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"lexus county" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

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"lexus county" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"A stab at it. The lex express is the idea of going to criss cross the country but he doesn't wrestle his first wrestling match after body. Slamming yokozuna it's for the us w. a. in memphis at the mid south coliseum and he's going to defeat kyoko in a non title match tar. Listen i understand that. Vince as that famous clip out there. That says we make movies. I get that. But if we're to criss cross the country and try to get this guy over. Should we not have you know winsome fucking matches. What did you think of that creative. Well it was just a different philosophy. Connor i bet she just marketing. You know it was the o. Barnstorming tour you know. Jack dempsey barnstorming tourism boxing. But he back in the day. He didn't fight never tale right. It's all publicity and and the it was expensive. Have driver an attendant. You know guys like him have to eat every three hours so seriously somewhere thereabouts and they gotta eat certain things not like you have me on the on the conrad express. We're gonna stop whatever fucking open. We don't care yeah burgers pizza. You got any barbecue whatever's there we're gonna eat it. He wasn't that way you know he he had to have. This is grilled chicken breasts and all those things and balance cards. I'll say that he's very dedicated. I eight but i can see why i think that's why we we. He didn't wrestle as much the other thing. Was you know we knew that that was the marriage. It's going to be yoko and lex. Obviously yoko in the champion. It was thought that alexa be the next champion. But this wanna make sure that lex had always is dotted. He's crossed as related to work with yoko. That's why they went off. Broadway down in memphis and how to run three. See how that was going to be. Because everybody's got to kind of figure out their next their dance partner new music and all that good stuff so that was all done to protect the less because we knew what we had yoko. Obviously so i think that's the that was based freeze. just publicity. Bartering publicity and then they shoot all this video footage and these towns salt crowd a little bit. So there's a crowd there. It's like a lot of the owed. I always compared to the politicians on the train. You know it's just a you had to have a crowd there and then that crowd made the news this newsreel. Thanks back in the day. So now you've got your camera crews with you there. Twenty four seven and they can feed back this footage to stanford for the for the vignettes and all the stuff in the in in our tv shows so he was oh television a lot but in a controlled way to help create his image and the is to have tell me about the lex express as a concept. I mean this is the first time. I remember something like this being done in wrestling. What did you think of a. We're gonna put lex luger on a bus and you knew lex luger. The the real guy behind the character What do you think he thought of the lex express concept. Well i know he thought he wanted to get over. Yeah for sure. And i know that he wanted to get to the next level where the big money waiting But i don't know how How how motivated. He was to live on that bus for awhile. You know Some guys could make a just fine so guys feel like they're being you know strangled Squeeze squeeze a little bit. He never told me that exactly. But i know that when i would see him raina He would say something along the lines of just good ago at the best for a while. Because like i said being challenging for sure so Here's a tour bus kind of what it was. The lex express had had all the vanities. Tv bed the bed fitting goes. You're so damn big but nonetheless. I think that he was happy. When it got off the bus from time to time and stretch his legs fresh air and all that good stuff. So i think it started off just fine but the it's one of those deals for if i can endure the schedule and in coexist living on the bus. If i might just get over finally. I think that's what lexus county on to get over. Because he had this is i. He had been support and he had advanced had again that hulk hogan image of you know big muscular guy. Yeah all that. Good stuff so But i i'm sure challenging is hell. It would be for me. I could tell you that. What did you think of the. I'll be your hero music video. Do you remember that vaguely. I wanna play it for you. Because i know that you're really excited about it. I i can tell glad and worrying darks.

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