episode one hundred seventy three of bay the drop a weekly interview. podcast cost sharing stories from people who inspire and motivate others to help. You learn how to tell your story. I'm Amelia view direct at narrative marketing and firm Believer Leyva in the superpower of storytelling. I turned forty in twenty twenty. So it's a very exciting year for me as I get older my appetite for learning increases. And I'm looking forward to achieving more by setting New Year's goals to ensure goals focused and productive it's important to use a strategic framework or structured action approach. Bill Ryan is the founder of not therapies as a leading out therapist and creative facility for more than fifteen years bell has extensive experience in supporting individuals and teams to be the best. I can be in January. Bill is holding an event code. Create your twenty twenty vision to provide clarity in connection to your vision and help your dreams a reality in today's episode of be the draw. Bill discusses the importance of honestly assisting your current state the good the bad and the ugly before moving forward. She reflects on the importance of reflection and provides helpful tips and techniques for identifying. Find engaging with your New Year goals this is be the drop goal setting with bill as way to go into a new year and the beginning of a new decade. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to each of you for supporting this podcast. It cost. It's hard to verbalize how much it means. I'd also love to hear any goals you have for twenty twenty or ideas. You have challenges. I should sit myself in the year. That is the festival of forty. Don't be shy. I love hearing from you and the contact details included at the end of each episode. Bill thank you so much for joining me for our next episode of Bay the draw. Thank you for having me. This is a very special episode beside. We're not going to go into full about your and your art therapy and the amazing things you do just yet listeners. You're going to have to wipe bells full episode. We'll be coming up in a few weeks. But because today is the thirtieth of December two thousand nineteen. We're very excited about getting ready for twenty pointy end. So Bill's GONNA share some tips with us about how to set your vision for the New Year so bill. Well what do you think this is something. That people should consciously do I think the beginning of any new year or any could be a month. It could be a new diet. COULD BE ANYTHING TOM to reset and annoyed that the end of the year and Tamari on New Year's Eve is just something that changes and she expli- people so it's like a reset set a race a stop of the year. I love New Year's and I love listen. resetting and setting goals so for me. I caught you know I. I really embraced the the idea of getting ready for and taking stock of twenty nine teen and looking forward to twenty twenty now at twenty twenty is a very exciting for me. I turned forty in in February. So exciting it easy excited. I'm very excited. So it's it's GonNa be a really big Yi for me and also I really love this Zim symbolism of the fact that twenty twenty equals forty and I forty. I don't know much about numerology but I I really quite like the symbolism of that and also I'm excited because I- Nari that tanning forty is something that supposed to be dramatic and potentially particularly for women and as we age and the looks that we had to start to change but for me I I actually think it's the complete opposite. I'm so excited because because you know in my twenties ice to I knew stuff and that other people didn't understand your older people didn't understand parent the maybe that was more teenage years but lot. Now that I'm forty I realized I dr things and that I've got so much to learn and that is really exciting to me. It is really exciting and I think for me turning forty it was great eight and it was one of those things that something just shifted. Because it's like another decade yet so it was like a reset and a stop every start and I was at a function the other day. The and we'll talk to you about that because one person had just turned forty and those three fifty yards lot white to ten fifty s account like to prevent us to neither forty was to all. Yeah definitely I know and then you get there and you go. Oh I don't feel much different but anyway our guy. So are we going to share awesome tapes for listeners to have a think about what they might WanNa race it what they could reflect on. And how can we sort of structure these prices. So so you've gotTA session coming up on the eighteenth of January which is a full decision way you help people sit there vision for twenty twenty now obviously in today's episode. WE'RE NOT GONNA be out a Hubba that much but I thought maybe some of those concepts that you'll be covering we might be attaches means soft. Yeah definitely on the eighteenth of January the first thing that will be doing is symbolically having a look at how am I right now because we need to acknowledge that rather than stop. We've he's my vision. These drains do my vision board all the stuff that's happened so one of the things that's really important festival disagree okay. House two thousand nineteen. How am I feeling myself off? And how my relationships what's happening in my world and that's the good the bad and the ugly because when we have a look at that then we can look at whatever avalanche. What do I want to let go of? And what do I take into twenty twenty. We've me so that's what we'll be doing first. And then having a look at archive will do we have dreams. We have aspirations. We have everything that we want to do. Walk into my why because sometimes that's Sol's sometimes it circumstance sometimes. There's is lots of other things happening is when we have a look at that then we can war. We do with a block code that barrier in the way and then had a we. Actually we get to where we want to get to. And so that's what that day will be. It'd be fully hands on and for people to sort of explore that but I think it's not just I four people on that day these questions that people should reflect on and might be useful to have a look at feeling pressure that I need to do a certain thing. Do I have have an inkling in an instinct that I want to be doing something else. What is what actually gives me joy what do like what Donald like? And how do I actually. What cut out from And had better about Lafon. Will I want. And he's so powerful. I think we really underestimate you. Know that I at the talking about reflection the good the bad and the ugly and I was recently at a meeting with behind closed doors which is a quick that I'm involved in and we did that. We you know we went around the room. And we had to articulate it so it wasn't like someone said to us all just reflect you know because 'cause it's that's fine but if you keep it internal and oversee use art therapy so people are actually having to put onto paper or Using any sort art medium that that reflection is so if people let you listeners could do that through vision or at least articulated had had that conversation with someone else. I found that incredibly powerful because it wasn't just a brush reflection. I had to tell the story all of the good the bad and the ugly and looking backwards and at the end of that process is like. Aw Wow. I actually felt quite a good sense of accomplishment achieve great things whilst also recognising some things I wanted to change and milestones didn't made all things like that but that that actually it was a room that there was about eight of us in the room and so I had to be really honest and we've got a relationship with those women women in that room that that's the style we bring our true selves to the table and it's behind closed doors We talk about in. That room stays there but an incredibly powerful powerful experience. There's something really powerful about doing these top thing without the people as well what being weakness dinner and seeing what other people have because that reflects assaults says well we sit and things so I did a workshop about a month ago and it was so interesting like one of the participants had chosen a giraffe. which sounds to be random went to represent something in their world and so that were exploring that and at one point they just went off a giraffe just needs to be a GIRAFFE E? Copy the anything else so these moment and never laughed and we joked about the giraffe but that really hit home for about five people in the room and always one of them because that person has acknowledged that for themselves but what other people reflect twos actually really important as well so he can be great to do things in a group but also it's about at at fee so being honest with yourself and I think that's exactly right and for me. The the other women in the room were very open and honest and allowed that level of vulnerability own reality to express and explain that so then that accountability does come in and all. I felt archaic so I need to do that too and then feeling comfortable in doing that then I could really tap into may and and being true true to myself. He definitely some of the experiences in life as crappy as they convey sometimes can be out biggest teaches and actually make us the people that we are so it's not about ignoring the stuff that hasn't gone. Well it's actually acknowledging and going okay. What type from that and I often cited people dying trying to ignore the crap stuff that happens because they have some of the stories? Think about the stories you tell you. Tell the really fun. Great things. And then they're really crappy things because they're the stand out more men's ends and if we only had you know medium sort of died today stuff then we wouldn't have very good stories. Yeah I love stories and Law Office the whole spectrum. You know it's a it's a good baton ugly and then the next up you're talking about was the barriers in the way. So can you give me a little bit connects about that and foolishness. How would they think about that? An approach that how should I be out as sort of overcome some of those. Yeah so sometimes it might be you fought processes sooner we have such an internal dialog. You now mind about you but my Brian can wait with the overton. Sometimes it'd be really hard on astles. Mockby ought be acknowledging the fact that ourselves talk. Isn't that good. So it might be just even brought out the crappy things you say to yourself and the things that you need to let go of. And and then briefing that pipe off or off therapies a specific thing in itself but it might be just building or drawing walk some allies barriers would look like and then what him what to do the many many different ways to have a look barriers. But as you become more self aware you probably know them anyway you might be even just journaling. What's in my way and then brought without thinking and it that just let it come out and see what happens because then once so you've got to atrophy What do that now sometimes? Just rotting and releasing it is enough and then acknowledging it and being aware of it then helps when you off and then if we want to move forward and so we you know we reflected. We're looking at the barriers. How do we shape that then into building putting a vision for these amazing year that is going to be twenty twenty? Yes so lots of people will use vision boarding. I do that a little bit differently. Because sometimes people already not knowing what by one on their vision board where to is just have looked through some magazines. Fun Things you're attracted to just giant judge just allowed to come Um and then Ryan on a big piece of paper and then dial up with luck journal end and see what's there but also people have backless. That's a great thing to have a look at. Or what do I want to achieve in my fun Becker. All I Financial Aspects of that. So we can have a look at so many different front pots of Al Laugh. And there's many many listen resources that do that so I think one of the important things in vision is it's not just about career. It's about that relationships it's about spiritual wellbeing. It's about physical emotional mental. You know there's so many different aspects so for every person it will work a little bit differently family so do what works fee. There's no rules really. Don't just think about it. I think there's something very powerful in writing something down or drawing or creating of course I'm a little bit boss towards that bought this something about putting it somewhere telling somebody so then you can get excited about it and make it. Clear Yourself Yes well because twenty twenty is for me the festival of forty so I've given the whole year the whole year. I you you know. I like to him forty once but it's we did not hold you to do the big but so I'm creating a fistful of forty and what I'm setting myself and I've started documenting this out and make sure that by the time. We you know volley into January twenty twenty of written down because I one hundred percent agree on nate. Have Things in writing and then I told people like all of my listeners. On the PODCASTS. Every month I am going to throughout so for twelve months of the year. I'm I'm going to make sure I do. One dedicating that is trying to celebrate the festival forty and for me that's professional development. Education is a key DE-PA not just professional development. One of the things I WANNA do is really get better at meditation because I need to create more space in my constant gory of different things and I'm going to do. February is the month that I turned forty. So that's just potty the biggest potty month month and then you know but building these in so I'm trying to set myself the skull of one something a month that is about something. That's going to expand provide personal business growth for maize so it will be a definite cnet makes of the differently and I think one thanks to ask yourself who do you WanNa be. How do you feel what experiences do you WANNA have? And what do you want to be connected to and China for every person that will be different but what are you values but do you love. And what doesn't save you any more and reflect on that for twenty twenty maw. That's that's good advice. Well Bill Thank you very much. I'd love to hear from listeners. How they go about him? What sort of visions goals they set? Because I think I think the really positive and uplifting fantastic experience yet definitely I think we can never reflect too much and the new year's a great time just to reset recalibrate celebrate. And look at what you WANNA dream about. Yeah well he is just a twenty twenty. Yeah definitely thanks joining me for another episode of the drop. Don't forget to subscribe in order to ensure you never miss out on one of our weekly episodes. Be The drop. Bob Is produced by narrative marketing. We believe that stories connect individuals and the powerful storytelling can positively impact the world to unleash your storytelling super power visit narrative marketing dot com or check out our social links in the shower nights to contact me directly with any any specific comments. You have you can email me Amelia at narrative marketing DOT COM dot. AU and don't forget that whilst a task or challenge Lynch may seem overwhelming. A waterfall begins. We've one drop and look what comes from that.

Bill Ryan twenty twenty Believer Leyva founder Law Office bell Lafon China Zim Amelia Sol Donald Al Laugh Lynch Bob Mockby Brian Becker
Episode 200  Bringing The Smoke!

Casual Fridays REI

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Episode 200 Bringing The Smoke!

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcasts where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up guys? I'm Adam South he with my co-host just and Leyva and this is the casual. Fridays are IAE podcast. Today is episode. Two Hundred House pre talk. We haven't done that a long time. It used to be a major thing. We did before we jump into though. We're GONNA talk about this more day. But let's the land flipping blueprint guys This is it this is of course to want to buy Justin. I spent months doing consulting calls before we ever put this course together. So what's that mean for you? Well we know where people get hung up struggle and we have taken all Shelton calls all the questions answered we put them into a course for you and if you want to get started you need to check it out. 'cause it's the best one out there so do yourself ever do casual. Fridays are dot com slash training and get started. I feel like we should have done this one with a live audience like I was waiting for the crowd at the live event to go woo. Yeah I I I've seen other people do live live facebook things you know. There's seven people on and so I don't WanNa be that guy. Yeah when I say. Hey let's do alive you kind of look at me like because no one. Yeah it's not like you get unless you advertise for really big. It's not like you just go. Hey we're going to do a live thing and then hundreds or thousands of people show up you get. I know you've seen it. Yeah seven twelve now joe exotic. Okay Joe Exotic did live and he could only get Max of eighty people and he had a full crew. Okay okay I I mean I've seen some other people do and they had like eighty five here this week so that was pretty neat. I mean I guess that would be. How much was that advertisers? What I'm saying quite a bit. Yeah so probably the biggest sale of the year and we're giving away something special and Announces New. Great new thing saying the one that just came across my feet. Yeah I didn't watch. It could care less about what they had to say. I don't know what you're talking about but I can only assume you're assuming probably right two hundred later a man. Wow I wanna say to our listeners. Because there's a lot of people who have been with us from the beginning or they found us somewhere along the way and went back and listen to everything. I I want to extend thank you. Yeah I mean we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. It's not like we get a massive paycheck for coming in sitting in a studio and talking to each other every week. No we do. We do get a little bit of affiliate pay when we help on a prearranged agreements with when someone doesn't providers. Yeah we get paid a little bit there. But that's about it. I mean and then when we sell of course and then the book that we have real on the course we dumped almost everything back into project. One thank you. Thank you Justin for for that wild idea. Are You mad at me about that? Still or you're going to let me let me. I was never mad. I see the benefit and I hope I hope that everyone that came and then involved loved it and I hope at some point. They're ready to trust us to put their money in test for syndication. Okay we're all making huge money okay. I hope that happens. You hope it happens. The reality of it is. We don't know yet. Just keep moving forward with blind faith and we've talked about over over the two hundred episodes. We've talked about a ton of stuff that are all seem somewhat relevant some get great feedback. Some just really crickets. You don't really know I. I look at data all the time and I find it funny to believe one of the shows that I thought I remember doing it too and I was like yeah. We'll do this when you're kind of on. I think you had just found audible. Maybe it was Lincoln. Okay and listen to all the books and so like I don't know three or four or five shows. We're all just like motivational in like. No no no motivation. There were books reading. Because I'm the where I'm going with. This is our most downloaded show ever. Okay which is the volume game losing proposition. Oh no I found that in the mean. Oh you did yeah. It was a it was a I mean it was an it came across my page as a mean but it was a Harvard Review. Harvard Business Review is a magazine article that they had. I went through and read that by far our most downloaded show and I s the mini shows. Have we done which I feel like? There's been other really great topics that one just really sticks out. Yeah I mean 'cause it's hundreds of downloads more than or maybe a thousand more than than everything. Wow we look at our numbers. Almost every show has the exact right around the same downloads except that one mile which is unique. Maybe could have some do this. You know in the back of it. Maybe I'll find us as Allen just keeps growing from there. Yeah Yeah I mean that's interesting. I hadn't realized it got that far ahead of everything else and to think where some of these ideas come from. And we're we're we're no different than every person listening here as we go through life something will strike us and we'd take down a note and then we talk about it when we do our pre meetings that we acre we do business meetings because like everybody we we run separate businesses but this businesses together and we sit down and we have to go through and make our goals and make our plans and make those decisions of how we're going to do and what we kind of see you know this month next month. What six months now? What episode three hundred looks like what episode? Five hundred may look like or where we're at in that business because since this is not a paycheck where we go. Hey you got to speak for an hour today. Here's your seventy five bucks. It's not like that. We have to decide how to keep this fun fresh for us but also I keep waiting for those people worthwhile that one person to listen to it and go. I should hire these guys to come speaking GIG and a high paid. Not so you said seventy five bucks an hour. No you won't where they flies in. Yeah Yeah I heard over the past few weeks while this virus stuff going on that one guy. Last like several. Just someone that we've been on their podcasts. Yeah lost over one hundred grand and speaking fees wow. I'm good in person guys. Somebody you need me to speak at your event of. I'm willing to come with me or I'll go with Adam. I'll be his psychic. If you like him better I just I can't remember his name right now so then we just started falling this new guy on instagram. And he's a he does speaking engagements and I e caught my attention because his ad said I could have him getting onto a private jet and it had ten million dollars. You know the number it now really big and it said I could've stopped ten million dollars ago and I was like that's a really good ad right there. Who is this guy I click on it? And that's what he does. He like goes around speaking at big events and he just did his biggest event ever which was speaking at growth con. Thirty thousand people were there and it could see him on stage. You can see his face. He was nervous to do it but to think two years before that he was speaking in front of. Twenty People. Now is at thirty thousand. I told you for a new beginning. We're going to sell out the holiday in the the only thing that did not come true. Outta my prophecy. Two years ago three years ago was the smoke machine. You didn't let me have the smoke. That's yeah if it was up to you you had smoke machine head here. Had had a live. Dj I would've had lasers and a smoke machine. Yeah thank God. It'd been a production man. No SMOKE THIS GUY. Went out to growth and there was smoke. See what's up? Miami was quiet. They're like hey thanks for coming on his level whose energy now. That's where I need to be in. We'd have no smoke smoke soon soon. Now what's the proper number of audience members? You have where you have smokes and you have lights pyrotechnics. That's ready to be. Yeah I know when I think of you having smoke I think of that movie with Owen Wilson. I don't know he's like a loser asleep on his buddies couch but then becomes a motivational speaker where he brings the smoke. That's his bicycle uniform while I don't really need to find this recycling. Watch it during this downtime. We have oh man. Bring a smoke in my bike bike suit. Yeah as a madman grace. Oh yeah I forgot perfect biker. Yeah he was he was a road by okay but anyway. Yeah Oh is that the one where? He's like de. Hook up with the friend's wife or they thought they thought the it's like known movie. I just drawn a blank. I Keep WanNa save me myself Irene. Yeah I know exactly what Duke Me Depre- me and debris debris okay. I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm not to look it up and watch it again. It's funny the whole point is I don't know if I would want speak in front of Thirty Thousand People. I don't I don't want thirty thousand extra people. Judging you know slang selling land at the same time yeah and it's a it's a crazy important thing and as we go through this we see a churn you know as we started four years ago now we see some of the same people we see. Some of the people that have evolved in their businesses have grown up. That's a cool thing to me. Is that we get those phone calls back from those. That are still actually turn and deals and doing a lot of deals and I like getting that random five thirty on a Friday phone call from another guy that I respect in the industry and just calling to check in the. Everything's going that's that's always need to me and it's it's it's estimate because his his. Hey Man I just got up on the podcast. Doodo without love this and this is what do you think about this? And you start having those conversations and that's a cool thing for us because we're all on the same journey that's going trying to get this independence or this freedom of wealth and growing our businesses in whatever that business may be it may business may not be land anymore. It may be something else but you still try to grow whatever that is and we see guys at his started with some land with us move into housebuilding and cabins or move into some other kind of niche and they still relate back because owning a business and being on that journey is all it all intermingled and so you know what I go talk about land. I th in thirty thousand I would talk about. Land is my probably my avenue or my my way. I grew those businesses and how he sprung them off into other businesses. But I don't think the journey would be the most important part of that. Yeah Yeah I agree. I I've thought about if I was ever asked to do that. What I would talk about. It would have to be the journey because as definitely the toughest part of any businesses keeping it going when things are tough and how you get through it and like in the process of building and learning. And that's that's the hard part. Yeah you you really don't know what you don't know when you start onto usually oh I'm gonNA buy whatever this gadget and I'm gonNA sell this gadget for more money now. Hey if I did it ten times I could make this much money. I can replace my job if I did it a thousand times and then you. That's the easy part saying that. But it's when you buy five of cheap and you go to sell them and it takes three months before you get that I sell. Yeah and it's that downtime of that three months where you're going the socks I can't do. It just doesn't work. These people are fakes. This is a scam. You know yeah instead of the how do I get these sold? How do I continue to grow this right? And so many people fall back to that. I can't do this or I need to quit. Yeah and you have a lot of people. Do find out that it scams or in the decision is whether I follow what they taught or do. I change it to make it work. I see some of these things on. Facebook are to me appear like obvious scams again one of my facebook while a lot right now that says we will build your facebook marketing agency to one hundred thousand dollars a month for you and they're going to they're going to go out and get you all these clients that are going to pay you monthly. They're going to set up all the ads for them. There are some still gotta run your business when it hits one hundred thousand a month. The handed over handed over to you. What do they charge you to do that? I don't know I didn't go through the funnel but I just like the one that doesn't make sense right okay. And so in the comments. Someone was like if this is true. Why aren't you all doing for yourself? And their answer was well honestly. It's not the business we WANNA be in. So but we're we're in this business 'cause we're doing it for yeah I don't that's the takeaway you like it but you can't have it. It's not special for you. Yeah how man. I don't get it. I don't know I'm perplexed by that one. Yeah facebook. Facebook advertising company is a good one. To have those agencies get a nice month retainer it's digital and its cash flow every month for them. Yeah I don't want to jump into it. I don't have the patience or the desire to not do all that but not now anymore. Businesses right now saw that there was this house at the Surf Camp that I've watched building it. They're building like these six apartments. A six apartments are six houses. But they're too story and they had two of them pop up for rent this month for nine hundred dollars a month. It's like two hundred yards from the beach. They call it a surf camp. It's got a pool five bedrooms a meme tempted just to go on down South as for you Mr South if I was talking to sandy the other day and I forgot how came up. I think Sandy. I was talking to about this. Get Justin's The type that he may move on the Mexico live on the beach and saying now. I'm like yeah I don't have kids right now. It'd be gone. You be doing this via zoom. Have the water in a background. I just think we get ourselves stuck in this whole sometimes and we're just like just sitting there and it's unfortunate. I don't want my kids to have to go to school in a different country because I think we have no great education here and we take it for granted but we do have one of the best education systems in place that I want to be. Yeah I'm sure. They got a great schools. They're people people go onto to be more than nothing out of schools from other countries. The way I'm wanting to live little beach Kevin like our friend. That has the brand breakfast down there. Yeah whereas the Costa Rica Costa Rica. And that's it gets up you know his wife's got a pretty cool gig. She helps us ex-pats get set up down there. That's a hell of a GIG. Your real estate agent. You're managing the deal. You going through all of it. Forum shown around. Let's travel agent everything hats. We are talking about AIRBNB THING. I saw the TV other day. You just reminded me like they manage like airbnb down in Costa Rica Right. Yeah it's it's Ben Breakfast. But essentially they also have they manage as well for the people that are EXP- are planning on being experts so they can buy their investment home or the retirement home. Go back to the states and work while they're paying it off get that setup and it's making money or there there's a new show called the deed Chicago have you seen you. I think you mentioned it relied on. Its show no no anyway. So it's not that great but I watch it because it's real estate stuff and I love those shows anyway. He helped someone out the other day. That was gonNA flip a home and she decided she wanted to keep it as an airbnb rental and so he he the show host. He's a well known real estate guy in Chicago. He introduces her like three people who do really well with AIRBNB and Chicago. He takes her to this one lady who has a house and it's a Nice House. Nice as probably pretty expensive. Chicago not near as expensive here to get the same thing. Her one property one property on AIRBNB. She does around thirty thousand a month. Wow well we have so much time that we have on here on his show. And if you haven't caught US last week last week if you haven't listened. I was tuned in with Kyle fearless flipping so. If you haven't checked that show go check out another one with us. As a quick ten minute check with grownup mandates. The the AIRBNB excitement huge. And we keep seeing that bleed over because some of our listeners. Airbnb I don't call them AIRBNB gurus but they should be. I mean they've been to the courses. They actually actively run AIRBNB businesses. Me and you both get excited AIRBNB and you see that one. I'm sure that just got you going. What in the did you start shopping. There's a great house right now and he's already got it for four thousand dollars a month. Justin AIRBNB business. I'd I don't honestly think I have the bandwidth to do it right now. What have to find someone. That's like I want to do this. And then I trusted them enough to let them run with it if I if I paid for it or something yeah I just don't do it but to see how much money is being made in it and it's it is kind tough to ignore. Yeah so you said something right. There is finding somebody that you trusted. I think this this little two week blip that we're going to have her through a month blip that we're GonNa have is going throw some talent out in the in the market that if you're looking to expand your business there's GonNa be some super talented people looking for somewhere to fall and if you could invest in your business now and I can't remember what that posts said talking about the rice krispy treat cereal the snap crackle and pop and how they doubled down during the Great Depression and it didn't pay them dividends right in but what it did is it. Solidified them as a brand going forward. And we still know what Rice crispy Graco pop snap. Crackle pop was advertising that they did during the Great Depression. Breakfast was a new thing so I'm correlating that kind of a far stretch but advertising and then finding super talented people to put on your team you know right now. There's going to be people looking for work that are super talented. And it's not a bad way to plan to grow your business out of this because you would have the bandwidth if Adam had a personal assistant or somebody. That's doing that for you. Yeah let me Kyle Stanley. Didn't he go to six figures a year in six months? Yeah that's hard to ignore. The bad thing is. This is the one thing I hate about all the flashy get rich. Quick people is act like six hundred grand is not a lot of money. Oh that's jump change okay. The eighty nine percent of the other are the ninety five percent of the rest of the world. That doesn't make six figures. That's that's a good thing. Yeah that's what we had a conversation. I had offer for a job back in my old industry this week because they needed somebody that was ready to hit the ground running. And even though I've been out of the industry for a little while I'd still ready to hit the ground. It was a six-figure thing and it was like. Oh Wow you know. An uncertain market dea take it do you. Not and my wife. Of course she didn't WanNa move because it involved a moving. I don't blame her. We've moved a lot in her life. But you know it's one of those things that it's like. Wow you know. Is that something to sneeze at or is it something to Shuffle? The scuff off. No you need to think about it and have that conversation with yourself and say hey. Maybe but yeah. I'm not swaying away from land right. I still think land is there's nothing gives an Roi like land but when you actively know people who are doing really well with something like airbnb and it seems from what we know. Hand off just talking to Kyle. It's tough to ignore. Yeah I I think Lou backed up and the group saying he used a couple of hours a week for his AIRBNB business. I know that Christie we. I think we had her on. Do we have our show? She was alive of the talk last year. Yeah she has a AIRBNB. Businesses will has a couple of houses on it. And you know there's just so you could see some growing pains just by not ever doing it before and like just not. It's not I don't know how to put this in a way. She didn't expect some of the stuff that people would expect there. Hey they're not gonNA use the upstairs but BAJIC. These people decided to use the upstairs and it said specifically in the ad you know. Hey upstairs off limits. If you're under two guests if you need extra ones we'll come in we'll turn on the AC. Well they left the upstairs hot and so it wasn't comfortable up there and it's like well you weren't even supposed to be up there and so you get a bad rating review like that. So sometimes being overly proactive in that stuff and it pays dividends or it can hurt you if you're not speaking of growing pains and awesome industries to be. I'm going to do a quick transition here. Yeah Because Land. Investing is the best thing we've done. Yeah it's it's a lot of avenues for us and provided financial freedom for my family. Yeah slammed is Great. And if you want to avoid growing pains and you're not in this industry or you're in this industry you want to get better and avoid more growing pains a need to work with somebody who's already worked those kinks out for you. I'm listening so this episode. Two hundred guys two hundred. You promised to something earlier this week. Didn't you did. Yeah we'RE EPISODE TWO HUNDRED K. And so we have decided to run a two hundred our sale. Okay right why is it so important because after two hundred hours what happens? Oh Oh yeah I forgot. The price of course is going up. Yeah we. We've been doing this for free. Yeah so there's GonNa be a raise in price. Here's the truth is we've been talking a lot of people and we feel really good and a lot of people have been telling us that were basically giving it away and so we have. We're going to up the price a little bit and that will happen at the end of two hundred ourselves so this show that you're listening to we'll drop eight. Am dropped at eight. Am this morning. Friday Friday Friday eight. Am and the cell will last for two hundred hours of the end of that two hundred dollars the price will go up from what it currently is so if you WANNA get in on it go to our website. Check it out. You can book a call with me if you WANNA talk about it. We are also going to have a little additional discount if you have already taken a course from someone else so there's a two things going on here. There's one sale price for everybody. There's an additional percent off if you've taken a course from someone else and we need to have some kind of proof you know. Send us like a recede or send something that just proves you've gone through Gimme call. We'll talk about it. But yeah you're not gonNA see prices like this anymore for us because we don't sell a course and then charge you for an upsell or anything else. We also don't have monthly dues fees. Nothing like that like our courses by you get it and then you've got access to the facebook group and all other people and we think it's one hundred percents worth it at what is price right. Now it's definitely going to be worth it still what it's going to be going up to and so it's still cheaper than stuff. So yeah it's still gonNA be one of the best values on a market and that's a cool thing about that. Is We want to be an additional tool for you and your toolbox. We are not saying it's the only way to do business. This is the way we've seen that we've scaled helped. Many many many clients get through it. So that's why we're offering additional discount because we we tend to run into people that have taken multiple other courses and they're stuck still so we want to give you a little little help there to get cleaned up and get fixed and get moving in the right direction. So that's why we have that little additional for the New People that the industry book a call with them. Ask all the questions. You have get a good feel for it but like you said. It's two hundred hours from Friday at eight. Am and then prices going up and that's just going to be part of it. Yeah so I'm you go to our website casual. Fridays are DOT com. Go to the training page. And I'LL HAVE A. I'll have a button on there. You can book a time to talk and get going. Yeah all right man good. Yeah we made them wait all the way to the end for that sill. Well listen and they'll get it or they won't listen and they won't get at least they got to know what's been going through our mind and because we really haven't sat down and just be on the podcast and walk through some stuff that was a common theme like every Wednesday or something Wednesday. Yeah yeah so anyway all right. Let's call it. Their congrats to two hundred. Yeah thank you thanks. Everyone that's listened. Thanks everyone has been with us this whole time. If you haven't done it yet make sure you go into facebook. Instagram and Youtube and your muscle like Apollo subscribe. And you're going to itunes going to stitcher going to where ever else listening to us. Like review subscribe the show. We appreciate it. We love you see you Monday.

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Episode 217  Train To Be The Best

Casual Fridays REI

14:25 min | 1 year ago

Episode 217 Train To Be The Best

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up guys? I'm Adam South he with my co-host just and Leyva and this is the casual Fridays. Alright podcast today. Let me talking about how your training and how you doing the work. Are you trying to be better than you are? Are Training to be the best before we do that though. Let's talk about the Plum Investment Group. Guys the have a property you need funding for Plum Investment Group. Is your solution. Plum helps land investors. Grow their business by funding. Your raw land purchase Chilean awesome deal guys and just to be clear. This isn't a loan pummel actually partner with you by putting up the money for your project so do yourself a favor. Go check them out. Website is plum investment group DOT COM. I'm surprised you didn't say in front of our live studio audience because we don't have a we have guys building your mailbox right now. If they don't know that they're part of the studio audience audience and they are not as studio audience. Okay really I mean I. I'm pretty sure that's that's how it works. It's not like the stockers stalkers. Don't have a live video. Live studio audience. I guess the stocky because the stocker would be the live studio onions. Because they're watching. No the starkey the stocky is is the actual show because the stockers through watching. Yes so the stocky doesn't know but we know there so we have a doesn't know you're here though I'm talking to your creeping on him windows attendant he could be right here. You couldn't see. Oh really I've always thought they weren't. So what the. The light glowing. It looked like he was kind of looking at us when he walked out. Now he can't see. Oh okay well. Now I feel better about myself. I was like this guy's GonNa think we're crazy but after some of the crazy stories you told you I was like okay. Might you might know that my buddy. Here's a double black belt. I don't know anyway what we're talking about. I'm having a new mailbox built in their finishing up right now. They're putting a cap on it so it's interesting thing for me is when Adam told me about his the guy's building mailbox the Mason. It's doing you know the amount of people yesterday. We were talking about it. The he was starting to build a box in the amount of people that walked up to get quotes and get his car. Just blew my mind to thought holy crap. I need to be in the mailbox building business. Yeah I mean first of all. It's a really good money you know. My Mailbox was twelve hundred bucks. Which is the going rate or a little bit more. Actually my uncle stop by yesterday. Pat was cheap. No really between twelve hundred and fifteen hundred bucks to build a square mailbox out of brick Iraq out of brick. Yeah it's got a nice stone cap and it's got a engraved number stone and then a nice mailbox the lock on and everything and then it's matching brick to my house. But the point is he showed up at twelve o'clock yesterday a left up five and in that time. Three people that were driving their cars stopped to talk to him and get a bid and ask them to come to his house when he left my house. He went to one of the neighbor's house and did the job and got nice. Nice I think about that and I think the hustle and stuff like that like it's so simple but those guys probably doing it five days a week. He's doing one to two a day and he's just living the dream. Yeah I did the math at twelve hundred bucks. You know the stunt the CAP on Top. The mailbox the number plate and the brick. I bet he's all in at four or five hundred dollars. Wow maybe maybe. And that's that leaves eight hundred dollars profit any time five four thousand a week. Yeah Right. Eight hundred twenty four four thousand a week. That's two hundred thousand dollars a year to build a little square every and if he wanted to he could just take cash. Cash clients man. You know some people look at like the service stuff like that like the lawnmowers. The guys that do that and those guys that know that business and Hustle and put it together come presentable. They have multi speaker businesses. And it's just it blows my mind about that sort of stuff. Yeah it does right because he never well. I don't know this but I'm a I'm a I'm a guest. He never went. Spent one hundred fifty thousand college degree right. Yeah and now he probably makes way more than most of the people like did I mean you think about some of the doctors that work in some of the hospitals they make one hundred fifty two hundred thousand dollars a year guy. Does that on his own business. If you know if he decides to take off a week he takes off a week crazy. That's like the land business to you. Don't have to have a college degree to do this. You come straight out of high school or during high school or or nephew who's eight. He's ten and eleven. Yeah and he's He came out to the BMX races last week. He wants to he wants to give me a Mexican. He's a superb hockey player. So he wants to give. Bmx race in a world. So we're GONNA put him on a bike next week. Dad putting them through drills on facebook during the quarantine do they have a shadow would back there. So it's like hitting off ice and they're running shots to the yard was wondering if Zach was like your him and get outside and practice hockey over. The kid actually went off on his own. He's super smart super dedicated. Both both of his sons are super talented in hockey but they're both dedicated that sport and they've made it a part of their life so you'd say their training to be the best. Yeah that's and that's a great segue last week. I got to drag them out for some Tacos at the Lake House. It's a friend of a friend of ours at owns an. He came out and we met. We met we know the guy. He owns a gym and we were talking about. Bmx thing and he was like so. You're just training to be a little bit better than you. Wear your not training to be the best and it stuck with me and that that day. He said that his name's Danny. He owns Trinity River Fitness Over in Fort Worth. So it's a personal studio where they one on one with you. But he when he said that the next day it really stuck with me. I was sitting there like training to be better because I went to the next day and I got second because I couldn't get around this guy like not because he was faster. I just couldn't find the whole to get around him any box. Me In a corner where side-by-side coming in the second turn and I went inside and he went high low and just essentially cut my route off so to grab all the brakes. I could I went from being even are just a little bit on the inside Maybe a quarter of a bike wheel behind him behind front tire behind the front tire to be like three bike lengths behind and I just couldn't catch back up so that quote stuck in my head and I started thinking about it and how it runs to the business and how the beginning of my land career started in the now where I'm at you know in the land career and I was like you know there's a lot of aspects in life for that quote fits. Yeah so I mean training to be the best like when you're as old guys knows like when you put your mind to something whether it's chasing the girl or going to the gym playing a sport you know when we were kids we go out there and we play baseball with our brothers and you play with your friends and neighborhood kids or you're racing the bike up the street you. You wanted to be the best. You didn't want to be just a little bit better than you were. That's not what you went for. And so for me when I started the land business and I did my first mailer. We had a good luck on that one the second to suck because we couldn't we didn't know what our pricing methodology was picking counties that in and then. I said you know what? And that's when the job kind of disappeared and I have this little business and family and I'm stuck is like we're going to grow this thing we're going to. We're going to compete with ourselves. And we're going to be the best. And so you had to take mass amounts of information and you had to disseminate it. You had to look for ways that you could understand it and you could constantly be better and better and better. You weren't training to be not just a little bit better than I was last week. You were training to be the best at the business. You're competing you're in there for your livelihood Yeah when you initially brought the subject up I was thinking well who would go into business just to be a little bit better. Like why wouldn't you want to be the best? But then I thought well this is land investing. And so if you just want to be a little bit better than you are you can build some great passive income enough to pay your mortgage right and so you don't necessarily have to be the best but you can be happy just having enough cash flow or extra cash coming in to pay a few bills in life a little bit better. Yeah I see that mentality and I think that mentality is what sinks a lot of ships and I and I say that not me full facetiously but we get some guys that have a couple of good deals going along. They say oh. I'm going to go try. This new thing falls flat on her face and they try this. Other new thing falls flat on her face and they just kind get bored and or they're upset. They broke even at the end of the day and they walk away and just got a little bit better. They learned a skill but they didn't really hone it. Yeah lateral obviously. Kill the business right but I guess what I was trying to say is. You're not likely training to be the best land. Invest Best Real Estate Guy out there. But if you're just trying to be a little bit better like and you build this system where you're making two thousand dollars a month cash flow and you stay on top of it and your life's just a little bit better because we're happy with your job then or may not be anything wrong with that and I I want to disagree with you because my mentality is such as you go. Get a logo for your company right. Just something simple as that. Why why would you go? You're coming just get two thousand dollars because you want your company to have some brand recognition. So you're pushing to be better you which is great. I want to be the best to. I'M NOT SAYING I won't be here when I talk about land. Podcast I say the top four out there. Bet You're damn I believe we're the top we're in there and that's why were trying to be the best. I agree with that so DEFA Lhasa fees we move it through these different projects. If we're just trying to be a little bit better you cannot. I don't believe you can scale to what some people WANNA do that quickly. Some people yeah. I agree that there's some people that hey they would be perfectly tent sell in coastal properties. Month make an extra eight hundred dollars a month and so they're just trying to be a little bit better than they are. I I get that like you said you disagree but but I think they get burned out and get bored and this is not a longevity thing for them. Gotcha okay what legacy are you building? I guess or not but they may not want to build a legacy they may not and I hope that they find something that they're that passionate about. Because when for me and I know for you when your livelihood depends on you going in and learning this land business and you had to say no or saying yes or putting in the work or putting in the time you know. We've we make it sound super simple. We Talk We. Don't talk about the late night. Sometimes they don't talk about the early mornings because those are they're they're not sexy. They're not cool. It's not we. Don't talk about having to cut bait on a deal just to make the money back so we can go into another dealer we know is gonNa make more money. That's not sexy cool. It's not a win every time we've been pretty transparent about that sort of stuff but there are people out here that want to tell you that. Oh Yeah we do. Big Ranch deals all the time. Big deals million dollar deals big big ones and they don't do shit and they've gotten relaxed. They could have been the best but they've gotten relaxed and they're not hustling anymore than I grind. And they're not pushing herself that extra rip and then they get surrounded by people that are smarter than them or better at it than them and they just sit there and go yeah. We'll just give up on that but no no names or nothing right this hypothetical totally hypothetical cool cool. I WANNA make sure we're clear on that. Yeah I mean I just see that mentality so much and I'm guilty of it like I went into the season. We joked about the beginning of year until you were twenty twenty was going for that title but then I ask myself as did I give everything that race the other night and was the catalyst for me to think about this. Did I get everything I was like? I watched the video over and over and over to see where I could have. Picked up a picked up a pedal or could it could. I came outside here did I. Did I commit to early on the inside here to leave that open? So I went and dissected my race so I could figure that out is a second place finish against fi riders that all have sponsors and have their like a win away from going to their next the next level. And I'm not you know. Yeah that's good it should. I should have been happy with that. But my performance I was able to find a few little tweaks that I'm going to be able to make this week and keep pushing forward the guy he told me I couldn't have kept up with your faster because I was all over the place trying to keep up with you but he did in a way that and I put myself in some situations I couldn't get around him. It's on me. He raised a good race. He beat me in that corner and that cost me the race so for me to say hey. I want to be the best. I've got to come at it like I want to be the best at it. So how you changing that though going for this week. Not going to commit to the inside on him. What does that mean so on? A second straight on that turn that turns really you come off a jump double and he goes into a hairpin right hand turn so in that turn you. WanNa be middle of the track going into it so then you can drop to the inside. Well when I did is I came on the inside and so when you think about a turn. He went his turn. Apex Mine collided. I would've t-boned him and so I grabbed breaks pretty courteous rider. I'm not like I'M GONNA take everybody out so I put myself in that situation. Had I been about two feet farther out. We would erode the berm together and I would have been taking a whoops. I think you should have t-boned him. And then when he turns sideways and fell over in front of you bunny hop over him and then he'd going. We both had to work on Monday. I Dunno you want to be the best at sounds like I won't be the best or bunny hopping foles. Yeah I mean I get that best is not necessarily cop. You look at somebody else's competition but you you as goal but you always have to push yourself to be better and look for those opportunities which is no different than land. You know it you get guys that are scared to send more than a thousand pieces of mail you get people that in men and women that are scared to look at a new territory because the property value may be a little bit more than they're comfortable with or they don't know if they're gonNA get funding or they're just waiting for somebody to say. Hey you can do this. When they can be the best at this niche or whatever niche they WANNA be and if they want to be the twenty. Acre Guy in Nevada be the twenty Acre Guy Nevada and set all that up. Be that person inside now. Trained for that. Use Your our data. Learn the laws in Nevada. What it's GonNa take to get through probate when somebody dies or if the deed is wrong. What the terms deals need to be focused on that market and be the best at that. No more about it than anybody else. Okay yes you heard it here. Yeah all right go be the best and I'm GonNa tell you right now. Word of advice to be the best. The first step is to go to facebook instagram and Youtube and give us a like a volunteer subscribe and then the second thing is to go to tunes and Stitcher or anywhere else that you're listening to us and like reviewing subscribe to the show there as well so that take care of and we will see you on Friday you guys.

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Episode 208  Urban Infill Lot Expert Mike Marshall

Casual Fridays REI

24:39 min | 1 year ago

Episode 208 Urban Infill Lot Expert Mike Marshall

"Welcome to the casual Fridays. Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of Land Investing Active Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey what's up guys? I'm Adam Southie. He with my co-host just and Leyva and this is the casual Fridays. Are podcast today really excited. 'cause WE'VE GOT. Mike Marshall from loose property group like is a senior planner and bland developer for the city's just north of La and he's an expert at urban and philosopher so happy to have him before we jump to that though. Let's talk about the Plum Investment Group. Guys you have. A property need funding for investment. Group is the solution. Lum helps land investors brother businesses by funding. Your raw land purchase. Gillian awesome deal guys and just to be clear. This isn't alone will actually partnered with you on your project paper. Go CHECK THEM. Out But sidestepped from investment group. It's Hump Day. That's that's what you go. I'm going Home Day Today. We haven't done. Nfl weeks it's It's awesome man. I'm excited about today's show. Mike here and you know for for us and people that have bought our course and listen to us. We always talk about bass boat properties recreational property. But what they don't know is the urbanized lot secret weapon that I keep in my pocket is Mike Marshall. He is the guy I go to when I need something like this. This is my first time meeting talk with Mike. But he's one of those names that I've heard quite a bit and so I'm excited to have him on. And Get to know you and doc with you so welcome the show. Thanks guys happy to be here. And it's great to have you kind of give us a quick rundown of what makes Mike Marshall. Mike Marshall and land investing niche. Sure SURE NO PROBLEM. I think I come from a company. Landed messing may from a little bit of a different experience in perspective. You know I spent fifteen years. Working for municipalities both in California and Texas and during that time is working in land development everything from small subdivisions like lots splits. All the way up to things. I'm doing right now. Are like toll hundred lot you know Subdivisions for large land developers. You know and so it's been everything in between on the residential side as well as commercial as well so there's been a lot of commercial development. I'm working on a forty thousand square foot medical office building right now as well. So everything that I'm done is been more from the government regulatory side and stuff you ever hear things about like land-use entitlements and subdivision approvals tentative maps things like that. I'm very much on. The very early side of development is what I deal with so everything I do is really previous or prior to actual trenching in the ground. So it's all the approvals that need to do to get to that point so a lot of what I deal with all the due diligence on the front end figuring out what you can do with the property you can't do with the property and then bringing it through that whole process in getting your approvals in ready to go. Wow how does so when I hear use give that description? I'm like going. Jesus Christ. He's smarter than everybody else. Here in the land investing. I thought I thought that too. It's funny you say that because I was the things you just mentioned are the things that scare a lot of people. Almost my initial question was is it. That's scary or is it just something that you learn air yeah. I think it's something that you learn along the way you know. It's scary at the outset just because I think in for most people dealing with the government is intimidating to begin with. I would say that that it depends on where you're working is a lot different. I would rather work for example in Texas all day long rather than working in California this because the regulations for subdivisions alone are so much better in Texas. A variety of other things too. But you know it just really depends on where you're at and so differs and I think that's the hardest part two is that you know one city will differ very much so then the next city. That's right next to it. You know and a lot of it is relationship driven ultimately if you really WanNa get things through on a consistent basis as a lot to do with those relationships and and managing that kind of process so there's the technical side but there's a soft side too and I think that's kind of what makes it intimidating but once you do it and you get one or two of them done. It starts to get much easier. So let me kind of backtrack a little bit. What got you from Texas to California to go work out there. Sure so when I was in California I was started off doing the inland development but it was real basic minor type stuff because it was really early on this was probably about two thousand six two thousand seven weirdest looking for a move. My wife and I were recently married. You know we didn't have any kids and we started looking for different places to move. We were looking at Tennessee and Texas and had family. That lived in Austin or just outside of and we ultimately landed out there and so during that time then Texas it did a lot of large subdivisions out in the extraterritorial jurisdiction areas. You know and so it was a lot different of a process. But we're doing a lot of subdivisions. During that time in that area coming back to California we just came back to California just for family reasons and stuff like that we come back to California and then at that time it was much more like urbanized development projects that was working on it. Just so happens that the city that I'm in is one of the last few cities in L. A. County that has room to grow geographically. And so because of that you know were single still gonNA amount of residential development so a guy that sits right now working on a twelve hundred unit project. I'm working on another five hundred unit project working another three hundred unit project. So there's still a lot of residential development and as countrywide and we thought the whole country. There's a shortage of housing but especially in California. It's a lot of what's driving legislation right now. So that's a large part of what I do too is trying to track the trends that are going on at the legislative level to try to see how that impacts doing minutes. It's interesting concert interesting. Thought you bring up. You say that California's short housing and all we hear about in Texas is all the California people flooding away from California. They're headed to Colorado Oregon Texas. And it's just it's we hear that over and over for to hear you say that you have a housing shortages kinda surprising to me. Yeah no it really is. It's funny because I was just talking about that yesterday. They say there's a housing shortage and almost implies as though there's people sitting on the street waiting for a house and it doesn't feel like that but in reality I think that is true and I think maybe the other probably important part is is about affordable housing relatively affordable housing. I think that's really the main push from the state. And so what you're seeing in. California right now is that the state is trying to streamline the process and there's a fight going on between the state and local jurisdictions where local jurisdictions want to retain control in terms of what development looks like and their cities but the state is basically saying. You know it's going to be much more streamlined. It's GonNa have to look like this this and this because they're trying to make so you can get units on the ground faster and there's compromises in that go along with that you know so it's a lot of bad for our home builder's already involved with you by the time this that you get involved in. The cities involved subdivision together has already southern already. Bought this land or their home. Builders involved or city hoping to sell it to subdivide homebuilders or yeah a lot of times have builder. That will sit on that property for a long time. Desert waiting the market out. You know so so what happened. Like saying two thousand seven two thousand a everything goes to garbage and then what happens is you had some of these builders are coming up and trying to pick up a distress properties right. We're talking like large acreage. We're talking you know five hundred acres or more whatever trying to get a lot of units on there. And so what happens is that they're picking up these distressed assets. They're sitting and waiting for the market to turn and during that time they're processing all of their entitlement approvals and so a lot of times will happen is they'll get all their approvals but they'll sit on that waiting for the market to come around and then once it does a pull the trigger. Now Start Building quick because you said a term. Their entitlement improvements. Can you walk us through what that just kind of a basic level? What that is the case. Some of our listeners. Don't understand what that means of course so entitlements almost like a plies just like when you're given the right to do something on the property so Thomas saying you going through the city or the county whoever. The approval authority is in your saying. Hey I want to do this. And they're gonNA go through a review and approval process and the product that comes out at the end is something it's called an entitlement and literally just a piece of paper that says you're allowed to do this and here's a set of conditions of approval that you have to adhere to when you go out and build or develop. Nice thank you thank you. That's good so my question goes from so as a guy sitting at the desk. Your plan anything's builders. How DOES THE ENTREPRENEUR? And you just say you know what you. How do you go from that to land investor? Sure Yeah I mean for me you know. I started out working coming out of college working for the city doing something completely different than real estate and land planning and everything like that but always knew that I wanted to be an investor and being investing so I just tried to work within the city to get to a position where it was some heart related to in real estate and development or whatever so planning was obvious place since I made my way to that and you know for me. I grew up with my dad. You know investing in property. I mean like that's where I got my introduction to it. A lot of it came down to in terms of going to land specifically. It was just the ease of entry. Probably trying to being able to kind of get my feet wet at a at a low cost but also being able to bring my experience to the table to to hopefully utilize that kind of leverage that into doing some things. So Do you feel that your experience? It means you know a little bit too much like sometime like sometimes. I feel like for land investing for me that it was better to be kind of dumb on some of the stuff. You just battled through it. Figured out it's a curse. The blessing occur in truth. Because you're absolutely right because the fact that I I know that stuff means I'm always looking for it. You know and so it. Kinda can keep you from doing certain deals that you maybe if you just kind of play your head down and push through it you know you'd end up okay so I tend to have that more of a conservative view of it. I also have the view that that if I can't build on then what's the use or what's the point of it and that's not true. That's something that I had to kind of wash away from my brain. You know I I came from that. Developers mindset will if I can't build on it then it's junk well obviously that's not true because there's a variety of different uses that are there the recreational users the perfect example right. I mean if you know that you're going out there and you're investing in property to get to your end buyers the recreational user than a lot of what I deal with. This isn't gonNA apply. There are some basic things that are there to it. But if you're buyer isn't intending to build on the property in especially it's extremely rural where the regulations are going to be much more relaxed. You're not going to deal with a lot of the stuff that ideal Jawa more the more urbanized you get the the greater the regulations get and that becomes more problematic obviously for Yama and it could be a curse for sure you gotta be careful. I think that a lot of people have this stigma. That in philosophy are harder because there's more problems to deal with. Is there certain things that you would say to look for upcoming? I don't want to stop other other problems. That people may think their head. That aren't really problems or is there a way to talking. Just give us some more about it. Actually I wrote down like five things that go into you know if I were just looking at an in fill. The first thing I would do. Is I call the city or the county. Make sure I'm talking to the right jurisdiction first off but the first thing I'd do is really ask them with a zoning is and find out what the allowable land uses are. So I'M GONNA call them up GonNa say what's zoning for this property. What can you tell me about this property? Kind of open ended questions and let them kind of tell you what they know. The reality is that every jurisdiction has kind of a Whether it's an actual list or just properties. I know of that are kind of problematic. Properties that never move or they constantly go attack sale and everything like that they know which properties those are so if you call them up and you're asking hey. I'm looking at this one property over here a lot of times ago. Yeah I know this one. People are always asking about A. Here's the issue with it. You'll get that answer. Notice to walk away so that's kind of a thing that you're shooting for you know but certainly asked about the zoning asked about what the allowable land uses are. Don't just quit with saying you know. Hey what's zoning? And settle for residential. You need to know other things probably like. Is there any other kinds of things that the zoning overlays you can have a residential zoning designation but they can have an overlay that lays on top of it has other restrictions to it? You know and see kind of want to dig into it a little bit that way. The second thing I look at is probably whether or not the lot was illegally created. Lot so that sense to be about when the law was originally created. Did it actually comply with a subdivision regulations that were in place at the time? That was created. We just dealt with that Okay California. Yeah Yeah exactly. Northern California and my. I didn't know to check that buyer did well. The Guy was by me and he's he came back so it's not a it's not illegal created parcel. I'm like how do you know personnel? Anyway we worked it out. He's still bought it. I guess there's a way to get around it but Yeah that was. That was news for me. It was neat that the radio station was just essentially a survey would that would they would allow a survey and that makes it illegally legal. Yeah there's a few more things yeah survey. So what they're doing is they're saying basically you're trying to get something. California called certificate of Compliance. And it's basically what they're trying to say is that hey even if your lot wasn't the same configuration prior to the adoption of our subdivision regulations even if it was illegally created quote unquote pure some conditions that somebody would have to me if they were to go and build on it and so that's the certificate of compliance is saying is like yeah you can build on it but you may have to do a couple little improvements or something like that nine times out of ten. It's not a deal killer but if you don't get it rectified. And you don't find the remedy then you're not gonna be able to get a building permit and that's usually the problem is so. I'm GonNa Switch Gears on you. Don't want to know about your investment deal you've done. Probably one of my favorite ones is one. They recently did is actually downtown. La was lonely not six months or so ago. There's a property that's probably less than a mile from dodger stadium and it was this little house that was there on. This lot in the house was demolished. Total garbage eventually fell over literally in it was owned by a church. That was just around kind of down the street and they were basically looking to liquidate it because they had other ideas and things that they wanted to do with the money and The cool part about it was just getting that lot. 'cause that life is something that we can print about twelve Multifamily units on so. We could develop that lot. But what's really cool is that they're now in discussions with us to sell another lot. That's right around the corner so they basically just kept getting donations over the years of people donating different lots and it's technically a church but they also have a large nonprofit that's attached to that and then they do a lot of work with veterans. They do a lot of work with substance abuse and stuff like that so they try to liquidate their money and they have certain purposes for it has nothing to do with real estate so they had no productive use in mind and so for us it was kind of cool because able to be involved with a cool organization but then also get something that we can develop on the smaller and then also maybe something in the future on the bigger one any nightmares. Seems like when I very first when I first got involved and I was trying to test the waters is doing like a lot of people picking up those desert properties and I picked up one. That was just right up the road from make an hour away in Kern county and it was the little five Acre Lot and it was finding well I ended up trying to is my first person that called me back. She wanted to buy because she wanted to film on the property and she wanted to use it for some movie that she wanted to do. And saying well if you buy I don't care just check with the county kind of figure it out yourself. This lady like drug me out. I was naive about it. I should like really cut her off a lot sooner but I ended up talking to her for probably like guys probably for four months going back and forth lady and trying to sell this thing thing and in the meantime I wasn't putting effort into like really getting into the right people. You know what I mean so. That was a big lesson. I learned was like know exactly who you're going to kind of target ultimately. I just saw this thing to a guy who rode motocross bikes on motocross. Track in the area and everything like that. He was like the perfect buyer for you know so he wanted to work camper. He got exactly the exact guy that needed to get it to you but you know the very first one I was like. Oh this lady wants to buy it and everything like that. And she's doing movies and all this stuff and she was dragging the on and on and on so I go out so one of the cool things about what we do. Is We all kind of share our experience different ways and share knowledge base? And I know that something you do like I do a deal review and I tell people this is neither Mike Marshall Dill Review. This is not one where I go in and look at zoning and things like that I look at what I use like the recreational properties of China. Tell us what you do it to loose a property group and the products that you offer there. Because I think it's important because we have a pretty good size listener base. That kind of you. We get a comment. Hey what about infield lots? And what about you know these urban lots? And how do we go from there? What are the things building? Strictures power lines things like that. And that's something we really consider your specialty so kind of. Tell us about that. Sure so through the website at closer property group Dot Com Click on services. And there's really two services that I offer you know the first one is very preliminary. GimMe the county in the APN. Aldus kind of do a very cursory look at it and what I do is I just record a short. Probably fifteen to twenty minute video and I shoot it back to you. But I'm not doing the full due diligence myself. What I'm doing is I'm saying here are the things that I look. I go through the same bullet point list that I do. WanNa full due diligence report but this one is just me talking through as saying? Hey here's something I look. I don't think this is an issue here. Oh here's something that you WanNa look at do. Some more due diligence here. I'll tell them people in the video. Like Hey when you call the county talk to this department. Ask THIS EXACT QUESTION. You're looking for this or you're looking for that. And so that first product is more of a advisory type of service and it really more to give somebody that insight into how they would go about doing due diligence themselves rather than having me do it through my second product. You know the second product is an actual full due-diligence report where I'll go through the whole thing. And it's a fifteen to twenty page report answering all those questions myself and that one is probably more for larger properties specifically because the costs involved in it. And it's still it makes sense for people but the cursory review the first product is just a hundred and fifty bucks. And it's just you know me going through a fifteen to twenty minute video giving you guidance. As far as how you'd WanNa go about doing the due diligence yourself what you want to look at the second one is an actual full report. That wins about fifteen hundred bucks. But that one's again it's a fifteen to twenty page report and goes through the whole thing and it could be for rural vacant land. It could be for commercial. Property can be influenced. It could be for whatever you wanted to be sounds awesome. That sounds like a really good tool to have in. Your toolbox could be very valuable that information again. I said he's so much smarter than us like I do. It live with people for seventy bucks. I'd do it. Live with them on zoom so they can watch doing right right yours. You're like you do it in your own time and just send a video back so I'm sitting there on time like trying to raise a family that and you're here you are. You're just like I'll get it when the kids go to bed. I try to do it hard to get scheduled together. I know that's what was happening. You know and we're just too much inside said you know I'm just going to record it. And actually with the larger product to the full report actually include a similar. You know video for people to and this the difference is again. I'm not giving you advice as far as what to do. I've already done it so I'm like literally walking through the report for when you do that report you give them estimate of what you do value to like cost analysis like would you say. Hey this is where I think it's valued at and do you do anything with the value. Or just strictly the due diligence piece from the government side. That's great question. Yeah you know. It's strictly the due diligence peace. I leave the pricing. I mean guys like you guys are have more and more experience doing that than than I do. I mean I can tell people if they asked that question by really. Try to stay away from that because I'm also trying to really specialize in India's B. I do this. This is my niche. This is what I can answer for you in terms of valuation and stuff like that. I I generally don't get into that. There's other people out there that can give them much better advice on that than I probably could. Which is Great? There's a lot of people that struggle with due diligence. You get nervous. Not sure if they have the right proper they checked everything so sounds like you got a great going on right there. Yeah I I love the idea and so this is how I how I look at a property when I get it if I'm going to need Mike Marshall to do my own due diligence. I don't buy it because it's going to be too. It's too many tricks to it. I don't WanNa go. That's nothing against you because I think what you are the niches an amazing piece and it's a spin on something that you're very proficient at and it helps reduce a lot of risk for a lot of people because if we all sat around pretending. We're having a beer. And we're talking about the properties is burn as we've all been burnt by something that we didn't find on our initial brush through due diligence and typically. That cost you more money than it does. Like I think we had one whereas city put a moratorium on a water Water and sewer. We went to the county and didn't go to the city and find it and we didn't find it till the investor next door decided to buy it from us. We still made like twenty five percent on a deal and that's not horrible in three or four months but you know as land investors were all really greedy and we think that twenty five percent profit and five months is crap when realistically in a world of investing. It's not right. I mean one thing I'd say to you as far as the applicable to you know again the more urbanized you get like urban infill residential. Lots but if you hit like commercial land men the complexity skyrockets at that point you know and so when I say commercial I'm not necessarily like bill for multifamily. I'm saying literally like retail commercial industrial. Anything like that. You're coming across those kind of properties than this becomes that much more applicable. You know an important probably to we saw I guess. The industry saw a big rush about a year. And a half ago of infil Info Lights. Everybody was pushing for Info. Lots and this is the new hot thing this is. What's going to be and you made a point then and I was asking the same question my head and giggled when I heard you say it out loud. It's like well you when you see something like the middle of the neighborhood you gotta ask yourself. Why aren't they building on it? Why hasn't it been built on because developers not in a business to just leave a vacant lot from nineteen seventy-eight sitting in the middle of the neighborhood? Yeah it's a it's a difference of like if you see that there's a lot that's sitting there and it's been recently built out of the rest of the houses. Recently built out to newer subdivision and the economy or their finances. Their company of snow spun out and they're just not building. That's one thing. But if it's the sitting there like you said it's like a subdivision from the seventies in this lie sitting there. There's always a reason you know and a lot of those are the ones that go to tack sale. Somebody picks them up. Somebody tries to sell them. They don't sell they go back. The tax sale need a spin spin and spin and I throw a couple of those examples on the facebook page. I try to like let people know about those because again there's always a reason. May You might get lucky. And you might find that Gem infil lot and that certainly does happen but my big question when I'd call the county is all right why this might not be built on the story. I want to make sure we send people to the right spot while it's on my mind. Tell us a property group right. T. O Essay property group Dot Com. That's correct okay. And what is your facebook group because you do have a private facebook group? Yeah the private. Facebook group is faster land sellers and the whole idea. That will premise was like. Hey if we know what's going on on the front end we can target our marketing on the end and try to get it to the right person faster. Love it that's it almost sounds too simple. You're like well. Yeah I mean that's what you're supposed to do well. No it's exactly what you're supposed to do but we all forget it because we're lazy and we're going to do it our own way until we mess up. We say you know what. Listen listen to the guy that knows you purser Phil what Mike. I think we've covered a lot and yeah we really appreciate you coming on the show today. Yeah I look forward to see the growth on your facebook. Group has been an extremely fast. And it's it's good to see that because they're in good hands and I like seeing that and I hope to continue to see the to lose the Property Group. This service you provide growing as well. Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate being here. No problem guys actually go check Mike Out. Tillis probably group DOT COM and faster land sellers on facebook and give them a like a follow and then as always go to facebook and screaming YouTube. Give us a like give us subscribe. Then go to go to stitcher go to wherever else to listen to us like right reviewing scripted. Show appreciate it. We love you. We'll see you Friday so you guys.

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Episode 263  Conservatively Aggressive

Casual Fridays REI

11:42 min | 11 months ago

Episode 263 Conservatively Aggressive

"Welcome to the casual Fridays Rei podcast where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of land investing. Active. Lane Investors Adam Southie and Justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche. So without further ado here, your host Adam Southie and Justice Leva. Hey, what's up guys? I'm Adam South the my co-host just in Leyva and this is the catchphrase Rei podcast today talking about being conservatively aggressive before do that. Let's talk about the casual Fridays, land blueprint guys thinking about getting in this niche you've got to check this out. We've taken all analogy game two, the years of consulting and the hundreds of clients and put it into this course. It's an easy video formats. Got All the contracts scripts informs that we use in our daily business and everyone joins free one on one training with myself or so if you're interested in learning more at our website at casual Fridays, Dot Com Click on the training tab set up a strategy call and we'll go over everything you need to know to get started it's Friday. We should be twist grips right now. Yeah. SOUNDS GONNA go horribly wrong for it not to happen I know right by the time the show drops will be. On dirt hopefully hopefully. Yeah I mean we start at ten o'clock. Yes. So is there an hour behind Disa-? We'll be we'll be getting out of dinner out alone tree headed towards steamboat springs I'm looking forward to it I I'm ready to see some of these glacier lakes that you've just seen in pictures. I want to be in some of these picturesque areas just just join just mother nature and its beauty. Yeah you know I was meant to bring us up to the looking at Taylor's offering Taylor competent out for all of us to stop to have done the trip but he had like camping chair canned fish headlamp and I'm thinking aren't we staying in hotels like? I think the headlamp is is in the event that we get stuck out for a bike problem and it's dark. You have that camping chairs when he's Talking Camping Cherries talking this little bitty portable one that's like a stool almost and. Throw it in your bag and you have somebody if we take a break and have your snack and other snacks for lunch. Mean you can stop at a gas station and grab some shit to go to make sure we're not talking about I was thinking. Well, I guess that doesn't make sense. We do need lunch. What can I take housing bread peanut butter trail mix taken five cans of tuna. So he's got a jet boil. So that was on his list to yeah. So what do is heat uprise or Rahman and that? So you put water in it boils it up. Then you pour that cup in there and you have hot Ron. But what he does is he'll mix that those little tuner those chicken or can packets in that to rice and you have instant like hot meal. Yeah I get it I get it but it sounded like man I, guess, we're camping note camping. Staying in hotels. And hotels play. He told the guide to give us places that have hotel close to something that we can grab a beer and dinner and relax sounds awesome. I have not been on a true vacation. Okay. In a while I honestly can even tell you because every trip I go to just like to a friend's house when we crash and hang out actual, I, go to go to do so. I take that SR are. Really, vacation yeah yeah you you get a passport just a yeah I don't know if it's still good I have one when you look at that I, think we need to go to Mexico frequently love Mexico I love it gets to Lome. That's where I wanna go or so many like instagram thoughts center I'm sure somebody maybe Thailand, Thailand now Thailand Thailand. Yeah. Are we allowed to tell right now? I don't know go every want we used to be able to get your money? We'll take the debt. No it's not about the money it's about the country's leading Americans in. The PJ we'll just. Stop US when we get there and they're gonNA shoot US down shoot a Americans down just tells you can't land and you can't get enough fuel and crash the ocean. That's probably what they would do. So know that right. There is just like leading right into today show being conservatively aggressive. We do what we want. We just manage the risk on the front side. Okay. I like it. Okay. Okay. thinking. Glad you liked that. Maybe it's just because of the election going on and people conservative you know all over the place it is the word conservative been stuck in my head, and then I started thinking about from where we started you know sixteen, two, thousand, sixteen to now what we've done is we've gotten a lot got a lot more risk tolerant because the amount of money we've done. But we've reduced amount of risk on what we do on the backside or on the front side. So meaning we're not gonNA tracing paper on stuff that we're not one hundred percent sure has cleaned title like we make sure clean title guaranteed access in. So we're really conservative on what we actually bring in with our front checks, but were extremely aggressive in like the amount. Of, mail that will send to get those deals. The amount of money will spend on the marketing them the things that we not take place to make that profit back in. So it's kind of an oxymoron in a way. It's like Oh yeah, you're conservative but you're at it. No, we we're conservative what we buy, but we aggressive and how we get to it. Yeah. Yes. Understand like sending out goes to sixty thousand pieces of mail. Yeah Right. That's pretty aggressive. But we know we're doing before we jumped out there and did that yeah hundred and ninety eight counters and yeses and we tried to bring fifteen to title and I think we're going to end up with what? Six maybe closing seven six or seven yeah. Depending on it. It's more money at six or seven than most people will make in. Three years five years. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Thinking about the other day because I saw some land investor talking about how they've done in just this year alone right where eight or nine months of this year and they've done hundreds like a high number of hundreds of deals and I was thinking you can't have that many good solid one like perfect road access to everything clear tie like you just couldn't do that. You're turning paper on product. That's probably not a super good asset. Yeah. But whatever I guess for making money and get handle at risk. Yeah and that's and that's a good point you. Do are you risk tolerant enough to do you have the belly fort where you'll sit there and say, Hey, I know this is to track in a desert and I'm buying it for a hundred bucks an Acre and I know that I'm going to sell it some personal facebook for three hundred dollars an acre. Am I okay with that can I live with that and just I just do one hundred of them and I know that Tim we're going to come back on terms or a fifty on we're gonNA come back is GonNa Resell them just keep making that hundred down one hundred dollars a month. Yeah I don't really want to do that anymore. Used to be your jam that was like the Jam for you. Yeah. But now because we have such more capital like I never wanted to do anything on loans right. But now I can afford to make payment for years if I had to and so let's take brought to Guam. For example, ray we don't have any of our for the most part. Don't have any actual cash we have thirty, five, thousand cash into. Mark Material not actually in India property, and then the amount of money coming back Raven just I dunno, it's. It's. It's this change things for me. It does it. It's a slippery slope though at leverage I I, still want to believe that because I don't want to go so leveraged to the hilt words you know you really worried about it but at the same time it when it works quickly, it's really nice. Yeah, yeah. Obviously, I would still be being aggressive with lending is still probably half of what? Someone normal person would do I still I'm still have not going crazy because I'm still I'm definitely never going broke but. Things. Yeah. I. Agree with that I I think that it opens up some more doors and I had a guy that called me and he want me to look at some of his notes and I was like. It sounds like you have cash flow you have good Mutt A. Decent. Money and I was talking to him about season in their own notes like well, what does that mean as I go get a unsecured loan make sure the cash flow covers which you have. You got all your money back out and you're not selling mean forty cents on a dollar and he's like, okay, I'm GonNa, send you a list as you're not going to sit in the latest he's like, AH, he didn't send the list list, his properties you want him to buy the notes on I'll because you because you had told them. So you know leverage can't work but sometimes, you got to think about what you're doing short-term and long-term which business worth and how all that plays into it. So I mean it's kind of a little bit segue off of what I thought. The topic would be about because you know it really sparked an interest to me when I had a guy that we're finding a deal for it and. We thought we had a road to a property title couldn't find an easement couldn't find anything and we're you know mile off the main road and I told him I said, we have a by here. He had a byline for it in his how do we guarantee that guy? The property? He's like we can't physically she's tell can't buy because it can't guarantee access and I was like that's exactly what I WanNa do it limits twelve thousand, dollar gamble could. Try and Doubleclick. I want to know the guy wanted to owner finance So we had it was like the term was going to be like seventy, five, hundred down four, hundred, fifty a month for nine years and we are in the property for twelve five. So. It was thirty four I think was the purchase price plus ten percent interest. You know whatever? His perch spread yeah. That's pretty good deal. So it'd be a good deal, but D, do you want that risk tolerance in of having that? We, get stuck with it and I guess he's almost paid it off. Yeah. But what if he and says if? You had access access worry about that too. Because when we sell things because a buyer always asking us questions and hey, does it have access? What's the restrictions can do this? Can I do that I'm just telling what I know. And what what if turns out some? You're wrong. They come back to you. But you can't tell the buyer every time go go check the county to your. Own onto diligence. What about this go chuck yourself? You know it's there's there's a there's a fine line there. I had actually had a guy that tried to get. He was using a lot of legal jargon. He was telling me as attorneys telling me everything needs to be in writing Blah Blah Blah I said look man I'll give you your money back right now. Just tell me what you. Want sign this release I'll give you art cashback. You'RE GONNA have a sixty day guarantee. anyways you're sixty five days into it. Let's just make it easy. All Resell the property said the ad said this here's the GPS location just because you saw a tree in a picture that you thought looked pretty and you thought you found the same when you walk out and you're on a neighbor's property. It was one picture out of twenty pictures in it thing. In he says, payments keeps endings payments. So that's one of our properties supposedly has real water on it and I tell everyone that that's how we're advertising rule water when they call I'm like, yeah. Yeah. We'd leased the property to the share who's also runs the water department and he told us that there's water at the road. Yeah. You know I don't want to say well, we've got it tapped meteorite. This guy knows the property runs a water department. Yeah. He's others water there. There's also a well, they're pointing to him. Yeah. I was I never seen it well, don't you own it I've seen it just because owned robbery don't mean I enjoy the property. So we guy tell you how you told you you lived in a rough neighborhood and he didn't know how you could afford that property. Yeah, he did. I love it which is so odd because I had his home address 'cause he lived in the same city fourth. I obviously I look I know the address I know the area. Okay. Let's say. I think he's abuse to. Carry on. Carry, a gun. Yeah if I'm going to his yeah. Well, let's not get too weird because I've been ending the show's weird this week. Let's let them Golf Good Friday please say a prayer for us because we are out in the mountains over the next few days we'll be back back in the offices on Tuesday. So if you did try to book something with plum or Casual Fridays Consulting, you're not gonNA find us from Thursday to which would be yesterday through Tuesday Wednesday also. Get a little time out, but you will still hear some podcast. Cool. All right, guys. Let's it. Then it's probably great day does always disfavor go to facebook Graham. Youtube, gives. Crime then go to I tunes to go to wherever else to listen to us like reviews described the Monday segers.

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February 12, 2021: Why tackling racism and sexism in the tech industry matters, ecofascism explained, and the political aftermath of a second Trump impeachment trial.

Our Body Politic

48:01 min | 5 months ago

February 12, 2021: Why tackling racism and sexism in the tech industry matters, ecofascism explained, and the political aftermath of a second Trump impeachment trial.

"Thanks for listening sharing our body politic as you know. We're new in creating the show with lots of input from listeners. Like you so. I want to ask you a small favor after you listened today. Please head over to apple podcast on your phone tablet laptop or anywhere you listen and leave us a review. We read those because your ideas matter to us. Thanks so much This is our body politic. I'm the creator and host farai today. We're looking at racism in the tech industry and the links between white supremacist movements and the climate crisis if obama almost book publicly last summer about the race and gender discrimination. She says she experienced at the social media platform pinterest. This year she's advocating for an amendment to a california state law. the silenced. No more act introduced earlier this month. The amendment broadens. The discrimination categories that are protected for whistleblowers to break their nondisclosure agreements. And it could give workers new access to telling their stories even if they've gotten a settlement now if obama runs her own firm earth seed which supports other whistleblowers in tech. Welcome fomer thank you so much for having me so i realized there's a lot of territory to cover but just give us a brief summary of what happened to you at pinterest. Yes so. The brief summary requires giving a brief summary of pinterest. My entire career has been intact. And i started at google on the public policy team and then moved to facebook in california. I worked on international issues domestic policy makers from local to international. I was recruited to pinterest to be the second person on the public policy team and twenty eighteen before the company went public in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine two months after i started. I realized that i was being paid. According to the leveling chart that the company had for the work that i was doing at that point is managing all of our international relationships with organizations. I was managing all of our federal policy-making work as well as our state policy making work. So i raised my concerns in writing with my manager as one is supposed to do i raised with. Hr things didn't go anywhere for months months in which i was creating positive press for the company. The work that i was doing this proactive level. That it was covered in the ipo for the company and it was reported as an example of pinterest. Different kind of company. Pinterest is also considered a platform with great interest to women and also people of color correct. Exactly one of the things that resonated so much with people. When i shared my story last june was that the company was perfectly fine with having me be the face as a black woman The work we were doing internationally. The work that i was leading domestically and the company benefited from having that image. It's a company that had time that was they're eight and ten moms in the us using the platform and so there is very much a dissonance between who was actually of power in the company and who was the face of the making arm of the company and so in the end. How did they adjudicate or settle your complaint or did they. They did not exactly. I decided to leave in may of last year because the amount of stress it had caused me. I remember in february of last year. Right when cova news was spreading. I was actually representing the company at the national academy of sciences. And so. I had this situation that i had to manage where i'd be emailing my lawyer while then giving talk about the work that i was leading at pinterest and it was causing a lot of stress to me physically and emotionally and so i decided to leave. Would you see whether it's public awareness or shareholders or employees as pads to raise these questions more successfully. Well i said this a few times to other people. I don't believe in commitments. I believe in consequences. And i think that the shareholder lawsuits are one particularly viable avenue to some sort of accountability because some of the settlements that have been reached have been large on the same law firm that's representing the pension fund bringing shareholder lawsuit against pinterest recently received as far as what was disclosed over three hundred million dollars settlement from google and all of that money was directed towards creating a racial equity fund. So do i think that has changed google. No as we've seen from tim neat situation. That's that's neat. Yeah a scientist who depending on who you talk to was fired or resign. Yeah and so. I think at the very least a company should have to pay for the harm that they're not only visiting upon employees but the way that employees are treated very much reflects the way that the consumer basis treated i. What was fascinating to me after going. Public about printers was hearing from so many black women who used pinterest about how they did not see themselves represented on the platform even though the platform is clearly making tons of money off of them being users and so some of the work that i'm doing now and we can talk about this at a later. Time is no. I wanna go. That was my next. Question is in supporting whistle bars. And let's talk a little bit more about this work. With whistle blowers men use that to talk more about your consulting firm that you've started earth seed though work that i'm doing Through my consulting firm that's being supported financially by a meteor network is to help in two ways. The first way's and creating resource guides for tech workers. And when i say worker i mean all tech workers. Whether you're a gig worker contractor you name it you are. A tech worker is in providing a guides that cover issues like when to engage a lawyer how to engage a lawyer how to work with press because being a source is different from being. Someone's client how to protect yourself. Both on the information and physical security side The second part of that work is in trading fun that would provide monetary support for people who have been pushed out of their work due to whistleblowing. And no longer have health insurance and one of the things that i know would have kept me quiet and likely would have kept me out. The company is. If i had a family i was supporting with my health insurance. Yep so tell us about the silence no more act and what it means to you and how you're involved with it. I am so proud of the months of work with senator. Connie leyva team equal rights advocates and the california employment lawyers association that led to its introduction on february eighth this bill if eventually passed by the california legislature and then signed by governor newsom would bring protections to forty million californians and hopefully be adopted by other states and the bill would do is amend a twenty eighteen law that extended protections to those who sign. Nda's and allowed them to speak up about their experiences with sexual harassment. Sex discrimination and sexual assault what this bill does now is extend those protections to every single form of covered workplace harassment or discrimination. That's recognized in california. So that means you know things like lgbtq identity race age disabilities that will we're talking about that's correct. I'm including veteran status pregnancy status mental health. I status everything. That's covered under california law and what this means. Essentially is that it takes away. The tool that powerful both individuals like harvey weinstein and then corporations like pinterest and google have used to silence people. And it's something that is incredibly personal to me. Because i've experienced it myself Whistleblowing about pinterest and many people who i know have been placed in positions where the harm done to them after being discriminated against or harassed or abused in the workplace is nine compounded by forcing their silence. How do you think this could change the game in terms of achieving equity in tech. I believe this is going to meet well. Since it'll apply to all forty million people who live in california. This will bring accountability. Not just to tack by to every sector including journalism as are used often to keep people from Facing accountability whether it's executives or managers or whoever else has been the one who has harassed or discriminated against an employee. And what this does it take that tool away. So do you wanna see this. Go national i do i do i. I don't believe that we should have fifty different laws and protections for employees. The pandemic has shown us more than any other time. That folks can work in one. Stay and live in another. And so i think that these protection should exist for all three hundred fifty or sixty million americans. Thanks of oma thank you. That was f- oma zoema founder and principal of consulting firm earth seed each week. We asked listeners to call the speak line to tell us what's on your mind today. We want to know what is one thing you learn about yourself in the pandemic. That makes you happy for me. It's learning about how to be in community with my mom. You know I've moved to spend more time with her and she has so many fascinating stories from being in the peace corps in morocco. In the early sixties and living in zambia. And so i've learned how much i love Listening to these stories and actually recording some of them at this point to answer our question you can call nine two nine three five three seven zero zero six. That's nine two nine three five three seven zero zero six or go to our body politic dot show and scroll down to find a google form to respond in writing when you're ready to speak. We're ready to listen. Heslin figaro the host of iheartradio's black effect podcast straight shot. No chaser believed that only some people find the truth. Hard to swallow others are ready to drink it down. If you like me. Want the truth straight. No chaser join me. And listening to tesla deep dives into politics black lifestyle. Racial justice and more tesla brings her experience in politics on the front lines of social justice to the podcast space with guests that incorporate everyone from 'gangstas pastors politicians activists and more tesla and keeps her ears to the street and delivers the hard hitting truth. She's here to inspire and empower you to take a stand and affirm your rightful place in the world. Subscribe now and listen to straight shot. No chaser with tesla. Figaro on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts stories like a zuma's are bigger than what happened to one tech employees decisions. Technology and social media companies make have direct consequences on all of our daily lives. So we're continuing the conversation with our body politic contributor. Motala conde she. Ceo of ai for the people a nonprofit that works to make sure artificial intelligence technology can be used for the social good high matali. So good to be with you again. So we just heard from if obama zoema about how she wasn't treated equitably as a black woman in tech in strikes you about that story and and you being immersed in the world of technology How representative visit while if oma story. The thing that really strikes me is how ordinary her story is. I mean years and years and years ago. Now i had worked with a google community partner and some of the issues that she describes in her case were evident even than an. I'm speaking two thousand. Fifteen two thousand sixteen What about tim. Minute kabalu How does her case. Impact the world of tack on another black woman in a very high profile case. Tell us about that. One tim guru is one of the most significant researchers that looks into tech ethics. And she's really bill here at google writing papers on these themes and the thing that really stood out to me and really shocked me was. She wasn't just fired from her job. It was done in a way that was extremely extremely public. So that tim nice cases actually very personally devastating to me in my own work With a i for the people one of the one of our pillars of concentration is cold race technology and the black body and all our work facial recognition is based on that paper that she co wrote with joy awami in two thousand and eighteen for listeners. Who are not aware. That was the very first time that we learned that facial. recognition did not recognize black people forty percent of the time and then up to say we were mis gendered. Yeah i mean in that may sound trivial to some people but this is going to be a part of our identity just like cellphones now. Our effectively part of our identity. What it why does this matter. It matters to somebody like me because this idea about who is a person and who isn't a person actually dates back to the founding of our constitution where it was decided the black people would be three fifths of a person and then also not have the vote which is one of the ultimate of citizen hood within a nation right and then with the miss 'gendering piece when we take that forward to think about black women specifically still get to understand. Why in two thousand and twenty one. A researcher like tim net is still being questioned in her particular case there were not just questioning the quality of her research work. They were ultimately in the way that she was fired absolutely undercutting her aurthority by emailing her reports before even telling her and telling her manager and this is a company who as recently as two thousand and seventeen. If you put black people black people were being labeled as gorilla in the images search and all of that is algorithms like we hear that word a lot but what is an algorithm so an algorithm is the brain of the machine that algorithm learns how to perform tasks by being fed data around how that task was performed in the past. So for the example. That i m timet was referencing in her paper. The reason facial recognition was misidentifying. Black people miss 'gendering black women were the way it was taught to recognize. What is a human face is by looking at huge numbers of white faces and specifically the faces of white men and then creating statistical models based on the space between is the conference of the nose and then a model was developed. And that's how you faces if it's never seen a black face this is a machine is not a person it's gonna miss identify. Throw out the data set. You had a situation recently where you had to deal with how people can weaponize technology. After some of your disinformation research. Tell us about it if you can my. I'm still recovering from that. So we had been doing research into a network Who i'm not naming. Because i don't want to amplify them. That's like disinformation one. Oh one don't amplify the people perpetrating. But it's a black network. Would who were really pushing the idea that black people shouldn't vote the presidential and they had a specific campaign. They forwarded during the twenty twenty election which was boat down ballot. And they're so mad savvy. They had been able to go on. Cnn and repeat this. These are people that you see the new york times you see in the washington post and they're very anti immigrant and they're extremely Judgmental of the way black people live is a lot of the same rhetoric that you were hearing from the trump administration and that made us very suspicious to whether these people were actually black and if the if they had a black front. Who's actually running this. So we bill. Data set of three point five million tweets. We analyzed the papers released. We tweet out and immediately one of my co-authors has six hundred accounts swarm her. She then starts to get threats. New accounts are being developed to get threats. I was being threatened but to a much much lesser extent and in our report which was in the harvard misinformation review. We make the case that white supremacy is ideology and as newsrooms are looking at oath keepers proud boys as they show should rightly they also need to look at black or a seemingly black groups that promote disinformation so ignoring black stories and not having an editorial class that can pick up on. This is in my opinion. A national security threat. We're going to have to leave it there for now but thank you for doing what you do matali fry thank you for inviting me on into everybody out there. It's so great to hang out with you all that was mut-ali in conde. Ceo of ai. For the people white nationalist movements have an impact on parts of society. Most of us don't think of including how we address the climate crisis. Mary on a e's hagler has been tracking this part of her wide ranging work as a climate justice writer. She's also the co host and co creator of the newsletter and podcast hot. Take mary welcome to our body politic. Thank you for having me so mary. I want to ask about echo fascism. Tell us first of all what it is and y. Also it's such an important narrative right now is we're still processing the siege of the capital echo. Fascism is basically environmentalism but fascist So it is generally tied to white nationalism because this is what happens when right wing extreme right-wing people accept the climate science all climate action is not necessarily benevolent and is not necessarily going to take care of everyone so you can see this crisis coming and say shut the borders. We're gonna have limited resources in those resources are going to be for me and mine. And no one else. And that is a lot of what's happening so The el paso shooting from two thousand and nineteen the christ. Church shooting I believe of the same year out in new zealand. Both of those shooters had explicitly aeko fascists concerns. They were terrified about climate change and they were terrified of the immigrants coming to us up the resources the base is swindling and they saw belonging to them. And so i think a lot about aeko. Fascism the language for it That was really the reason. I was most drawn to climate change. If i'm being honest. I think back to hurricane katrina which i was very traumatizing. Event for this country especially traumatizing for black people in this country. I was in mississippi at the time. And i remember hearing about the militias basically running around new orleans and hunting black people for sport. You know people will say like my biggest fear about climate changes. How are we going to treat each other. My biggest fear about climate change is how're white people going to treat me and so you are someone who also in your podcast in in other places really thinks about all of the different ways that ecology and the climate interact with other forms of social justice and did a piece in rolling stone about how the climate crisis was revealed to be a threat multiplier Tell us what you mean by that. Yeah so our scientists use that term threat multiplier to me that it basically makes everything worse So if anything else already existed as a threat Now that threat is just going to get that much bigger for example Covert maintain right like. That's already a threat and then you put it in to the mix with climate change in the form of hurricanes where people can't socially distance they have to go to shelters they have to evacuate There's no way to do that in a socially distant manner now you have even more outbreaks of covid nineteen or wildfires for example Another example. That i think we don't talk. Nearly enough about is prisons So prisons are already like a giant threat like people living there are extremely vulnerable and they put them into a position where they have extreme weather. Most prisons do not have air conditioning even in texas. We're getting to the point where we are going to see temperatures at which you can get heatstroke just by walking around outside. Now put that into a humid indoor building with tons of people who are overcrowded. On top of each other the risk for loss of life is tremendous. And you know. I could go on with many other examples but you know it and that is why climate change hurts the most vulnerable people first because those were the people who are already on the margins so tell us about some of the ways that you observe what corporations and people in power do around the climate in kind of clapback So yeah. I think i'm becoming known for doing this thing on social media where i basically cyber bully fossil fuel companies So i honestly. I just started doing that. Because i i'm petty. You know if it can't be petty if he can't be fun. I don't wanna do it and there's no reason like climate change is already said enough is scary enough. If i'm gonna fight it. I'm going to have some fun with it. And if that includes me getting in chevrons mentions and basically holding up a mirror to their face and being like oh you care about human rights real cute because this is what you did in nigeria. How do you explain man. I mean it's really just fun to expose them I think for a really long time. The climate crisis has been a story that we told in completely like we told it without the villain right like the offend. The way we talked about climate change was that the villain and the victim were the same person. And that person was you. You created this mess because you didn't recycle enough. You don't have an electric vehicle. You don't have solar panels. You are the reason for your own suffering and that's simply not true. There is a reason that this is happening. And there are people who are profiting off of it. And those are the fossil fuel companies and their trade groups and the politicians who benefit from. That is a whole ecosystem and that ecosystem is the one that needs to be destroyed. Not the one that that we live in and depend on And so for that reason. Bp and shell and chevron and all of those guys cannot just walk on twitter without me having something to say about it because they're usually pretending that there's something that they're not they're usually pretending that they're part of the solution because they've got an algae farm somewhere or hydro plant somewhere else but the truth of the matter is that they're digging up oil in the arctic and suriname and pretending that they're not doing and so are just want to ask a final question because we could keep going and hopefully you'll be able to come back and talk to us more. But what do you do to fill the well. I know people for whom the number one thing that keeps them really. Anxious is the climate. How do you refill your well. Given the kind of work you do You know people often say that. The cure for climate grief which is kind of what you're describing climate anxiety clement. Depression is climate action And i think that's kind of halfway true. I do think that that's important. i think. Probably the best cure. Though is climate community the reason it feels so incredibly overwhelming and crushing for people is that they think they're doing it alone you know reaching out and finding other people who are engaged in the same kind of work facing the same kind of fear head on and talking about it openly is has been really healing for me Me going So that's why. I'm really excited about the the blast in climate podcast because it helps to normalize the conversation. We don't know how to talk about this. This has never happened before. We barely even have the language for So we're going to have to learn how to cope with and learn how to talk about and learn how to incorporate it into our lives and find a way to keep going and that is no short order. Mary just really enjoyed this. Thank you so much. Thank you mary as heckler is co host of the podcast hot. Take find it wherever you listen to podcasts. War and Now it's time for our weekly political roundtable sip in the political. T here to talk about all of this week's news. I'm joined by our body. Politic contributors aaron hanes editor at large at the nineteenth and just morales for keto civic engagement director at the national domestic workers alliance. Welcome back just happy to be here erin. Another week in politics. Welcome back yet. Except for the second impeachment of the former president united states but sure yup exactly so as i said former. President trump had a second round of impeachment hearings. This week. i want to hear from both of you. About what struck you the most for what about you you know. I'm gonna make a very strange admission here. Amid maybe not strange. But i didn't watch the impeachment hearings because i catch feelings to. I am a battle hardened political reporter. But i still can get really worked up over things so i read about it so when i talk about the video being the thing that struck me. I'm talking about all of the written descriptions of the video. Because i haven't watched it myself. I need to do some little prayer and meditation before i watch it Just a center myself. But the descriptions of the video that were used in the democratic case sound exquisitely done in friends of mine who were television producers are like who did they get to produce that that stuff was amazing so through the filter of a little bit of emotional distance which i get from reading things in print versus watching them in video. I'm struck by how everyone is talking about the video. Yeah i listen to the the combination of Prosecution and production value is definitely. Something people were coming on. I i will say. I did watch. I was a pretty much glued to my television The way my direct deposit set up. But also i am american citizen and and and you know this was our democracy on display yet again. I think watching it especially day. Two of the peon trial what i was most struck by which just the idea that that laying out the case in the way that it was laid out Seeing that video footage in its totality it was a really compelling video that that certainly was hard for me to look away from an end to see it all together because there has been so much reporting kind of in the wake of january six but to pull it all together in the way that they did I think it was important for the public to have that on record. And you know when we're talking about kind of moving forward with a shared set of facts right. I mean in in terms of how do you get to. I guess you know president biden. Vice-president harasses goal of unity and healing You know so. Many people are saying that does not happen without accountability and acknowledgment. I think this trial Says as much about the american people as it does about the senate's decision. I guess what about you can bring up. Something that i feel like is really important. That is a little bit upset of the extremely serious tenor. That we just talked about is a stacey. Plastics is absolutely. Ah do waiting to talk about this. The impeachment manager who is representing the virgin islands. And the first time. Ever that like a non senator is doing that in. She literally wore a cape dress while she works to save our democracy the perfection many clubs that moment it was it was fly. it was fly. I mean you know. There's no other way to say it. It is definitely was definitely a. I'm here to save democracy outfit as well as a transitions to a tasteful virtual black tie event outfit. That's what that's what we need these. We'll listen. I mean look sartorial choices. Were definitely not lost on twitter. So i don't see how we can't mention that right. I kind of love it too. Because i do feel like. It's a little bit of like fashion diplomacy or fashion. That sending a message like you. You don't wear the literal cape dress if you're not trying to actually be sort of like using your clothing to like make a statement and i feel like that's such an interesting development that's been happening as you have sort of unprecedented amount of female elected officials and that's really exciting. Because i think that will start to see more of that coming during those end up being some of the most enduring images of these moments. So i want to move on to democratic representative jamie raskin of maryland who began the second day of impeachment hearings with this argument. Let's listen to a clip january exception. It's an invitation to the president to take his best shot at anything he may want to do on his way out. The door including using violent means to lock that door to hang onto the oval office at all costs and to block the peaceful transfer of power. So what about this january exception. What are the consequences for the republican party for i. We don't know yet. That's the short answer you know. I was just reading an article that ann coulter wrote on her own site and coulter dot com called my nation unifying impeachment solution and so basically she says. Republicans could trade impeachment for the border wall. Which obviously you know. But it's it's interesting. That one was interesting to me as one of the articles written during the impeachment trial because i think republicans are bargaining with republicans over the soul of the republican party. There is a lot of internal introspection that most of us are not privy to in terms of what the lawmakers were in our thinking. And i don't think the republican party yet has decided what kind of party it wants to be. What's interesting is that. As america becomes more racially diverse the republicans will not be able to win without supporters of color. But there is that whole strand of what some people are calling American nationalism or the browning of white supremacy and there are people who may go along From communities of color with the white nationalist framework for the republican party. So i just don't think we know. Yeah that's interesting. What about the consequences for the democratic party jess you alluded to this earlier and like. I think that we have this moment. Where the democrats are trying to push forward on impeachment as a way of holding trump accountable but it is somewhat at odds with this unity message because the republicans have not embraced this. Oh there's a real challenge that i think is in this new congress. That really is trying to move forward. In the trump era that is democratic trifecta across all branches of government. And they don't actually have the ability to probably do the first most important thing you know in a way that i think they would like they go in. They take a vote. It's done it happens like i. Don't think that their hearts in this fight which is a little disappointing. There are moments of real kind of heart and legislators of speaking to where we are but most of it is not quite. You know the people on white horses working to save democracy which i think people kind of need in this moment particularly after trump. Everyone around him has helped really sully what it looks like to be a leader in our country so i think there's a lot of consequences for the democratic party. I'm not totally sure that they showed up quite the way that we need them to You know. I actually went to jump in here and ask about the relationship between president. Joe biden vice-president kamala harris. We we did it joan okay. That's of course the clip of vice president harris congratulating biden after the election in november which lives rent-free in my brain by the way like seriously every every time that she standing behind him in a mask because he signing an executive order like that is what i imagine. Her biden has been saying that she's pretty much an equal partner in the decision. Making i wonder if you think that he actually is an equal partner. And how do you think that his previous term as vice president can plays into this. Aaron what do you make of that will. Just i think president biden definitely said when he was looking for his governing partner has his then running mate. He said that he wanted a relationship. Not unlike the relationship that he had Within president obama wanted them to be governing partners Felt like President obama with somebody who empowered him to do certain things. I most notably the handling of the economic recovery when they took office in two thousand eight and also working to get The affordable care act passed and and. I think that you're starting to see even in the early days of this administration taking Her being involved her being at the table You know certainly. She's been at the table for for every one of these executive order signings You know win. They are dealing with the response to the pandemic from both economic and public health perspective. You're seeing You know her at the table In conversation with cabinet members but also with Local leaders with with mayors with small business leaders across the country You know really echoing. The president's message in his his priorities She broke her first high in the in the senate in her role as president of the senate Recently dealing with budget reconciliation and also You know has been kind of instrumental in trying to get this american rescue plan Across the finish line although some people took issue with. I guess how she is it. Know put pressure on west. Virginia senator joe manchin but yes she. She absolutely seems to be involved in the governing That is happening in the early days of this administration and so if if that bears out she may indeed proved to be the partner that she said that she wanted to be in. The president biden said that she would be someone to talk more about. What the biden harris administration has been up to and and What you make of the one point nine trillion dollar pandemic relief plan. Just let's start with you you know. It's very exciting This is really progressive plan. I wouldn't say anybody thinks about. Joe biden is the super progressive individual. But so far his legislation. I think he's been pretty progressive. Of course the announcements of immigration ios in the big immigration bill. And then now this which is his other big signature legislative push so it's very exciting. It is much needed. Families need relief. They needed release last year. We're almost a year out from having to be locked down in her house. So it's long long overdue and i think the fact that it is so large is really important. There's one big thing that i want to talk about that not in there That something's really important to me. But i also think is you know the place where some of his early policies intersex and that's immigration. There is very little for immigrant families undocumented families and support here and there's one Piece that has been a little bit controversial for some Around giving children of grants whistle security numbers at checks to make sure that they can get to the pandemic and so. I think that there is a really big tension between this push. The biden administration has done around a new immigration policy around reversing trump's orders and then actually helping immigrant families in the relief package particularly when you have a number of undocumented immigrants in immigrant families who are illicit as essential workers during the pandemic and are literally responsible for keeping the country running in keeping people alive. That's attention that they're really going to have to deal with. And if they don't. I think it could come off a little bit hollow as one of their big priorities. Yeah for what are your thoughts on the On the pandemic relief plan well. I think it's actually an opportunity for americans to think about what government does In many other nations Particularly in europe but not limited to europe people get a lot for their taxes. They generally pay more than the us but they get far more People in other nations are shocked by the bickering over these checks which to them are amounts that they get per month And and more in europe for example there are programs of support for artist because nutrition's and artists are part of the cultural heritage of nation. It is part cultural tourism. You know is is so much of why people come to america and yet right now People who normally are on broadway In the you know smaller character roles are are really just desperate Among many other types of professionals and in many other nations you would get monthly support replacing your income to a certain percentage. And so i think that this whole stimulus will lead us to bigger conversations about what is the role of government. How do you support your citizens and residents and even things like what does it mean to own a home. You know we have this You know billions of dollars for for back payment of rent but how does how do we get home ownership to be something. That's more common so bigger conversations to come so uniform. Ask speaking of you know what government's responsibility is to its citizens You know the issue of voting rights. I certainly working in in a newsroom. Name for the nineteen th amendment. I is is one that i'm focused on and wondering you know what our democracy does In response to what we saw in twenty twenty election with around issues the voter suppression. And so you know stacey. Abrams wrote an op. Ed in the washington post where she says we need to act now to save our democracy and actually listened into a that. She held recently with voting rights. Lawyer marc elias. Where he in abrams. Basically put georgia republicans on notice that any attempts to curtail voter access in the wake of the record elections in that state are going to be met with legal action. So just where do we start while. I think the most important thing to remember is that we have unprecedented momentum around voting rights but these are voting rights our forums that we started trying to pass literally in nineteen sixty five so on one hand like thank goodness day has finally come in on the other hand i think we have a lot of challenges in the voting rights space. That are not going to be accomplished just bypassing. Hr one which is the voting rights. Act the big voting rights package. That is moving in congress at the same time i think stacy really hit on the head in her up in the washington post you know. She talks about dc statehood. She talks about the john. Lewis voting rights amendment act. She talks about ending filibuster. Ki ki options for how we actually have a modern democracy that meets the needs of its citizens and gives people the right to vote and really puts into place really permanent protections around the right to vote. There's one place where. I have a slight note which is around puerto rico. There's been a lot of talk. Probably more than i've ever heard in my fifteen years in politics about puerto rico independence puerto rican statehood and. I think it's just really important to say that that's a really nuanced conversation In the puerto rican community and that we should really listen deeply to puerto rican folks on and off the island about how they feel about this. Because i think that in our rush to provide voting rights and create favourable conditions around voting. We may go a little. Far of where puerto ricans actually are on this question which is a long and complicated history. I think educating ourselves about that. it's really important. I know for me. I'm definitely doing that. And i'm learning what. Yeah just stacey. Abrams also referenced. Puerto rico independence as part of what she wants to see happen in that op ed. That she wrote farai. Let me turn to you about this too. What do we do well what we do. Listen to stacey so that that's my full answer. That's the beginning middle and end of my answer. Yeah well. I guess we'll have to stay tuned and see what happens. I'll tell you in georgia. There is a stop. Stacey dot org site that has popped up so i think that they recognize her as they continued threat to Folks efforts to suppress Voters in this one first century. We'll look at so much t- too little time we're going to have to leave it there for now but it was nice talking with you. Just sound nice talking with you all and it was nice to chat with you again for. I always great to be here sipping tea. I have coffee today. But i'll get back on plan next week. Caffeine is caffeine Thank you so much for joining us. On our body politic. We're on the air each week and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Our body politic is produced by antigua williamson co. i'm the creator and host farai. Today julie antigua williams is executive producer. Paulina velasco cedrick. Wilson is lead producer and mixed this episode original music. By cohen to shiro our producer is priscilla be michelle baker and emily daily our assistant producers production assistance from mark bettencourt. Sara mcclure cedrick wilson and coach into shiro funding for our body politic by craig newmark philanthropies and by the jonathan logan family foundation empowering world changing work.

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Myths about Levodopa (Ask the MD Podcast)

The Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's Podcast

05:49 min | 4 months ago

Myths about Levodopa (Ask the MD Podcast)

"This is michael j. fox. Thanks for listening to this. Podcast learn more about the michael j. fox foundation work. And how you can help. Speed a cure and michael j. fox dot org welcome to a recap of our latest. Ask the md video tune in as a movement disorder specialist at the michael j. fox foundation. Answers your questions about parkinson's research and care. Learn more about living with parkinson's disease free resources like this. Podcast always available at michael j. fox dot org. I'm rachel dolan a movement disorder specialist vice president of medical communications at the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research today. I'll be discussing myths about leaving doha. Leave adobe is the most commonly prescribed drug for parkinson's gets converted in the brain to dopamine. Which is the brain chemical that produces normal movement. Dopamine is what goes missing and parkinson's because brain cells damaged or die leave dope always combined with the drug carpet oba which helps leave a open get into the brain and less than side effects of leyva dope Like nausea and low blood pressure. Many people know the combination of leyva dopamine carbon dope by the brand cinema but there are many other formulations like right tari duo pub one misconception about leva doper only medication to treat parkinson's leave doper has been around the longest. It was approved over fifty years ago. And it's considered the gold standard of treatment for parkinson's because it's the most effective medication. Almost everyone with parkinson's we'll take leave adoga at some point in the course of their disease but there are other medications for parkinson's motor symptoms and these can be used with leva and sometimes instead of lebed. Oba another misconception. Is that lever. Dopamine treats all the symptoms of parkinson's leave copa works best for the motor symptoms such as tremor slowness in stiffness. It doesn't work as well for posture. Changes such a stooping or hunching forward balanced problems are walking problems like freezing of gait which is a sudden temporary inability to move leave dope also doesn't typically treat non motor symptoms such as mood or memory changes a landmark study. That could change the way. Parkinson's disease is diagnosed managed and treated is recruiting participants. Now ppm or the parkinson's progression markers initiative needs people with and without parkinson's especially people aged sixty and who have close relatives living with the disease. Take a short survey today. At michael j. fox dot org slash p p. to see if you're eligible. That's michael j. Fox dot org slash p p. m. I one of the biggest miss about leave. Adoga is that loses effectiveness over time. Leave adobo will remain effective as long as you take it if you take a dope To treat tremor or stiffness and it works it will always work for those symptoms. The problem is that parkinson's progresses over time so your symptoms will gradually worsen and you may need more of the drug to control them so in that sense you may feel like it's less effective. You also may develop non motor symptoms sir other symptoms that don't benefit from leave adoga such as balanced problems or freezing of gates which could make the medication feel less effective. Something else that can make leave a dope feel less. Effective is off time which can happen. As disease progresses off time is typically when symptoms. Come back because medication wears off before the next dose is due but off time also can happen. Suddenly or unpredictably. Another myth is that everyone who takes leave a dope gets disconnected which is uncontrolled. Involuntary movement disconnect. You can occur after taking leave a dope for many years. It's more common and people who are younger at diagnosis and who take leave a dope at higher doses for longer periods of time but not everyone gets disconnect asia and for those who do. It's not always bothersome. If it is there are many options for treatment including medications and even surgical treatments like deep brain stimulation and researchers are working on new and better ways to treat. And even prevent disconnect. It's good and normal to be weary of potential side effects and complications like disconnect. But don't avoid or delay leave a doper to the point. Where your motor symptoms. Get in the way of what you want or need to do. You can learn more about leva dope myths and other topics in parkinson's by visiting our website. Thanks for listening looking for a specific topic not covered in today's episode. All the md blogs and videos are available for free at michael j. fox dot org. This is michael j. fox. Thanks for listening to this. Podcast learn more about the michael j. fox foundation work and how you can help speed cure and michael j. fox dot org.

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The Cartel Blues

True Crime Fan Club Podcast

29:10 min | 8 months ago

The Cartel Blues

"It was definitely preplanned. Other shoppers and police knew immediately south lakes. First murder and fifteen years wasn't random annum. Avid was stuck waiting until this morning to retrieve her car parked next to the victims is a part of the investigation. Would nobody could come in here. It was all Caution tape dad. Definitely a scary scary situation. Explicit content is bound in this episode so listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the true crime. Fan club. podcast. I'm your host laney too. Many people drug cartels are the stuff of fiction as seen in movies and tv like blow scarface ozark breaking bad and weeds but unfortunately approximately one hundred and fifty thousand homicide victims and their families know mexican and colombian cartels are all too real okay on to the show. There are several cartels in mexico. One of the oldest is the gulf cartel which they're beginning smuggling alcohol into the us. During prohibition in nineteen eighty-four. Juan garcia abrego took the reins of the struck smuggling business from his uncle. One broker to deal with the cali cartel who were facing stricter sanctions in their caribbean smuggling operations. The deal was a win win situation for both cartels as it transferred responsibility of trafficking across the border onto the gulf cartel who in turn received as much as fifty percent of the prophets abrego was arrested in nineteen ninety six and sent to the us by this time the gulf cartel was raking in billions of dollars every year and other mexican cartels were beginning to mimic their methods particularly in the percentage of profits they received from the colombian cartels after a break. Oh's arrest a seal. Ordinance queen took the helm of the gulf cartel under his reign. The cartel developed a tremendous military wing. Recruited three one former members of mexico's special forces to act as security enforcers. He was able to pay them three times. They were paid in the military. And this of course made it. All the more alluring. These thirty one former members were sharpshooters weapons specialist and participated in rapid deployment. This group the set thus or set apart from rival cartels because of their specialized skills a sale was more violent and brutal than previous leaders of the gulf cartel. He was arrested in two thousand three after the. Us department of state issued a two million dollar reward. One he skidded. Chapa was a seals personal attorney and served as his emissary after oh seals arrest. Chapa also worked as an informant for the us government. Oziel had wanted to enter into a plea agreement with the united states. Government which involved fifty million dollars in cash and assets chaba was responsible for transferring these assets to the us government which put him directly in the crosshairs of the gulf cartel and their militant arm. Does it thus in two thousand eleven chop moved to southlake texas a suburb about thirty minutes. North west of dallas. He moved his wife two sons and daughter into a one point two million dollar home which he use cash to purchase the home was purchased in the name of mogae held the sds ziadeh. This name was not located in any other public record on may twenty second two thousand thirteen chop shopping with his wife at southlake town square. The couple walked into a frozen yogurt shop then sat outside on a bench with their yogurt. Once they finished they walked around eventually walking into a nine west shoe store or his wife purchased a pair of shoes. The couple walked back to their range rover and chapa gun into the passenger seat while his wife put her bags in the back of the range rover at six forty seven. Pm a white toyota sequoia stopped behind the range rover and a male stepped out. He was wearing a hoodie and had something obscuring his face. A murder at an exclusive shopping center in south lake. What we've learned about the suspect vehicle and the victims possible ties to the mexican drug cartel. Ten o'clock in texas fox. Four news starts unpoliced. Typically several federal agencies are trying to figure out if an attorney and father of three shot to death and southlake town square may have been targeted because of his business connections. I fox news at ten. Calvin colin with the latest in this murder investigation elver. We'll the police chief here would not confirm forty year old one. Hey seuss guerrero choppers affiliation to the mexican gulf cartel which is known for distributing cocaine meth marijuana and heroin through texas. And all the way up to michigan and new york but mexican news outlets have reported that the victim in this case was a well known lawyer for that organization. But that's one reason why so. Many federal officials are here investigating this murder mystery. The male walked up to the car and fired ten shots from a nine millimeter handgun into shop window. Ciampa died at the scene. His wife was uninjured. The car drove off and turned western farm road. Seventeen o nine or southlake boulevard. An off duty officer was outside city hall a block and a half away but did not make it to the scene in time to see the suspect. An autopsy later confirmed trauma had been shot ten times and had cocaine in his bloodstream. Ciampa had become aware that he had been found through. Phone calls him that he was in danger when he hung up he told his wife he was scared and to stop using the cell phones he also said he didn't want to go back to their home because the people looking for him knew where they lived. He rarely left to southlake home except to get yogurt. This was the first homicide in south lake since nineteen ninety nine. Before that the most recent homicide was from nineteen ninety-four both of these homicides from the nineteen nineties were domestic murders. The southlake police chief assured the public and chop his wife that a police officer would be stationed with her until the threat had passed surveillance video and an interview with victims wide show. The couple arrived at six pm last night and shopped for forty five minutes. His wife was in the driver's seat and as one. Hey guerrero joppa got into the passenger seat of a range. Rover police say white. Suv drove up. A man got out and shot guerrero at close range than took off in that white. Suv guerrero chapa died shortly. After at baylor medical center grapevine the shooter is described as a hispanic man between five foot seven and five foot ten wearing some kind of mask. Obviously this was a well orchestrated deliberate. Act involving a specific target. Southlake police chief. Stephen milot believes this was a professional hit. A nearby off. Duty officer heard the gunshots so they don't believe a silencer was used nature of this homicide. The way was carried out indicates and i say indicates they an organization that is trained to do this type of activity. Investigators found nine shell casings next to the victims car. Police say guerrero chapa lived in south lake for two years but had no property records under his name. He was a mexican national but it's unknown. Why he was in south lake operated private business in mexico and at some point practice law in mexico it may have been affiliated with a law firm in south texas state bar does not show he has a license in texas. Chapa had also previously represented to other gulf cartel leaders. One drill better thorin gone on who was sentenced to life in prison on fifteenth. Two thousand thirteen. His charges and sentenced stemmed from drug trafficking conspiracy that involved more than ten kilograms of marijuana. His sentence was enhanced because he use grenades rocket launchers homemade cannons and automatic weapons. The other leader was a rally o'connell florida's who on may thirteenth two thousand thirteen was sentenced to thirty five years in prison for drug trafficking. A rally o- was also ordered to forfeit. Fifteen billion dollars in drug profits. The murderer chapa exemplified a new problem in the dallas fort worth area although four hundred miles north of the mexican border the central location highways and railways may dallas prime location for drug trafficking. Steve mccraw a director and colonel of the texas department of public safety said that mexican cartels constitute the greatest organized crime threat to texas according to a texas public safety threat overview released by the texas dps in march two thousand thirteen. There are eight major mexican drug cartels and in two thousand thirteen. Six of these were operating in texas. Though saidthomas which started as the militant arm of the gulf cartel the gulf cartel the scene allure cartel the beltran leyva organization leff amelia mutual ghana and the juarez cartel the centers. Leff amelia and the gulf. Cartel's have an overlapping geographic region. Roughly the eastern half of texas. The warriors encina look are tells operate in the western half of texas and the beltran leyva organization operates on the gulf coast in the last two decades. The cartels have expanded their operations beyond drug trafficking to money laundering. Oil theft murder kidnapping extortion. And even human trafficking mccraw said they've evolved. They've adapted military tactics to engage each other and the mexican government. They've adopted terroristic tactics that we've never seen before in organized crime. There have never been organized crime groups that have been this depraved. Before to make matters worse the cartels have aligned themselves with gangs in texas providing a never ending pool of cheap labor for surveillance smuggling and murder from two thousand six to march two thousand thirteen. Almost ten million pounds of drugs had been seized. This equated to an eight billion dollar street value members of the cartels have embedded themselves in the dallas fort worth area purchasing unassuming homes and cars living with their wives and children and wease draw attention. Additionally many members of the cartels have family who already live in the dallas area. So they already have a circle of trust established in two thousand thirteen at the time of trump is death sixty thousand deaths had been attributed to the drugs and cartels in mexico. The investigation into trump is murder stalled after a few weeks because there was so little evidence left at the scene of the crime upon print was found on the side of the range rover but did not lead to a match. The suv used in the hit was found in a rental car parking lot but was nearly pristine upon. Its return finally a few weeks into the investigation. Fbi agents looked under the range rover and found their first break in the case a black plastic box about the size of a deck of playing cards. This turned out to be a gps tracker manufactured by black line agents contacted the manufacturer of the tracker and found. There were five other trackers associated with the account of course the name on the account and the associated g mail account were fake but agents subpoenaed google and turned up a secondary g mail address which led them to a seemingly mild mannered retired verizon technician the man jose cepeda cortez was called joe by his american friends. He had been born in mexico but lived most of his life and the rio grande valley. His friends thought he was straight laced albeit with a goofy sense of humor. After retiring from verizon he opened assigned business outside mcallen texas and two thousand twelve. He and his two brothers appeared on the television. Skit showed called single. The lentil muccio milenko. Which means i have talent. A lot of talent there stage name was lost. By chico's a reference to the latino suits who culture agents could not find ties the cartel and joe's emails but did find records of numerous car and property rentals in the months leading up to the murder. The rentals occurred in north texas and south florida. The also discovered many emails between and his cousin he's useless. Ms betta otherwise known as chewy chewy was a private investigator in the monterey area. Close to where. The victim had lived before fleeing to america to we had worked for the mexican police for several years and then worked for a secret security intelligence agency. He was also good friends with the leaders of the beltran libya cartel the email exchanges between the two cousins. Did not turn up any details of the crime but did contain numerous links to blogs about one. He's use keto chop one of these posts alleged. That chopper had run over mexican federal agents to avoid subpoena once. Investigators began reviewing the gps data from the trackers. They could link joe and chewy to the area. There were other trackers that were often travelling in conjunction. with chapa. many times the vehicle was immobile. It was discovered to be at an apartment complex just a few miles from trump his home in south lake. Joe and julie's name or on the lease along with a third name. he's useless combine. Oh who was jewish son. His use was also con- gerardo. He often helped his father with the investigative work and also owned a nightclub after chewy track down and arrest photo of in florida. They tracked down his brother in west palm beach. The trio stayed there for several weeks in december. Two thousand eleven hoping he would lead them to chop up the started using trackers at this time and became proficient and installing them and switching them out one man would walk past. Vehicle stooped tires shoes and install swamp the tracker in february two thousand thirteen. The trio found records of ciampa sister-in-law. Laura who lived in grapevine. They quickly rented a low budget apartment in grapevine and began tailing laura. Sometimes they would physically track her although they frequently tracked her from the comfort of their apartment easing a program on a tablet in march. Two thousand. Thirteen lor me to stop two days in a row and a house in south lake. She had never been there before. And it peaked. The trio's interest they determined. This was chop as neighborhood in april two thousand thirteen. The men installed gain cameras at the entrance of trump has neighborhood and place trackers on shops cars as investigators expanded their investigation and search. They found that they were dealing with a serial killer or killers. One of the trackers associated with joe and chewy had traveled to mexico. And we're in the car of a dead man. A list was found. Joe's email and seven or eight of the fifty people listed or dead although investigators were closing in they still didn't have a clear motive. The agents assigned to the case believed that a member of the beltran labia organization was responsible for the two year surveillance on ciampa rodin phone via rail hernandez was a plaza boss. A cartel leader in charge of a specific area on the street. Rodolfo was best known as el gato. Which means the cat. Josh burgess lead investigator on the case became concerned for his family's safety as this case proved the cartel would go to any length. He installed special safety features on his home including a strike plate on his front door. So no one could kick it in. Although they had enough information and evidence to arrest the trio involved in the surveillance they knew it was a waiting game. If they arrested joe living in texas they would never get chewy or geraldo who were living. In mexico arresting the spare in mexico would have been tricky since they were affiliated with the cartel. so they waited. This episode is brought to you by better help. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals. Trust me i have been there. And i still struggle with these issues but better help online. Counseling is there for you like it's been there for me. You can connect with your professional counselor and a safe and private online environment which is so convenient for me and it really makes me feel comfortable. You can now get help on your own time and at your own pace you can schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist whenever you need to. 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Finally in september two thousand fourteen. Their patients paid off geraldo and chewy cross. Us mexican border. The two men were arrested and just a short while later. Joe was arrested as well as chewy was being questioned. He played innocent saying he and geraldo had only across the border to buy baby clothes for harare's baby however searching the car they found a tracker and a notebook with a list of names written in it one. He's used get it or chagas. Name was in the notebook crossed out after several days of interrogation chewy provided more information but said there was no place in the world. L got though couldn't find him. I'm a dead man. He said he also told investigators that he had told el. Gado southlake was not the place to carry out the hit. Investigators wanted one of the three to flip on the other to finally after months of discussion with her ardoz attorney. Geraldo agreed to testify against his father. And for a lighter sentence the other two men were charged with federal stalking charges and conspiracy to commit murder geraldo the mood of to investigators. He said when he met with l. goto for the first time men were carrying automatic weapons and he saw aplenty chainsaw l. Got to explain that he believed ciampa was responsible for the death of his own father. Many years before el gato entropa were from the same small town in mexico. Where he'll got. Those father was a police officer when he was murdered. Erdo had attempted to quit at one point but oh god does sent men after him. These men attacked her ardo one day while he was riding his motorcycle. They shot at him. Knocked him off his bike and ran him over once he had recovered. Geraldo resumed the search prior to murders. El gato sent the men who would conduct the actual murders to meet with geraldo chewy. Joe these men were only known escapade done or captain and non to his rank and the mexican army and clorox so called for using bleach to clean up his crime scenes for el-ghazal on the day of the murder chewy and geraldo trailed wants wife to walmart and swamp the range range rovers tracker for another one. They followed her back home and then again at five forty five. They follow the range rover as it left again. Geraldo said his father was acting on lee and even turned off the tracker on their vehicle. He also told geraldo to turn off his phone believing they would look odd sitting in the car together choice and his son to the coffee shop for coffee. Geraldo notice copied done in clorox in the parking lot. As he went to the coffee shop he told investigators right after he paid for the coffees. People rush to the door. The murder had just occurred. The next day chewy lost. No time in getting back across the border. Harare's stayed at a motel in mcallen texas. Doing paperwork on a ford bronco. He was going to sell in mexico before he crossed the border. His father called and told him to pick up. Cases of michelob. Beer because el gato wanted to throw them a party in two thousand sixteen another man was included as a co-conspirator in the murder of ciampa lewis. Louder amigos de sta was the man who provided the financial resources to finance search. Louise had been stopped at the. Us mexico border in two thousand eleven and told a border patrol agent. He was looking for one. He's us get it or ciampa. He told the border patrol agent. That chop was a drug dealer who needed to be deported. Back to mexico court documents issued on may twenty ninth two thousand sixteen stated. The meeting at the border was designed to enlist the assistance of the government in returning de to mexico so that ramirez east asia and others could kill him court. Documents issued on may twenty ninth two thousand sixteen stated. The meeting at the border was designed to enlist the assistance of the government in returning data to mexico. So that amigas about these data and others could kill him. When that plan fell through louis sent a drug dealer four times between november two thousand twelve and january two thousand thirteen to pay his betta thirty eight thousand dollars when the first three suspects to trial in two thousand sixteen. It came to light that one sister that he alexa had planned to killing in retaliation she had one of l. gatos relatives beheaded and sent the video to l. gotha. It is not known who the relative was or what relationship. The victim had with ogato on february twenty third two thousand sixteen one of choppers brothers-in-law was found shot to death. In monterrey metro moist. The lagaras name list found into his emails during the trial of the three men who were arrested for stalking chapa and his family chew told the courtroom. He still had about twenty relatives in mexico that he had to constantly move for their own protection testimony at the trial revealed other details about chopper and his relationship to the cartel wants his boss. Osceola carden geene was arrested. Ciampa became an informant for the us government. This was part of a sales plan hoping that he could receive a more lenient sentence if he had a high ranking member of his organisation cooperating with the us government one of choppers jobs after oh sales arrest was to lean on the gulf cartel and the set us to collect millions of dollars. Many of the leaders believed this money was being given so that i'll seal could be released early from prison. Some of the money chopper recovered came from osceola. Private hidden stash paranoid that the us government would cease his money we'll l. had avoided banks and buried millions under homes and ranches chapa personally collected money from nine underground bunkers and thumb liebus and leon ciampa also negotiated disputes among cartel members including cocaine payment issues and fight over more than five hundred acres of beachfront property in tom biko. He negotiated hostage releases between rival cartels and provided the mexican military aid in capturing cartel figures. He provided the us with names of leading mexican officials who were corrupt and gave up the names and locations of cartel leaders at trial. The prosecutors worried that chapa would not be a very sympathetic victim because of his ties to the hotel however his wife provided dramatic and emotional testimony as she told how it fell to watch him die. Geraldo provided the most detailed testimony in the case as he described how l. got though rewarded him and his father for the death of chapa. El gato gave them a bmw and a hunting trip in the end. Joe and chewy were found guilty of federal stalking charges and conspiracy to commit murder. Both men were sentenced to life in prison. Harare was found guilty federal stalking charges and was sentenced to twenty years and got all clorox and guppy. Don are still on the run l. Got though also known by his name. Ho said rudolfo says was added to the fbi's most wanted list on october twenty third. Two thousand twenty. A reward of one million dollars is available for information leading to his arrest. He is considered armed and dangerous. El gato is forty two years old five feet four inches tall and weighs approximately one hundred sixty five pounds. He has ties to monterrey mexico and mexico city mexico. Despite anti-drug government measures dating back to two thousand six thousands of drug related homicides continue on both sides of the border between two thousand six in two thousand nineteen there were three hundred thousand drug related homicides in mexico including an all time high of thirty six thousand and two thousand eighteen which equates to ninety murders a day okay fan club members as i conclude this episode. My one question to you is. How will you sleep tonight. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this episode. Please leave a positive review and rating on apple. Podcast or your podcast player of choice. It really does help. You can find us on most social media channels twitter at t. cfc pod facebook dot com slash tfc. Podcast instagram true crime. Fan club hod and of course our website is true. Crime fan club dot com. If you have an episode request send us an email t. Cfc pod at dot com. This episode was written and researched by cdc seeing john content editing by brittany martinez produced by the best in the business nico at we talk of dreams. Check him out on twitter at we talk of dreams or we talk of dreams com.

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From Homelessness To Authorpreneurship with Brenda Dempsey

The Dave Pamah Show

50:46 min | 7 months ago

From Homelessness To Authorpreneurship with Brenda Dempsey

"Welcome to the dave thomas. Show the podcast. Fives restores and awakens. Your innermost capability. You have the training and the talent to succeed but do you have the guts to fail. I love what i do. We love what you do. You want to be the best at it. Two days about the power you. You will change to find your path to success the journey of those who have succeeded. And now your host. Dave pomme welcome. Welcome back to the palm. Show today. happiness episode an award-winning entrepreneur. Philanthropists and publisher. She's a master coach and also a best selling author and women of influence. Brenda dempsey welcome to the show dave. I agree introduction and thrilled to be here talking to such a light main deeds pearson as yourself. So i'll tell you have like one service most are to have a majority of us and uk listeners. And guests as well but majority of been us two thirds of the guests as i'm clatter comeback to the uk. Has it been there. Hasn't been treating you with this or this lockdown in new variant a you in scotland or london. Well no. i'm just outside london. Moscow's you tax income so just pick glaswegian waste. Goes up in my say. It's not london scoring to see what's been going on there so we can Let's let's be good on here as for me. I'm very blessed because have cats anymore. Marquette's of all grown up let s. So i'm able to concentrate on what i love doing. Base nuts helping other people like you do a so help them through cochin and and but my biggest thing recently as being coming into publishing at just opened so many doors for for me. So i'm suplex eighty Would run in here. And i wouldn't want one i can't we see it has in store for this year doors of gambling to open what i said. I mean. It's just so wonderful thing about coming from versity that it makes you ready now to come back stronger and up and move on that which is hopefully going to inspire everyone this year to do that. In twenty twenty one after for some people. Anyway it's been a. It's been a year that they could still move on but other people obviously have been set back a bit but talking about i the knockdowns. You even have some advanced in your life as well Before you got into education coaching publishing your own publishing company. Tell us about that. Yeah so i. I was married young really young. Seventeen all my thoughts are ya and you know what what you do at seventeen. You think you know everything that you know nothing. And i didn't know what abuse voice abedi subtle level until it go quite bads. Psychological became physical and gino's andrew dot for the best part of twenty years. Time ya maybe some junichi near some of that jed and we'll happen always and when my youngest showed went back to school Decided it was time for blend. Accented forecasts brought inside sleet had been a single mom for fifteen years ago enough enough. Because i'm always on Do a lot for the community but then and so much you you need to become a teacher fulfilling a lifelong dream since one and then it was an just this summer before an intimacy new year at gone on a field future to amsterdam and my ex husband didn't bother coming back from his best Trying to keep home. His canaan has control. We've talking a giant to put as jeevan anything. Of course you know. I'm determined though decades the stayed in that relationship. It'll add another huge story but so fortunately message came in. Let me go on my future. And then so when i came back thanks just went from bad to our stretch and i ended up. Lean my family room with four children with my life and as we had what we should no money. Nothing and when fleet the hung the just after his roy. Okay and you're still. Scotland in glasgow lived bow ballack local. Our don yeah. I've only been to myself. Yeah it straight to glasgow's need is such a you know. I took a train from glasgow. Edinburgh once took about forty five minutes but it was quite nice nice scenery from from both sides anything anyway. Yeah so yet so So add to try and get myself organized. I was in a shelter toes when these potatoes peas had to rely on benefits for the year. But i knew it was tame pretty because i know it was going to become a teacher i could goldie because at no nothing at least four kids about the grace of god my family mustangs adorable. I would have done you know. My kids were scattered Three weeks till we go a roof over the heads and then that was able to bring us back together. His my ex-husband just refused point blank to leave the matter to whom i could go back after it's happened absolutely no couldn't for the life of my children rest are just don't i'm not going back and menendez. Let's try to leave before. But what was meant by catholic. With scotland guilt so then was had to complete my final year of medically hype years so as a five year five in this predicament and newly point whether never qualified and eight modesto was done a denise tenures dissertation donald done the research. I couldn't get myself set on not seats. I could not sit on that seat today. Louis works that donald. Donald the the packers together as you do and then fell on the floor and i was just so been and i described as being in the fetal possession wrapped up in a low ball and it was like a low spot satellite. Dave just let something in saint me just went. You're gonna get up. No can't there's no such thing as cans saw an alternative with so it was like being born coming up slowly going. Get a not room and get that work done. And i sat there mistakes. Stunner ten thousand words. Go handy. Dan and to mac so for one. I was region but never made that wasn't important. The the gauge was not born. The fact that. I go that dickie and that is the best day of my children. The best in my life weight because it was gluten free financial freedom so that diggity which then allowed me to become financially independent again will never be naturally run. That was other thing because our state mom is dependent my husband after you're losing i mean so this was like eighteen years then i can gay. I can become financial independent. Get how he's got council hoses able to buy it. I was able to stop working my way up to where we had been before from children. So you know that is self Glean over there so much in that in terms of who you need to become to overcome adversity avenue. Money of not knowing what you gonna do with your children a stress. Because i had to run the table of university. had to rely on so many people. Can you get mass. Sunday today his Get back down from coming out of school so that day to day. Levin was highly stressful Become ill ended up with a deductive thyroid. Autoimmune agricole's of stress rise only was a stressing. Try deal with husband. Do my kids deal with the finance. Do we get a degree and parents should omer mothered lucas. Who ended up mobile check. But father'd been all my life he to becca lucy's pneumonia walk long serious here so so he he was so not only. Was i doing all this and try study so there was many nights of no sleep. What needs to may babies keeping up at night before cats off looking and looking after. Lpn's because i would have to go mom and dad's in the morning before the way i uni come back. Good mom and dad's marquette's with meet me there. I would make not and we would set and then you know i would go home and do the next and get a catch to the classes you know dance and football at goes into boys so it was totally busy so david go to bed at night and at ten o'clock eleven o'clock at night i would read and go for it so instead ahead and decide which my body wants you to do your advertising and when is assignment team. Oh my god. I was not set. My mother was in hospital. His mother used to get blue lights. Because you horn over. Obviously so some days i would go to hostile because to own eight and goes to go teach. I don't know how it gives the brandon here. Today goes while that's like another lifetime ago in who'd dot 'cause it doesn't feel like me you know it's it was so from that at some is supposed to go a main segments icon. I icon evolution. Because i'm telling you a nice so strong area you cannot do all the chief ran to it. You know an ambassador is not an excuse adversities on reason for doing your you get yourself. You probably had this. I'm not giving up mindset as well as handy together with it. Yeah yeah you had this. I'm not gonna give up mindset things up so just so apparent especially to the point where you stood up and said you know what's going on come on voicing headset that means that natural mechanism that was going on so i mean obviously some people need to learn resiliency. Some people have that number of residency in them. Even though you you get beaten down every champion spokesperson get beaten down so low. But i build themselves up and some have the natural ability to do their heavyweight boxer. Now who's gonna fox What's it what's the name name. He had depression tyson fury. Yeah now he had a lot of them. But i think he's got that natural mechanism sports neck makers especially boxes so so when in drive. Yeah exactly yeah. It doesn't matter how good you are. If if you were spoiler in your mind as i believe it so mathiang latest to be the best you can be. So why would you. The best. I can be can an adult mean coming This about starting a best setting than the latest release excess knowing that you've done your base to us right you've trust being the best version of yourself. It's the best version of yourself. i'm ola. many many roads to become the best version of yourself with your doctors judas singer athlete iota. Reiter you teach your your at whether you sweep the streets whether you'd run the country because you know what i love to see is people who do tasks like the Tell the other day this guy with and cleaning the at the hospitals and he said i typically played in what i do is somebody score. Clean flows to keep us safe from kovic. Somebody's clean it. So why should i come in do have possibly no. I'm gonna come to be the best cleaning the exact on a Is hugo father guy. He will the in some people find them. That is what makes people super extraordinary. It's not. It's not the skill physically. Go vote could be onion tables. This looks of food and governments as lords put business ajab because the do connect to who the art Don't to the higher version of themselves but when you connect to that highest session of yourself no matter what your job in life is your populist no matter what your role is you will get your damn best. No absolutely absolutely an mentioning about the cleaner in the locker in lockdown mo superheroes now were. The frontline is meaning not only the hospital doctors and nurses that we've done a great job at then carers but also that the people going on the front nine in the shops where people need the food. The cleaners especially the clean is because they're going to be around all that stuff and they have to sanitize and all the time and the bed. The real heroes. June it's not and really wasn't they. Yeah i absolutely you know. It's quite emotion lampton rise above your emotion because it i can drag you down so you need to lend to be the master of your emotions. Not doesn't mean to say you're you're coal your code. It's knowing when to let go assignment. Please gordon have your pay packages as a will. And it's it's not staying Let's get back up dust yourself down the songs they'd start all over again advances that over again as you duchess and move forward forward even if it's a five minute believe an exercise mental illness. Will you could main. Yeah so. I'm not an expert in it but i'm big on in app as a coach not doing the actual medicine station but just coaching people coaching. But is less than it yourself off. Look i come all right ed Wait you come when you come to. Anything comes from not sold place. Yo-you you're not in your head you're on your heart and soul. You can only speak the truth by wreck. Solemn voice in your voice equals your truth and your mattress could be two different things but the true to each of us it's all perception in what's true so we know that loving people is is a trip. Eleven people Brings joy to us you know and love and unconditionally. Just help you. Rise above of other things and other people. Yeah so the truth as doing the best knowing rate from role integrity is my number one priority and i only see Who it but you know who argue in new ones looking. We'll see whether i'm sitting here talking to you on the commish. Aw whether i'm sitting here during my you know. I've been in this morning during what looking at seconds in all my works to the best of my ability. I never do anything slapdash. Nothing not even sling. Everything's to the best of my ability. That's because our by integrity. So do the best old times and the bad don't do best. I've go start over again. Because i've let myself and i don't want to let my life any longer letting myself down because when i do it myself i'm not letting other people don't believe Told me brenda off to. This'll be call now for the iot power life and now you've managed to turn it right you've got your education a degree you always hard for. And that's determination as well as lots. There's lots of precarious says can put in just listening to you but we just kinda move forward. Now how did he move forward if your life after that. The turnaround for what you know where you are now. It's the point we are now so you know. So it's not all teaching A permanent job you supply teaching The detroit so patrons so you started that a couple years again. Any place shooting byan So and someone a new soul. My passion hugged teachable. Is we need some determine what ms special needs. And i really thought well i tell you what am don't send them the sayan grid syndrome people. That really gets me. And even training added studies Jomon explosive movement and dan south kitsap So before a special needs to eat jog with an obscure zeeshan get the job and that never happens rushing. I'm not job became ready. Good data minimum data bush. Pass pass to be within a year. We lost even if i'm last night and one month's meniscus niece lowest fion- senior s. missile was. Actually you've got four really so that's patched for even that's definitely seen as a personal one you know that you need to really get very emotions grief. That's another subject if you talk to your dad. That's a yeah had a as well sean. Only one paragraph mapo cabal. Because for some reason i was able to deal with the irvy's able to although of ptsd after austin and i didn't know it was ptsd of ptsd remembers more about the in my whole nation. I had a lot of issues around the now recently. It's always been around. Yes so i would say. Ptsd after my father's death for the bait anna three for someone. that i didn't let keep madonna. Just i just thought it was. I don't know. I just sometimes tough to start. Mcconnell had been tiers of late. I can get these every v london by just can't do is shops things away enough like new offer. Go so take the focus off that yes hits me like a ton of wrecks then knoll. I stayed there be depended. Mci today are no. I've got to talk of what you focused on. Something positive that moves me forward. That's don't be. Tst defense that you said. I was gonna say that small art. The mindfulness where you were gonna reflection without getting sucked in with with the past and just learning and moving forward just being present there and aware that reflection abbas obvious trained as a reflective practitioner. Archea as teachers. Who are i. Don't know how to left me without reflecting after. Thank you actually. Sometimes it's tuna because once you become a leader as analyze the Ever look sometimes people just look at me. Nothing blender rate a natural to say some people are naturally in that some natural born leaders like others worker but everyone came leader so yes so so so yet. So i for me a lot of things that make bane. Dubbing are an e. some things of of of strengthened by levin software nail p up there the collagen with brian developmental. Before really meet a big change. Me i used to wonder why wasn't as successful as a wanted to be because at Wasn't a moment dad. Were the loving parents but did no. I'm bishen leyva born in generation fouls on the twenties. Mamedov born every is late twenties so we delay skillet fourteen. My mother's mother died when she was nine so they didn't have. They just want you to love a good wholesome life that they had no ambition so obvious only one of four kids that went to university. I'm the one you my other. Two sisters one st knows she died for years ago. Just royal i. Am you know so we can laugh about you. know So he ever seen about the desk so then what happened was when my father died i was home and i was just chai recovering amid some deal in the nice. You know so when my mother died on his to go talk about impulsive then three a mother dying. My kids don't live the high level over myself golden dog. But that's not not not to do if the bereavement or anything other. They just moved on and just naturally did not limited to nisa area beijing again. Isn't it so this was a this was a women who did everything annot still young though lopez linda. That was to skating escalier interesting. I met my partner davidson and and three weeks after my mother died a pack. Maho stop and i. I moved to leafy savvy beautiful. You quite different from where i know. Sorry reasonable because soon absent. Yes i've been there a couple of times. I've you okay next time you hear when the pay is actually. My sister lives around the area she. She was impatiently nothing. She somewhere near they now but yeah yeah so so i just i just thought well come on what school with us. Nothing keep me here any longer. Although my sister wasn't Happy emissions old eight and and just just gone from strength to strength to strength an active another interview. Someone and a hat and a hammer dave now moment was had to be the death of my parents as quite emotional for me is. It's an hamble. Check the death penalty to give me freedom right but not in a bad way you just saying no no no no no no no a in a right way wherever stressing trachea of you in a positive like positive what to call it Instead of positive growth wherever instead of public is another word for it for convoys so am it meant than obviously to thank linda for the first time in my life yeah to escape it was someone else fain destroyed jobs. Straightway became the same. Cool an spatial school than watching a second. Just go Teaching career because i was on nest egg And dental development at some peasant family as a leader in that category onto your coach and had been trained as a coach is a leader in education. But you know is to be a coach and the bestest vote so to speak and and it got to the point so johnny two sizes in sixteen with my festive. Not walking in lake at many years many years fifty years mainly for your ears did my here and and so i just they go into cool shin natural progression into the adult body because trusted the universe go investment after you call strike and i knew that things will always cope for me for me. A necessary Bliss and this is why and who have had to endure the adversity. Because i'm such a strong leader and because you know so. I was proven Education but he was me So the universe brought me this Which of coach open handbags vote right which was helping homeless women. Farmable women women abused. Women episode competed poetry. But the government's Shouldn't so that she have. I'm taking it to a new label best year round stocked at. So you know. I've got the shot in mining with We we delivered ten thousand bags to then falling near wanted to be involved. You know and so we did backpack on giving back to something that you had experienced yourself and where i kind of got help you help really in a way because you kind of in a place. The shows at housing debuted at to bounce back. That gave it a space debates back abilities now because you know people can do that so that that's smart driver my drive. Is you know good oath. Lots of lewis business growth. Because evan back. It's a legacy that i want to leave behind so that this whole books called voices of hope for others in Light that you just goes in goes a name so then from your shot delight and you become a beacon of light people like i will begin of lights for other people because we re shed in our studies. We can help them. We can help them through things and be based version of them selves. so they're beacon of light shines at people come and take a late from yours but it doesn't diminish your own light you're just actually amplifies a not that's a really good mindset shift when someone takes a late from your late you diminish but you actually you gruel expands so therefore the more you help the more expensive you become limitless We can help so many people in so many many many ways. Mindfulness could ever as that you do. What's your passion. Look look back as were what i've done in my life and you can. You can give back this way or can give wave or what positive adler and do that of city. Pokhara have worked for me. You know more than logging can do not dyslexia. I'm not really a blogger. Even tried it. So i think today the so many ways for people so the first thing is saying you don't know what you don't know so. awakened awareness. And once you we can awareness. You know that you've got to continue weakening your wellness to so many things in life. So the way. I explain that to people as you need to keep region. You need to keep talking to people you you know you have to be doing. You have to keep you. It's lifelong limb. You have to keep adding new perspectives to your own perceptions. You know can. Perception comments from within perspective is not looking abuser in a few so so far. You don't know what you don't know and not k. But soon as you know you went to grow in and you know sorts like emotional. Intelligence is so important in an another episode of any waste next to help me that. I know that something can fill. Actually the word i was actually looking for when you said after your mother died at put you triggered something to move on was rather than post traumatic stress. It's post traumatic growth. That's another you know in sedan. And then it take me to the last year to philly. Stipends in lockdown has opened as real power was trying to save for some people. It hasn't been a bad thing if anything. It's been an opportunity that can you see right there exactly so i didn't marcus four hours doing doing stuff. From travelling back to london and retired live semi retired life out in the tropics. So amanda traffic's at the moment i wanna make any was stuff on so it didn't really bother me. I was doing some face debate worse. I've seen some consultants file safety. Walk in london top. And it's not you could take supply teach into an extra cash. Yeah yeah yeah. So i was working on this. Yeah i was gonna miss but where has done is. It's given me the time to not do the other work not travel around everywhere and just just focus and like you said. The law of attraction or universe is so appalled things might be increase. I believe a believe you've got to go through your plan to ship in life. You know you've got to have your adversities you've got to. You've got experiences all these things. And i don't care what you see and i'm sure your young less knowledgeable hit me for this. Not just don't use it be you cannot be expedience each this thing so back in my life so i've bust in today's time right lifetime okay. We'll have just around okay. I'll just turned fifty six november se birthday and go to see told you i'd seventy thank you do nothing but you think you know your twenty s and your stone. You're finding your way. I was bringing up for mattresses. And he talks ready rocky. Those times i was reading but not not sure about anything in life. But for some reason you thinking about even if is don't definitely unease edge expedience thing and it is a weakened in with a new you get yourself and you start to feel all what is starting to get get on what life baked by then you get your one more confident than you festes your late audience. I'll tell you had sex. You definite you. You've given up kevin what people think about you. Taking your cj Auguste things that need everything. Junior trajan therapies a teenager. What would he say out. Dude as what will they founder. That tough because you sit lamb. It's a you in your life mobile. What's going on outside of you. So i can help. People realize thought sooner earlier there for the time being are my age. My growth You know you do you do need. You didn't need time and you do need expedience. It's a level of understanding the leaders especially in the usa role in the seventy s. Seventy biden seventy get up late. We'll be new slippers up. Age is a number we just go. When there's there's women in the eighties the during turn all that. I was wondering when she was ninety. Something inches danson late off. So something. Some clips social media somebody scrolling in order humble determinant almost got hooked on it one time but yeah but i did see video that because obviously you know with the down with you can defend a bit more. You the what you say it saying a couple of old accomplish around looks serenity. You know so you know. It's it's how you feel within because if you turn thank you love your levin life with passion that's been is doesn't mean anything no akkad set with someday half my age and i'll tell you i'll have more energy. The normal saying that there are some talented people a younger also. Can now what you're trying to say what you mean by their exceptional. Yeah we take a bill covering eight percent of the population that i best cayden. I still learning the still learning. You know someone like the president of france. Young president in comparison. Yeah yeah exactly. But they'll still be learning from wherever the experience as president or wherever in a young and all this stuff is gonna know world now they'll be learning and they're doing something maybe in the un. Or something. I wanna from the quick tape under yesterday on. The news was a young boy. Fifteen bought a small field but some sheep and now he's got money in the bank. Some mantras are young team. Well as well in another field as well set the cautious opinion for those of you want to call them something you know but people unexceptional rather nor am but when you think do you know the thing is. We've all got within his to be exceptional extraordinary it every age if they just let go of all. This stuff keeps his own all limiting beliefs. You you just need to look at cultures and different societies and you know you can see summer farther ahead than others than someone just like you know. But that's what i love i love. The challenge allows people as individuals. It'll essay people people the wild over. Not everybody agrees with me. I do because we don't people. I'm all want the best for ourselves. I mean i went to malawi to unical. And i went on a trip. They've fourteen onto women run. The knights had a stage in top with an african woman in our family jihad. They should seek heads in her neighborhood. Died into the day before we went to the teenagers on elephant. That's the there but but the the thing is actually tell you that women okay so that women had often no running water. Nothing but that women's james with his after bet is much the same as monitoring wanted late for sale family so she must decide mindset cinquanta mindset irrespective of the background. And what you've got resources around. January doesn't matter about eight driven today that that so she knew that she had to stop because it was to read. You know you might not have the same opportunities. Let's say somebody in london. You know that that changes. Just the most humbling expedience and my life. Mata notorious thank a couple of the animals left family. Jesus now as i made go-to thank the goal within the next week. What we beds so it was me so we went into this. So me a We bhagat depends bed for the night needlessly known the floor and they just let the just flip themselves meant to sleep with like but sleeping bag or something so humbling nego- the water Having to wash shop and it was just so humbling to share a meal with him. You know so. Obviously so part of that. She belongs to this of entrepreneurs us like People in the villages to take people like me or man if there's if is a month's group to come an expedience levin and home and it was all my goods take to your off the in life you know just most lowest tumbling of its meetings is fantastic. And they'll find that life would be much easier came to london to live live and little bit more elevated more tunes around them so they've already got determination midday. So one. More thing yeah. I'm not living in london and there's more opportunities here one. That doesn't glutton for scotland. 'cause options in particular. London has half the people on on from but my parents were immigrants and really half of it is is like that you know some onto originally from london but then a lot have moved out onto once they sort of made the money and they can buy nice alson. Yes yes before we people we finish the shower are just more about your can where people can find it and let me just quickly tell you so. This year and lots of people would become books have been written to last for four years or so. I've got national number one bestseller or shut 'em conceived to lead to a checking jumped to an own book and voiced support is a bestseller and people get comments. Can you help me late. Then some gives us may goes right. Can you publish my book publisher. I was fucking on the publisher just like one pm set year. Just let us. And i just went. Why nor a not. A coalpit presented me with the most optimum opportunity to start my business because the right people were right in front of the demands. It would you for that. Which bucket year. We'd be up for that. Let's do it and now you know this morning uncertain looking at figures for because we do a little divaesque inclusion because two percent both are black or asian. Or if i noticing so for me. I've always a always championed esther. Volunteers took trying to Underrepresented groups why we go. Joyce say she's about goal your shelter and she is not. I hand women with divested inclusion. Because that's why she knew her children's because her children choosing children notch others as mommy. Risa no dude. It looks like me so she thought. Oh yeah ryazonov hot one day. She says well maybe maybe up to meet tonight a story so she did so. This is hard book always. Let's say this is how big a great cover all the Too but betas because all you half a dozen harrow. Galleon araya expunge ghana rates to riches the adventures to ghana and so two kids of all cultures can lynn different coach childcare. Yeah that's so great so should do something on a mixture is how well our moms from a non next barbados up inequality lots and vincent and mark for mauritius. So that's a that's a. That's a big mix really but anyway but so shouldn't companies schooling up no visual apple. Sarah's amazing because apple world netflix's leading the way but amazon obviously tried to compete. Tv's moving now. Here's the other thing that's going to choose like people like yourself. Dave is tv owns but going back on the stereo with my of the indo who's yesterday and so therefore my Profile reason is just in closing and of course as publisher be talking about the book. So it's not having a book so what you've got a book what you have years that book to build a business as your hair your message and i talk about a significant make for people who want to make a difference. Spitzer significant difference. I was my intention as well. Well that i it was This'll get me kind of speaking. Expensive business competent. And it's helping people. Yeah so this is where we excel. Because it's a it's a boat as your journey me. It's your philosophy was selenium. Teach in what do you what do you let your one life find. So we teach people as lebanon and the admiral left an adult teacher. I've got to talk. That's exciting employs a legacy. You want to leave you know so so beyond your books. Abo- taking people take them back to the values visions mission the smoothie. I was business. What do they want to do. What's the impact who the wanting to help to actually business owner. So i i like to with authors speakers and entrepreneurs because it gives them cloudy in the business. 'cause we get me struck up presenting back to who's for what you do. We look at business models and how you can clean an amazing business. Rick having a global reach into a data after told you it's about being the best version of yourself. I am not said i try. An energy will dry fruit. You give an initiating so yes that's our to blame to other people who are leaders and her meeting adoption center of realize. Though it's the leaders would to be working with the leaders. I can't tell you how many people through being a publisher and speaking to that coincidence yet the leaders as shocking think or the so confident yet acquainted in the bubble something else will be lack confidence once he gets some that cottage to just pipe. Because you're so strong powerful. In your bubble you have the potential to be the same output and wrestling more and more than once thought just the non mindset and making main set shifts then the start the The the goal from believe in themselves to having conviction his conviction comes from the sole rule. You're not just confident. If gore with a new or just come out not at nine and you have that belief and confidence just naturally there in front of your space must come from the soul attribute. Still talk been having us. Thanks very much. What already thoroughly enjoyed this conversation render. Where can people get hold of you and find out more about your work can any books and yet is so my am website. www book billions publishing dot com. you can connect with Food email you get to that you'll find me on social media just and mc and you'll find me on all the platforms Publishing and news on all the social media platforms twitter linked and facebook haven't done as much instinct on recently Sort of just starting at minors should. It's time as well but adebayo's time there. But i'm gonna get too busy again when things get rolling again i either. Anyone listening will be in brenda's link on the chevy nightside when you finish this into this and you want to refer quit you to link again rather missing for again you can quit you. Think get a link. Excellent were brenda's. Doing and brenda of race. I really enjoyed this conversation. Viewer or start new. Our allies in london. Who could have done this. I'm shaving chapel. College opened up once again. She'll be in london. Done some interviews face to face and all would definitely make the next one. Come g back june so i'll probably are not sure how to stay because the vaccinations and everything on the twelve week. Second shot you know so we can hook up for face to face Lightning absolutely absolutely an main challenge. Fever an interview new for marshall definitely sounds like you're really going right direction des yeah exactly exactly but brenda. Thanks a lot for coming ashore and definitely will. We'll be speaking whether it's even if you're may homema- again with yoga will be empathetic ever list later. Thank you for having me nasty very much. Welcome vessel for this episode. Thanks for listening and remember if you want to support what we do then. Sheer subscribed review over on apple podcasts. Poor head over to my website faith. Palm dot com and click rate show but also for now the. I'll see you in the next episode. 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Keeping coronavirus from spreading in schools, why leaves fall when they do, and a book on how nature deals with crisis

Science Magazine Podcast

42:04 min | 8 months ago

Keeping coronavirus from spreading in schools, why leaves fall when they do, and a book on how nature deals with crisis

"Welcome to the science podcast for november twenty seven. Two thousand twenty. I'm sarah crespi each week. We the most interesting news and research published in science and the sister journals. I talked with staff writer. Jennifer cousin frankel about what we now know about keeping school safe during the coronavirus pandemic also this week. We learn why in temperate forest autumn leaves fall when they do is the changing temperature the short days or have the trees just captured all the carbon. they're going for the year in our book segment. Kiki sanford talks with author rooster freeze about her book. What would nature do a guide for our uncertain times. We last checked it on. Schools and cova nineteen on the podcasts. Anyway in july at that point we had some information about spread. This was based on schools. Stayed open throughout spring and those that didn't now in the fall term and a second wave. What do we know staff writer. Jennifer cousin frankel and contributing correspondent gretchen. Vogel have an update in this week's issue. Hi jennifer hi. Thanks for having me sure. It's really great to see this article. Come out. I feel like we have not a lot of information about schools and a lot of people making a lot of different. Decisions is now a good time to do this. Follow up story now is a good time and one reason for that is that many more schools have opened than opened in the spring and we have schools now open in areas with high transmission which is different. It offered us an opportunity to really learn about what's happening in those schools. How are they coping. And what are researchers trying to learn from them. What do you think are the biggest changes since your last piece on this. What we know a lot more about now than we did. Then i would say there are certain things that we strongly suspected then that have been reinforced. One is thankfully most kids really do not get very sick from covid. Nineteen there are exceptions. But in general they don't so that is very good news and that has truly held up over the months another. Is that when we think about schools in a one of the big concerns outbreaks in schools the spread of virus through a school. And while we're still really trying to learn about that. I would say that right now. Outbreaks in schools appear to be less common than they had been initially feared to be. So that's another thing. That we i think have have learned especially in high transmission areas. We do know that kids are not getting very very sick if they do. Contract corona virus. But do we know if they're transmitting it to each other. You know at the same rate as adult would or to to their teachers in their classroom or to their families at home that has been a really big question since the start of this pandemic. how much of a vector or kids are they are. They catching the virus to the same degree. Even if they're not getting really sick and if they do get infected are they transmitting it to the same degree and i would say you know. We still really don't know the answer to that. I think there have been a number of studies that suggest that younger kids in particular kids under about ten. And it's not like we're talking about a clear cut off. It's sort of a gradient. But that's roughly where people put the line so kids under ten studies have shown up less likely to get infected and potentially transmit the virus but then there are other studies that do not show this and that show the younger kids are just as likely to be infected and to transmit stars cova too so i would say honestly we really don't know and there are strong feelings on both sides. Here's some people really think that younger kids are less likely to transmit and others to say we truly do not know that yet so i feel like the jury is still out on that one. You break your story out into some big questions. That people have whenever they think about corona virus schools and so i just wanted to take those one time and the first one is. Are we going to see outbreaks at schools. We put that question first because it's on so many people's minds parents sending their kids to school people working in schools communities as a whole. How common are these outbreaks in schools. That is such a big question. I would say two things i would say. The data do appear to be hopeful. There have been some studies and some data gathering that underscore that one example we found was in north carolina where there's a big consortium among researchers in schools trying to study covid nineteen in schools. They found very few instances of transmission within a school. So that kind of thing is really heartening. At the same time we found that data is being collected less consistently and not being shared consistently either and that has been a concern too many people and that's true across countries. It's not country specific. So i think a lot of people working in this area really thought that by now we would have more information on had earns viral spread through schools and the degree to which that happens and it's still very limited and i think part of that is that health departments may just be overwhelmed. We're not doing these big studies in schools or we haven't done them to the point where we have results and also there's definitely issues around sharing data that allow other people to really analyze it. One of the big questions around that is does a school being opened changed how we feel about how safe it is so your kids are in school. Well are they also in sports. Are they also doing extracurriculars. This is just normal life again right. So that was something that gretchen. I have seen. I think on a personal level and it was something we wanted to look at. You know and it's a little bit squishy. I don't think there's one answer. Every family is different. But i think the psychologist do agree that when we think about risk and we think about how schools communicate and just what it means to be in school. There's a lot that goes along with being in school in normal times like carpools and birthday parties and high schoolers dating each other. There's so many ansari parts of school beyond just the classroom so the question is do open. Schools change risk perception and change behavior. And i think to some degree they probably do and they also may offer more opportunities for people to get together for example through school. Sports is that opening the door for spread in a way that schools themselves don't do that is definitely a big worry and i think we have seen that to a degree. Yes that a lot of the cases among young people are being tied to gatherings outside of school to carpools to sports either school affiliated sports or just sports leagues that aren't connected to school but that are running right now so definitely. I think there's a real concern about these out of school activities. Some of which are very much tied to schools and others of which may just have kind of resumed along with schools. That are fueling new cases. You talk about how classrooms. How students staff. Ken stay safe in an open school and one of the topics. You tackle is air circulation keeping the air. Low on exhaled viral particles. What are some of the approaches. That have been working from that. And how important is it compared to say wearing a mask in social distancing. The other topic ventilation is something we were excited to look at. We had not reported on this earlier. And you say it's it's talked about a watt in schools in all around the world. How much we need to ventilate classrooms. What can we do if a classroom. Is it naturally well ventilated. How much fresh air is enough. Essentially we really tried our best to get it some of that. What we you find is some of what's already known which is in general you want to enhance the flow of outdoor air into a room and then remove the indoor air because the goal is to minimize what people are breathing out before other people can be that in case there's virus there so you're trying to get that air out of the room in many schools that do have windows and you know often multiple windows in a classroom especially in europe. They're really opening those windows. Kids are often in their winter coats in class right now because it's getting colder. In many parts of europe there certainly encouraged to wear whatever they need to wear to stay warm in class for schools and there are many of these schools as well either. Don't have windows or don't have windows. That open classrooms. There are a number of efforts to try and help them ventilate their space. For example with a fan with filter that can clean. Indoor air in those kinds of fans are already used in parts of the world where there might be a forest fire air pollution or something else that pollutes your indoor air. You can use a fan with a filter to clean it. That's one thing we found another really interesting thing we found is that you can do these. Details sort of exhaustive calculations for different indoor spaces to try and calculate how much do we need to ventilate centimeters. We need to open our windows. That kind of thing and that can be helpful. But no one's going to be doing that for every classroom. It's just not practical. What some scientists are boarding is a simple turn it which is high quality carbon dioxide monitors. They cost between one hundred dollars. One hundred and fifty dollars normally and the reasoning for that is that when we exhale we exhale co two naturally and so measuring co two levels in the space can kind of serve as a proxy. For how well your ventilating if your co two levels are high. That means you're not cleaning out that indoor air as much as you might like if co two levels are low. that means you're you're doing a good job of that. Does this make much of a difference if the students and the staff are all wearing masks what people talk about a lot with schools and just in general with mitigating. The transmission of covid is sort of this layered protection the more layers. You have the more different things you're doing at once the more powerful your protection is so if you're just masking but not doing anything else. That's still certainly very important. But if you can mask and distance and ventilate and so on the more you do the more powerful your protections will be you know certainly if nobody's in a mask or few people are in a mask and a classroom. It would make sense ventilation almost making that space be as much like the outdoors as possible is really important if every single kid in class and the teacher are wearing their masks and they're wearing incorrectly can still be very beneficial to have ventilation but it's probably less critical than it would be if you have not everybody wearing a mask. Let's talk about testing in schools. Are there schools that test their students regularly. There are some that do this sort of random testing so they might test a subset of students every week or every month. That has been tried. You know some might try and test everybody over some sort of a time span. And they're doing that for different purposes. Sometimes it's just a kind of gauge. How many people are coming in with the virus. Who who don't know it's So is it a surveillance. There are researchers who are looking at schools using testing trying to find out more about what's going on. Can you talk a little bit about that. So that i think is really important and has a lot of potential. I think in the course of reporting the story and even before reporting the story. It was clear to us that there is one huge unanswered question about covid nineteen in school and that is how much do people in a school who are asymptomatic. Spread the virus in that school. Especially if you have really good mitigation measures. So if you have masks distancing and all the rest of it and somebody comes in and they have covid nineteen and they don't know it is that a risk or not maybe. It's not much of a risk. We really don't know yet. So that's something that testing can answer because it can identify not only those a symptom cases but it can trace weather an outbreak. Homs of them. So there are efforts to sort of regularly in a research more of a research setting test people in schools and staff members and even family members for both the virus and antibodies for example and to try and determine if there is spread in schools that we are not seeing without that testing. They're also efforts to use testing to answer other types of research questions. So one thing. That's been really tough for schools that we heard in the course of reporting the quarantine rules. And if you have someone testing positive in a school you might have to quarantine that class you have to quarantine that whole grade. You might have to quarantine multiple teachers. It can be really disruptive to half a switch back and forth and quarantine is often for two weeks. Is the standard now in most places. So one question is can we reduce that quarantine time safely. There's one study that hasn't started yet but is hoping to start soon in montreal. Where that's the question they're looking at. Can we use some extra testing to reduce the quarantine period from say fourteen days to seven days with a test before returning to school. The question. that's on a lot of people's minds these days is we're having community spread. We're having a surge all around us. Can we keep schools open. Should we keep schools open. I know there's not going to be just a blanket. Yes or no answer. What should we pay attention to. When thinking about the ways schools are operating in places with big community spread yet so hard. We all want answers. There's clear answer. I would say though one slight shift that we've seen in how to try and address. This question is that previously and to some extent still the way to determine whether to keep a school open was based on say that city or that county that region. And how it's doing. How many cases doesn't have with the positivity rate those metrics that we've all been hearing about now for months and months. what are those metrics. Is there some sort of cut off at which point we closed the school. That was pretty much the situation earlier. Some places are still following that. I think others feel. We wanted to almost more of a micro analysis. If you have a whole city with a high positivity rate. Let's say but the school is drawing from a small neighborhood. And that neighborhood has a much lower positivity rate and fewer cases you know. I think you could make more of an argument that that schools can stay open. We can almost look neighborhood by neighborhood. Or sort of cluster of neighbourhoods by cluster of neighborhoods. We also can look at what's happening in a school so is a school thriving and doing all right even if there are more cases around it. Maybe it's mitigation measures are really working well on the other hand if a school starts having case after case and has more quarantines you know that can be a sign. That things aren't going so well. Another concern that i think some people had is contact tracing and how functional it is in an area and what's happened. In many places as cases have surged. It's been a lot harder for the public health officials to keep up with contact tracing and a trace every case and there's some people who feel that we've contact tracing starts to fall apart then. It is time to think about closing your school because you need to have that in place at working all right to keep a school open so there. There are more focused things that we can look at. But i don't know that there's always a right answer. Thank you so much jennifer. Thanks for having me. jennifer cousin. Franco is a staff writer for science. You can find a link to this story and oliver coronavirus coverage at science mag dot org slash podcast. Stay tuned for a look at why leaves fall off trees and how their annual cycles fit into our understanding of global climate cycles. 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And how a rep assistance will respond to climate change. And therefore the main question here was. Can we contribute to a better prediction of ecosystems. And in this case of tempered forest ecosystems and and can contribute to how much carbon they will absorb so essentially how productive they will be in the future. I was concentrating on the office on the paper when he says productive here he means taking co two out of the air and making things with it. But let's go to the basics. Why why do tree stopped producing. Why do leave shut off in the first place. Trees lose their leaves basically so they don't freeze and the tree equivalent of frostbitten his otherwise it's like sticking a water bottle in your freezer. That's a little over full and so when water freezes it. Causes the cells to explode actually know repairing it just completely lost. You can't really duct tape your water bottle. Back together that was christie rawlinson a forest ecologist at the more arboretum in illinois. She wrote a commentary piece on the new paper. So what do we know about potential triggers for trees to pack up their leaf nutrients and drop the dead weight. Here are a few options from christie. The conventional framework has really been that because losing your lease an adaptation to stress. So that issue mccoll temperature. Shorts trees are gonna lose their leaves earlier so typically. It's been bought that as the days get shorter. There's not as much light leaves aren't as effective or the temperature start getting cold. The tree starts worrying Is that you start worrying about that coming. Constantine says we know leaf out the unfurling of new leaf. Buds is moving in time. It's getting earlier of the moment. Leyva is already happening about two weeks earlier than this was the case on religious ago the next big question is what will happen in ought to spring mostly predictable fall not so much so. Spring tends to be relatively synchronised across species and across locations. Yeah richest get warm and most treason scenario. Say oh yeah. I got this tend to grow ball is such a mess relatively speaking so it's much more than crowded. He will have trees of different species changing colors weeks difference in time and then kind of the banning part as a researcher is that individual trees won't change their color at different times and so this is kind of been one of the challenges of fall is that it's so less synchronous. It's so much harder to predict when it's going to happen. We don't know what happens. If spring is earlier will fall the earlier. Something that leaf hang time or productivity of these trees will go on longer as climate changes so earlier spring later fall to figure out which is actually happening costantini and his colleagues a lot of people to go on a lot of walks in the woods. It's based a lot on citizen science. There's people going out every year and they are just enjoying to observe nature and to observe when spring. Leave out. it's happening so when trees emerged leave since spring and they also observed when they sleeve start to color in autumn is actually a really long term database. It goes back as far as sixty five years. So essentially covered the period from one thousand nine hundred forty eight to present and was based on almost half a million individual fina logical records and with this huge database. We were unable to find these strong correlated of patterns. The group also grew young trees and climate control chambers to see which factors were most important to leave shutdown also sometimes called lifson essence. Some of these trees they experienced hires you two levels. Some of these trees experienced higher temperatures during the growing season and some of these experience could be nation of both higher temperatures and higher sue two levels when they looked across these approaches both a citizen science project and the climate control chambers. What they see is the key. Driver of leaf. Change is productivity. The trees have a sense. For how much carbon they've taken up and at a certain point they stop we see. This is a huge contributor to the timing of leasing essence. We still see that factors. They also matter. It's more like an interaction. Between autumn temperatures and the productivity before so essentially it's like the extent to which trees require autumn cooling to set the earliest depends on. How much for the tippety we had before one thing christie pointed out that the fact that productivity is so important to win the leaves change color helps explain why there's so much variation in the timing from tree to tree or species to species. You might have noticed that one tree that just went super early. It's an orange flame in a sea of green. This helps explain that. That was what was really exciting about this for knee. Because we know that where Awhile its roots are able to tap into water or in an urban environment is in a spot where it's getting constantly hit by the snowplow coming through all of these little factors that can affect how well a tree grows. I think that's going to play a role in when it changes color. And it's not just how stress it is but all the pluses as well trees are individuals just like us and so for better for worse they all do something slightly different but this helps us know what we should look at and what we should measure to get some of those differences so productivity helps explain some individual tree differences but this lesson can go broader to from european trees to the whole swath of the planet covered in temperate forest these observations these empirical correlations also hold for most of the trees that we have another america and also in asia. The whole temperate region should respond in a way that we see it. We are at the moment. Also undertaking additional studies in which to test whether these mechanisms really hope for the whole temperate zone and then this should really have a considerable effect on the global climate system because the temperate forest ecosystem is a is a huge contributor to and you'll productivity annual carbon uptake of trees if you think about leasing essence has been estimated that a one day delay in leave. Senescence will increase the carbon uptake of one hector of forest by almost a hundred kilograms. And if we scale this to the whole temperate. Boris episodes and this will have a huge effect also then on the global carbon cycle if you look at like the annual oscillations in carbon uptake. We see that. The c o two levels considerably changed between winter and summer and this is solely due to the leave out and the growing season period of temperate and boreal trees essentially. Because there's so much more temperate trees only in the northern hemisphere and not in the southern hemisphere received these really huge changes between seasons in global sea. A two levels. These trees do have a big impact on global carbon and we know from other studies that more. Co two in the air means. the trees can grow faster. But if you think of the tree as your portering water or carbon into that bucket you hit a point where it's kind of out of room so a bucket can only hold so much even if you still have that hosts going and so this really means that while increasing atmospheric co two or if growing seasons get longer it might benefit a tree a little bit. But there's a limit it can't store more carbon indefinitely because there needs to be somewhere to put or use the carbon and what happens when the trees let go of that carbon with an ecosystem. There's of course a huge variety of other factors that lead to the release of carbon. We have soil respiration we have respirators to be able to realistically predict carbon capture of trees in the future. We also need to know when these trees are die and if an increase in productivity made even leads to an earlier mortality in these trees which would then lead to an earlier release of all the carbon that has been previously captured. So all in all these factors as a total need to be taken into account to really know the carbon sink plans will have in the future and how much this will help us in the fight against climate change. So no trees won't save us from climate change but on the flip side this also means fall won't change very much it unfortunately Tant down some of the optimism. The plants or trees compete the solution to everything. So it really comes back to. We can't just think about where we can put this extra carbon but really need to be thinking about putting less carbon into the atmosphere. At least we now know that there's kind of a limit to win. Follows can happen and so that really helps us think. And even for from a non cartoon perspective botanic gardens places like new england. Places like the morton arboretum. We think a lot about when fall colors going to happen for tourism and so in one sense. It's a little optimistic okay. So fall isn't going to change dramatically to be later. We can kinda count. It seems on it not shift dramatically one way or the other because the climate conditions plus the growing season conditions might kind of cancel each other out a little bit that was christie rawlinson a forest ecologist at the morton arboretum in illinois. She wrote a commentary piece. And we also had constantine's owner elite scientist in the institute of integrative biology at eric. He was an author on the research. You can find links to both their articles at science mag dot org slash podcast. Don't touch that. Dial up. Next books hosts kiki. Sanford talks with rooster freeze about her book. What would nature do a guide for our uncertain times Welcome to the book segment of the science. Podcast i'm dr. Kiki sanford v overlooked at a problem and asked how would nature solve this. Dr ruth to freeze professor of ecology and sustainable development at columbia university looked at the sources of uncertainty in humanity's future and did just that the result is her latest book. What would nature do a guide for uncertain times. Thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you kike. It's such a pleasure to be here with you. What led you to look at all the uncertainty. That lies in front of us. Humans are so good at finding solutions and also so good at creating problems and we continuously go through pat- cycle so where we are right now is we're coming off of the twentieth century which was full of solutions of technology full of efficiency Improvements in life expectancy and health bend reduction of poverty and lots of benefits. But the problem. That has come along with that as we have become such a great lakes connected world. Where if some shock happened. It just spreads and ricochets in cascade. So that's our problem. As a civilization now that has been created from this connected efficient world. So i wanted to think in this book about how we think differently about our institutions about our society and about how we organize ourselves our relationship with the world to live through this time of uncertainty and shocks are going to be coming autists in the future. How do we create immunity in our society to be resilient to those sorts of uncertainties. The prologue of your book to the pandemic that we're currently going through. How did your mindset change between sitting down to write the book and then having the pandemic arise in the midst of publication. Oh gosh well. I wrote the book. Before the pandemic and literally early coincidentally i was sending the final manuscript into the publisher that weakened march when all the shutdowns for happening and go. It really came into our lives and it was just ironic and coincidental. Because i spent quite a bit in the book to be convincing that we live with these uncertainties and here we are with this fruitful that we have these uncertainties coming at us all the time. We've seen the debilitating effects of this pandemic on our global networks and supply chains. These aren't natural systems. But what can we learn from nature about fixing them. One of the chapters in the book is about how nature or evolution has come to identify the types of networks. That enable persistence through uncertainties. So the example there is a leaf vein. So if you look very carefully at a leaf vein you will see that. It is not an efficient design. It has a lot of redundancy. A lot of small veins at are looping around all over the the leaf and that's to carry water throughout the leaf and to bring back sugars to the plant so that's very essential for plant but that network functions the most efficient way to design that network would be some kind of hub-and-spoke think of an airline map. Something like that but what evolution shows us is that that redundancy and networks can really pay off so if you think about a leaf with that network if an insect takes a bite out of that leeson and severs one bain or some of the veins there are options there are different ways to route the water and the sugars through the leaf. What we've seen. What the toilet paper and the hand sanitizer and the webcams and all of these shortages. That have come up during the pandemic is that our networks become so efficient that they are also fragile that we don't have redundancy but isn't redundancy also costly it requires investments. I have a story or two about how people have learned that that investment in redundancy does pay off in the design of networks. There's a story about paul barron in the design of the internet which initially while an officiant sort of communications network design. Seeing the way to go his work showed and ultimately proved in the design of the internet. That building in redundancy added cost is what enables a network to persist through shocks and uncertainties. I think that's what we're learning in the pandemic. Can you talk about how the topics in the book align with conservation and how that can benefit us all as humans. Well conservation is about keeping diversity alive. Keeping diversity of species heaping genetic diversity alive within species keeping our remaining wild places. Which are the stores of diversity. So working in conservation is built on that premise. That diversity has value both directly economically for instance different crops in different medicinal species but also has a value in and of itself by keeping diversity alive because we don't understand what exactly it means for us. If we lose that diversity there are millions of species on this planet and we haven't even identified a fraction of them so our understanding of the way the world works and how important different species are the way they interact with each other is so rudimentary that it certainly seems foolhardy to allow those species on genetic resources in those places to go extinct. In the book you talk about the failed nineteen ninety-one biosphere two experiment in arizona. That attempted to have eight people survive in a supposedly self sustaining ecosystem within a sealed dole. In your view what did that experiment. Actually show us so. This was the experiment to build a closed system grow all their food. Recycle water recycled their way and not have any outside support coming in for two years. And it's an amazing thought experiment but what it showed was again that our knowledge is so rudimentary do we know enough to recreate the ecosystems at the biosphere that is our support system and ecologist would say yes but i don't think so part of how biosphere did go wrong was from a management perspective in one of your chapters about bottom up versus top down control of systems. Are there examples of top down control in nature so in nature. We don't see pop down control. We think about a queen in ants nest or other social insects like is that there's a queen that is controlling the movements of all of the individuals but that is not the way that evolution has evolved but individuals the ants and termites individuals are making instinctual decisions based on their ability to perceive their very local surroundings so the way that ants can march in a straight line. It's not because the queen sitting in the middle of the nest can dictate which way each individual ant is moving. But each individual ant is picking up on the firm owings and leaving moans that send signals to the other anson the emerging property is that they are in a straight line but humans aren't social insects. How does this apply to us. People can collectively manage their own resources if they have the ability to make their own decisions and from the bottom up and that goes along with the wonderful work of elinor ostrom who is nobel prize winner in x. studied and how communities self organized to collectively manage their resources and she on the conditions that make that possible which is very counter to the twentieth century view of the tragedy of the comments that people have left on their own will destroy their howman resources so she for show this in los angeles policing and water management in los angeles and different communities that manage their forest than fisheries and by these conditions. That's more like nature where communities and individuals are making decisions based on their perceptions of their local environment than what works for them rather than a help down control in some far off capital city. That doesn't know or understand those local conditions. Why do you think it is so hard for people to think about our world in an ecological way. So we're so used to thinking about efficiency as the guiding paradigm that just comes from march twentieth century focus on technology and efficiency and getting to the easiest answer in the shortest amount of time. And that's the kind of thinking that for me so our view of the world at least our our western view of the world and when you think about redundancy it does have a cost if the leader invest in redundancy. He or she might not see that. Pay off in his or her time in. It seems messy and wasteful. If you think about the world is a static but once you start to see the world is a dynamic place with all kinds of connections then these kinds of investments start to make sense that if we get out of our efficiency way of viewing the world that these strategies of redundancy and bottom-up decisions in investments in diversity. We can see how society as a whole or the long run can benefit. What do you hope readers gain from your book. Well i think people are seeing that. We're facing an uncertain world whether that's climate extremes or these political upheavals that we might not have expected or diseases or economic collapse or any number of uncertain possibilities that are in our future and thinking. How do we rethink our world. And while it's very hard for an individual to change the world and build a c- bank which would preserve genetic resources for our crops or change fire management policy. You know those are very hard things for any one individual to influence but if we support the leaders that think beyond a efficiency kind of paradigm of the world or short term thinking and collectively work as a society to think about how we want to organize ourselves and support the leaders that can think with us about the way we structure our institutions and structure our relationship with nature. Then i know this sounds very ethereal but society's made up of individuals and that's what i hope for the book is just to offer not to prescribe not to say anyone should or shouldn't do any particular thing but to offer some ways of doing and thinking about the world and how we see our future a civilization. I feel like your timing couldn't have been better. Thank you so much. Thank you so much kiki. it's been it's been great to talk to you and thank you for joining me for this interview with ruth to freeze about her book. What would nature do a guide for uncertain times. I'm dr kiki. Sanford and i will join us again for peak between the pages of another science book and that concludes this edition of the science. Podcast if you have any comments or suggestions for the show right to us at science podcast at. As dot org you can listen to the show on the science website at science mag dot org slash podcast on the site. You can find links to the research at news discussed in the episode. And of course you can subscribe on the site and anywhere. You get your podcast. The show was edited and produced by sarah crespi with production help from pottage. Meghan cantwell and joel goldberg. Jeffrey composed the music on behalf of science magazine. And its publisher triple. As thanks for joining us.

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EMTs look death in the eye all day, every day

The Daily 202's Big Idea

16:05 min | 1 year ago

EMTs look death in the eye all day, every day

"Good morning. I'm James Home and from the Washington Post and this is the daily to two for Tuesday April twenty first in today's news. President trump says he will sign an order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States. The price of oil dropping below zero dollars was an anomaly but highlights looming economic calamity and South Korea's government says it cannot confirm reports that Kim Jong UN is in grave danger. But first the big idea. The caller was eighteen years old. He was from Peru and lived with his father just the two of them. Everyone else is back in the home. Country the fifty six year old father had tested positive for covert nineteen and now the sun was unable to wake him up in his bed when Dave preen a- and the other EMT's arrived in North Bergen New Jersey. There was nothing left to do but express condolences and then ask for the fathers so they could fill out the paperwork dave recalls that when they left the boy was hysterical on the stairs. Dave's often wondered since. Then what's that boy going to do? How will he live? How will he pay next month's rent but the ambulance called it? Haunts him is one of literally thousands that they've had to field during a relentless three weeks stretch in which the region has become the world's corona virus center north. Bergen is located just at the other end of the Lincoln tunnel from New York City. On hilly cliffs part of a constellation of densely populated working class cities and towns where the virus has flourished New Jersey now has about ninety thousand confirmed cases and forty five hundred deaths as of this morning. The Corona virus has killed at least forty two thousand three hundred and sixty four of our fellow Americans. And we've got seven hundred. Eighty seven thousand confirmed cases at least thirteen. Emt's and fifty police officers in firefighters nationwide have died from the virus and in a pandemic that has killed mostly the elderly a disproportionate number of the first responders. Who have perished have been in their thirties and forties to the Daddy. Mtv's are from north. Bergen is he tolentino. A father of two was only thirty three years old. Kevin Leyva was only twenty four twenty four his widow. Marina says he'd always dreamed of becoming a doctor but his parents didn't have any money and he realized he wouldn't be able to pay for med school then one day. When he was in college he received an email that was meant for someone else about a scholarship for a student who wanted to go into emergency medical services. He decided to apply any got it. Marina said he always felt it was an act of God. Officially there are forty seven people on the North Bergen. Ems Roster but after Kevin's death. On April seventh. Three of his co workers just went awol they disappeared and they haven't been heard from since a fourth called into say her husband doesn't want her to come to work anymore so she's not going to a fifth paramedic had a breakdown with two hours left to go in her shift last week and had to go home she hasn't been back for other. Emt's have tested positive for Kovic nineteen and they've had to self isolate so they're out of the fight. This is a job that pays between sixteen dollars and fifty cents in twenty dollars an hour for twelve hour shifts in an effort to reduce absenteeism. The cities now throwing in an extra ten dollars an hour as hazard pay still. That means no one's making more than thirty bucks. An hour to do this work and those who remained are working back to back shifts as nine one one call volume soared from about six hundred a month to more than a thousand. Liz Berry who is forty four? Became an EMT after watching the collapse of the Twin Towers on nine eleven on one particularly bad day this month. Liz WORKED THIRTY HOURS STRAIGHT. Doing runs in her ambulance. She says she has PTSD. Now Marco Navarro thirty is a former Marine reservist. Who DID A tour in Iraq? Marco's daughter was born two weeks ago at one pound thirteen ounces and is still in a neonatal intensive care unit but he couldn't be there for the birth and he hasn't dared to go anywhere near her for transmitting. The Corona Virus Estefania Castenada twenty-nine whereas a mask when she's at home twenty four seven even when she sleeps because she doesn't want to infect her two year old all the EMT's say they have one call that sticks with them that they think about over and over and over again for her. It was the man who had collapsed on the floor. Dying as his three children wife and mother stood over him saying prayers in Spanish in begging her to please bring him back to life for Frank Patch. It's the fifty year old man who suffocated in front of him. One Minute they were talking the next he was dead. His lungs had failed him and his wife. Was there watching her husband die? She saw it all for Dave. The chief of the crew. It's that eighteen year old boy and is fifty six year old father from Peru. He says that sticks with him because his own son is eighteen. He's fifty one Davis had dozens of decisions. Big and small over the past. Few weeks weigh heavily on his shoulders many times. He faces only bad choices earlier this month. All seven of the hospitals. Bergen went on what's called divert status which means that they're too overwhelmed to handle anymore patients. So they're telling the EMT's to go somewhere else. But Dave calculated that the next closest hospital was twenty to twenty five minutes away too far for a patient in cardiac arrest or respiratory distress to make it a one hour round trip including the time to hand off. The patient would also mean leaving others who were calling nine one one waiting and dine so Dave Orchard all his truck to take patients to the closer hospitals anyway and said they could find the space. Dave laments the growing number of do as or dead on arrival the people who have died in their homes by the time the paramedics can get there the DA's make him feel not just depressed but helpless in normal times is team might see one maybe two a month or they might go a few months without one at all. Now it's six or seven a week. The county has leased to refrigerator trucks with room for forty five bodies each but there's so much death that the waits for pickup can be agonizingly. Long families that have money can call a funeral home to come get the body. Those that don't have cash face a nightmare. It could be one or two days before a medical examiner can show up Dave who was a firefighter before he became an emt twenty five years ago. Says he's never seen anything like this as he put it. I've seen some awful things. But it's the repetition that gets me if you go out now it is a guarantee you will see death. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar number. One President Trump announced in a tweet last night that he plans to suspend immigration to the United States. A move he says needed to safeguard American jobs and defend the country from the CORONA VIRUS TRUMP. Who PLANS TO RUN FOR REELECTION? This fall on his immigration record and his effort to build a wall on the Mexican border has long been frustrated with the limits on his ability to seal off the United States by decree an executive order. Suspending immigration to the country would take the president's impulses to an untested extreme to White House. Officials say an order is being drafted and trump could sign it as soon as today. The order which was discussed yesterday among senior staff would spend nearly all immigration. They're unclear on the exemptions. For example would migrant labourers be able to come work in the fields but the rationale would be that trump needs to prevent the spread of infection by foreigners arriving from abroad. And they hope that that could sustain legal scrutiny. It remains unclear what would happen if would-be immigrants could reach the US and demonstrate that they're free of the virus. The White House officials say they think the order won't be in place long term but the president's tweet last night caught Senior Department of Homeland Security Officials Off Guard. Which gives you a sense of how much thought has been put into it. Halting Immigration to the United States could affect hundreds of thousands of visa holders and other would be green card recipients who were planning and preparing to come to the United States at any given time most of them are family members of Americans. Trump's critics say the president is trying to change the subject amid intense criticism of his botched response to this contagion number two. You've probably heard by now about how the price of oil went below zero yesterday. Who even knew that could happen. Well it had to do with a specific supply of Oil West Texas intermediate and was tied up with the closing of the contract period for May delivery oil at a time when no one needs anymore petroleum and frankly they're running out of places to store it. The June delivery price for oil is still just over twenty dollars a barrel even at twenty bucks a barrel. The price is still down sixty five percent since the start of the year and over time. This is going to devastate. North American Shale in Santa companies who have a much higher cost of production than the Arabs major? Us oil companies have cut back spending on new wells by thirty percent to fifty percent. An oilfield service companies have been laying off more and more workers every week. Some of our oil companies have started to shut in their wells taking a serious hit to their finances because of the corona virus demand for oil is down in estimated twenty five to thirty percent globally from year but oil producing nations have kept pumping it out through March and into early April as the Saudis and the Russians tried to bluff each other into cutting production. What that meant is that storage capacity near the brink then on April Twelfth Wider Putin and Mohammed bin Salman together with the main members of OPEC agreed to cut production by TEN MILLION BARRELS. A day or about ten percent of global output but that still is less than the declining consumption so the supply has continued to grow now. Trump hailed that Russia. Saudi agreement is a victory that would right the price of oil and save American oil related. Jobs it has done. Neither consider North Dakota the major oil producing state sits atop the bakken shale formation. But the break even price to produce a of oil in North Dakota is about forty five dollars a barrel remember. It's around twenty Canadian. Oil companies which were also not part of the OPEC Russia deal to have started to shut in their wells in the sand tar regions of Alberta where the cost of productions also around forty five bucks a barrel. Nothing like this happened during the worst moments of the great depression or in the early years of the civil war and those were the two previous low points for petroleum prices number. Three South Korean government officials are telling us that they see no signs of unusual activity with North Korea. That would suggest there's any truth to CNN's reporting that us. Intelligence officials believe Kim Jong UN is in grave danger after heart. Surgery Gone Awry. Kim's health has long been concerned due to the fact that he smokes like a chimney in his morbidly obese. There's been speculation that the thirty six year old dictator might have suffered some kind of illness after feel to attend celebrations for the birthday of his grandfather. Kim Il soon in Pyongyang last Wednesday but of course information about his health is extremely hard to verify the super secret of state. The South Korean News Website Daily N Que. Which is run by defectors reported on Monday? That Kim was rushed to the hospital after presiding over a meeting of the bureau on April eleventh on April Twelfth Pyongyang's fired several short range missiles into the sea. That's an event Kim might normally attended but the test was not reported on state media so there were no images then on April fifteenth. Kim Was not seen it. Unusually low key celebrations to mark GRANDPA's official birthday at the time. Experts say that could have been because the regime wanted to avoid a huge crowd gathering during the pandemic or because he was trying to send a signal about downplaying his grandfather's legacy to elevate his own at the very least the reports in the confusion offer a reminder of the risks of instability. If Kim were to die his sister Kim Yo. John represented her brother at the two thousand eighteen winter Olympics in South Korea and is thought to be a key confidant ever brother and last month she issued her first political statement ever in her own name. Finally let me conclude with a silver lining related to the corona virus. Obviously the contagion is testing a lot of couples around the world. We're hearing reports of Cova doors but killed and Lottie Pressler just got married in Denmark Church before a sea of empty pews exactly fifty five years before to the day in nineteen sixty five the couple then in their twenty s had gotten married for the first time in that same church in Copenhagen the couple. Both artists had four children together. They owned a small pottery business. That produced and SOLD CERAMICS FOR WILDLIFE. Was good but a series of hardships ultimately led to their divorce in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine a time. They both remember what unsettling clarity started when keeled spent over a month in the intensive care unit battling cancer since he was bedridden and Lottie was looking after the kids. The business went south and then just starting to look up. Their home burned to the ground. The wedding album priceless keepsakes. In so many memories all reduced to amount of ash being apart though proved more difficult than staying together after years of living separately. The couple gradually made their way back into each other's lives still. They endured more obstacles including her declining health. Ruptured Appendix left Laudi permanently in a wheelchair. Then last month came. The Corona virus in the wake of the pandemic killed suddenly wanted to get married again so he mustered up the courage to propose again. He got down on one knee. No easy task for the eighty two year old and he asked his ex wife to marry him a second time thirty one years after the divorce and she said yes the contagion he explained made him realize the time is now every hour. We're in this unique place where we all must. Face our own mortality. So we hold tightly to those who we care about the most the groom looked at his bride and he said quote we simply cannot live without each other they then celebrated their second marriage on zoom conference call with their four kids. Nine grandkids as the family toasted the newlyweds from four countries. And that's the daily to two for Tuesday April twenty first. Thanks for listening. I'm James Hillman. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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